BoxyCharm June 2018 Confirmed Spoiler #3!

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Confirmed! The June 2018 Boxycharm box will include:

Battington Lashes

Now we know what the white box was from this now deleted picture:

And in case you missed it,

The June 2018 Boxycharm will include

Here are more pictures of the palette:

Alamar Cosmetics Palette

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the May box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. After some sleuthing, I think the Sol De Janeiro product will be the new bod buff mask, or the glow tan. I think this because I went to the Sol De janeiro website after Boxy announced around the 10th that they will have a Sol De janeiro product in the box that will not be the bum bum cream. I noticed the brand new body buff mask was out of stock, even though it said the product just launched. Now they are back in stock! Is it possible that Boxy could have been the reason for a new product going out of stock? Also, it is possible to get the glow oil because what a perfect time for this limited edition product! … I can’t wait to see!

  2. I am not a fan I am going to try to call boxy and see if they will let me skip this month. Otherwise it will be gifted. 🙁

    • I didn’t know you could skip. I unsubscribed, because I hate the palette and I don’t do lashes. ☹️

    • Let us know if you’re successful in skipping. I’ve not heard of anyone being able to do that before.

    • Ive been thinking the same thing. I have accumulated so many brushes from the last few boxes, that I wish they would have a few months sans brushes. I also dont wear lashes at all, and as a super pasty-pale skinned individual who just burns into a cherry when exposed to sunlight… any tanning product on my skin just ends up making me look like a carrot. though I am happy they are experimenting with a greater variety of products!

      You cant skip a month, but you can cancel your subscription, then reactivate it on the 1st of the month that you do want. The waitlist is rarely longer than 2 weeks (and there has been no waitlist at all the past few months), which still places you within the month that you want to get.

      I wish they would include a priming or setting spray in the mix.

      • Just a heads up – when I was waitlisted at the end of 2017 I was on there for 3 months.

      • There was a setting spray by cover fx in the November box and primer in decembers box by Dr. Brandt and another in May by CoverFX.

  3. Kathleen Lights used this palette in a recent video, called Bold Blue Makeup Tutorial, if you’d like to see it in action. I believe it’s made by a friend of hers.

  4. Lashes aren’t my jam. Partly cuz I wear glasses and they’re gonna hit them lol… my puny lashes sometimes do when I use a great lengthening mascara. But they’ll make a lot of people happy and I’ll probably attempt to put them on one day when I’m just doing my makeup for no real reason other than to play and take pics at home lol.

    I am SO psyched about that palette though. Omg those colors.

  5. Cancelled.. hate the palette colors and dont need or like fake eyelashes. Have not seen Boxy so glitzy since I started in 2016. Just not my style but to each their own!!

  6. Has someone already analyzed this?

    Eyeshadow $28
    Lashes $28
    Brushes $40
    SDJ $10-$25 (new bath bombs are $10ish I think…other stuff is $20/25)
    Lippie $9-$24

    So ready for spoilers and it’s not even June!

    • Didn’t someone already say the box value for June was $130? I believe i heard that somewhere.

  7. I’m here for everything! Palette is very pretty and screams summer, I don’t mind getting more brushes , Sol de Janeiro item – hope it’s glow oil or bod buff, but honestly I’ll be happy with whatever, I like the brand. I very rarely use false lashes but I have some for special occasions, so really excited to try a new brand. Boxycharm never disappoints, can’t wait to see what else they’ve got in store for us 😄

  8. I really wish that we’d get magnetic lashes. I just have the patience for glue ons.

    Also, it’s just about time for the pool can we get some good waterproof make up?

    • Watch some YouTube reviews on those magnetic lashes. You’ll never wish for them again lol.

  9. I really want to know what the SDJ spoiler is. I want to resubscribe but I need that spoiler!!

  10. 28 dollar eyelashes? They better be spectacular!!

  11. Maybe we will get the kit for the eyelashes instead of just the lashes…. Maybe???

  12. If that picture is accurate, are we getting those pink Luxie brushes?

    • yes we are

  13. I finally cancelled my sub after having it for several years. I’m over here like holy moly how many brushes and pallettes can one person use. Plus, I absolutely do not want false eyelashes. Oh well I’m sure many people will love this month’s box, it is just not for me.

    • Same – I’m just on overload with types of stuff Boxy sends. I’ll probably still keep an eye on the sub to buy items here and there out of the various groups though!

  14. Hm, never used false lashes before, but I’m willing to give it a try. It’s something I don’t already have a ton of at least. Same reason I’m hoping for Glow Oils.

  15. I love the pallet the colors are beautiful fun poppin brushes ok the false lashes 😒 will never try I prefer a good mascara Too Faced BTS thank gif I have naturally long thick lashes still curious If we’re getting Bum Bum Cream

  16. I love false lashes and am excited to try a “high-end” brand.

    For those of you concerned about glue, really you’ll want to buy Duo brand brush on adhesive (the dark color). It’s the best at keeping lashes on, and can make lash application easy, because you can apply the glue like you would liquid eyeliner, then just stick the lashes on, rather than trying to apply to the lashes and stick the lashes on. Applying to the lid gives you more control over where the lashes will actually end up. The brush-on dark color is also latex-free if I recall, for those of you with allergies.

  17. So excited for this box !!! I’ve never been huge on lashes because they either looked to fake or I wasn’t applying right . I’ve wanted to get better with them for special occasions. I’ve heard these are super easy to apply and natural looking due to the silk material.
    Between good quality lashes ,the beautiful swatches from that palette , a sol Janeiro product and a possible oribe hair product (would love the beach wave spray ) ….this is looking to be the best yet !!

    (For anyone that doesn’t want the lashes there’s a lot of people on the fb & swap sites already saying they’d purchase them)

  18. I’m canceling and waiting for July spoilers. I just don’t want any of the spoilers for June. Wish I could pause it or do skip a month.

    • Same, I really wish they gave the option of skipping boxes. Like even if it was just 2 or 3 skips per year…

    • Yes me too! Not a fan of eyelashes and don’t like the palette, just waiting to see what other sneak peaks they have but not looking too good :/

      • Love Boxycharm but I agree. I do not wear false lashes and just wish I could skip a month. But I dont want to cancel and be put on a waitlist if one comes up while I’m cancelled for the month.

  19. This is looking to be my favorite box so far!!! I’ve never tried eyelashes and have been wanting to!

  20. aaannnnd cancelled. I’m not a fan of the palate colors and still haven’t used the last 2 pairs of fake eyelashes I’ve received from Boxycharm. Thank you for letting me know so I don’t waste $20 on products I’ll just have to give away.

  21. Yep, I cancelled too. Fake lashes in my opinion are so obvious and tacky, but I guess some people like them……plus, I don’t want another eyeshadow palette from an unknown brand, with more dang browns, and I could care less about sol de janeiro……hopefully someone who has been wanting this box can take my spot.

    • IMO (as a professionally trained mua who specializes in natural makeup looks) fake lashes only look obvious and tacky when they are intentionally done that way or applied incorrectly. In severely atrocious cases, both of those factors come into play LOL.. I doubt the set that will come in this box will allow for a natural look though (even if cutting them in half) and that is disappointing to me personally.. I also agree with you on the palette, though I only saw one brown shade, I don’t want anything with blues or the burnt reds, especially off brand. Both colour groups are hard to formulate properly to have the right application. Probably why those swatches are horrific. Might be able to salvage the shimmer shades with Mahron mixing medium but who really wants to have to do that.. I don’t mind getting a skin care item and brushes but seriously BLEH and I don’t want to cancel bc I have so many charms and have been subbed for years.. Just wish they would implement a skip option. Like every 6 boxes you sub to you get one free skip or something LOL *fingers crossed* the next couple summer months make up for this one…

  22. Love me some lashes! Can’t wait to get my June boxycharm! Yay!

  23. We already got eyelashes from them before, within the last 6 or so months even, lame.

    • It was August. Which is almost a year ago at this point…I am going to guess that a lot of people who have it now did not have it then.

  24. Does it come with glue and step by step instructions on how not to get pissed off and throw them in the trash? I have tried to put on fake lashes a few times and every time it ended badly.

    • Same! I got one on ok, but the other I couldn’t get on right and just felt like glass in my eye. I hate fake eye lashes, why can’t I have naturally voluminous lashes??

    • False lashes are a direct ticket to the eye foundation for me. I just stick with good mascara.

    • Measure and cut to fit. Apply eyeliner along lash line on top. Place glue in a line on back of hand. Lightly dip the lashes into this glue line…it will be dry faster and less goopy. Stick lashes along the line you have made. I use a rubber stick to help align, a bobby pin will work as well. I’ve been doing this for 10 or so years and it works very well.

  25. This is amazing !!!! Yes yes yes to the lashes and everything! I’ve never tried any SDJ products but I can not wait for this box… it keeps getting better and better !!!! I’m soooooo excited!

    • Me too, Boxy is giving me a chance to try on falsies for the first time! LOL! I can’t wait, this is going to be fun! Any suggestions on the best video on Youtube for how to appy False Eyelashes for Dummies?

      • On YouTube a woman named emilynoel83 has a video called False Eyelashes 101. I found it super helpful and informative.

        • Thank you Jamie!

      • The biggest thing to remember is to place your mirror at chin level and look down. I had the worse time trying to put on lashes because I was trying to look straight into the mirror. After watching one of my favorite bloggers on you tube do it with the mirror lower and looking down it was so much easier. It also hel po ed when I got a pair of the really long eyelash tweezers, the ones with alittle bend at the end. It helps to have the extra length when trying to place them on your lashes. It takes practice but I assure you looking down with the mirror chin level will help tremendously. Good luck to you! Once you get it down pat you will be in love with them. I guarantee it 🙂

        • Thank you msyvetteyvonne!

      • Yosef stated they will have tutorials posted on ig for those lashes . I’m excited to attempt again lol

  26. I’m not understanding why everyone is convinced that the SDJ product is the glow oil. Unless it’s a small sample, the bottle for the glow oil is pretty big. Doesn’t Boxy usually stick with full-size products?

    • Right, nothing there looks like the glow oil. Not quite sure why people think that’s what it is. It’s much fatter than a lippie size. I have one of the glow oils from the Bless Box. Even the lip balm SDJ offers doesn’t look like it’s there either. I don’t see anything SDJ currently offers pictured there. My guess is it’s likely behind near his cup. Or not even on the table at all. Who knows!

    • That yellow product on that table is the color of SDJ and it looks like its the mixing tray for the golden body veil.

      • The yellow items is the already spoiled eyeshadow palette 🙂

      • Thats also the color of the pallette that has been confirmed

  27. Does it come with someone to apply them for me? I’ve never figured lashed out.

    • Lol I can’t put fake lashes on.

  28. If you go to the website for the lashes they have starter packs that include the lash glue, I can’t imagine they would send it without. The set retails for $62. I think it’s the Monroe lashes shown in the vidoe.

    • They didn’t send out glue the last time we got lashes and I doubt they will this time which is a completely dumb thing for boxes to do. Even people.who like fake lashes wouldn’t always have the glue laying around. Not that I’m complaining about not getting glue. I’m just not happy with getting fake eyelashes. I know lots of ladies love them and wear them frequently and others are excited to try them but some of us are perfectly happy with a natural eyelash look and have no desire to glue things to our eyelids.

  29. Not excited about the first 2 spoilers. The only thing that looks good to me on the table is the brushes and I don’t actually need brushes. Gonna cancel for now. Hopefully I will be able to sign up again in July. Will I lose my charms if I cancel?

    • Yes

      • That yellow product on that table is the color of SDJ and it looks like its the mixing tray for the golden body veil.

    • I didn’t. I cancelled in January and signed back up in March and my charms were still there.

      • Same here. I canceled and came back and still had my charms

    • No, I’m cancelled currently and my charms are still there.

  30. eh not liking the lashes.. i dont even own any glue … i have long thick lashes and dont want to destroy them with fakes. would rather have mascara but still loving this months box! ill give lashes away. cant wait for the palette!!!

    • False lashes don’t destroy your natural lashes.

      • I have heard many many people say differently.

        • Actually, I once worked with a woman who had worn false for the last 20+ years. Apparently, longterm use made it so she can’t go w/o them as most of her own lashes had fallen out due to using them for so long. (Yes, yes, she doesn’t “have” to wear them but point being it was her opinion/observation longterm false lash use negatively impacts your own natural lashes and she felt uncomfortable being in public without lashes.)

          • We are using 1 woman as evidence of lash damage on an entire population?

          • Yep, they absolutely can mess up your real lashes. Just like fake nails will ruin your real nails, after long time use. I won’t use either of those.

          • Those 2 things aren’t anywhere near the same. Fake nail, like gel nails or acrylics, cover the entire surface of your nail and starve your nail of oxygen. False lashes don’t attach to your actual lashes. Not ones like this anyway. Lashes like this attach to your eyelid just above your lashline. Eyelash extensions are another thing completely. Those do attach to your actual lashes and if done incorrectly can be extremely damaging.

  31. I am entirely open to trying new things so I don’t really mind the false lashes. My only dilemma is that they most likely require lash glue (which will probably not be supplied as far as I can tell). . . I do not own any lash glue as I have never used false lashes so that means a additional purchase would be required to even use the item.

    .-. Hmmm

    • Your “dilemma” is like $1 to solve.

      • UM, I don’t think I would trust one dollar lash glue ^ -_-

      • Um, one dollar lash glue? Where?

    • Lash glue is under 5.00 …is that really an issue?

      • Well it’s not really a issue Lisa. I just tend to have this thought when I see boxes sending out lashes. I didn’t mean to sound cheap or anything! :’3

    • I want to play with them, so I think I’ll buy the glue. Cheaper than buying and not using lashes!

  32. I’ve only used lashes once for a special occasion so these are nice to save for when another event comes up or gift to someone. I’m not complaining.

  33. I’m glad I cancelled. I have too many palettes, I hate lashes, and I could care less for the glow old from SDL(it that is something that will be in the box)

    • agreed. I cancelled as well and I’m like meh with the spoilers this month. If I’m gonna buy a palette, I want it to have good colors not these that are look meh to me. Lashes I’ve got too many and I don’t even wear them enough to validate getting this box. I’m hoping July has some killer spoilers & great things in that box *crosses fingers*

  34. Yuck to the lashes. They are my least wanted beauty sub box item ever.

    • Same here! I can’t be too mad, though, cause I’m sure a lot of people like and wear lashes, but it’s a total miss for me.

    • I’m right there with you. May’s Boxy was a disappointment and it looks as though June is following. 🙁

      • Same here. I am going to cancel I think and hope I can pick back up when I want to. I don’t need or like this palette, don’t wear false lashes, and don’t follow all the hype for SDJ. I have not and will not use anything from May box. I think my problem is product overload. Boxy is always a great value for the money, but not if you don’t need or use the items. Then it becomes a waste of money.

        • You are absolutely correct. If you do not actually use the items, then the value is just not there. I have a huge pile of things I do not use from my subs and I create really nice Christmas baskets… so the items are still getting use up by others. However, yes… if they aren’t being used, then it’s a waste of money.

    • Agree. At least shimmers/highlighters, countours, and bronzers can be multi-used or gifted without fear of feeling like you are giving away fruit-cake.

      • The cheek products u listed are all of my most hated items to receive in any sub box. So you see, while getting lashes is rare, it’s fun & exciting for me where getting thise other products u mentioned is commonplace and always a disappointment for me. A box like this one helps balance out boxes that previously left me with several unusable items imo.

  35. I really liked this palette and the opportunity to try a SDJ product (I’ve never tried any). But I don’t want the lashes! oh well.

    I guess I have to wait until June 1 to sign up for this box? I wasn’t interested in the May box.

  36. I’m super excited now. I love lashes and I wear them pretty often. I’m excited to try this brand, it will be new to me. Can’t wait for this box!!!

  37. Ugh, I have absolutely no use for falsies…oh well, the palette more than makes up for it :D.

    • Agreed.

  38. Is that lashes magnetic?

  39. I have two subscriptions and was just getting ready to cancel the second one when this spoiler popped up. I guess I’ll have to take a double hit one more month. *sigh*
    Boxycharm really doesn’t want to let me cut back! 😂😂😂

  40. Oh no! I cant say no! Boxy will keep me subscribe forever !

  41. Ok but I wanna know what the sol de janiero product is!!!

    • Someone pointed out when that deleted pic was first posted that one of the tubes near the brushes looks like a SDJ Glow Oil. It would be a bummer for me since that’s the product I want the least, but I can kind of see it….

      • The glow oil bottle is fat. I have one from the bless box. It looks nothing like a lippie and they all look like lippies there. I don’t think the SDJ product is pictured or visible in the picture.

    • Ugghh! Me too! Canceling now though I guess. Not worth it to wait and see .

    • I know right?!

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