Walmart Beauty Box Spring 2018 Box – Available Now

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The Spring 2018 Walmart Beauty Box is now available! If you are already a subscriber, you should be receiving your Spring box soon(ish). If you haven’t signed up yet, your subscription will start with the Spring box. (Walmart Beauty Box is a $5 quarterly subscription box.)

(Products shown are examples, and may not be in the Spring box.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. These people make my head spin. This morning I got an email saying that my Winter 2018 box had been shipped. When I clicked on the tracking link, it was this Spring box, already delivered on June 26.

  2. 1-800-925-6278

    Walmart Corporate Offices
    850 Cherry Avenue
    San Bruno, CA 94066

  3. I signed up on 4/20 the day this was posted but I received the Winter box instead of the Spring box.

    • I’m curious. In your account information did it state they were shipping the winter or the spring box? If it stated winter then you should get another one sent soon for spring. Should. Walmart has been very inconsistent lately but I don’t think I’ve seen people getting sent the wrong box that’s on the order that you can see when you log in.

      • It showed winter, fingers crossed I still get the Spring box.

  4. I still have not received either of my winter boxes. I was charged 2/9. I have emailed several times. Getting the same we are working round the clock blah blah blah. Does anyone have a phone number to call for this box. Thanks

    • Same here I was charged on 2/9 and emailed customer service 4 times with the same response. I finally received one of my boxes today.

  5. I got shipping notices for two of my boxes today. Both are for the Classic box. While I’ve been charged for my Trendsetter box, I’ve not gotten a shipping notice.
    One interesting thing: I have tracking numbers I don’t remember ever having them before for Walmart boxes. Does anyone else?

  6. Just got a notification that I was charged for Spring! However, I also just realized I never received a winter box – the last one I received was autumn (which I received in December). I searched through my email, and received no charge or shipping messages or any communication at all re: the winter box. I mean, at least I wasn’t charged, but I have no idea why. I guess the company is just super disorganized and inconsistent with these boxes.

    • I had the same thing happen! Just got charged for the Spring box but never heard anything about the Winter one (despite emailing them three times and getting the same response that they were working on shipping them). A little frustrating, but at least like you pointed out, they didn’t charge me for the Winter box then fail to send it. Hopefully some of the items in the picture come in the box. I definitely wouldn’t mind getting them.

  7. How are you able to get 2 boxes?

    • I get three, actually. I use three different emails. 😁

      • I would like to do this and get the classic, trendsetter & what else?? How would I set this up??

        • There are only the two boxes, I get two of the classic. I have an email account with google, outlook, and Yahoo. I used each account to make a new account for the Walmart box. Same name, same address. Nothing is different except I changed my age/birthdate on one so I was under 35. I even use the same credit card to pay for them all. Hope that information helps. 😁

    • Two email addresses

  8. My Mom & I received emails to confirm our info about a week ago. Yesterday we each received 3 identical emails from Walmart that our payment has gone through. I get trendsetter and mom gets classic. We checked our bank accts and we were both charged 3 times as well. Waiting on c.s. response. Was hoping for smoother times for Walmart subs…we’ll see

    • Happy news Update on Charges: I had emailed Walmart CS about being charged 3x and acct showed 3 of each box ordered. I never received a response, but the bank acct and Walmart acct were corrected in less than 24 hours.

      • Another update- CS contacted me today 5/4 to answer my email stating I was charged 3x. I wrote them on 4/26!

        Explained matter was cleared up.

        Later today, 3 charges are back on our accounts!

        We were charged for both accounts 4/26, and no word on shipping yet.

  9. I can’t wait for my Spring box! 🙂 Loved my Winter box!! 🙂 I just wish Walmart can stick to the schedule, so that we can receive our boxes in the correct months that are listed on their schedule. Their schedule is on their website.

  10. I had submitted a comment on this page Friday (today is Monday), it never showed up? I have seen others saying their comments aren’t posting, so its not just me. is there a problem with the site?

    • I have not received mine either. I am tired of getting them when season is just about up or half way through. I am cancelling with them.. use to be good at the start now getting them is lime pulling teeth . I got winter box when winter was over. :/

  11. The spring box is out already and I still haven’t received my winter boxes.

    • I have not received mine either. I am tired of getting them when season is just about up or half way through. I am cancelling with them.. use to be good at the start now getting them is lime pulling teeth . I got winter box when winter was over. :/

      • got charged today for my classic and my trendsetter Spring box. Now to see how long before I actually get them!

  12. I am starting to wonder if it is worth even posting on this site, I write a great big review and take my time out of my day and it never shows up. Are you guys censoring what what we submit. If so that is not right I really want to hear everyone’s opinions as long as it is not abusive.

    • I have not received mine either. I am tired of getting them when season is just about up or half way through. I am cancelling with them.. use to be good at the start now getting them is lime pulling teeth . I got winter box when winter was over. :/

  13. I don’t think it is a scam, but think Walmart could do so much better if they stepped up their game a bit. Most of the items they put in are on the very low end and they often have repeat items. There shipping is awful they take the money out of your account and it may be a month until you get your item, sometimes not at all. I know it is only 5 bucks, and that covers shipping but you have to think if you would even pay 5 bucks for what is in the box. Would you buy these items if you went shopping? Five dollars would buy me a large bag of Dr. Teals that I use every night or some bath bombs. You have to really weigh if it is worth even paying the shipping.

    • Walmart sells “low end” That is what they are going to send. For $10. { I get a classic and a trendsetter} I get exactly what I paid for.

  14. I was charged for one of my winter boxes got it right away. Then they charged me for my second box and the first box again. They sent me an email saying they were reimbursing me for the second charge on the first winter box and I could keep the extra box. Never got either of the boxes my second sub or the extra I got charged for that was in January.

    • I ordered the Walmart Beautybox today, April 21, 2018 from this Subscription addiction posting that says the Spring box is available now. But went in to sign up…they say nothing about they are still shipping WINTER boxes…not Spring boxes Subscription Addiction.
      The don’t tell you that until AFTER you order and pay. SO……TODAY,April 21, 2018
      1. Subscribe to and pay for Walmart Beauty box
      2. Get a confirmation email saying my order is for a WINTER? Box ( thinking spring will be my first box from your post here, subscription addiction)
      3. Later today April 21st- Get another email from Walmart beauty box saying to confirm my address by April 23rd, 2018 as they will shortly be billing for Spring 2018 box.?????????
      Sooooo… this a scam??

      • I wouldn’t say a scam, but i read these comments and it seems as if the company doesn’t have any knowledge on how to manage these subscription services whatsoever.

      • It’s not a scam. Walmart is just behind on their schedule. I’m new to the Walmart subscription and loved my Winter box. I watch a lot of unboxing videos on YouTube and have read a lot of comments from who people who’s had the subscription for two yrs about how Walmart gets behind on their schedule very often. Hope I helped you a little bit. 🙂

        The schedule is supposed to be:

        Jan. Winter box
        March Spring box
        June Summer box
        Sept. Fall box

      • I ordered my first box around April 21st expecting it to be the spring box since the website says spring starts in March. I ended up getting a notice that I was getting the Winter box, which I thought was odd but maybe it was a mistake/misprint. Well, 2 weeks go by and never got a notification that it shipped but did end up getting the box on Monday, May 7th. And I’m happy with what I got, a make up sponge, a face mask and 6 other small samples. I didn’t end up getting shipping notification until today (May 9th) showing it was already delivered. Still no word on when/if Spring box is shipping.

  15. I recieved emails for all my accounts today asking me to confirm my shipping address by the 23rd as they will be charging and shipping the Spring boxes soon. This should be interesting to see if they actually send them all.

    • Me too. I did get both my Winter boxes a month or more ago.

  16. I got my winter box in March. I actually like these boxes for the price (although not as great as Target boxes!) so I just bide my time and wait for them. Lol. But I have always gotten my box when charged. If I didn’t receive one and was charged I would be as upset as you who had that happen! 🙁

  17. Another Dove scrub and Pantene Foam thing. Lol. Definitely will use the scrub. I think this will be my fourth one, but for $5 why not.

    • That’s the way I feel about this box. I’d like to receive some new stuff I’ve never tried, but for $5.00, the standards are fine too.
      As long as I keep getting them when charged. I’m not willing to give Walmart and money for free!!! Lol

  18. So upset! I went off and ordered for this one and when they showed my order they’re giving me the winter box!! I don’t understand what is going on here. So I have to wait for cs to contact me back which is gonna take a week 😕

    • That’s what happened when they announced the Fall box for me. I created a new account to get the Trendsetter, got a summer box immediately instead. Still never got a fall box when they announced winter so I emailed, they apologized and sent a fall box. Now I’ve never gotten a winter box with that account despite me emailing 3 weeks ago and them saying to look for a charge soon. I just canceled it. Enough is enough…

      • Yeah it’s messed up how their cs never responds in a timely manner. And what I usually do is have my account, unsubscribe after it ships and start up again when they become available bc I want to get the box ASAP not wait 6 months for them to finally get to my name.

  19. My mom got her spring box about a week ago, it was a pretty good one. Mine hasn’t shipped yet (nor have I been charged) but I did get an email about a month ago asking to confirm my shipping address, which I thought was a little weird since I’ve gotten various boxes here already

    • Did she get the classic box or trendsetter? I really want to try the Dove body polish!

    • Can you please share what was in your moms box?

  20. I was hoping to unsubscribe and resubscribe because I know they give priority to new memebers. When I went to ‘my subscriptions’ in my account nothing shows up.
    I figured I must have unsubscribed without remembering so I went to subscribe again but when I was about to complete my order it wouldn’t let me because It said I already had a subscription…
    So I have a subscription but I can’t unsubscribe because it says I don’t have a subscription? Great… I have a feeling I’m not getting the spring box…Time to contact CS…

  21. I’m still waiting on both my winter boxes. I was charged 2 1/2 months ago!! I have emailed them 3 times. They say they are working around the clock.. And now I’m about to be charged for the spring box!

    • Haven’t got mine either. 4 emails and 2 calls to walmart. If they have too many, have a waitlist. I was charged Feb 9th.

      • Same here! Billed for two boxes on Feb 9th and 10th, and nothing shipped yet. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I had only contacted them once so far (got the ‘working around the clock’ response too. Ha!). I contacted them again today and quoted the FTC rule that requires that sellers basically have to ship something within 30 days or notify the buyer of the delay and either get their agreement to the delay or refund the buyer’s payments.

        Some credit card issuers also have policies against sellers charging a credit card account before shipment. But I haven’t wanted to waste any more of my energy to contact my credit card over just $10.

        Sheesh… not that I think Walmart is the greatest company in the world, but I expected at least more professional (legal) behavior from them than some shady fly by night internet scam company. 🙂

      • I finally got my Winter box 3 days ago…

    • ditto stillllllll havent even gotten winter boxes 🤤

    • Same here–billed 2/10/18…still no box..I was told some story about UPS putting a hold on the shipment…would I like a refund? I said..if UPS has it does that mean it’s shipped? Next email–not shipped yet but should be soon….SO then…the first email was a complete lie as no way could UPS put a hold on something they didn’t even have ready to send to UPS!

    • Same here and they kept telling me they have no record of it..i just cancelled..not worth the hassle

    • Same here. I emailed them yesterday about it, honestly i had forgotten all about the winter box, and they said they would look into it. We’ll see what actually happens.

    • Same here! Charged for my two boxes on 2/10. Every couple of weeks I’ve emailed CS and each time they responded right away that the boxes were at UPS but there was a shipping delay. I emailed them last night to cancel and send me a refund. Of course they haven’t responded yet to that email, lol.

    • Me too, and I’ve also sent them 3 E-mails, one requesting a refund, still nothing.

    • I’m still waiting on both of my winter boxes. Got charged the beginning of February. Contacted customer service and was told to wait and they will ship them. I will be contacting them and asking for a refund. If they don’t respond or refuse, I’ll just request a refund thru my credit card company because they never delivered the goods.

    • Me too!!!!! I can’t get anyone from Walmart to tell me anything by phone and they keep redirecting me to their email. I am TIRED of emailing them and getting told the same thing!!!!!!!

  22. Spring?!?!? Where’s my Winter Box?

    • I’m still waiting for my winter Box also. I haven’t even bee charged yet for my winter one but I got an email 3 weeks ago saying they were going to get ready to send it soon.

  23. It looks like a nice box, but I’m with all y’all who aren’t trusting them to actually send it out.
    They really hurt their reputation with the winter box.
    Follow that up with Targets EXCEPTIONAL boxes… Walmart has a LOT of ground to make up!

  24. Oddly enough I got my Winter box in February a few days before I was charged. Ii’m still not sure about that one.As long as I get all my boxes and they continue to charge when the box ships or just after I’m good.

  25. I have emailed them several times since Feb. I was billed on 2/12 for the Classic Winter box. It has yet to arrive. The last email I got from them (4/14) said there was a problem with that shipment batch and its been fixed and sent. When I login it says shipped now, but no tracking link is showing up. I’ve emailed them again, this afternoon, to see what excuse they have this time!

  26. I still haven’t gotten either of my winter boxes and they are already advertising for spring boxes?!

    • Same here. Kinda wishing they’d just sit out a season for everyone to take time to get back on track.

    • Same here!! And I was charged in February, I contacted customer service was told to be patient and it will ship soon!!

  27. Yep. Me neither….no charge for my Winter box yet. I even emailed them weeks ago and they told me to look out for shipment very soon. No charge yet let alone shipment. Guess I’m not getting winter….oh well.

    • I’m in the same boat. I emailed them last week, also. The reply was to the tune of “We’re working around the clock to fulfill all orders.”. I just unsubscribed.

      • I just looked. I emailed them the last week of March. It’s almost been a month…

  28. I have not been charged nor do I have either of my winter boxes….contacting customer service.

    • Just as an update, customer service got back to me in 48 hours which i thought was good. They did apologize and said they are working on it. As it is such a simple low cost box I really am not as phased about it as I thought I would be. I actually got more upset on the Loot Crate delays!

  29. I was happy with the one-time Instyle/Walmart box, but I’m not going to bite for a re-subscription for this yet. The products shown above look okay for a $5 box, but I’m going to wait until they get another round of quarterly boxes out to see if their delays/fulfillment problems continue.

  30. It’s so amusing to me to see them announce the arrival of the Spring box, when so many of their subscribers still have not received their winter box yet.

    • That’s so weird that current subscribers aren’t getting their boxes. I signed up for one in February and it arrived a week later. Then I subscribed again with different preferences and it showed up a week later also. I wonder if too many people are signing up and they’re pushing current customers back to fulfill new ones?

      • I know!! I got my winter box, but I just checked my dashboard and there is no indication this spring box is going to ship anytime soon!!

  31. I still haven’t been charged nor sent out my winter box yet😢😢. Boy are they running behind lol.

    • I agree. I have not received either of my winter boxes, yet. I was charged for one on 2/10/18 and not even charged for the other. I just logged on to my account and cancelled both subscriptions. It’s not worth the headache. I’d rather buy the Target boxes on a monthly basis. 🙂

  32. Lol, I think if I see that Pantene foam again, I’ll just scream! 😱 😂

  33. I haven’t even received my winter box yet 🙁

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