FabFitFun First Ever Edit Sale – Coming Soon!

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FabFitFun is having their first ever Edit Sale soon! Select members (annual subscribers) will have early access April 9th. All subscribers will have access April 11th.

(And we’ll have exclusive spoilers for some of the sale items for MSA readers soon!)

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can still access this sale if you subscribe. Use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! 

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. not really happy with this. People get greedy and load up so if you log on an hour late all the good stuff is already gone. Then you need to log in 3 -4 times per day to see if anyone dumped an item. I am an annual member and still can’t get most of the item I want. items should have limits. Nobody needs 12 spongelles each season.

    Once the boxes come they put all the stuff up for swap at full RV.

    • Every single time I’ve ever done a FFF add on anything there is a 3 ct max for every single item. What sales did you see no max at?

      Also FWIW, I actually kind of like the game. It’s fun.

      • Oooh then I’m not the only one! Hahaha. I love “the game”! 🙂

        Also, even if your limit is 3 on an item, you can only add 1 at a time. So that helps give others a chance to grab an item. So whether you want 1 or 3 of an item, you still have to work at it a little.

        I’ve always felt a little differently than others about the “buying to swap” thing. Honestly, I wish MORE people would do it…especially the higher end items. That way, I don’t have to spend my money and can swap for it instead! Speaking of, still on the hunt for Foxybae 7 in 1 curling iron thingie. Hit me up if you have one that you would like to swap. Pretty please and thank you 🙂

        • Yasss. I’m with you here. I love when people grab a few to swap. That way when I later regret not getting something it exists on the site!

          Plus it’s literally like a week of total teamwork in the community. People coordinating drop adds, doing reviews… It’s so much fun.

      • Agree I love it! So much fun. I think there are even things that have a 1 max limit. Plus one of the main perks of being an annual member is to be the first ones to get a chance at add-ons. Otherwise I wouldn’t pay the full price up front.

  2. I’m not a select member. In fact, I’ve just signed up for the Editor’s box. As I’m a lowly newbie and have to wait a few days for access, will all the good stuff be gone by the time I get to look?

    • Hi Helen. The answer to your question is both Yes…and No. Some items will appear to be sold out but that is usually only temporary. People add and drop stuff continuously throughout the sale. It is literally minute by minute. I tend to mark my favorites, then hit refresh about 100 times a minute lol. And you may not have any luck one day and then the next day, 4 things you wanted are back in stock! You just have to keep trying. And don’t get frustrated when you first get started. Chances are, anything and everything you want will be available at some point through the sale.

      Also, there is typically a forum topic on it and some people will “drop” an item for you if you are struggling to get something you want. My BFF is not a select member so she has later access than I do. However, because she HATES playing around with the sales, I usually grab the things she wants (especially hard to get items) and then “drop” them for her when she is available.

      So there are multiple ways to score an item. Hope you have fun with it and get all the goodies you want!

    • In my experience, things are CONSTANTLY dropped and picked up. People tend to go a bit insane grabbing things and then, when they realize they have almost $500 worth of stuff, they begin dropping items back into inventory. Okay, it might only be me who gets up that high, but still, you get the idea. Refresh OFTEN and you should be able to get most – if not all – of what you want. 🙂

    • Another tip for the add ons is to add your favourite items that are sold out. Then you don’t have to scroll through all of the items and you can check your “watch” things quickly and often

      • Where do I find the editors sale?

  3. I just want to share my experience.
    I bought the 2016 Winter Editor’s Box.
    I subscribed as an annual member 2017 Spring – to receive 4 boxes, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.
    I cancelled the annual box during the terrible 2018 Spring Box.
    I contacted FFF to become an annual member again for the 2018 Summer Box, they walked me through joining, it kept popping up that the Summer Box is $49.99, but I know the annual subscription is $179.99! I kept chatting and telling them and screen shot it, they said after clicking on Join it will allow me to Upgrade my box to Annual… I upgraded to annual, and checked my bank account. I was charged $49.99 AND $179.99!!!
    I immediately chatted them back up and she kept saying, “No, I explained it already to you and you were ok with this!”
    No, I was never ok with being charged more than I agreed to.

    • Wow! Did you get to the bottom of it? I know that when I first subscribed, I got an editors box that was just ok. My first “real” box was spring and I found it very underwhelming. The new editors box is much better. Anyway, I digress- when I first subscribed I went annual $179.99. Later that same afternoon after giving it some thought I decided against it. What if I didn’t like it? I called back. It was about 5 hours later and customer service was really nice. They refunded the annual charge and I went monthly.
      I have to say my other dealing with customer service haven’t been as easy. I’ve had to contact them about three different things. Each time it took about four emails for them to understand and solve the issue. It was like they were just skimming the email and then sending an automated response. Nonetheless when the issues were solved they would always give me credit towards add ins. Which was pretty cool!

      I think you should get in touch with them again.

      Good Luck

    • That is exactly how I was charged when I signed up a year ago and upgraded the same day. The way it worked out was I paid the 49.99 for the spring box and the 179.99 was for the upcoming summer,fall,winter and spring box. I never said anything. I hope they work it out for you.

  4. I wonder if this will replace the add-ons that you choice that come with your quarterly box?

    • I thinknit is replacing the in-between boxes capsule sales.

  5. Suzanne, thank you for posting the bundle info!!! I see you listed the retail value. Is this the price you paid, or is there a discount during the sale. Are the bundles different prices? Thank you!!

    • Hey Wendy! Each mystery bundle is $29.99!! Sorry to have left out such pertinent information!!

      • Suzanne, Wow!! That’s a great price!! I’ll definitely be looking to pick up a couple this year. 🙂 Thanks so much for the info… Happy Shopping!! 🙂

  6. I didn’t even get the 2 mystery bundles I ordered, they refunded my money, but at this point I am done with Fabfitfun, their last 2 boxes were horrible! The products were way under the hiked prices they claimed. I sell on EBay and still can’t sell items from the last 2 boxes without losing money. Unfortunately I have cancelled Fabfitfun, it used to be the best box Ever, but not anymore. Just be Careful

    • While I understand the spring box not being a favorite(although I’ve used almost everything in it already) and there have definitely been people that have had some product or shipping issues, the winter box was one of the best ever. My experience is the customer service when issues arise is fantastic, and I also think the current spring Editor’s box is awesome. My personal experience, but I also get the box for myself, not to sell items from it so YMMV.

  7. since it is the first ever edit sale, what time would this start on the 9th? thanks!

    • Most of the time their sales start at 9am Pacific

      • thank you!

  8. SOOO excited!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. I can not wait!!! I wonder if they’ll have mystery bundles too. Got three last time. Well worth it!! I got 4 items in each bundle. Used or kept at least 2 items per bundle. The rest were fabulous trade items!

    • What did you get in the mystery bundles? I’ve always wanted to try one but was afraid I’d get the stuff no one else wants.

      • Danielle below are the three bundles I received. The prices are retail value.

        Oribe replenishing body wash – $42
        Will post-training massage oil – $29.50
        Spongellé mani pedi treatment set – $18
        Roni burgundy clutch – $68

        Crown pro full face contour set – $29.95
        Glamglow poutmud – $19
        Pure cosmetics luminizer – $28
        Summer & rose sunnies – $54

        Vital proteins collagen beauty water-$49.99
        Pure cosmetics stripped collection – $50
        Sonäge NMF Hyaluronic serum – $36
        ISH elevated lash mascara – $16

        • Hi, Suzanne! Thank you for posting the bundle info!! I see retail value you posted. Did you pay full retail for the bundles, or were they at a reduced rate? Was each bundle a different price?

  10. Read in the community that it will be like add ons, with automatic check out at the end of the sale.

  11. What is it? Like a capsule sale?

    • It sounds like these new edit sales are replacing the in between boxes capaule sales. So it is like add ons, where at the time that is designated for the end of the sale, everything that is (still) in your cart gets invoiced (so you don’t have to check out).

  12. not sure I understand. is this different than the other sales they periodically have?

    • Yeah it’s usually capsule sale right? Is that usually past products? Maybe “edit” is past editor’s box stuff?

    • I googled it and they actually added “What is an Edit Sale?” To their FAQs a couple days ago. It basically works like add-ons (without the box), where you pick your stuff and then the checkout is processed automatically on a certain date. It looks like they plan to start doing one every season.

      • Thanks 🙂

  13. I can’t wait!!

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