Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box Review + Coupon – March 2018

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Ecocentric Mom March 2018

Ecocentric Mom is a monthly eco-friendly subscription box for women, moms, and moms-to-be. They aim to only send products that are pure, healthy, useful, and fun. They now customize each boxes based on your child’s age or your due date! (This replaces their separate Pregnancy, Baby and Toddler boxes).

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This review is of the Ecocentric Mom Box with preferences set for a 3-year-old boy, $32.99 a month.

Ecocentric Mom March 2018

About Ecocentric Mom

The Subscription Box: Ecocentric Mom

The Cost: $32.99 a month + free shipping in the continental U.S.

COUPON: Use code MSA5 to save $5 off any subscription!

The Products: Green, organic, and otherwise eco-friendly and eco-conscious beauty, health, house, and baby products.

Ships to: U.S. & International

Good to Know: If you like the contents of this box, but don’t have kids or need kid products, Ecocentric Mom also offer a mom-only box for $27.99!

Ecocentric Mom March 2018 Unboxing & Review

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box Review

Ecocentric Mom customizes some of the products they send to you based on your due date or child’s birthday. They typically send a mix of wellness products, healthy snacks, eco-friendly alternatives to products you may already use, and kids toys/accessories from green brands.

Info cards in small envelope

Each box comes with a tiny envelope with cards detailing all of the items you’ve received. My son just celebrated his birthday on April 5th, so I was happy to see that Ecocentric Mom already picked up on the fact that he is now 3. 🙂 He really enjoys the snacks and surprises he gets from this box!

Protein Gummies for Kids

Protein Gummies for Kids by Herbaland – Retail Value $2.50 CAD (About $2 USD)

I’ve seen gummy vitamins, but I’ve never seen a gummy protein snack before! My son loves his fruit snacks so I knew right away these were going to be a hit.

I also love that they are vegan and made from pea protein. I don’t often think about protein when looking for a quick toddler snack, but I’d feel much better about offering him something that might actually fill him up a bit vs traditional fruit snacks.

Something for little Item card

Here’s the included card for this item. I always review these before we sample things, to see why they were included and what’s special about them.

Protein Gummies for Kids

Each packet contains 13g of Fiber, 6g of Protein, and 0g of Sugar. (Based on the adult size version below, I’m guessing this has some sugar– just less than 1g). I’ve been noticing more and more how sugar has crept into our diet, so I’m always happy to try products that are only naturally sweetened or otherwise low in added sugars.

170 calories seemed like a lot at first, but I realized this is about double the size of our usual fruit snacks. It’s a pretty big packet!

Protein Gummies for Kids

“Chocolate” and “gummy” is a weird combination, and my tastebuds weren’t really a fan of these. That did not stop my son from gobbling them up, though, so they are still a win.

Protein Gummies for Adults

Protein Gummies by Herbaland – Retail Price $3.50 CAD (About $2.78 USD)

Thankfully I didn’t have to try more than one because I had my own grown-up version waiting for me!

Something Practical Item card

These are made with the same ingredients as the kid’s version but are in a larger serving size, and in natural fruit flavors.

Protein Gummies for Adults

They’re not as cute as the kid’s version, but they taste a LOT better!

Consistency wise, these are not as “smooth” as traditional gummies, but they are way better tasting than most protein bars I’ve tried. The fruit flavors are distinct so you can actually pick out which ones are banana, which one is kiwi, etc.

Protein Gummies for Adults

I also love that this packet has 112% of your daily recommended value for fiber. I don’t pay as much attention to protein and fiber intake as I should, and these are a really easy way to snack, feel full, and feel like I’m not eating pure junk.

Rutz Skincare Body Nectar

Body Nectar by Rutz, 2 fl oz. – Retail Value $20

I’m not a huge fan of putting oil on my face, but this “uber-softening body oil”? Yes, please!

Something for Mama Item card

I love trying new botanical skincare products, and finding these types of products are one of the things I love about Ecocentric Mom.

Rutz Skincare Body Nectar

This blend of oils is meant to be applied to freshly showered skin. I tested it at first just on my (dry) arm and found that the formula did take a minute to absorb, like most oils. I found the scent to be strong but pleasant, and once absorbed it did fade a bit… but the arm I applied it to was noticeably softer for the rest of the day. I’ve been struggling with some dry skin issues with this long-lasting winter we’ve been having, so I am looking forward to making this part of my daily post-shower routine!

Travel Body Wash

Travel Body Wash by Plaine Products – Retail Value $5

When I first pulled this out of the box, I was immediately drawn to the cool aluminum bottle.

Something for Mama Item card

As it turns out, this company’s mission is to help reduce plastic waste by selling their products in reusable containers! Unlike most brands I’ve seen that do this, you don’t buy a refill in disposable packaging: you buy a new product and ship the old containers back to be cleaned and re-filled.

(I’m also thinking that the bottles can be recycled when they’ve reached the end of their useful life, although I couldn’t find any info about that on their website.)

Travel Body Wash

The products themselves seem great, too: this travel-sized body wash is a lovely vegan rosemary-mint-vanilla fragrance. It’s also sulfate-free, color safe, and kid safe.

Bebe Beurre Shea Butter Baby Cream

Beurre Shea Butter Baby Cream, 4 oz – Approx Retail Value $16 (Buy 6 oz for $24)

I initially thought this was a product for mama, but it’s actually a baby cream! This product is 100% natural and contains:

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Calendula Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Rice Powder, Aloe Vera Liquid, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Chamomile Oil (except for Unscented)

(I didn’t receive a card for this item.)

Bebe Beurre Shea Butter Baby Cream

Even though this is slightly smaller than the version they sell online, this still feels like a generous, full-sized container. I generally prefer unscented products, especially for young babies, but this is a very neutral fragrance and felt super gentle on my skin.

Pulling Oil Single Use Packets

Masigi Pulling Oil, 4 stick packs – Retail Value $8

I was strangely intrigued by this item! I have heard a lot about oil pulling but have never gotten around to trying it myself… until now.

Something for Mama Item card

If you’ve never heard of oil pulling before, it’s based on an Ayurvedic practice, and basically entails swishing coconut oil around in your mouth for a few minutes.

Pulling Oil Single Use Packets

These packs include just coconut oil and essential oils for flavor. There’s a Fresh option (peppermint, spearmint) and a Boost option (grapefruit, ginger, cinnamon, peppermint).

Pulling Oil Single Use Packets

I’ve read that pulling can be great for everything from bad breath to bleeding gums to maybe even whitening, so I was game to try and swished a Fresh packet in my mouth while sitting at my desk.

Initially, I thought the texture was off-putting, but the coconut oil warms immediately thanks to your body heat. The mint flavor wasn’t overpowering but was enough to cover up pretty much any coconut. My final verdict? 5 minutes is such a long time to swish! But in the end, my mouth did feel fresher and oddly hydrated.

Elephant Puzzle

Handmade Wooden Puzzle by Daydream Toys – Retail Value $15

This sweet wooden puzzle was our big ticket kid item this month.

Something for little Item card

Wooden toys sometimes feel a little traditional or old-fashioned to some people, but think toys made of natural materials are a win… especially when you have younger kiddos who are still chewing on everything.

Elephant Puzzle

I’m sure you’ve seen these types of jigsaw puzzles before. Each of the 5 pieces is shaped a bit like the elephant that they all form when placed together.

Elephant Puzzle

Honestly, at first, I thought this was a little baby-ish for a 3 year old… but my son really enjoyed taking this apart and playing with it.

Elephant Puzzle

We’ll probably hang onto it for a future little brother or sister, too. It’s one of those toys that is cute enough to leave out all the time!

Re Choc

ReChoc Resveratrol Dark Chocolate, 3 servings – Estimated Value $3.75

This item also didn’t have a card, so I’m not sure if it’s technically a bonus item?

Re Choc

ReChoc is chocolate that doubles as a resveratrol supplement. This compound has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties and is thought to be an important part of the Mediterranean Diet.

Re Choc

Resveratrol is found in regular chocolate, too, but in less concentrated or bioavailable form; these petite bars have the same amount as two glasses of red wine or a 300 calorie bar of chocolate.

Re Choc

My take? These really weren’t bad, and tasted much like a nondescript bitter dark chocolate to me. They’re great for a ‘healthier’ way to get your mid-afternoon chocolate fix, but I would rather have the red wine and the fancy dark chocolate any day. 🙂


EstheChoc, 3 serving sample – Estimated Value $7.85

And finally, one last chocolate-based supplement:

esthechoc is the worlds first clinically proven, patented nutricosmetic – cleverly disguised as a delicious and indulgent dark chocolate. Often lumped into the broad category of cosmetics, a beauty-focused nutricosmetic effects far more than the top layer of the skin – supporting optimal skin health and structure from within.


These are similar in size and calorie count to the ReChoc bars, and are actually from the same parent company, Cambridge Chocolate Technologies.


The website is a little vague exactly on what ingredients have the purported beauty benefits; I’m unsure if the chocolate has added ingredients or is just formulated in such a way that the natural benefits of chocolate are more available for my body to digest:

As a premium, functional dark chocolate, esthechoc is both elegant and delicious – yet also engineered to have beneficial effects in order to achieve and maintain beautiful and glowing skin. Enhanced with astaxanthin and packed with powerful polypenols from cocoa, esthechoc contains superfood ingredients that are protected by a patented delivery system that ensures the key nutrients remain highly bioavailable – up to 10 times more powerful than a similar piece of 70% dark chocolate!


I found this chocolate to be more palatable than the ReChoc variety because it was a bit sweeter. And of course, I love the idea that eating chocolate every day is good for my skin! 😉

Verdict: My March Ecocentric Mom Box had an overall value of $68.78 (not including the chocolates). That’s over twice the price of the box! This month had a great mix of items that were fun, healthy, and good for a bit of self-care, too– which is my favorite type of box. 🙂 

To Wrap Up:

Is this box still available if I subscribe today? No. If you sign up now, your first box will be the April box.

Coupon – Use code MSA5 to save $5 off any subscription!

Value Breakdown: This box is regularly $32.99 + free shipping, so for all of the items we received this month here’s approximately what we would have paid:

  • Kids Gummies: $0.97
  • Adult Gummies: $1.34
  • Body Nectar Oil: $9.60
  • Travel Body Wash: $2.41
  • Shea Butter Baby Cream: $7.65
  • Elephant Puzzle: $7.18
  • Pulling Oil: $3.84

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What do you think about Ecocentric Mom?

Written by Lacey Volk

Lacey Volk

Lacey’s introduction to the world of subscription boxes was Julep Maven, but she quickly moved on once she discovered there were subscriptions for cooking, coffee, and art supplies. Current favorites include Crate Chef and Ecocentric Mom, and she’s looking forward to trying more.

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