BoxyCharm May 2018 Brand Spoilers – UPDATE!

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We have an update on the brand spoilers for the May 2018 Boxycharm spoiler on Boxy Baddies! (Thanks for the heads up, Jen!)

All subscribers will receive full-size items from ALL of these brands in May:

What do you think of the brands?

If you sign up now, the April box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I love Cover FX!!!!!

  2. Yosef just posted a picture with the Pretty Vulgar eyelinerer pot! And what looks like Cover FX brush set.

  3. I’m so excited. Can’t wait.

  4. I love BoxyCharm. I kind of like that they switched up the spoilers a little bit.

  5. Yesterday I received my box. Box was 7x7x7 and weight 0.8. Card said variation 2. I received Golden State of mind, which is the one I really wanted! Love the selection of shimmer colors that will be perfect for the eyelids and eye corners! Boxy A+! I love my box!

  6. New to Boxy. Just signed up. Couldn’t resist the gorgeous palettes! This month knocked it out of the park for me!

    I’m excited to see the spoiled brands and full-size is better!

  7. I want one of Pretty Vulgar’s lippies that looks like a bird cage shape with a bird sitting on top. Their packaging is so whimsical, and their colors a very feminine.

    • Wait wait – that is a mascara with the bird on top. I didn’t see the correctly. Still, so cool.

  8. I would love any of Pretty Vulgar’s eyeshadow palettes. A girl can dream, right?

  9. Got the my little pony palette (which I love, but already own). Looking to swap for the element of surprise, but there’s no listings for it on the swap site! I’m new to swapping, so is that a normal thing? Do people swap without making listings?

    • I received an Element of Surprise and was planning to list it on the swap site. My photo is my red Yorkie.

      • How do you search for people on the swap site? (sorry, tried using the search bar and no luck). Forum site wasn’t super helpful either…

  10. I want the PV mascara or primer…just for the packaging.

  11. I don’t mind but is this spoiler for sure? Just surprised since the March box featured PV, Pur and CoverFX.

    I am actually just trying not to get my hopes up cuz I’d LOVE more Pretty Vulgar stuff hah!

  12. I just got both my Boxy boxes today with the Color Pop palettes. I’m so disappointed. I got two of the same Palettes. Element of Surprise Palettes. I’m in my thirties and don’t do bright colors. Why Box? Why????

    • I’m in my 40s and I say bring on the bright colors! LOL

      • I’m close to my thirties and LOVE bright colors! It’s personal preference not age

      • I wear super bright colors and I am 54 the neutral’s make me look really washed out. I think brighter colors look great on mature women!

        • Amen sister

      • Me too! Bring them on.

    • I am in my fifties and can really rock a bright color. It’s a preference not an age limitation. You can be a professional woman and rock bright colors… element of surprise is MUTED on my skin tone.. Especially the third row…..but I respect your opine….but don’t throw all of us under the age bus with you. Please.

      • Amen my funky color loving sista above my post!! I love bright crazy color and as long as you know what youre doing, ANY AGE can rock the heck out of them! I love them, and hate getting boring neutral palettes…

    • I’d be disappointed too. Some of us just don’t like bright, bold colors. Great if it works for others…

      • It’s okay to not like bright, bold colors, but at the same point it’s 100% not an age thing and people need to stop acting like it is.

    • Hi, would you be interested in swapping for the Golden State of Mind Palette? I got it and it was the only one I already own.

    • Heh, I’m in my 30’s too and adore that palette ;p Everyone has their own style though! =D

      I know what you mean, with so many options I would have been a little annoyed getting two of the same one!

    • The same reason I get beige/tan lipsticks without fail…I I want color darnit!

  13. So excited! I cant wait

  14. Sooo excited

  15. This guy can’t spell are you kidding me????

    • Omg I can not stop laughing!!!!!!!!! 😀

      • I mean if he has French accent it makes sense 😂

    • That’s not even nice to say. I’m sad you would laugh at someone. As long as you understand what he’s saying is all you need but to make fun of someone for their spelling or grammar is offensive.

      • Some would argue that incorrect spelling and grammar when you are addressing customers is offensive. I will agree it is not nice to make fun of others. In the day and age of autocorrect and spell check I think people should be proofreading before they send things out.

        • I disagree that a mistake is offensive. We all make mistakes that is why there is Auto correct. You are a harsh critic 🙂

          • I did not find it offensive personally. I completely understand typos and autocorrect happen all the time. I also understand this man speaks more than one language and English is not his primary one. I was only responding to the previous comment saying that making fun of someone for poor grammar is “offensive”. We are commenting on a blog, which is a very laid back and casual forum. When you are representing a company it just does not look great to have these obvious errors. I guess times have changed and that does not bother anyone else.

      • I agree. Just a typo. Like EVERYONE makes them.

        • Two freaking typos in like two sentences??

          • I understood what Yosef said so I’m not even going to go back and forth about this.

          • I’m not trying to get into this whole argument , but thought I would just point out, using the word freaking actually makes one sound pretty unintelligent. So per say to point out someone else’s mistakes, all the while using less intelligent words pretty much puts that person in the same boat , if not a lower level. Just some food for thought 😁.

          • It’s “per se”

          • Thank you “mb” for correcting my auto correct 🤗 tricky little thing. Everyone have an AMAZING night! Let’s try not to be judge mental of others , as we would not want others to cast judgement on us, we are all in the boxy community 😍.

          • Yes “Victoria” I agree. Judging people for their word choice and calling them unintelligent for it is not what this community is about.

          • Get over it snowwite! Your not perfect!

          • “Your not perfect!”

            lol. Well this sums things up rather nicely.

            Hope everyone enjoys their box

        • It happens… I’ve done it on this site… At my job I much more careful but agree I have not reached perfection yet.

      • Yes, it’s not nice to make fun of someone. However, speaking as someone who has been an editor for more than 20 years including in the marketing field, it just looks bad to have such errors in your communication. It’s not that hard to proofread something before you send it to thousands of people, and you look so much more professional when you don’t have blatant mistakes.

        • I almost enjoy when a CEO sends a message on social media that hasn’t been edited. It feels more real and (dare I say) CHARMING! 😂 Really though, it doesn’t feel so impersonal. Maybe that’s weird, but I don’t hate it. I do have a problem with to, two and too. Also they’re, there and their. I can’t let that go without saying something.

    • Yeah, English is not his first language. How many languages are you proficient in?

      • Unfortunately American’s are not encouraged to learn other language’s my husband is from Europe and can speak 3 language’s. If you know English is not his first language then perhaps a few of us need to learn not to be so judgmental. Like who is going to give a crap in a 100 years that he misspelled a couple of words. That is Anal.

      • Three. I’m currently studying Japanese as well. Remember that grammar is the difference between:
        “Let’s eat, grandma.” and “Let’s eat grandma.”

    • Who needs to spell when you look that good.

      • A successful business man and a French accent too, I’m with Nancyisshopping! I looked at the brand list, his face and skipped over the rest 😂 misspellings, sorry didn’t notice, I must have been distracted 😍

    • English is not his first language…cut him some slack.

  16. Excited about recieving another Pretty Vulger product. I love their packaging and the blush from March’s boxycharm was amazing.

  17. I know I’m probably one of the few but I really hope they send us the MLP pallet!! I can do with pout the lip topper but I really want that pallet, I’d buy it but between all my sub boxes and expecting our fourth child I’m trying to save , but might have to pull the trigger if we don’t receive it 😹

    • You can get it free with any $35 dollar purchase on the PÜR website. Some good sales going on and 25%off if you’re a first time buyer.

    • I don’t understand your comment. The MLP palette was one of the 5 possible ColourPop palette variations for this month (April). Not everyone got/will get the MLP one in their April box but Boxy still wouldn’t send it out again the very next month. The spoilers in this post are for the May box.

    • I have that palette and I love it. I will say that you will need a wet brush for the shimmers to pop and the blue shade, Rainbow Dash, is a little floppy but every other shade, especially the mattes, is fantastic. If you do get it just be aware of that. 😉.

      • Thanks so much everyone gah I’m going to have to get it I do t trust that it won’t be in our boxy lol and I can always gift to someone if I receive a duplicate!

        • I have that palette too. It is my favorite! You won’t be disappointed. I purchased mine when it was on sale and PUR let me use my welcome code for a percentage off the sale price! I felt like I had found The Golden Ticket.

      • I got the MLP palette and did a GORGEOUS blue look yesterday! Too bad no one really saw me hahahah. I only wet my brush a little for the two shimmers. The teal shade worked beautifully with them. I am so in love and so glad I got this palette! Everyone is saying how childish it is but I am a child at heart anyways so I do not let it get to me.

  18. I like all of these brands especially PUR. Can’t wait to see what I get! ❤

  19. I love all three of these brands and the items we’ve received from them so I’m excited to try more!

  20. Right now, PUR cosmetics has a free My Little Pony Pallet with $35 purchase. Since it has been on sale for $14 recently and free multiple times with purchases, I going to guess that they can’t get rid of it and may send it our way…

    • They did just try to offload a TON of the MLP lipgloss in mystery bags, so that’s an option, too.

      • We may get both! Hah!

        • I really hope not. I’m not into colorful makeup.

    • I wouldn’t hate it… Unlike getting a second cp mlp palette in my box this month that I get to swap. One of only two of the five I already had and sure enough! Bad luck, that! Lol

    • They also have a really pretty set of MLP brushes with bag for about half off. I wouldn’t be mad if I got those.

    • I hope so. Wouldn’t mind getting that palette at all.

  21. I haven’t like any of the pur Cosmetic items that I’ve gotten but I’m happy to try another one😊

  22. So we’ll be cursing 😂. Autocorrect is entertaining! Since these brands produce a wide variety of products, I’m not going to try and guess what we’ll receive.

    • May not have been autocorrect! Israelis have terrible English (except me).

      But you bring up an idea – if we want to combine makeup and cursing – maybe Boxy could so a collaboration box with Smartass and Sass!

    • Well, cursing seems to go right along with Pretty Vulgar so maybe it’s a theme? 😉

      • Good one! 😂🤣😂

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