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Walmart + InStyle Award-Worthy Beauty Box Review

Walmart Beauty Box recently launched a limited edition InStyle Award-Worthy Beauty Box. (This is a one time purchase box.)

FYI – this box is still available!


My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Box: InStyle Award-Worthy Beauty Box 

The Cost: $5

The Products: Box approximate retail value of $33+:

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OLAY Microscrubbing Cleansing Infusion Hydrating Glow Body Wash – 1.7 oz Value $.42

This creamy body wash has a super fine body scrub as well, combined with a lovely ginger scent. Usually, I prefer my Dove products unscented, but this product has won me over!

Found Brightening Coconut Sheet Mask – Retail Value $2.50

This mask is great! First, no added fragrance! It’s ingredient-conscious, too. And it was gentle on my skin and super hydrating.

Crest 3D White Whitening Therapy Toothpaste – .85 oz Value $1.45

This minty toothpaste is a combination of a whitening formula with enamel care. Both are good for me, and I like the flavor, too.

Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Foam Conditioner – 1.4 oz Value $1.40

This foam conditioner designed for fine to medium hair. You use it how you would normally use conditioner, just wait for the foam to absorb, then rinse out. My hair isn’t fine, so I don’t have the issues of regular conditioners weighing it down, but this still worked as a regular conditioner for me.

Secret Clinical Antiperspirant – .5 oz $2.32

Secret is my go-to deodorant, and while I usually use the regular stick version, the clinical strength one is great for anytime I’m planning on being super active. It works great and lasts a long time, too.

Olay Whip Facial Moisturizer – .5 Value $8.82

This is a great sized sample!


The formula is exactly what you would expect from a product with “whipped” in the title. It has a light feel and quickly absorbs into a matte finish – creating a perfect base for applying makeup.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $16.91. My value numbers may be a little low (I’m basing them off the of the full-size versions) and Walmart has listed the value at $33+. I’m not sure how they get to double the value I estimated, though!

Either way, I think this is a great box for $5! All great products!

What do you think of the Special Edition InStyle Award-Worthy Beauty Box ?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (48)

  1. I purchased this box and I love it! 🙂

  2. I emailed and asked about the advertised RV compared to the RV of the included contents and apparently the missing RV is the InStyle magazine offer. I could have definitely done without half the value being the magazines, but still a great deal nonetheless.

  3. I ordered this box (and will use it all!) I ordered and received it within 4 days….but I too had been charged for my Winter boxes on 2/8. I have been a subscriber since it started the beauty sub. I contacted CS on 3/7 asking for a status and LITERALLY was told to be patient they were working hard to get all the shipping done. Yeah, um…no. You don’t bill me for a month and give me NO status and then when asked tell me to be patient. I told CS to cancel and refund and they did within 24 hrs of my “ patience” wearing out. COME ON WALMART…!

    • Same thing happen to me!

    • received my fall box on the last day of jan, still no winter box, and every time I try to reach them I keep getting an “error code” and I paid for a year–pretty crummy CS. I had to email 3x to get my fall box, and no they are very diplomatic in their replies. Makes me wonder if I will EVER see the rest of my sub.

    • Same thing happened. I too was charged for the winter box. I have not received it. They aren’t responding to messages any more. They said subscription boxes take long to get out. But it’s been two months. I’ve received nothing. And I have confirmation that I’ve been charged for a Spring box. Not happy at all. These boxes were a gift for my daughter. Her birthday is over now. But she could use the items for trip next month but I am not sure anything will come.

  4. Thanks for the review. I initially held off on this box because I thought the Olay Whip was a foil sample. This half oz is perfect for traveling. (I love tiny tubs). The only thing I won’t use is the volumizing foam conditioner. ( I have enough volume,thank you very much! Haha! My sister will love it) Ordered a box for my daughter also.

    That said, we are both still waiting for our winter subscription boxes. Not sure what is happening on THAT end. Hope we get those ones!

  5. I thought you’re supposed to use the only at night ?? Am I doing this wrong?!?!

    I’m having issues with Walmart sub, i got my “fall” boxes in November, and then got charged 10.00 ( I get both boxes) for “winter” in december and no boxes. When I go into my account it does not show they shipped or did anything. I have emailed several times, including screen shots of the money that came out of my bank account in december for them, and I keep getting the rub around they say

    “Maybe you moved?!” — um, no I own my home and have lived here 8/9 Yes.

    “Well, maybe you used a different email/ and or name??” —- um, no, just have one email and have had the same name my entire life”

    “Maybe you used a different debit card?” — “nope, only one I use and it’s linked to my bank”

    “Maybe your bank messed up and you need to call them and see what happened , because we just are not seeing it on our end, and we don’t know anything about fall/winter boxes being late on shipping or even an issue….are you sure it was walmart?”

    “We don’t take money out until they ship” —- “WELL, you took the money just fine, but never shipped my boxes!!!”

    At this point, it’s like several emails and I’m sending screen shots of my bank showing novemberb(fall boxes which I got) and then December charges that I paid for but did not recieve. And it’s not showing up in my orders either. Plus since spring of 2017 I have had issues where I have to watch MSA and see that season boxes are out, I wait a month, month and a half and nothing. I email and ask what’s going on, and of course they tell me “working on it” and surprise, surprise i get an email with 48 hours a label is made.

    I know it’s a cheap sub and practical items. I have been getting samples from then from way back when they were free, including shipping. But I don’t think the hassle is worth it.

    I did however order this box, and it took a while but I DID get it however.

    • I had to email them [email protected], the CS first told me that it will ship hen it’s ready so I emailed back quit irritated ship when it’s ready? I don’t think so it’s been a month since you STOLE my money now your telling me it will be here when it gets here I think not. Well the next day it shipped out 😂 maybe trying being VERY stern and assertive with them. It seems you it’s a game of “who has more balls” lol and It turned out I was the little snarling chihuahua ho as about to bite their ankles 😂

    • For the Olay, it depends on your skin type. For my skin, I found this whip moisturizer not to be super hydrating, so I use it in the morning when I don’t need a ton of moisture because I’m about to apply my makeup and other products, and I use a more moisturizing cream at night to give my skin a deeper level of hydration.

      But you can’t do it incorrectly, its just whatever works best for you. If you use it at night and you like the results, than keep doing that.

  6. This box came very quickly and was exactly as described. I am still waiting on my winter classic box. Very disappointing that the subscription boxes are so slow and do not get priority over a one time ship box.

  7. I loved this box and have been really fighting with myself not to go back (if I can with an existing account) for seconds.

    The only thing that’s really keeping me away is the hope that I’ll get a shipping notice on my regular winter Walmart boxes.

  8. I bought 3 boxes! One for myself and two college girls. Before ordering the girls confirmed they would use everything it the box – and they love mail! It was $5 well spent – saved them a trip to the store, and its always nice to have travel size necessities. This was an excellent box put together by Walmart. I was a little worried when I saw *items may be substituted. But my box is a perfect match.

    Still waiting for the Winter box, but considering cancelling. Mine typically doesn’t look as good as the reviewed box.

  9. I got an email yesterday asking if my address was still good for the winter box?? You just never know when these are going to ship.

    • Did you happen to notice the date on that email? I got the same email this past Monday saying I had to make changes by January 28. A little late to do that now. Patiently waiting for my 2 boxes.

      I liked the Olay whip a lot. I use it at night. The sheet mask was sealed into the package. I had to tear it to get it out.

  10. For $5 can’t complain on the value and everything is useful so that’s a plus. I think it’s hard to review a box like this, I mean how much can you say about body wash or toothpaste??

  11. Maybe they’re basing the prices on the travel size products? Either way, I love my box. I’m think I’m going to save these items for my vacation this year.

    • Ditto.

  12. First of all I love this site and what Liz does for us. I have never met Liz but it is obvious she is the best. I have never found another site like this one. I am addicted to this site and the boxes.

    Anyway I have a question. Someone had posted on here that if you wanted to get skin care items the best box for full size skin care items is Glossy Box. I need skin care products and was wondering if you think Glossy Box is the best or if people have other suggestions. I am open to any suggestions. I am looking for only full size skin care and open to trying to products.

    Please help me with your advice anyone.

    • I’ve been wanting the same thing. I have so much makeup now, needed a break from it, so I dropped all of my boxes. I would rarely get any skin care items in them. I’ve been watching beautyfix, but I hate the small samples, so I haven’t ordered yet. I wish Boxycharm would do a skin care box as well as the makeup box. That would be amazing!

    • I don’t know of any boxes with specifically *full-size* skincare, but BeautyFix and New Beauty Test Tube are almost exclusively skincare.

      GlossyBox is box makeup and skincare (and hair care) , I am not sure why they told you it’s skincare only.

    • You should ask Luna. Find her! She should be able to answer your questions. She posts on many of these reviews and she’s awesome! glossybox or ipsy, etc.

      • Oh my gosh you’re too sweet! Thank you for your kind words Dee! 🙂

        Two boxes that I can think of that are fully customizeable, and you can structure your box to only include full-sized skincare products are Julep & Beauty Pie.

        There are also a few k-beauty and natural/clean/vegan beauty boxes out there that while they don’t offer solely full sized skincare products, they’re focus is predominantly on full sized skincare.

        For k-beauty, Pink Seoul, Pink Seoul Plus, Beautique, and Bomibox mostly focus on full size skin care products, but they usually include at least one body, hair, and/or makeup item in each box, as well as a few deluxe samples, and “bonus” packet samples.

        For green beauty boxes, there’s Art of Organics, Beauty Heroes, Boxwalla, Eco Beauty Bytes, Maple Blume, Mintd, Pearlesque, and The Detox Box. Eco Beauty Bytes does include only full-sized skincare (from Lotus Moon), but they also include at least one makeup item as well. The others primarily include full-sized products, but sometimes a deluxe sample will be included in place of a full-sized product, and a body, haircare, or makeup product will sneak their way into them. 🙂

        The good news is, is that MSA has reviewed most of these boxes, so you should be able to look back at past reviews to see which ones are a good fit for you. The only boxes MSA hasn’t reviewed yet (but hopefully will soon!) are Beauty Pie and Eco Beauty Bytes. MSA does review Julep, but the review is based on how the reviewer structured their box, so the reviews most likely include nail polishes and makeup in them.

        Good luck, and I hope you find the perfect one that’s right for you! 🙂

      • For the price, Allure boxes have some good skin care, some of it full-sized.

      • I agree. Allure is a great box. Definitely in the top 10 for me. 🙂 I was just trying to think of boxes that were in line with what Joyce was looking for which was all full sized skin care boxes, which, in line with what Juju said, is hard to come by, so I tried to focus on those that predominantly offer mostly all skin care & mostly all full-sized products. Unfortunately, they tend to be more on the pricier side. But there are also a ton of other great skincare focused boxes out there too, but they typically include deluxe samples with only one to a few full sized products thrown in.

      • Oh, it seems like my reply from this morning didn’t take, so I’ll make this one a shortened version of it, because I’m sure it’ll post after I post this one… 🙂

        I agree that Allure is a great box. It’s one of my top 10 favorite boxes, but I was just trying to stay in line with what Joyce was inquiring about… boxes that include only full-sized skincare products. It’s too bad those are hard to come by.

      • Luna, what about Goodbeing? Would you include it in your list?

      • I love Goodbeing! I would definitely recommend that box. I love how you can choose two products (a lot of times full-sized) each month. 🙂 There are so many other good skincare boxes out there, but just not that many that cater to solely (or mostly) full sized products. 🙁

      • You are right…full sized is what the inquiry was about. I’m thinking of going Goodbeing…thanks for your thumbs up…! 🙂

      • I love MSA. And Everyone who does reviews! I have found great boxes to try. Thank you all.
        I also love the Customers, or rather Community. You all are kind, helpful and knowledgeable. Honest informative Reviews, good or bad.
        I don’t even consider a box or a Specific Item until I’ve been to MSA. Thank you All for Sharing your Wonderful Community with everyone!

        P.S. I know there are a couple bad seeds who have negative words everytime!

    • I would recommend look fantastic! It has awesome products and you get full size and deluxe size items every month. I would not sub to glossy box. I had a horrible experience with them and CS is awful!

    • Beautyfix.

    • Speaking of full-sized, there is a “Look Fantastic Beauty Egg Collection” now on sale, the cost is $90, and there is a 15% coupon.

      Check this site for info.

    • Also wanted to add that if there was a full-size skincare subscription box, it certainly wouldn’t be in the usual $10-20 price range.

  13. I bet they’re counting the $15 InStyle offer into the value.

    • Exactly 🙂

    • Good thinking…! I bet you are right… 🙂

  14. I love this box! I will use everything in this box! Thanks MSA!

  15. Are they basing their $33+ value on the full sizes (even though they’re only sending you the sample sizes)? That’s pretty ridiculous.

  16. I keep seeing the Pantene foam conditioner. First I got one from Alure, another as a sample. I got this box also and target box is coming. I think I’m about to have foam conditioner galore😅

    • Lol, I actually like it so much, I webby and bought it, so all my samples will go to use!

      • *actually, not webby lol

  17. I got mine today and think it’s a good box, I typically use secret and Olay products so win win!

  18. That is really puzzling about the value. How in the world are they getting to $33?

  19. I’m looking forward to getting my box…unfortunately, there is still no dateas to delivery. I also just subscribed to Walmart’s quarterly. I’m curious to see how it stacks up to Target.

    • Hope you get your box soon! I’m still not sure how Walmart Beauty Box does their shipping waves.

      • This last one was my first and I got 2. Not exactly the same either. And I am only paying for 1. My account says “ordered one, shipped one”.

    • Wal-Mart boxes are so sporadic, I totally forget I’m subscribed to them until a box shows up lol

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