Trunk Club for Women Subscription Review – March 2018

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Trunk Club Box upright

Trunk Club is a clothing styling service for both women and men. Similar to Stitchfix, subscribers fill out a detailed style profile which, in turn, your assigned stylist uses to handpick clothes, shoes, and accessories. There is a $25 styling fee which is credited towards whatever you decide to keep.

Trunk Club box laying down

The box looks like an old-timey trunk which I find extremely charming. It even has a handle for easy travel! Side note: if you happen to keep everything in your trunk, the cool box is all yours too.

open trunk club box

Trunk Club is a Nordstrom company, and they send similar brands that range in the $75-300 range. In the style profile, you can choose your preferred price range for each category (ie. $50-100, $100-200, or $200+)

The items in this box are reflective of my style and price preferences, so your Trunk Club may be completely different!

unpacked trunk club

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

full contents of march 2018 trunk club

About Trunk Club

The Subscription Box: Trunk Club

The Cost: $25 styling fee, credited towards any items you choose to keep, plus the cost of whatever you keep. Shipping and returns are free.

The Products: Clothing, shoes, and accessories hand-selected by your stylist for you to try on at home

Ships to: Contiguous 48 states for free. Alaska and Hawaii (shipping and return fees apply)

Good to Know: Trunk Club carries sizes XS – 3X. Check out Anna’s plus size reviews here!

Also good to know: Trunk Club price matches “within 14 days of purchase exclusively to Nordstrom.” The $25 styling fee is waived if you use a Nordstrom credit or debit card.

Trunk Club Women’s March 2018 Review

Hey Everyone! It’s your old pal Marns. I just wanted to start this off by saying that I’m excited to review my first ever clothing subscription! A bit of background about my shopping and style habits: I really love the act of physical shopping and generally have a really hard time doing it online. Trying to guess what size I’d wear alone sends me into a panic that usually results in me filling up an online shopping cart and abandoning it after much toiling. I prefer to try on multiple sizes, feel the fabric, and take my time all before spending actual money. I also happen to be the number one laziest person when it comes to returns- especially if I have to mail them. Just ask the broken chainsaw that never worked that has been sitting in my garage for 6 months and the slew of other things I didn’t like but never got around to mailing back. All of that being said, I also have been a “t-shirt, jeans, and sneaker” kinda gal as long as I can remember which has served me well, but I’d love to transition into a slightly more polished version with keeping my tomboyish and “edgy” roots. I tend to play it safe and not go too far out of my comfort level. After hearing that Sara was going to pause her subscription, I jumped at the chance to take her place, hoping a stylist might be of service to me! After all, I fell in love with the Free People Park City Pullover from Sara’s October Trunk and basically bullied her into letting me buy it (luckily she didn’t love it). I am rambling, but in short, I just want to say that this is an experiment for me to a serious degree in that I want to grow my style, but stay true to myself. Future apologies to my lovely stylist Jasmin who only has black, white, blue, grey, and other neutral colors to work with. I am a picky brat!

packing list envelope

All the paperwork came in this nifty little paper folder.

return label and stickers

They include a return label and stickies to seal the trunk shut.

Greeting and instructions for trunk club

The front of the pamphlet explains the steps on how this all works. I’ve already completely ignored the 5-day turnaround. I’m so sorry, Trunk Club! (I’ve filed for an extension though, via email)

a note from stylist, Jasmin

Poor Jasmin- so wide-eyed and excited to start the troubled journey she will soon know as being my stylist. I don’t wear colors, I’m into minimalist style, and hate everything with ruffles (OR DO I?).

At the bottom are Jasmin’s contact info and a short blurb about scheduling my future trunks.

list of items and cost to keep

On the next page is a list of the items Jasmin chose for me and the cost to keep them. My $25 styling fee will go towards anything I decide to keep!

trunk club contact info

The back has all of the Trunk Club contact info.

Before we start, I’ll try to briefly explain the process of how we got here. I went the Trunk Club site and immediately was asked to fill out a somewhat lengthy but fun questionnaire on my style and then sizes. You can choose colors you are into, patterns, types of clothing and shoes you normally wear, etc. As I mentioned, I don’t really wear colors, so my palette will be shockingly sparse, but it IS what I asked for. As far as patterns, I love stripes, polka dots, geometrics, and will even dip a toe into plaid in the right form. From there, I talked to a lovely woman named Sierra who did a live chat with me to ask even more detailed questions. Were there things I hated or loved? Things I wanted to try or things I already owned and didn’t need? I described how I dressed for work and on the weekends, and what I did in my free time. I told her I attended a lot of concerts and she even asked what music I liked. It was a fun little “getting to know you” chat that lasted maybe 15 minutes. From there she assigned my stylist (Jasmin) and at my leisure, I chatted with her as well and shared my Pinterest board (all just women in jeans, leather jackets, and scarves with simple booties or sneakers). Jasmin created a “trunk” for me and allowed me to preview it, nix some things, and give her feedback. I immediately struck down about four items due to wild ruffles or things that were nowhere near my style but let her know why. She also included a really cool chunky blanket scarf, but since I own so many already, I chucked that one as well. You get the idea! After that, she was free to add a few items before it shipped, but ultimately I received the items I previewed and approved only.

Bass Shoe box 3/4 view of Bass Hilary Leather Loafers front of G.H. Bass Hilary Leather Loafers G.H. Bass Hilary Leather Loafers on model G.H. Bass Hilary Leather Loafers side view

G.H. Bass & Co. Hilary Leather Loafers, size 6 – Cost To Keep: $109.95

I told Jasmin that I own too many sneakers and wanted to try some other shoes that were still flat (I don’t really “do” heels). My first pair of shoes were these really classy leather loafers from Bass. I am secretly in love with preppy looks, and these shoes really hit an interesting chord for me. I never wear faux leather and would rather spend more money on quality leather that lasts, so that was a win here as well. There is a fun little snake print thing going on and I love that they are pointy and easily slip on and off. Since I have tiny feet and wide hips, I am always very conscious about how “toddler-like” my feet look and I’m unsure if these do me any favors. Although I love these on their own, I just don’t see these fitting into my day-to-day life.

3/4 view of March Fisher Ltd Sunny Half d'Orsay Flats above view of 3/4 view of March Fisher Ltd Sunny Half d'Orsay Flats front view of March Fisher Ltd Sunny Half d'Orsay Flats on model

side view of March Fisher Ltd Sunny Half d'Orsay Flats on model

Marc Fisher LTD Sunny Half d’Orsay Flats in Black, size 6 – Cost To Keep: $129.94

Next up: these adorable d’Orsay flats! Again, they are real leather and super soft. I love the cut-out on the sides and the pointiness of the toe without going overboard. Looking at these pictures, I really love how they look on. I currently don’t own any flats, but DO have two pairs of slides that I, of course, haven’t worn all winter. As far as flats go- these are 100% my style, but I’m just not sure if I should go for these right now.

BB Dakota Greer Knit Shift dress on model detail of BB Dakota Greer Knit Shift dress sleeve detail of BB Dakota Greer Knit Shift dress cutout in back

BB Dakota Greer Knit Shift Dress, size S – Cost To Keep: $68.00

This dress was SO CLOSE to hitting the mark for me. I am typically not a daily dress wearer by any means, but in the warmer months, it’s definitely the easiest and coolest thing to throw on. This is basically a giant soft t-shirt with some unique details, but the fit just wasn’t quite right. The sleeves seemed a tad too long and flared, and the cutout made me question how I was supposed to wear a bra with this stretchy jersey material. I’m all for having a fun or saucy black bra showing, but this just looked kind of sloppy to me. I think it may just be a tad too big (even though it looks like it should have an oversized fit), but if it were more form-fitting I may feel too self-conscious due to the fabric. Maybe I’m just not meant to wear a slouchy dress even though in my head it’d look great! Blerg!

BB Dakota Greer Knit Shift dress styled on model

Here’s how I’d style it! Since I don’t love how it looks by itself, I tossed my gross old Levi’s jean jacket over it and paired it with a chunky ceramic necklace from local maker Oatmeal, and my dusty pink suede booties from J. Crew.

J. Crew Ruffle Neck Pullover Sweater

detail of J. Crew Ruffle Neck Pullover Sweater cuff and band of J. Crew Ruffle Neck Pullover Sweater

J. Crew Ruffle Neck Pullover Sweater, size M – Cost To Keep: $85.00

I love J. Crew but I haven’t been going as much as I used to and when I went it was all about that 40% off sale rack. This sweater is perfect for me because it’s heather grey (my favorite clothing color) and has a fun little ruffle neckline (without being TOO ruffly) that I normally would never go for but adds the bit of femininity that I desire. I love the soft cotton lining and the subtle diagonal ribbing too! The only thing keeping me from absolutely keeping this is that I know if I wait, it’d be on that sale rack (at J. Crew) and I could use my J. Crew card to buy it. Also- the fact that this is a sweater and Spring is nearly upon us… HOLD UP. I just found this on the Nordstrom site and it’s now only $51.00. I reached out to my stylist Jasmin and she said I’ll totally get it for the lower price! After the $25 styling fee is put toward that… BOOM. $26.00! Now I’m definitely keeping it!

Halogen Ankle Pants on model close up of Halogen Ankle Pants back faux pocket of Halogen Ankle Pants

Halogen Ankle Pants, size 6 – Cost To Keep: $69.00

Dear Perfect-Fitting Pants, Why are you so hard to find? I asked Jasmin to help me find pants that aren’t jeans since that is ALL I wear (specifically ONE pair) and I’d like to understand what other people do that can’t wear jeans to work. These are actually close to something I see in my head as an option, but alas, they are a bit too tight and not super flattering on my hips in my opinion. I apologize to you, gentle readers, for spilling out a bunch of my insecurities onto you, but as I mentioned, this is a journey for me and you are all along for the ride. Something I appreciate: the back pockets here are fake, so they won’t bunch up and make unsavory lines against my rump. I’m a little unsure about the cropped length though. I am a shorty at 5’3″, but does this length make me look even shorter? I can never tell. I’m so used to everything being too long for me and am now used to a bunched up ankle look.

outfit with J. Crew Ruffle Neck Pullover Sweater and Halogen Ankle Pants

Here are the sweater, pants, and loafers together as an outfit. Almost professional, right? I’m an adult now!

CeCe Pleat Sleeve Collared Crepe Blouse on model collar and sleeve of CeCe Pleat Sleeve Collared Crepe Blouse back of collar for CeCe Pleat Sleeve Collared Crepe Blouse

CeCe Pleat Sleeve Collared Crepe Blouse, size M – Cost To Keep $55.30

I was on the fence about this shirt even making the cut to be sent to me. I am very attracted to the cuteness of the contrast collar, but those pleated sleeves… are they too much? I decided to take a chance and try it on. The fabric is a lightweight polyester that is ever so slightly see-through (into it), and it has two little buttons at the back of the collar that fastens above a keyhole. My greatest adversary, sizing, comes into play here. Should I have sized down? I feel like it should be slightly more fitted, but I think the sleeves, on, are what I thought- a bit too much. I think if I could try on a smaller size and the pleats were cut off- I’d keep this cutie. So close once again! I told Jasmin to keep an eye out for other shirts with this collar for me.

Treasure&Bond Charity High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans in white detail of Treasure&Bond Charity High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans in white

Treasure & Bond Charity High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans in White, size 29 – Cost To Keep $79.00

White jeans are kind of my white whale (I’ve never even read Moby Dick, but I know that saying). I owned a pair of white jeans once years ago and I loved them so much that I eventually cut them into shorts when the time came. Even though they got dirty, I embraced the Andrew WK look and soldiered on. I eventually had to give them up for reasons I now forget, but those days are long gone and I haven’t been able to find a pair that I liked ever again. Bless Jasmin’s heart for sending me these. Even though I put my waist size in as a 30, she sent me 29s and as you can see, they are too tight. They are high-waisted (my preferred rise), skinny (my preferred fit), and soft as all heck, but alas, not for me. They’re also “cropped” but I didn’t really notice since they are kind of the right length for me. 😉

Paige Denim Transcend-Verdugo Ankle Skinny Jeans

Paige Denim Transcend-Verdugo Ankle Skinny Jeans, size 30 – Cost To Keep $179.00 (found here for $134.25)

Even though these are a size 30 waist, they were the tightest of the bunch. I think Emily heard me make ungodly breathing noises from the fitting room trying to get them on before we took these photos. If nothing else, it made her giggle and that’s where these jeans strengths end. Jasmin got the dark denim part right, but these are a lower rise so my “muffin top” was in full bloom and the whiskering up top didn’t thrill me. These are also an “ankle” length, though you can see they’re longer than the other pairs of pants. Le sigh.

Outfit with Paige Denim Transcend-Verdugo Ankle Skinny Jeans and J. Crew Ruffle Neck Pullover Sweater

Can you see the discomfort on my face? This is how I’d style these jeans, had they fit: with that cute ruffle neck J. Crew sweater, the Marc Fisher flats, my tried & true Madewell leather jacket to make me look tough, plus my beloved chunky cloth bracelet from local maker Sasha (Hi, Sara!).

Verdict: My first Trunk Club was a roller coaster of emotion (kidding). This was only my first go around with Jasmin and she and I are just getting to know each other. I have faith that future trunks will yield new styles for me to discover and will only get better with time. We got REALLY close on a few things, and I’m still wavering on the flats. That J. Crew sweater is certainly my top pick and I’m gonna try to get some wears in before the weather gets too warm.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Trunk Club will be a totally different experience for each person, so it’s doubtful you’ll get the same goodies I did.  Sign up today to see what happens!

Value Breakdown: This box cost $25 with free shipping and returns. The total retail value of the 9 items inside is $775.19 with an average of $96.90 per item. The cost of each item is listed on the packing list, but if I choose to keep anything, the $25 cost of the box would also be applied to the purchase making this experience with a personal stylist free!

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What did y’all think of my first Trunk Club picks? What do you think I should keep?

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Written by Marne Orenich

Marne Orenich

Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

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  1. A little late in the game here but I just want to say that I have never related to anything more than you saying “Since I have tiny feet and wide hips, I am always very conscious about how “toddler-like” my feet look…” Seriously, my life. Also, I too thought the white jeans looked amazing on you. I’ve only had one trunk so far and really like it. Love my stylist.

  2. Just want to tell you that those white pants actually look amazing on you. If you feel uncomfortable in them, don’t keep them. But, I think they look like the perfect fit – so flattering!

  3. So many kind comments! Thank you all for your positive vibes! <3

  4. I can see not keeping the Paige jeans because for that price, jeans should fit perfectly.But I thought everything else looked great. Especially the black and white top. Seriously. SO cute on you.

  5. I love your style. You look like a tattooed alternative Barbie.

    Everything looks so great on you! Both of the shoes look flattering. I am big into loafers and those are going on my wishlist!

    • Agreed!!! And I like all the outfits on u!

  6. I love your writing, Marne! I’m only familiar with Liz’s reviews really (and I love her), but you are just as wonderful, and I love your humor and realness. Even though I would never get a subscription like this (this postpartum body needs in-store try-ons and cheaper options) I really enjoyed reading your review and seeing your clothes. The black flats and pants all looked amazing on you!

  7. Hi. All the items are cute on you. I just wanted to say pointy shoes make legs look longer. So even though you doubted the cropped jeans, the pointy shoes balances everything out.
    PS I am 4 11 and have a hip thing too!!

  8. I’m the exact opposite of you Marne in that I like to shop for my clothes online. I absolutely hate trying clothes on at the store because I feel super self conscious. When I try on at home not only is the lighting better but I’m not so overwhelmed like I am instore.

  9. The black shirt and shoes are adorable. You’re correct a smaller size shirt would be more flattering. The pants shopping struggle is real for me also. Ample hips, thighs, and butt with a small waist.

  10. Wait…what??? They price match their Nordstrom sale prices??? Is that the official policy? If so, I’m in!!

    • Yep! It’s in their FAQ. You have 14 days to do the price matching. Hope that helps 🙂

    • Yup! My last Trunk…they adjusted prices automatically. Apparently both my items were 40 and 60 % off after I checked out. It was an
      Awesome surprise when I checked my card statement 😍

  11. I also prefer physical shopping to try on different sizes and will do the same as you with online shopping – spend a bunch of time & then just cancel… also, I almost never return anything either!

    However, we’re different in that I have a lot of dressy & professional clothes and I LOVE color! I think you would look great in many colors especially dark / deep tones which are more subtle since I’m assuming your least favorite would be pastels & bright colors.

    Also, I think you’re being too self critical (aren’t we all?!?) and you look great to me! I don’t think anyone would look at you and ever think your hips are wide or that you have a noticeable muffin top… just no.

  12. I enjoyed your review! Just wanted to add that the styling fee is waived if you have a Nordstrom card! (I just signed up and found that out.) So that’s a really good deal. And they ask you really thorough questions in an online chat when you sign up.

  13. Love this review!

    I’m so glad you explained the sign up process and how through they are. If that dress was a dark grey or black it would have worked better but a sweatshirt dress is hard. Why can’t clothing designers make everything bra friendly. My biggest pet peeve.

    Thank you for being so detailed with your review. 🙂

  14. Enjoyable review as always, Marne! I love your attention to details, sense of humor, and the playfulness that always shines through 🙂 The sweater, black pants, and loafer outfit is fabulous on you. It’s the most perfect business casual look! In fact, I’m off to buy those loafers right now.

  15. The trend of all jeans in ankle length is driving me crazy. I’m very lucky about jeans, so I only own 2 pairs (racently up from zero) and both are ankle length, meant to be cuffed once. I live in Alaska and have no patience for that kind of thing 9 months of the year. So I wear mine uncuffed and try to keep my socks cute and not clashing with my top. Still drives me crazy though.

  16. Ok. I can’t express how much I loved this review. You are an amazing writer. And I really admire your bravery. The looks in your face totally crack me up. The black and white top, IMHO really looks cute on you! And I love your ink! ❤️

  17. The sweater you kept is really pretty and the black shirt and white jeans look great too.

  18. Try But from the Kloth petite jeans available at Nordstrom or Nordstrom rack. After discovering them a few years ago, they’re all I wear. I even have a pair in black ponte that easily hit business casual.
    FWIW, I thought the white jeans and black top we’re adorable on you!

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