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Stitch Fix Clothing Subscription Box Review – March 2018

StitchFix March 2018 - 0001 - box

Stitch Fix is a monthly clothing and styling subscription service. When you sign up you take a pretty in-depth survey of your sizes, your style, and pricing preferences. After choosing when you’d like to receive your delivery, your stylist handpicks 5 items based on your preferences. The fee for this service is $20, and that includes free shipping and free returns. And if you keep any of the items they send you, you get to deduct the $20 fee from the total. (If you keep all five items, you also get a 25% discount!)

StitchFix March 2018 - 0002 - box open

My items are reflective of my style and price preferences, so your Stitch Fix may be completely different!

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

StitchFix March 2018 - 0003 - box contents

About Stitch Fix

The Subscription Box: Stitch Fix

The Cost: $20 styling fee (pay for whatever items you keep minus the $20 credit)

The Products: 5 clothing and accessory items selected for you based on your Style Profile.

Ships to: U.S. only

Stitch Fix for Women March 2018 Review

StitchFix March 2018 - 0005 - envelope

StitchFix March 2018 - 0006 - ad StitchFix March 2018 - 0007 - ad

This month I received a card informing me that Stitch Fix is now including ‘extras’ in monthly boxes. All you have to do is update your account if you would like to receive any of the pieces.

StitchFix March 2018 - 0009 - stylist book StitchFix March 2018 - 0010 - stylist book StitchFix March 2018 - 0011 - stylist book

Each box comes with cards with styling suggestions for every piece, plus a little note from your stylist. They also show you how you can build a complete outfit with each piece. Super helpful!  

StitchFix March 2018 - 0008 - receipt

This is my invoice sheet. It lists the prices per item and the discount I’d receive by keeping all 5 items. With the 25% discount and my $20 styling fee factored in, this box would cost me a total of $179.50 to keep everything – an average of $35.90 per item and a total discount of $86.50.

StitchFix March 2018 - 0004 - return

For anything you plan to return, Stitch Fix instructs you to complete a checkout process online so they know what to expect coming back, and it also allows you to provide feedback about the items. They include a USPS prepaid mailing bag in your box too. You just pack up the items you don’t want and drop the bag off at your post office. I love easy returns!

StitchFix March 2018 - 0012 - cardigan StitchFix March 2018 - 0013 - cardigan StitchFix March 2018 - 0014 - cardigan StitchFix March 2018 - 0015 - cardigan

Honey Punch Raymund Graphic Cocoon Cardigan, size L – Cost to keep: $74

I love an oversized cardigan, but there was something about the blend of colors and pattern that didn’t work for me. The fit and cut were perfect, pairing really well with this white tee and jeans, but I could see this working well with a dress and boots. The fabric is a rayon and nylon blend so it was very warm and comfortable. I could see myself getting cozy in this on the couch over the weekend in slippers. I just wish the color combination was a bit different otherwise I would absolutely be keeping this one!

StitchFix March 2018 - 0016 - tee

StitchFix March 2018 - 0018 - tee StitchFix March 2018 - 0019 - tee

Mix by 41 Hawthorn Tumer Essential Knit Top, size L – Cost to keep: $28

I love a basic tee and am always in search of a white top that I can keep in my closet for the season. This top is a modal and spandex blend so it was very stretchy, but it was very see through which I didn’t love. The overall fit was a bit snug from what typically I like, and the sleeves were that cropped cut that doesn’t seem to be very flattering on my broader shoulders. As much as I love stocking up on basics, this tee fell a bit flat for me in terms of overall quality and fit.

StitchFix March 2018 - 0020 - top StitchFix March 2018 - 0021 - top StitchFix March 2018 - 0022 - top StitchFix March 2018 - 0023 - top

Loveappella Simina Mixed Material Knit Top, size L – Cost to keep: $48

Oh, this top had a lot going on! I love a pattern on pattern look, but the black and white mixture of patterns on this top was just a bit much for me. The fit was super comfortable, in a rayon/spandex/polyester blend. I loved the length, but I thought the neckline and sleeves were a bit too young and unflattering on my figure. I could see this pairing really well with a denim or leather jacket and skinny jeans or a skirt. Unfortunately, the overall style wasn’t for me.

StitchFix March 2018 - 0024 - outfit StitchFix March 2018 - 0025 - leggings StitchFix March 2018 - 0026 - leggings

Rune Maesen Mesh Detail Moto Legging, size XL – Cost to keep: $58

These leggings are incredible! They are a spandex/polyester/nylon blend so there is so much stretch and they are extra breathable. I love the little mesh cutouts that give them a bit of an edge from plain black leggings. These would be great to wear to workout in, or just to wear with a cute sweater or tank to run errands. I am constantly chasing after my toddler so I love having a stretchy pair of pants that I can easily throw on while still feeling put together. These are a winner for me!

StitchFix March 2018 - 0027 - top StitchFix March 2018 - 0028 - top StitchFix March 2018 - 0029 - top

Nau Gracia Split Back Knit Top, size L – Cost to keep: $58

This top is perfect for my lifestyle! It is super soft, made from organic cotton and recycled polyester, and really moves with you. The split back is great because it doesn’t fly open like other tops I have tried in this style, so you don’t have to worry about wearing a tank top under it. I love how this looks with the mesh leggings, but it would look just as great with jeans. This is a basic that I know I will get a ton of wear out of!

Verdict: This month’s Stitch Fix was a bit all over the place for me. I didn’t love many of the pieces this month, but I am obsessed with the leggings and split back top! I will say, though, one big reason that this month was a bit different is because I am newly pregnant with my second baby! I made a note to my stylist that I was hoping to have my March box come in regular sizes, and then I would switch to the maternity styles for April. My stylist was amazing and thought about my growing bump when picking this month’s pieces, so I absolutely understand why she selected each of these pieces. I’ve never tried Stitch Fix maternity so I am so excited to see what April has to bring! For now, I will be living in this black split top.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Stitch Fix curates its boxes based on each individual’s preferences as well as what’s available. What you get might not be the same as what I got, but you also might get something that fits your style and body even better than the looks above! Sign up and see what they choose for you!

Value Breakdown: This box cost $20 with free shipping and returns. The total retail value of the items inside is $266. The cost of each item is listed alongside it above, but if I choose to keep at least 5 items, I get a 25% discount. The $20.00 cost of the box would also be applied to the purchase, meaning I’d end up spending $179.50 for the whole box. This is approximately a 33% discount for keeping all 5 items.

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Written by Taryn Lowman

Taryn Lowman

Taryn’s passion for subscription boxes started when she was gifted a monthly Birchbox. She is excited to discover more Mom and baby boxes to share with her family!

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Comments (15)

  1. I finally signed up for Stitch Fix. Signed up on the 2nd, box got here today! I’m just so sorry I did not do this sooner as I am so lacking in winter tops. I really didn’t expect to get to long sleeve tops right now. I also got a cropped sleeve and to the shoulder sleeveless & a really large scarf. I was pretty specific in my notes that I had just been shoe shopping and was stocked on pants, leggings, etc. I’m just lacking and having a hard time with tops and why. So, that’s why it’s ALL TOPS. I give this a 4/5 match as far as what is in my profile. I would rather have had a cardigan to go with one of the tops instead of a long sleeved sweater. I don’t want to pay $46 for a purple sweatshirt. That one is actually laughable! If it were winter, I would consider keeping the long sleeved black sweater as it is very soft. That tells me that the stylist read what I wrote about my skin. I like the two Summer tops the best. The one I really want to keep is Calvin Klein, black cropped short sleeve pull over, knit t-skirt material w/ chiffon sleeves, hem & pocket. Basically a dressed up t-shirt. It’s priced @ $38.00. So it’s just another $18 for it. My only issue is that the original C.K. tags are on it. The actual retail price,$32.50 has been altered. That’s the only one that has the actual retail tag still on it. So that’s probably the one I will purchase. It’s that one or the sleeveless cobalt blue for the same price. Not purchasing something means I would be throwing $20 out the window. Even though I may pay a couple of extra bucks, it’s totally worth the convenience of having it all sent to my home, free shipping and free return shipping. I’m going with every other month for now.

  2. i just started trying stitchfix, and i was impressed with how well my stylist selected pieces for me. everything fit, and i really liked all but one piece, but i’m pretty appalled at the prices. much of this kind of clothes i could easily get at nordstrom rack or last call for much cheaper, so i don’t get why i would buy it at these prices. i guess that you’re paying for the styling service, but that’s what the $20 fee is for, right? when i tried to look up the pieces online to see if they were available for cheaper, they were nonexistent–which makes me wonder…

    • Thanks for your post! I think you really are paying for the overall experience, having a personal stylist available to you where you can provide feedback and a Pinterest board with your personal style, and then a lot of the items I think can be harder to find online so you are getting more exclusive styles.

  3. I agree = that black knit top is the best..! you have nice arms…show them off! (says a senior citizen) you are still young!! 🙂 and you glow, for sure, lil mama…

    • Thank you so much for your sweet post!

  4. Congrats on baby#2!!!!!!! Love the leggings and split back top.

    • Thank you so much! Both pieces were so super comfortable!

  5. Taryn~
    Did you fill out a detailed summary about your style preferences? Do you have a Pinterest board? I find that the more detail I can give, the better my Fix will be. Many of the pieces you received were nothing special. If you can show pictures of what you like and why, that would help you. Also, tell them what you don’t like and why.

    • I tried that and they kept sending me neutrals (though nothing I had pinned was neutral and I specifically told them I did not wear neutrals). They made it sound like a burden to find bright colors! And they flat out told me they couldn’t find the kind of pants I wanted (i.e., with an actual button and zipper closure instead of pull-on). I spent hours on this sort of thing and think I kept one garment out of three fixes, and still have $20 credit from complaining that I haven’t even bothered to use.

      • Oh no! I never receive neutrals. My Pinterest board shows bright colors. Not all my fixes have been great—l’d say 3 out of 9.
        The prices are high, too.

      • I don’t have Pinterest, and keep asking for neutrals, but get lots of bright colored items!

    • Thanks for your post! Yes, I am always try to give feedback and have a very up-to-date Pinterest board to match my personal style.

      • It’s really hit or miss, isn’t it?