POPSUGAR Must Have Box Summer 2018 Theme Spoiler!

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We have the theme for the Summer 2018 POPSUGAR Must Have box!

It’s all about self care!

What do you think of the Summer 2018 POPSUGAR Must Have Box theme spoiler? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off of your first box! (Your first box will be the Summer box.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I did it! I pu

    • Lol, I did it! I pulled the trigger. I really believe this might just be an incredible first box. It would make sense, right? Wow everyone and hook as many subscribers in as possible…
      I have my fingers crossed. Either way Happy Mothers Day to me!

  2. I hope this is one great box…I’ve never had a POPsugar box and now I will be getting one. I just hope it’s worth 75 including tax. i HAVE Boxycharm for makeup so i really hope it’s not too much of their new line.

  3. I bought one. I decided to give the inaugural box a try. Additionally I have some FOMO going on. I am afraid they may sell out. I drug my heels on the Neiman Marcus box and it sold out so I decided to give this a try.

    I am not signing on for a year though. I am willing to spend almost $80 (I have to pay tax) a try.

    I am glad it is not vacation themed. I like the theme of self care. I think a nice box of self care indulgences I would never think to buy myself sounds good.

    • Yes! I normally hate summer boxes–I don’t travel, I don’t swim or go near pools, I don’t go to the beach, etc, so I have been a little terrified of this box, but self care is the best theme ever (hmm and what most boxes are every month, but still). I am excited!

    • My FOMO kicked in too! I’m hoping the first box is pretty great. 🤞

  4. Oh no!!!!!That picture with the green leaf reminds me of the Box of Style mumu that was sent in their Spring box!

    • Lol @ Mumu. I thought it was horrendous too.

  5. I was thinking of the succulent too actually, maybe some kind of kit to pot it to help you de-stress or something. I seriously hope there’s no mug, as a teacher, I get tons of mugs. The oranges and the faucet made me think too – a new kitchen would be lovely. I can’t decide I’ll resub again, I guess I’ll wait for the first spoiler.

  6. Hummmm so I was watching Shark Tank a few weeks ago, and they featured Dermovia, a company that makes $15 lace face masks. The business owners mentioned that they had a HUGE order from a subscription box company… I wonder if it’s Popsugar? A super expensive lace face mask would certainly fit the “self care” theme!

    • That’s funny I was trying to figure out which beauty box box could possible afford that expensive of a mask considering most boxes are under $21. This makes sense, or maybe FFF.

      • FFF is my guess. They have a discount code for another Shark Tank product. They might have a connection there.

    • I also was wondering about the same thing! Since they said they had a 1 million purchase order, I thought of FFF! I wasn’t sure if PopSugar needed that much product.

      • That’s so funny! I was wondering also!!! We’re the Sub Box Sleuths. Hehehe

    • If you look at the Popsugar website they mention those masks constantly as the best on skin care.

  7. If loving Popsugar boxes is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

    They could have made the theme ” Butterflies Are Free” and I’d still have subscribed. I will go the extra distance to give them every opportunity to sell and deliver awesome or even just ” nice” boxes.

    PSMH was probably my first subscription, I’ve been with them from the first bag, not box, and I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for them. I draw the line at Ban.do kitsch merchandise and clear plastic purses, but other than that, I’m mostly happy with almost everything they’ve curated.

  8. I predict something from their beauty line, possibly the lip scrub.

    Even though I know they never include items in their theme picture I think I see an essential oil diffuser and there was one in their self-care article back in November!!

  9. They said on Instagram that they’re nearly sold out (no mention of how many are left, though), and that they’re “leaning on LE boxes as a template.” To me, that says a lot of straw or tote bags, sunglasses, and bronzer sprays based on past LE summer boxes. 😕 Those don’t *really* say self-care to me, but who knows?

  10. @Liz With the recent changes to PS it’d be helpful for us nonsubscribers to post when it ships and how much it costs per shipment……

  11. I’m ready to jump in like double dutch…. just waiting on one spoiler.

  12. All I need is a good spoiler and I am in. I have missed the Popsugar of old. Maybe something from Sisters of Los Angeles. . .A rocking summer nail color… Leahlani mermaid mask . . .

  13. On one hand, this theme is so common it’s boring as all get out.
    On the other hand, I really want one of those wooden bath trays that I see a glimpse of and (believe it or not) I’ve only gotten one mug from a sub box (and my BF stole that). I’d like the one in the pic.
    We’ll have to see what’s in it before I make any decisions.

    • From the picture is most likely they will include the soap. Since, apparently having a “luxe” soap bar instead of an antibacterial soap with a pump is consider “self care”

      I hope the conversation of self care mentions more how eating nutritious food is more self care than the other marketing stuff they are trying to push.

    • I really want that bath caddy too! We shall see…

  14. Self-care = safe box

  15. Is this going to be the first box? I thought they were going to have a Spring box?

    • first box is a summer box, to ship before the summer season starts.

  16. I have to admit my interest is piqued but PopSugar’s theme spoilers are always so vague. I will have to see spoilers before considering buying this box. I hope to see more than one spoiler. I like PopSugar so I shall see!

    • i can see… Difuser??? Bathtub caddy? Hemp CBD Relief and Recovery Cream maybe; bathrobe or mug .. I am just guessing… I hope to see spoilers 😀

    • If I learned something from my years with PSMH is that 90% of the time the theme has nothing to do with whats in the box! LOL

  17. Self care, maybe a we-vibe? That’s some serious self care… Haha! Such a non-specific theme. Ugh.

    • 😂 in my FFF box there was a massage roller and my husband saw it and asked “what is that?!?” That would take a lot of explaining lol

  18. Why do they even bother with theme spoilers? ‘Self-care’ is such a vague, general, overused term, it could be anything.

    • Seriously. They are always way too broad and vague to be helpful.

    • I know, literally any of their past boxes could be “self care”. It’s basically meaningless.

  19. I bit. I’m a sucker for a candle. And I feel like there will be a candle in here. There better be. I’m also my favorite person to pamper, so self-care always sits well with me. I feel like they’ll do a cooling mask or something to go along with my candle, mug, and tea. I hope we don’t get a robe, those can be size specific. Unless they ask for sizes.

    • Shakira you are tempting me to bit! LOL! I am trying to stay strong though! 🙂

    • Shakira, I’m sold! Getting the box without spoilers. Plus they said eight items for first box, Be nice if you curate the fall box. LOL

    • Birchbox for men (customized) always asks for sizes on clothing, I don’t see why psmh can’t do the same!

  20. It’s only March and I’m already exhausted by #selfcare and I feel like that kind of defeats the point. Can someone please help explain to me how selfcare because the go-to term of 2018? And with sub boxes typically being filled with lotions and candles and face mask aren’t they by definition #selfcare…how is that a spoiler?! That being said, I’m looking forward to a real spoiler for this box.

  21. I anticipate a spectacular first quarterly box with the higher number of items featuring the usual inflated retail value with the sole purspose of snaring us back into subbing. Not that there is anything wrong with that (Awesome box? Yes, please) but I know better than falling for their tried-and-(sadly)-true marketing plot. I’ll be strong. I’ll frame my credit card statement and keep it at my nightstand as an incentive.

  22. Hemp oil, teakwood bath caddy, bath soak, candle and a new palette from their new makeup line.

    • Oooooh….. I forgot about make up line… an eye cream..perhaps..

  23. This box must include a mini floating swan to hold a plastic govino glass on the bathtub. And the swan will come in two colors: dark blue and slightly less dark blue.

    Obviously, the box will inevitably include a book of some sort and a vegan-leather clutch in the afromentioned selection of colors.

  24. I like it. I’m relieved (with only 4 boxes a year) it’s not vacation themed. I don’t take vacations, so those boxes never worked for me. I hope it’s great.

    I’m trying to separate my disappointment over the Day date box, from my feelings about this box.

    I really, really, really want to continue my love for Popsugar. I just hope the box is awesome.

    • I totally understand you… the day date box is a disaster. But I really really love Popsugar – my fav subscription box … and I think this box is going to be great,

      • ……. and I understand too – girls night in was the best ever mystery box – jumped on day date and “not so good” …. but I got what I paid for – PS is MY FAV and I do think this quarterly box is going to be amazing!!!!!!! 🙂

        • Where are the spoilers of the boxes? Somehow I missed them.

  25. Looks to me like more of a winter type with a bath and warm orange tea…..

  26. This spoiler is no spoiler.
    Generic ‘lifestyle’ photos that could and will mean a bunch of unrelated items: candle, orange scented shower gel, towel, bath salts and fake plant? That will be $75. Hell no.

    • Exactly!

  27. I’ve been waiting for a spoiler & coupon. Thanks Liz!!

  28. A candle, a bar of soap, and a scrub. Probably a sheet mask too. YAWN.

  29. The bath accessories look nice but who knows what we’ll actually get. I’m thinking the mug might be one.

  30. I’m leery since PopSugar is branching into their own brand of makeup. Really you need to produce makeup too? This box maybe about marketing their own products rather than finding great ones. Hopefully I’m wrong.

    • Does the expression “limit your pallete” mean anything?

      • hahaha Love this! And agree 100%!!

  31. I find these “theme spoilers” beyond lame. Its no different than the relevance of the Lisa Sugar book to a Day Date box. The themes rarely make sense when you see the actual box contents. Orange slices and a mug? Who cares? We aren’t detectives.

    • I agree.

    • Yes to this!! Does anybody sign up based on the ‘theme spoiler’? What’s the point? It’s always so vague and often has very little relation to the actual box.

  32. I am going to interpret this spoiler my own way, because in a totally perfect world, we would receive a Foreo UFO, which is self care, has long-lasting results since everything you do for your skin helps in the long run, and you can use it every season (that seemed to be a hint too). I am most likely wrong, but a woman can dream.

    • Oh my word I totally want the UFO but do not have $200 to spend to get one!!
      That is a great dream but I think it might be just that a dream.

      • Until we see full spoilers, I am going to be positive the UFO is in there. There was a forum post about Schrodinger’s diamond (related to whether an unopened Pop Up (?) candle had a diamond in it, and how as long as it was not burned, the diamond was there). This is Schrodinger’s UFO!

    • Becca, Please set up a Skype meeting and curate the fall box with Shakira. You two have the makings of a most fabulous box… Indeed! Why can’t Foreo offer a gift card …so I can buy over time.

      • I would loooove to curate a box! I have gotten comments my whole life about having good (or maybe a little eccentric) taste. In the ’90s, a friend asked if for her birthday, I could be her personal shopper. This might be my destiny.

  33. Uh oh- that top photo. Maybe a Rachel Zoe duster? ;).

    Kidding! I am sure it will be a good launch for them switching to quarterly. 👍

    • That IS the biggest trend of 2018 so you better watch it. The RZBOS police are gonna come and school you about trends!

    • LOL , when I saw the palm print… my heart stops…

      I think the box themes are nice, kind of refreshing and clean.

  34. Would LOVE a GREAT SELF CARE BOX !!!! ……. I remember when “we” would complain that the “theme” did not always sit well with the products in the box – AND, I’ve missed the themes…. this is a WONDERFUL one!!!! ……. and in my humble opinion, if anyone can knock a quarterly box out of the park, it WILL BE PSMH!!!!!!! 🙂

    Love that pink cup – pink robe – who knows, the possibilities are endless!!

      • Thank you Anna!!! Lets hope some of their inspiration came from that great article!! 🙂

      • Oooh, I hope the the CBD oil or lotion is included in this box! ; )

        • You’re welcome,I think there are some great items in their list too.I’m going to search for more PS list that list keywords like unwind and chill. The link I posted is from November 2017 but some of the theme pics are similar to the ones in the list.

  35. Popsugar will always be my favorite subscription box

  36. I need kitchen makeover. Is that self-care?

    • ^this

    • I need some time away from my husband and clingy doggies. Maybe they’ll include a two night voucher to a high class hotel with a Jacuzzi. THAT, will be self-care!

  37. I don’t know! Still not impressed; don’t need a robe nor anymore cups!!!! I haven’t cancelled yet but I’m on the verge of hitting the button as we speak! Trying to hold out to see at least ONE; hopefully TWO spoilers!

  38. A spa gift card would be cool. They have that site that is like the groupon of spa services if i remember correctly.

  39. I’m hoping there will be a better coupon coming with the change-up. I may actually bite.

  40. I’m betting that the first box will be fabulous! I’m hoping I’m right.

    • I’m thinking/hoping the same 😍

    • I am too. They will not blow this opportunity away and they will cement their mark once again in the subscription space. They have to do better than FFF since they are charging more. I am thinking – self- care would mean, something for the bath, skin, beach and -citrus might be a scent.
      Cannot wait for their first box.

  41. i love self-care items, but truly don’t need another candle or essential oil diffuser…i’m going back and forth on this sub and suspect i’ll have to make the decision to cancel or hang around before there are any spoilers.

  42. I love the theme! I really hope it’s great self care products. I want to be pampered!

  43. A new faucet and some oranges?

    • Great identification! Those photos do indeed show a faucet and some oranges

    • That is what I was thinking!! And a succulent!!

    • LOL

  44. I am waiting with bated breath. With PopSugar, there’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip. I really hope that the higher cost brings higher quality products (and better curation).

  45. Love the pink robe!!!!!! Looking great !

    • The robe is Eberey. According to PSMH website:

      “Each Summer box includes a luxurious robe from Eberjey.”

  46. I’m excited! Self care products are always welcome.

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