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New Beauty Test Tube March 2018 Spoilers + Coupon

We have full spoilers for the March 2018 New Beauty Test Tube Box! (Review coming soon!)

The March box includes:

What do you think of the New Beauty Test Tube spoilers? 

If you are interested in signing up for New Beauty Test Tube, use this link to save 30% off of your first box! (Regularly $29.95 a box plus $8.95 shipping. Ships every other month.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (66)

  1. For anyone curious about the Nutrafol, when I ordered it was the 120 capsule size and it arrived super fast. I paid nothing, they didn’t request payment info or anything so I know they didn’t sign me up for a subscription service or anything sneaky 😀

    If you are having trouble, make sure you use the link that is on the card, not just I can’t remember if there’s also a promo code but if so, don’t forget to use it. You shouldn’t be asked for cc info at all!

    I was happy with the box, I love the acv and that product alone covered the cost of the box. Although supplements are one of the least exciting things for me to receive in a sub box, I thought the Nutrafol was a great deal. The grande lips is something I won’t use, but it can be swapped or sold…

    Anybody try the hair mask yet? The roloxin was interesting, I did notice a positive change in my skin for the day that I used it.

  2. I don’t understand all the problems w/ the Nutrafol… for me it took a few clicks in 5 mins, and 3 days later I had a full month of supplements 🤷🏻‍♀️ We will see if they benefit me, that’s what I thought these subs were for… surprises and trials. The ACV completely knocked my dandruff problems away, I am a huge fan and glad I didn’t expect one product could solve one of my major issues. The cost of the box was well justified there. My teen loves the lippie, with those 3 products alone I salute this box. The others are just fun benefits 👌

  3. Horrible box!!!! The Roloxin mask is a one time mini sample NOT deluxe! The Nutrafol vitamins are a 30 day supply, **THIS IS FROM NUTRAFOL WEBSITE** How many capsules daily to I need to take? ~The efficacious amounts of our botanical ingredients plus all the supporting nutrients ARE ONLY delivered if you take all 4 capsules as instructed. THANKS 😠😠 Testtube for giving us an entire 7 day trial. **(Nutrafol Women Advanced Thinning Hair & Hair Loss Supplement – 120 Capsules)** IS full size not the crappy 7 day useless trial you gave us access to, SO STOP LYING!!!! It also take 3 MONTHS TO SEE A DIFFERENCE, so this was absolutely WORTHLESS!! You also graced us with a “fullsize” nail polish come on NOW! Let’s not forget the GrandLips in hideous red which has sent me to the ER because of a reaction. Or the “DELUXE”😂😂😂 MSSOLARSCIENCES products that are far from deluxe SIZE! Also what a blatant lie that the NUTRAFOL pills “wouldn’t fit in the box”. Done with this lying company #cancelled#goodridence

    • No problems with the order here! I was able to order the full 30 days /120 supplements without entering cc info, no shipping charges, etc. It shipped almost right away… I am waiting on it now. Did something change with the size?

    • wait, so the nutrafol isn’t the 120 capsule bottle??? gah! i just subscribed today specifically for the nutrafol. 🙁

      i really hope it’s the full size bottle, i was looking forward to trying it.

      • It is the 120 capsule bottle. I just got it in the mail today. I got it super fast too after putting in my info and code in the site. I don’t know why people are making a bigger deal of this then it is.

      • thank you for the confirmation! i agree, if it is a simple order and no shipping for a full size bottle that is a spectacular item! i hope i ordered in time for this box, i also want to try the acv rinse! did you try that yet and how do you feel about it?

    • I had no issues ordering the Nutrafol product and I got the full month’s supply, not a 7-day trial. Love the nail polish and the red GrandLips (although I did not like the brown color received in a previous box) and I believe MDSolarSamples does consider these “Deluxe” samples (vs. travel size). I was really happy with this box overall, but definitely seems to be polarizing.

      • What’s the difference between deluxe and travel sizes? I always thought that it was the same thing.

      • They do a “travel size” of the Anti-Aging Moisturizer that is 0.5 oz. (I don’t think they do this size of the other two products, though.)

  4. First box. Disappointed to say the least. I should have waited for the spoilers. My hair is so fine I can only use very specific products. At least I got the new user discount but overall a disappointing Box for me personally.

    • Agree!

      • First and last box for me. what a waste, especially the nutrafol free bottle. I went on line and according to the company you have to pay shipping. No thanks……

      • It was super easy to do online with no shipping charges. I did about three weeks ago when I first got the Test Tube, maybe something has changed. Followed the instructions and $0.00.

      • I went online and they sent me a full months supply when I put in code. Did not have to pay shipping and they didn’t even ask for any info except address.

  5. I love this box, it has products that I haven’t tried before and that is the main reason I subscribed. I want to find what works – period. Skin and hair care is on the top of the list but I love what they include every month, from tools (i.e. eyelash curler) to supplements and color cosmetics. It was so easy to order the nutrafol supplement and it was free, no shipping charges.

  6. 38 dollars down the drain*sighs* You win some you lose some. Hope next box is so amazing I won’t even remember this one!

    • I would buy the ACV rinse! LOL.

      • I commited that item to a swap before receiving the box:/ Sorry!

  7. I, too, cancelled after receiving this box. The value just isn’t what it used to be. And I am so over vouchers in sub boxes — whether a travel scam voucher or a pay for inflated shipping voucher, I do NOT count vouchers toward value.

    • Agree. I am paying for you to ship me products not go through extra steps even without added shipping fees. If you want to throw this in as bonus above the 8 items OK. Not OK when it’s part of the minimum quantity.

  8. I was so upset when my box arrived last night. I called customer service at once and complained. I wanted to send it back for a refund. They refused saying if the box was opened you can’t send it back. This felt like a hair care box and a really bad one at that. A tube filled with products? Mine was mostly filler with the tiny products stuffed in the bottom. I have never been so disappointed in a subscription box. I cancelled immediately and it was only my second month. I’m still waiting to get the eyeshadow sent from the last box – it arrived broken. Oh how I wish there had been spoilers before this box shipped. Maybe the company didn’t release them on purpose?

    • and the ACV reeks–had a bottle missing out of a fff sub box and did not even bother cs as it stinks and did nothing for my hair.

      • Nooooo!!!! I will take all the unloved ACV rinses! It is the only product I wash with now… it made my daughter’s hair greasy but for me it works perfectly.

  9. I remember when Test Tube started years ago and it was an exciting box. Those days seem to be long gone.

  10. I am excited for the hair rinse but that is about it

  11. I’m not happy with this box at all this month.. I usually love this this box for all their skin care products, but this box isn’t cutting it for me. I do love the MD Solar products, but I wish the sizes were larger. The 30 day supply of hair thinning vitamins is just too iffy for someone as myself. I have a couple autoimmune diseases and I would be hesitant to take the supplements in fear it would worsen my conditions. The ACV hair rinse would be something I would use though, but as for the other items.. I already have 3 of the Grande from their limited edition box, so I don’t need anymore. I do have a few of the roloxine mask, which are nice and really do help to temporarily get rid of fine lines, but again.. the size is just too small. I love NewBeauty and their boxes, but this one is a pass for me…

    • I felt the same way about the vitamins. I contemplated showing them to my rheumatologist but I figured he would laugh at me.

  12. Just got mine yesterday and was missing those 3 items which were the mdsolar science products! I was so upset but thankful that I called and they didn’t give me much grief but they said they will ship it to me by next week! So I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with the stress . They at least are making it right but I agree this box does suck especially since last box was amazing 😳

  13. I received my box in mail yesterday and was super disappointed!! I find completely unacceptable that they are even able to claim that the enclosed card for a “free” 30 day supply of Nutrafol is an item!! I went to the website, entered the coupon code and while the bottle of vitamins was “free”…I was going to be charged $32 for shipping??? I find it completely dishonest and a terrible business practice!! I emailed them immediately and told them what I thought of their “free” bottle of Nutrafol and then cancelled my subscription. I’ve decided that I’m NO longer subscribing to boxes that have nonexistent customer service and/or shady business practices!!

    • $32 for shipping!!! Well then I wouldn’t consider it free.. your really paying for the product. Shipping does not cost $32. Shame on them!

      • They didn’t charge me for shipping. Maybe they fixed that? It said I was getting the $88 Nutrafol for absolutely free. Didn’t even have to put in my CC info. I’d call if it’s showing shipping charges.

      • It was free shipping for me. It was really easy to do too. No CC info required. I’d call if it’s not showing up free shipping.

    • Oh man, I knew there had to be a catch with that coupon. I haven’t received my box yet (it’s on the way), but I figured the catch would be a hidden subscription/auto-renewal of that bottle every 30 days, not a $32 shipping charge! :O

      • No catch, free shipping. Don’t even enter credit card.

    • Hi Kris,

      My name is Nicole and I work directly with TestTube. I am happy to walk you through the process for redeeming your free Nutrafol bottle by phone, if you’re available! There is no purchase necessary (no shipping fee) in order to redeem this special offer 🙂 Please send us a direct message on Facebook with the best way to contact you.

      Thank you,
      Nicole from TestTube

    • I didn’t have to pay shipping. I got the nutrafol completely free, no problem, no credit card required.

    • Wait, WHAT?! That bites! Where are you located? I actually redeemed my “coupon” last night and it was totally free. I’m inside the US so I’m not sure if you’re international.

  14. Just signed up for the ACV rinse and the mask. I like that it’s every other month as well.

  15. Not impressed with this box. Too much hair stuff, and the supplement says takes 3 months at least to help. I don’t need another $90 a month commitment! I need to take enough pills as it is for my nerve damage. I just canceled, wish I had sooner.

    • I just canceled too.

  16. @Liz Cadman If we order now will receive the March box? Thanks

  17. I will be glad to save the money by canceling this box. Pass.

  18. I got my box today, and honestly got the first time super disappointed.. The big ticket item, the other full size item isn’t even included.. you have to sign in and use the coupon to get it shipped to you.. I mean the hair rinse is nice, but literally the only full size item in the box and the rest are just samples.. I’ve always been pleased before and this month is just… I waited two months for this?

  19. This sub has really gone down hill there it’s a 10 was the last decent one. Sad because this was the one that initially got me interested in beauty subs. And every one I received has been missing an item. I am glad I canceled months ago but keep watching in hopes it will get good again. Sad beauty test tube and they don’t even send out the cute tube anymore.

  20. Will this be my first box?

    • To Answer my own question, it is.

  21. I’m getting this box just for the DP HUE ACV Hair Rinse since it’s $35. With the 20% it’s worth it. I hope it’s full sized like in the picture.

    • It is full size, it’s the only full size item in the actual box. For the full size supplements you get a coupon card and have to go to the website and enter your info and coupon code to have it shipped to you

      • Yes.. but someone commented that to get the “free” 30 day supplement, they charge you $32 for shipping! That’s crazy!

      • Someone responded from the company that shipping is free

      • Nope, you pay *nothing*for the Nutrafol 120 size. I didn’t even enter payment info, so no tricks or secret subscription charges involved 😀

  22. I find this box horribly disappointing. If they’re going to go on the low end of product (promos say 8-11 products deluxe or full size products), then they ought to lean towards the full size. And so much hair stuff in one box.

    And another Grande lip plumper, didn’t they just send one a box or two ago? I feel like they have agreements to just send us some overstock for certain brands. And I’m a Grande fan, but this just feels lazy.

    And as usual, their customer service is completely unavailable. I’m done with Test Tube and cancelling already. It’s been going down hill for quite awhile.

    I’ll be swapping at least half this box.

  23. Are the ACV and Grande Lips full sized?

    • I’m pretty sure. If you look on the site it shows you the products and the sizes on the site match up to the pic here on this page.

    • Yes, they are. Nail polish is full size as well as hair mask. I placed order for hair supplement in 30 seconds. It was easy.

    • Yes the are.. I keep forgetting about the lip plumper because it’s a bright red I cannot wear so won’t use.. I wish it would of been the clear one

    • Hi Kellie,
      My name is Nicole and I work directly with TestTube. Excited to confirm that the dpHUE ACV Hair Rinse and Grande Cosmetics HydraPlump Liquid Lipstick are BOTH full size 🙂 In addition, we have a full-size nail polish from LeChat along with an innovative full-size hair wrap from Kocostar. You can also redeem a full-size bottle of Nutrafol using the promo code inside your box, no purchase necessary 🙂 We hope you enjoy these full-size products along with the other great deluxe-size samples included!
      Nicole from TestTube

  24. Hope once I get it that it’ll change my mind. I like to give things a chance. But really excited about the hair rinse bc I got the apple cider vinegar hair rinse and it changed my scalps life and overall quality of my hair so this is what I’m looking forward to.

    • I’ve never tried the ACV hair rinse, but I’ve heard wonderful things about it. Since it’s a FULL SIZE, it will be wonderful to reap the benefits of it for a while before having to buy another bottle.

      Do you mind telling me how you use the ACV rinse, or are the instructions easy and on the bottle?

      For anyone concerned about the coupon and the shipping, etc., please don’t fret. I entered the web address EXACTLY AS STATED ON THE CARD. I am not repeating it here, because it’s not fair for the company to be giving away free bottles to non-subscribers. Then, one simply enters address information and information to confirm that would probably link it to New Beauty as a subscriber and that is all!

      It is easier than ordering or subscribing, because it doesn’t ask for any credit card information or amount ordered, etc. Shipping was FREE. The item was FREE. I am very thankful to New Beauty and Nutrafol for the opportunity to try this product.

      Please consider a different shape for shipping. Please! I’ve had multiple tiny samples slip out of this shape when it gets smashed in the slightest…it opens up and allows spaces for those tiny little tubes of samples to slip through the cracks. It is infuriating. The next time a sample is lost in one of those pyramid tubes, I will cancel. It keeps happening, and it sounds like I’m NOT the only person! Get rid of the pyramid! Please!

  25. Glad I cancelled this subscription 6 months ago! So not worth it!!

  26. Argh! I just renewed my subscription, and my box has already shipped, but now I wish I would have waited until May’s box. I know these products aren’t bad, but I’ll only be keeping three things from it (the moisturizer, nail polish, and hair leave-in spray) since the other products are either something I’ve tried and didn’t like, or just something I don’t use. Oh well. Hopefully May’s box will be awesome like January’s was.

    • Are you on the swap site? I would be interested in a few of the other items.

      • Oh no… sorry, I’m not.

      • Can you please share info on this?

  27. I wish they did an all-DP Hue box, I’d have been all over that.

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