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Stitch Fix Plus Size Clothing Box Review – February 2018

Stitch Fix Plus February 2018 Box closed

Stitch Fix is a monthly clothing and styling subscription service. When you initially sign up, you take an in-depth survey that asks you about your clothing size, personal style, and price preferences. Your stylist handpicks five items based on your preferences within the survey. The fee for this service is $20, and that includes free shipping as well as free returns. If you keep any of the items they send you, you get to deduct the $20 fee from the total. If you keep all five items, you also get a 25% discount!

Stitch Fix Plus February 2018 Box open

My items are reflective of my style and price preferences, so your Stitch Fix may be completely different!

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Stitch Fix Plus February 2018 review

About Stitch Fix

The Subscription Box: Stitch Fix

The Cost: $20 styling fee (pay for whatever items you keep minus the $20 credit)

The Products: 5 clothing and accessory items selected for you based on your Style Profile.

Ships to: U.S. only

Stitch Fix Plus Size Clothing Box February 2018 Review

This is the invoice that was included. It shows in detail the items selected for me and the brands, sizes, and cost of each piece. The total comes up to $236.50 after all the discounts if I opt to keep everything—which is a $105.50 total savings! That is like getting the Marlon mock neck knit top and Delano open cardigan FREE!

As always, this handy sheet with a sweet note from my stylist, Candace, was included. I always appreciate the styling tips on this sheet; they are so inspiring! Candace is incredibly thoughtful in her selections and consistently uses my Pinterest to help her in styling me monthly. She mentions that she included the plaid pants this month due to some of my newer pins. I appreciate that she references it to curate the immensely personalized boxes she sends my way month after month!

Also, I received this ad about the intimate pieces you can request in your Stitch Fix box as an “extra!’ I was unaware that Stitch Fix offered this feature with their service! The more you know, right?

Ciaran Studded Detail Dress by City Chic

Ciaran Studded Detail Dress by City Chic, Size 24 – Retail Value $118

This dress gave me equal Stevie Nicks and Little House on the Prairie vibes. No complaints there, though. I think I could have stood to go down to a size 22 because the chest was a tad baggy, but I actually liked the looseness of this dress. The material isn’t terribly stretchy, but the fit is rather relaxed. The floral print and color scheme of the deep burgundy with orange and blue accents on the flowers is the embodiment of 70s era prints. Like Candace said, the stud details are the modern accents that remind you this is not a vintage dress you found in your mom’s attic. All in all, I liked the dress, but the price tag was a bit too steep for me.

Delano Open Cardigan in Burnt Orange by Skies Are Blue

Delano Open Cardigan in Burnt Orange by Skies Are Blue, Size 3x – Retail Value $54

Living in the tundra, I have accumulated quite the collection of cardigans for every kind of weather. Most of my collection includes lighter fabric cardigans, but in the last few months I have been freezing my dupa off! This was even in early fall months that I was constantly cold. Due to this, I have added thicker cardigans and sweaters to my wardrobe. This cardigan would fit in well with my knit sweater family! I love the coral orange shade and the longer boyfriend style cut. Plus, guys, it has pockets! This cardigan fits me nice and loose in a 3x. The beauty of a cardigan like this is how incredibly versatile it is. This sweater pairs with the dress Candace selected for me perfectly, but this would look amazing with a striped mini dress and ankle booties or black skinny jeggings, a low cut black v neck top, and pointy high heels for an understatedly sexy ensemble. I have a similar cardigan already or I would have added this piece with open (yet cold) arms into my cardigan collection!

Zaina Tassel Clutch in Mustard by Moda Luxe

Zaina Tassel Clutch in Mustard by Moda Luxe – Retail Value $38

It was love at first sight for me when I saw this mustard, envelope clutch and its fringe detail. I love the great vintage yet modern style it has. The clutch has a good chain that comes out as well to wear it off of the shoulder. This bag is simultaneously elegant yet very bohemian in its style. Mustard is one of my favorite colors and works as a great accent shade. I love this color paired with the warm color palette of the dress and cardigan that Candace choose for me.  I can foresee styling this with a little black dress and leopard print flats or with a pussybow accent top, jeans, and flats for a sassy, yet casual look. The cost of this purse after the $20 styling fee credit will be $18, so this baby is definitely going in the keep pile!

Marlon Mock Neck Knit Top by Laila Jayde

Marlon Mock Neck Knit Top by Laila Jayde, Size 3x – Retail Value $44

Mock turtlenecks seem incredibly modest, but I find I feel sexier in them at instances more so than a low cut top. That may sound bonkers, but think of babes like Brigitte Bardot and Ann Margret in their turtleneck tops and form-fitting jeans and trousers— they were the epitome of foxy! I paired the mock neck top with the plaid trousers that Candace selected for me, but this top would look fantastic with a pencil skirt and flats or high waist jeans, booties, a long strand chain necklace, and large buckle belt. I loved this turtleneck, but it was a bit too large on me in terms of size and the length. I would need to size down for a better fit, especially since the fabric has ample stretch.

Phelicia Plaid Ponte Straight Leg Pants by Kut from The Kloth

Phelicia Plaid Ponte Straight Leg Pants by Kut from The Kloth, Size 24w – Retail Value $88

Maybe it is the influence of Riverdale and Twin Peaks on me these days, but I do appreciate a retro preppy look every now and then. When I was a teenager I would have found a pair of pants like these at a thrift store and paired them with wing tips and a tank top to skank the night away in at a Ska show. These pants are a departure from the fit I am accustomed to wearing. I wonder if a smaller size would have fit me more to my liking or if it is simply the cut that is throwing me off. I feel as though they weren’t tapered enough, but that could be my intense love of leggings and tight skinny jeans speaking. I paired the pants with the mock turtleneck and loafers for a quintessential Betty Cooper meets Audrey Horne look. I can see this pairing fantastically with a black pussy bow dress shirt and leopard print pointy toe loafers or heels to create a sassy mixed pattern look.

Verdict: My stylist, Candace, consistently aces it! I am always impressed with what she sends out to me in my Stitch Fix boxes because they are pieces I would eye up if I saw them myself in a shop or online. I contribute this to her constantly referring to my Pinterest. She always takes my feedback to heart as well and it results in the amazing selections she makes. I say it time and time again in my reviews, but it means so much to have an attentive stylist like Candace working with me. She is an asset to Stitch Fix and makes the service such a personalized and valuable one. The $20 styling fee is made a great value when you know you will get a box so tailored to your personal style!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Stitch Fix curates its boxes based on each individual’s preferences as well as what’s available. What you get might not be the same as what I got, but you also might get something that fits your style and body even better than the looks above! Sign up and see what they choose for you!

Coupon –Use this link to have your first styling fee ($20) waived!

Value Breakdown: This box cost $20 with free shipping and returns. The total retail value of the items inside is $342. The cost of each item is listed alongside it above, but if I choose to keep at least 5 items, I get a 25% discount. The $20.00 cost of the box would also be applied to the purchase, meaning I’d end up spending $236.50 for the whole box. Ultimately, that’s roughly a 31% discount!

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Written by Nicole Rieder

Nicole Rieder

Nicole Rieder is a self-proclaimed clothing fiend and is new to the subscription box world. She loves boxes like Gwynnie Bee because she can play around with styles she may not have before!

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Comments (31)

  1. My heart aches you did not keep that dress. It looks so awesome on you!!!

    • Awe, Tara Keehn,it hurt a bit to return it tbh!

  2. That City Chic is lovely, but you can probably score it on sale directly from them if you keep an eye out. I would not pay full price for anything from them. They have great stuff though and you look great in everything 🙂

    • Thanks, Krista! Yes, and we are at enf of the season too! I like how you think!

  3. I hardly ever comment on anything, but you MUST keep that dress (the colors are amazing and you look fabulous).

    • I love Nicole’s reviews but seldom comment and I wholeheartedly agree. That dress looks amazing on her. And that yellow clutch! Swoon.

      • Awwwwe thank you, Anna! That purse was a definitely keep. I couldn’t resist its charms!

    • Sorry I am so late on responding, Erika! I sadly returned that dress. It was gorgeous, though! My stylist always nails it!

  4. I like the dress – and with the cardigan I think its fantastic. Points to the stylist for putting those two together.
    A comment on the price of the dress (118) – not so high when reminded that it replaced a top & pants (44+88=132).
    And my bottom line in value – cost/number of times actually worn.
    I live in my dresses, wearing them about 4 days a week, sometimes more. I find them more forgiving in weight changes. Most pack well for travel. Some things to consider.

    • Very true, Marilyn! If You can get a lot of wear out of a piece then it makes it an incredible value. I also do like traveling in longer dresses or leggings and tops. I pretty much live in dresses, even in the winter time myself.

      Sorry about the late response! Thanks again for checking out my review! 💖

  5. Nicole, you look fabulous in every one of these pieces this month. I love how you embrace your curves— your confidence and shine are incredibly beautiful.

    • Flo, sorry about the late response! Thank you so much! I am glad to show that all bodies are beautiful! Gotta rock what you got! 💖💖💖

  6. The dress looks great on you! Size down, on everything.

    • Sorry, I am seeing these comments late. Thank you, Kristina! I agree. Definitely would need smaller sizes in everything.

  7. What a great box for you, Nicole! If I knew I could get a stylist as attuned to her customer as you’ve found in Candace, I’d re-up my sub to Stitch Fix. Great outfits – love the boho dress, knew that clutch was perfect for you just from the unpacking pic up top, and I love the Laura Petry mock turtle plus plaid pants look!

    Okay, Nicole, repeat after me – 3X bad, 2X good. Now try this – 24 bad, 22 good! You’ve lost weight so update your profile. Okay, rant over…

    Oh, and losing weight may account for your being colder than normal. When you stabilize, you’ll probably go back to your normal perception of cold.

    Great review – you look fantastic!

    • Maddie in PA,

      I am such a dingbat and kept thinking if I included in my feedback that I needed a size down, they would go by that. HAHAHAHA. OMG. I finally went back in and updated my profile. I am a space case lately, I swear.

      And omg, why did I not think of MTM on the Dick Van Dyke Show?! You are SPOT on.

      Yeah, I think I am used to the cold a bit more now, but the fall was rough! Fifty legit felt like 20 degrees for a while! hahaha

      And thank you as always for checking out my review and leaving the feedback! Always appreciate hearing from you, Maddie!!!

  8. Love everything. I think you need to size down, you are losing weight!.

    • Thanks, Caligirl! I have and I am a spazz and didn’t realize I had to update in my profile. You live and you learn, right? hahaha

  9. The red dress and cardigan suit you. In fact, they might suit me too. Hmm…

  10. I really like those pants. They are refreshing from all the solids we’ve been seeing.

    • Ks, right? They are super cute!

  11. Love the first Boho style dress on you! Anything that reminds me of Stevie Nicks’ style is a keeper. 🙂
    You could get one of the faux suede shawls that have the mandala cutouts and fringe ( they are everywhere- I’m sure Amazon has them for around $15 now) and really be rocking a Stevie vibe.

    Not sure I’d put a traditional cardi with it for max Boho impact, but knowing your great style, you likely have something great in your closet already. 🙂

    • Mandy,

      Yes, one of those shawls would complete the Stevie vibes! I don’t wear shawls, but hey! That may be a new trend for me. I have one that I use in the summer or at the pool that is leopard print— of course! hahaha

      The cardigan I would probably wear on a regular day at the office with that dress. I am all for comfy and loose items at work these days! This winter has been rough!

    • The weight of the shawl/ throw on piece is really heavy. I don’t live in really cold weather but I have 2 different colors and they are like jackets or cardis for me.
      Also, they are truly OSFA. I have a medical issue and my size varies like 3-4 sizes if I’m not doing well, and no matter what, I can count on the ruana style pieces to fit!

      Cardigans, not so much. Sometimes, they get tight in the upper arm area or won’t button in the chest area. I’m all about loose flowy things because of the weight fluctuations that I can’t predict or control as well as I’d like to. Might not apply to others, but it’s really been a freeing experience to wear really loose clothing on purpose.

      Love your reviews and your style.

  12. Nicole, I love your reviews! The dress is cute on you, it looks nice.

  13. Agreed – LOVE the dress!! But price is high!

    • Yes, agreed, Danielle! That dress is so cute but too rich for my blood!

  14. LOVE that dress! You look beautiful in it.

    • Thank you so much, Danielle! It is so cute!

  15. Another great review! I so love everything that was picked for you and you look beyond cute in each of them!

    • Awe thank you so much, Shelly!

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