Play! By Sephora February 2018 Box #144 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the February Play! By Sephora box #177 thanks to Beccah!

Box #144will include:

Box #177 will include:

In case you missed it, here are the previous spoilers:

Each box will have TWO lip products, but we’re only spilling one of them. Will it be Sephora Collection Rouge Matte in Rebel Chic or Sephora Collection Ultra Shine in Perfect Nude? We can’t wait to share the love.

What do you think of the spoilers? Which lippie do you want?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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  1. They were making this one all about Valentine’s Day, but it’s being projected that I won’t get my box until Monday, 2/19.

    Go figure.

    • Actually showed on 2/16, along with my other subs and a couple of things I ordered. I come in from work with this armful of boxes and my husband looked startled.

  2. Box #144 recipient here, reporting for duty. Thank you to and to Beccah in particular for leaking the products. Finally, a Laura Mercier Caviar eye-stick in color #WHOCARES ($29 full size). The full size costs abou 3 Sephora Play! boxes without tax, but I honestly couldn’t figure out what color would work best for me to place an order, so thanks for just throwing one at me. Finally. Attention lipstick queens: anyone can wear red, so shut up about red lipstick, ESPECIALLY since we’re all getting two this month. I have nudes and reds from Sephora Play! and it’s taken 4 months for me to learn thi nugget: it’s not about color per se but the formula. They gave us the most usable colors – red and nude – to showcase the new formulas. So I am totally into the highly pigmented Anastasia lip glosses even though I got one in nude and you can’t even see it on my lips. What that nude sample showed me was the level of pigmentation that formula offered, so I bought two of them last week. Please shut up about lip shades. The colors shipped worked well with all our skin tones despite your preference. There are about 100 shades of red, and 100 shades of nude I can think of. If you didn’t want makeup, go elsewhere.

  3. Does anyone know what’s in #289?

  4. Box 144. Hate it. Hate everything in it. 🙄 actually I get three different boxes from different companies and hate every one this month. Haha grrr.

    • Same Kayla. Same. Boxy, Sephora, Allure. All crap this month. 🙁

    • I’d be so happy to swap my #177 box for your #144 box!

      I linked my profile page to my name above 😊

    • Would you want to trade something for your Fresh lippie?

  5. I swore if I got another red lipstick I would cancel and here we are. So there I go. Never thought I’d see this day but lately I’ve given away more than I’ve used from these boxes. The girls at work will be bummed, but my wallet won’t. Maybe back to Ipsy?

    • thinking the same… Another black eyeliner (4th in 3 months!) Two crap lip scrubs this month. And more red lipstick. Yippee. And we KNOW the formula (insert eye roll) we’ve been sent 200 of them lol. How has Ipsy been recently? I cancelled over a year ago…

      • I canceled my Ipsy. They pay as much attention to your profile as Play! does.

        They were good for tools, but I could get the brushes they sent for less than the $10 subscription price.

  6. According to Reddit, here are the spoilers for #136

    -Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb
    -Peter Thomas Roth Firm-x Peeling Gel
    -Sephora Collection Rouge Matte Lipstick
    -Nars Velvet Matte Lip
    -Atelier Cologne Vanille Incensee
    -Laura Mericer Caviar Stick Eye Color

  7. Does anyone have box 219.

    • Yes I do! no spoilers yet 🙁

    • Just got an email from Sephora. Box 219 contains:

      – Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge ( SKU 2048361 )
      – Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx™ Peeling Gel ( SKU 2048395 )
      – First Aid Beauty Ginger Tumeric Mask ( SKU 2049146 )
      – Clinique Pretty Easy Liner ( SKU 2049211 )
      – Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Shade in Perfect Nude ( SKU 2049252 )
      – Atelier Cologne Clementine California ( SKU 2049260 )

  8. Ugh I just live chatted with a customer service rep and #201 is terrible for me personally.

    Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge
    Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx™ Peeling Gel ( SKU 2048395 )
    Lancome Drama Liqui Pencil ( SKU 2049112 )
    First Aid Beauty Ginger Tumeric Mask ( SKU 2049146 )
    Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Shade in Perfect Nude ( SKU 2049252 )
    Tory Burch Love Relentlessly ( SKU 2048429 )

    Hope this is at least helpful to you Liz. <3

    • Me.too. 201. I really wanted that Laura Mercier shadow stick. Cest la vie

    • What color is the MUFE lipstick?

  9. someone email Sephora about box 136 LOL

  10. I emailed Sephora and they share my box #169:

    – Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm (SKU 1849074)
    – Lancome Energie de Vie Concentrate Serum New (SKU 1849090)
    – Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in I-544 Pink Granite (iridescent) (SKU 1849108)
    – Sephora Collection Contour Eyeliner in 33 Love Affair – Plum (SKU 1849116)
    – Urban Decay Perversion Mascara (SKU 1849132)
    – CLEAN Warm Cotton (SKU 1849157)

    • I thought they said every box would have either the Sephora lipstick or gloss. This has neither?

    • This sounds amazing! But I thought all boxes would have two lip products? Maybe they meant to makeup products, or two makeup products from the same category (in this case, eye makeup)? Anyway, I do hope this is what I get! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

      • If this is our box I’m excited but I’m doubtful, there are supposed to be two lip products

    • This is the worst box and it’s my box. I get the same products over and over. I’m here to try new things so send me different things!!

      • Are you interested in swapping your #144 for my #177?

        (I linked my profile page to my name here.)

      • Would you trade your Fresh lippie?

    • A girl on a different spoiler thread figured out that this is basically the box from August 2016. I don’t think these are the correct spoilers but if they are, Sephora kind of screwed up.

  11. I’m kinda excited about this box, however I was with last months and was so disappointed with the small sizes of everything. I’m definitely not excited about the floral scented perfume. That’s the total opposite of my profile. I guess we shall see when it comes in the mail. May want to swap that sample.

    • Just to be clear, your profile includes zero information about scent preference. The scents are an extra bonus; it’s the 6th of 5 arguably-sized deluxe samples. Sephora is balanced in sending an array of scent samples. If you want only one kind of scent, make other plans.
      The point of the box is to give you a taste of the best-rated products the store offers, for $10 including shipping. The box isn’t personalized by definition.

  12. So excited for this box! I’ve been wanting to try the Belif and Farmacy products, and I’ve heard the Laura Mercier caviar stick is great! I wear my Fresh sugar balm religiously, but always the clear formula, so excited to try out a color.

    • Same! It took a Sephora birthday gift a few years back to get me to sample the Fresh lip balms. I believe the set was in clear and rose, and those were phenomenal, but what really worked for me was the coral version (back when they only had about 4 shades). You will be very happy, I’m sure! At least your lips 🙂

  13. I wish I was getting this box. I also emailed sephora this morning. Here is box 193
    -Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge
    -belif moisturizing eye bomb
    -Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb
    -Sephora Collection Rouge Matte
    -First Aid Beauty Ginger Tumeric Mask
    -Smashbox Smashbox Cover Shots Eye Shadow Duo -Magic Hour

    • I want the box 193 but happy with 144

    • Ugh same here.I’m getting box 193 and would much rather get either of the boxes above. I always rather get eyeliner than eyeshadow.

      • Eyeliner awaits! You can’t go 3 months without getting eyeliner. Promise.

        • Gah! Sorry! I mis-read your post and thought you wanted eyeliner. But that made no sense, since when did Play! subsribers hurt for eyeliner. On the lip front, though, I have about 7 lipliners in basically the same shade (sigh).

    • I’m getting 193 and while I’d love to try Fresh lip balm, I am happy with MUA artist rouge as I haven’t tried that either.

  14. I have box #144…I’m uber-excited for this one…I will be using each product… best collection in awhile…thank You Sephora!!

  15. Those are both amazing, and I’m not getting either of them. Sadness.

  16. Yay! This is soo much better than last months box, for me!

  17. Does anybody else have box 227? I haven’t seen anybody mention that box yet. So far, both boxes spoiled look great to me!

    • I have box 227

      • I’m getting box 227! What did you receive?!

  18. While I understand variations can be frustrating, I tend to think they add a bit of excitement to the subscription….am I right, ladies??

    • I agree😊😊😊

  19. This is a great box minus the red lipstick. Hoping for shiny nude and fresh sugar lip treatment for box number #201

  20. Box 151 here!

    • Me too! Olive skin, damaged hair, combo skin?

      • I have 151 and I am fair with normal skin and straight hair.

      • My profile:

        Skin: Fair, dry, with acne and aging concerns
        Hair: Brunette, wavy, curl enhancing
        Eyes: Brown

      • I’m 151 and my profile is normal skin, Light complexion with aging concerns, brown hair & eyes

    • I’m 151, too.

    • Looks like we might be the weird leftovers box. I’m Brown hair/eyes, medium skin, dry, aging.

      • 151 here too. Light skinned, green-eyed, aging and straight, color treated DRY hair. (Dry skinned, too.)
        Does anyone know what will be in box 151 yet? I would e-mail, but if someone else already has, I’d just as soon not bother.

        • Box 151

          Belief Moisturizing Eye Bomb
          Chloe Signature
          Sephora Collection Rouge Matte in Rebel Chic
          Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm
          Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color (color TBD)
          Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (color TBD)

          • 151 also. Fair, blonde, brown eyes, aging sensitive skin…. I really wanted the farmacy cleansing balm, eye bomb, and fresh – 2 out of 3 isn’t bad, and I’d rather have a lip pencil than a gloss…, I’m over red lipstick though

  21. Oh wow, what a great box!! I hope mine (#201) is as good!! The Laura Mercier caviar sticks are awesome! If the color is Amethyst, and I don’t get it, I’ll totally be looking to swap for it. It’s my fave and I’m almost out. 🙂

    Come oooooooon, spoilers for 201!! 😀

    • You can email them and ask what is in your box. That’s what I did this morning and it only took a half hour for them to get back to me!

  22. I have box 144, I’m not sure if I’m excited or not but I’ll have to see when I get the items. A little disappointed about the two Sephora brand lipsticks. There are so many lipsticks and brands at Sephora that I love and I was kind of excited about two lip products because of it just to find out they are both Sephora brand. Hopefully they’re at least good..

    • I’m often surprised at how much I like some Sephora brand products. Maybe they’ll be good! 🙂

    • Box 144 has a Sephora and a Sugar one. It is box 177 that has two Sephora products.

  23. I have box 169 My purchase is pending and now says OUT OF STOCK.

    • If it is under your recent orders and says pending, that’s normal. Mine always says that until it ships.

    • That’s normal. They always show as Out of Stock. You’ll still get your box. 🙂

    • 169 here as well. Redhead pale dry and anti-aging skin.

      • I have 169 too! (Fair normal skin, not anti-aging skin, Blond hair , )
        Oh want spoilers!! )))

      • Hey Cat, I have box 169 too, and from your profile, it looks like we could be twins! Red hair, very fair skin, mature, anti aging, LOL. Hope it’s a good box.

        • I’m 169 a brunette, aging skin do I don’t think it even matters

          • And med skin tone

  24. 144 is my box! Pretty happy with it, but I hate red lipstick so that will be gifted.

  25. For those getting this box, what is your profile setup like?

    • Beauty Traits

      My Skin

      Skin tone Light

      Skin type Combination

      Skin concerns Blackheads, Pores, Redness

      My Hair

      Hair color Brunette

      Hair type Normal, Wavy

      Hair concerns Frizz, Heat Protection, Shine, Thinning, Volumizing

      My Eyes

      Eye color Brown

      • My profile is almost identical but I’m getting box 169. Makes you think they don’t even take your profile into consideration…

        • Weird, it does seem really random.

    • Skin tone medium & dry skin. Red dry hair, green eyes

  26. Has anyone had their play box order just disappear from their “recent orders”? It was there but it’s been gone since yesterday..and I like this box, I hope I get it but probably not. I always get the box I want you the least out of the bunch 😑

  27. How do you find out what your box # is?

    • You can only find it from a browser on the Sephora web site on your phone or a PC/laptop …NOT in the app. Go to your order list to find the Play! order. Make sure you click into the order number hyperlink (on a desktop )or if on a mobile device it will be the “view order details” box…this will allow you to see the order details. You want the last three digits of the “item” number. It usually is next to the tiny picture of the Play bag and box and it is the last three digits of that 7 digit item number that you are looking for.

      • It isn’t the order number, it’s the last 3 digits of the item number. Just look under recent orders.

      • Wonderful! Thanks so much for the reply

    • I had the same question! I went on sephora’s Community chat and they say it is the last three digits of your order number.

      • Ah! Item number, not order number!

    • I think it’s the last 3 numbers of your order number?

  28. Loving these boxes so far! Hope I love mine too. I’ve got box #169. I like the spoilers for boxes to be released because the post office has stolen items out of cards/boxes to my children and myself a few times.

  29. That’s my box! Iove it! Best box in ages. Ive been dying to try the Green clean and love that lip balm.

  30. Box 169 …😞 my spoiler is always when I open my box when it’s delivered to me

    • I’ve always wondered what the “surprise” of discovering what’s in my box upon opening it would be like, but my spoilers are always released before my box arrives and I don’t have the discipline to not look. It could be a good thing sometimes to not have your box spoiled. 😊

    • Lol isn’t that the way it seems sometimes??

    • That’s what I have is 169. Ahh it may be great

  31. I’m so happy with this!! I’ve been wanting to try the eye cream and I’m so glad the second lip product isn’t a gloss! I’m also so excited about the Laura mercier eyeshadow!! I hope it’s in a wearable everyday shade

    • All those Laura Mercier shadow sticks are great everyday colors! I have three I’ve received as samples and I wear them constantly. The samples are generous, too.

  32. What?! I’m so excited for this box – usually I’m jealous of everyone else’s, but I love this 🙂

  33. Hope mine comes out soon! Suspense is killing me 😱

    • I’m #136

      • I really want this box but mine is 136 also.

        • I wanted this box
          So bad and I’m 136 as well…

          • Box #136 Spoilers
            📌 Belif Eye Bomb
            📌 PTR FirmX Peeling Gel
            📌 Sephora Rouge Matte
            📌 Nars Velvet Matte
            📌 Laura Mercier Caviar Stick
            📌 Atelier Vanille Intensee

        • Box #136 Spoilers
          📌 Belif Eye Bomb
          📌 PTR FirmX Peeling Gel
          📌 Sephora Rouge Matte
          📌 Nars Velvet Matte
          📌 Laura Mercier Caviar Stick
          📌 Atelier Vanille Intensee

    • Box #136 Spoilers
      📌 Belif Eye Bomb
      📌 PTR FirmX Peeling Gel
      📌 Sephora Rouge Matte
      📌 Nars Velvet Matte
      📌 Laura Mercier Caviar Stick
      📌 Atelier Vanille Intensee

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