BoxyCharm February 2018 FULL SPOILERS! Box #4

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We have a full box reveal for another one of the variations of the February 2018 Boxycharm! (Thanks, Alexis!)

Box variation 4:

Source: luciamarizan

Box variation 3:

Box variation 2:

Box variation 1:

Source: peachii312

And in case you missed it here are the general spoilers for all subscribers:

Every charmer will receive either:

And in case you missed it, all charmers will receive:

We also have a Boxycharm spoiler that will be in a future box.

Future Boxycharm spoiler:

Source: Boxycharm Beauties

Seraphine Botanicals Sugar + Lemon Moisturizing Lip Buffer

What do you think of the February Boxycharm spoilers?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I had posted a comment earlier about a trade of the naked highlighters for the ofra set but now I cant find our comments.

    • I’ll trade

    • I would trade as well.

    • Would anyone please be interested in trading me their highlighter palette for my OFRA palette? I am soo bummed! I am always appreciative for what I get, but I REALLY wanted the highlighter palette! I have 3 Z Palettes already 🙁 It seems like every time I get really excited about something, I get the complete opposite!

      • I’ll trade

        • Did you get a trade? I’m looking for the Naked Highlighter for my Ofra Palette with blush.

    • I am willing to trade my ofra pallette for the naked high lighter

  2. I have this awful gut feeling my box coming .9 does not have then makes I was hoping for, If not I’m up for a trade🤗🤗

    • Mine weighs .5 , I’m nervous because mine haven’t been that great for a few months.

      • Mine was the .5 one too it had the glitter, naked palette, cover fx and the eye pencil.

        • You both were right. That’s exactly what mine is. But I got silver glitter….does anyone know how we use the loose glitter?? Is that what glitter glue is for??

          • I wish I was getting this box! I’m getting the Ofra palette. On the site they sell a glitter adhesive. I was wondering especially for the people who got the purple glitter if u could use the cover fx eyeshadow bc it’s wet when applied, then pat the glitter ontop?

          • Yeah that’s what glitter glue is for. Put glitter glue on your lids then pat the glitter on top of it.

      • Mine was .6 but it has the same as Tonia…blue glitter, Naked palette and eye pencil.

  3. I am 7x4x2 and .8…. what do we think this variation is?

    • From what I’ve watched on YouTube it sounds like Variation 1.

    • I’ve watched a lot of YouTube reveals this month. Sounds like you’ll receive variation 1. Check out comments in the YouTube Boxy reveals for this month.

    • I got mine today and mine was .8 oz too. I got variation #1 ..

  4. After going through my makeup stash, the Ofra Z Pallet would be more useful to me as I have a lot of singles curtesy of Ipsy. The Naked pallet is very tempting, the colors are so pretty. I’ll be happy with whatever variation. My Boxy should arrive tomorrow or Tuesday. Weights at .6 and measures 6x6x6. I’ll update when I receive it.

    • Yess please update because mine is the same .6 6×6×6

      • Mine was 6x6x6 and .6. It was variation 1.

    • Funny, my box size and weight changed. It was initially listed as .7 lbs. and 7×4 or something. I just looked to see where it was and it is now 6x6x6 and .6. Hmmm…..

      • The reason why is because they do an estimate of what the box is when loading the program for printing the label. Then its updated with the correct dimensions after it arrives at the shippment facility. Dont rely on the original weight and dimentions rely on the final ones.

      • My box size and weight has changed three times in shipment

    • Sunny I received the Ofra and would gladly trade for the highlighter. I am on the waitlist for swap. I’ll gladly send via mail. Please email me. Deonnayoung @ Gmail. I will get it sent out this week if so

    • Palette..not pallet. Pallet means something entirely different.

    • That is my box size and weight and I got: Crown Pro Trio Brush Set , CoverFX Shimmer Veil Amethyst, Naked Cosmetics Highlighter Palette, Seraphine Botanicals Sugar + Lemon Moisturizing Lip Buffer And Vintage Cosmetics Eye Pencil 🙂

    • 6x6x6 can’t be accurate bc then you’d be receiving a giant cube in the mail….

  5. Another interesting thing, I received my charm shop order much quicker than i expected. Boxy actually refunded the issue with my order and credited it really quickly.

    It took a long time to get someone to deal with my issue I was almost just going to handle it myself with a chargeback, but when they did I was happy with how they handled. it.

  6. I get two boxes a month. Both were charged on the 2nd. This is the exact reason I got two boxes, for when there is lots of different variations. There haven’t been this many for a while.

    Be interesting see what i get, both shipped out the same day and both supposed to arrive on Wednesday. 🙂

    • Did you check the weight and dimensions of both boxes?

      • 1 is 7x5x2 and is 0.7lbs. The other is 6x5x2 is 0.8lbs.

    • Any variation but the bellapierre glitter! No more glitter please 😀Between boxy and ipsy, I have way too many!

      • That’s what I was thinking and of course, I got my box with the glitter today. I also canceled.

        • If you got the naked and want the ofra, I’ll swap! nicolemariefaith at g mail.

  7. I have variant 1 and would love to swap my ofra (and liner or lippie) for the naked palette

    • Alex, what color is the blush?

    • I’d trade you my naked palette for the ofra one

      • If you didn’t trade yet, I’d love to!! nicolemariefaith at g mail!

  8. Boxy should have just sent anyone under 35 the Naked palette and anyone 35 and up the Ofra palette. More people would have been happy that way.

    They should send MakeupGeek eyeshadows again soon so people can populate that huge empty Ofra palette.

    • Speak for yourself! I’m almost 53 and I am thrilled that I got the highlight palette! A useless empty palette I would never fill, and a sparkle blush would not do anyone any good. Why pawn the crap products off on the “older” crowd? That’s pretty rude.

      • Hey Girlfriend Jan !!

        I’m 50 . I totally agree with you,Jan. it doesn’t make sense. I wear shimmer products all the time.
        35 & over 😂😂LOL
        ⚡️ ⚡️ .

      • Agree! Mine is on its way and it weighs 0.7 lbs / 0.32 kgs and Dimensions 6x5x2 in. I am going crazyyyyyyyy trying to find someone with the same! I hope I get the lip plumper and pls no blue glitter

        • Mine weight the same 0.7 lbs/ 0.32 kgs and I got the highlighter palette and lemon lip scrub. I’ve been playing around with the highlighter palette. So far I really like it.

      • I’m 37 and sad I got the ofra! Send me sparkles!!

      • Thank you !!! I use highlighter and shimmering eyeshadows and I love both and get compliments all the time thank you very much. I’m 55

      • Ofra isn’t “crap”. I love the palette & it wasn’t empty as you can see from the spoilers.

    • Well I’m 40 and I totally hope I get the Naked palette, just sayin…😉😘💎👑

      • Me too

    • Agree enough if the glittery shiny stuff unless its for the lips and occasionally the eyes. And enough of the matte lips dry liney lips doesnt look sexy or goid in anyone.

    • Gotta say that’s a bit of ageism there. I’m over 50 and would’ve preferred the Naked palette rather than the Ofra. For me the point of sub boxes is to try new things I wouldn’t normally buy and the Naked palette would be that. I can always buy a z-palette if I need one (I don’t)…
      Also, kind of a bait and switch for Boxy to promise the Seraphine which I’d love to try, then give us something else.

      • Agree with your whole post.

      • OMG ageism? Really?

    • So you want companies to discriminate based on age? You do know there are legal ramifications for that right?

      • Calm down Kim. I think she was suggesting a way to make more people happy.

        • You calm down all she was saying is don’t speak for older people!

    • I have never received Ofra in a boxycharm. I have never uses the brand but I have some eyeshadow that could go in it. I’ll take what I can get. I cancelled from November – January and just got off the waitlist! I am 25 and would rather get the highlighter..

    • I’m 24 and glad i got the Ofra instead of the highlight!

  9. Another disappointing box for me as I naturally got the #1 variant with a magnetic palette I don’t need (have a Z palette which has three pans :-)); a horrible pan of blusher; a black eye pencil with a ridiculous value of $21 – anyone who would pay that much for this pencil is certifiably insane given there are far better black eye pencils for less, the same or a bit more – let’s see would I rather have the Marc Jacobs eye pencil or this brand? LOL

    I wouldn’t pay $30 for those brushes – nothing special about them except that they are pink so I can gift them to a young girl.

    • I hear you for the price of the liner they cld of put the liquid stila pencil in.

  10. I have variant 1 if anyone wants to swap a whole box.

  11. Anyone want to swap the ofra stuff for urban decay?

    • Naked Cosmetics*

    • I will. I got fora and would love urban decay.

      • Ofra

      • I’m sorry I worded it wrong. I have the ofra and would like the naked

    • I got the ofra and want the Naked highlighter! Find me on IG Jackiesinger89

      • I’m sorry I worded it wrong. I have the ofra and would like the naked

        • I would like to have the ofra Fairly certain I’m receiving the naked palette. Would like to make a deal. You can find me on fb Keri Daugherty

  12. I think you get variation box base on your montly payment date.1,2 or 3 whichever date you get charged that will be your variation box. I think….

    • I got variation #1 and got charged on the 2nd. I had assumed all current subscribers get charged at the same time, beginning of the month.

    • I think you are right! I get charged on the 2nd and I got box #2 and I think I always do, but I haven’t been paying enough attention. I will from now on!

      • I always get charged on the 2nd and I get either 1 or 2.

      • I also got billed on the second what was your box weight and dimensions? Mine is on its way and weighs 0.7 lbs / 0.32 kgs with the dimensions 6x5x2 in.

        • Mine weighed .6, so it was probably just a coincidence!

    • That can’t be it. I got charged on the 2nd, but got variation 4. I wish that was right though cause I really did want variation 2.

    • I am charged on the 2nd of mth and always get box #1, I kept all the boxy cards and just checked them, variation 1 for the entire last year!

    • I prepaid 6 months so I don’t get charged every month. My weight is 0.7. Really curious what I got.

      • Mine is a 7.0 too ,I am also curious! let us know when your comes lol

  13. Ok I’m cracking up! 😂

    In the first 14 comments, 3 different people received 3 different variations, all with the same size/weight: 6x6x6 .6
    Variations received: 1, 2, and 4!

    We “sub addicts” are hilarious! 🤣

    • Yup, we are! Liz has turned us into sub monsters lol. We even go by what the smell like too. Hehe just kidding. I wouldn’t doubt it though. That’s how much we love Sub boxes.

    • my shipping order originally said 6x6x6 but has now changed to 8x5x2. maybe thers had the same error?

      • Lucky u for getting the ofra

      • Dont go by dimensions, go by weight. My dimensions said 16 by something and I ended up getting a standard 6x6x6 box. Mine weighed 0.9 and I got the ofra. Was hoping for the highlight

  14. I really don’t want the cover fx highlighter. Is anyone interested in a trade?

  15. I really am not loving this box. I’m 42 years old and all that glitter looks ridiculous on me. And I got the empty Ofra pallet. But to be honest the highlighter pallet wasn’t for me either. I love Boxy but this month was a big miss for me.

    • I’m same age! I’m 42 this year! (^^) I don’t like to use all of my eyes use glitter. But i still like glitter to use a little. that’s why i’m so glad that i got Z palette! OFRA eyeshadow’s color is much cover FX one. It is really useful! I like this month!

      • dang! my english is horrible! ↑ I should check before send it! (><)

    • Received my box today. 6x6x6 .8 is variation 1. Not really into all the glitter. My daughter happily took the Crown brushes and eyeliner. 🙂

      • My box is 6X6X6 .8. Hopefully my variation will be #1 too. I’m happy that the only glittery thing in this box is the CoverFX!

      • Son of a… Mine is 6x6x6 .8

        If I get V1 I’m unsubbing, I’m sick of getting the wrong variation every month, it’s a waste of money getting products I won’t use. I’d rather be paying full price for stuff I will use.

        • You can’t really call it the “wrong” variation. You are not guaranteed specific products, that’s the whole fun of sub boxes. You win some, you lose some, but don’t be mad at boxycharm when you’re the one paying for a mystery box.

  16. Sigh. I LOVE colorful make-up, I LOVE glitter. I was super excited about this box, given the rarity of “colors” in most boxes… and given my luck, what would happen but I get stuck with variant 1. The least colorful variant. I switched from other subs because I didn’t want to be disappointed by getting less then stellar variants. I wanted to KNOW what I was getting. But now, Boxycharm is starting to go that way too… 🙁

    • I think I’m going to cancel. A lot of it is sub par makeup and then one really awesome piece. I want to get my money’s worth not feel like I throw away a bunch of makeup I won’t ever use (or an empty palette I won’t ever fill)

      • I just unsubscribed after seeing next month’s spoiler. Do not need another random eyeshadow palette in my collection

  17. I got my box today. I got variation 1. Per my shipping confirmation it was 6×6 and weighed .6. I am okay with although my daughter really wanted the highlighter. So if anyone that really didn’t want the highlighter and got it would like to trade I would be happy to. Message me on facebook – Kim Hunsicker Abersold.

    • So u got the Ofra? Then theres hope for me my box was 6x6x6 and .6 thought it was the highlighter since i saw the dimensions of the ofra palette being 7.5 x by something

      • Don’t go by dimensions. My box said 16 by something and i ended up getting the ofra. My box was .09. Was really wanting the highlighter. If you want the ofra and get the highlight, I will gladly trade with you!

      • Mine is on its way and it weighs 0.7 lbs / 0.32 kgs and Dimensions 6x5x2 in. I am going crazyyyyyyyy trying to find someone with the same! I hope I get the lip plumper and pls no blue glitter

    • If you’re still looking to trade I’m interested!

      • Well there goes my theory of anythimg over 6×6 and .6 was the highlighter. I thougjt since the dimensions of the Ofra palette was 7.5something the boxy box wld jv to be bigger. Good though so theres hope i might still get the Ofra. My tracking box says 6x6x6 .6

  18. I absolutely don’t want that naked palette, I want the empty Ofra palette and will be disappointed if I don’t get it considering most people seem to want the highlighter palette instead. It will get filled with the random samples from boxes :D.

    • Oh I really want that pallet! If I get the Ofra I’ll trade s

  19. The only thing I really want is the lip scrub. Hope I get it. 😬My box is 6x6x6. .8

    • Mine is on its way and it weighs 0.7 lbs / 0.32 kgs and Dimensions 6x5x2 in. I am going crazyyyyyyyy trying to find someone with the same! I hope I get the lip plumper and pls no blue glitter

  20. Thrilled I received box 2.

    My shipment was 6x6x6 and weighed .6

    • Ooo that’s what my box’s measurements say they are and that is exactly the variation I want! Fingers crossed! Thanks for sharing!

      • I got box 2. Same dimensions and weight– love this box!

  21. Wow – only one variation gets the Seraphine Sugar Lemon lip scrub – I really want it! I’ll get my box in a few days.

    • hope you get what you want :O) Mine is on its way as well!

  22. I swear somebody’s having fun with these box dimensions – no way is there a huge 16″ box and a miniscule 2 1/2″ box😂

  23. I got variant #4
    Shipping info: 6x6x6 and .6 lbs

    • This will probably be my variation (#4) as well. I was hoping not to get the glitter, but I’ll look forward to the highlight pallet.

    • The box dimensions this month are confusing! Someone above just said these were their dimensions but they got variation 2.

  24. I was disappointed to get the Ofra variation. I went on Makeup Geek’s site where they sell “damaged” eyeshadow singles for only $3 and got several for about $15. Have heard they’re perfectly useable so we’ll see. At least I won’t have to look at an empty palette (like the other one Boxycharm sent us and I never used.)

    • I thought about that but my financial situation.. sigh. All of my makeup budget is spent on sub boxes. So I’ll just be stuck with an empty palette 😐

      • I hear you. It annoys me to spend more money just cuz I got this variation, and I certainly don’t need more eyeshadows, but I knew I’d never use it if I just have that one blush in it!

      • YEAH SAME! People are like “well then buy singles” but I plan my budget for these sub boxes.. I would love to have extra money to throw around on makeup buuuuuuuuut I don’t

    • I guess I’ll do that too because I also received the palette.

      I don’t quite understand how they figure that an empty palette with one blush is worth the same or more than a full palette. They should’ve had a variation of two full palettes, like one eyeshadow and one highlighter, or send more pans with the Ofra palette. Like with the lip scrubs, you either get the Pür scrub or that other brand’s scrub- that is a comparable variation.

      • Mine is on its way and it weighs 0.7 lbs / 0.32 kgs and Dimensions 6x5x2 in. I am going crazyyyyyyyy trying to find someone with the same! I hope I get the lip plumper and pls no blue glitter

    • They are perfectly useable

      • they will send more throughout the year to fill that pallet I would guess

    • Julie, great idea! If I receive the Ofra palette, I will head over to makeup geek and check out the sale too!!💕💕

    • Colourpop has eyeshadow singles for 3 to 5 dollars and they are very pigmented

    • Morphe has magnetic eyeshadow singles for only $2.50. They’re very pigmented and they have a huge selection of some pretty awesome colors! 🙄

  25. I wouldn’t mind this box at all. So it looks like the blush is only in one variation-

    I don’t think you can go by the weight and dimensions of the boxes to figure out what you’re getting.

  26. My box will be here today but probably not before I go to work. 😔 So I get to wait til 8 tonite before I know what’s in it. I bet I got the Ofra palette. My box is .8

    • My box was .8 and I got the Ofra palette (to my disappointment).

      • Mine is too. I REALLY dont want the Ofra variant 🙁

      • I will trade!

  27. I’ve been with Boxycharm 6 months now and all but one month (December) I’ve received the same variation as Liz. I’ll be curious to see which variation she gets this month. My box measurements are 6x6x6 and weights 0.6. Really don’t want the glitter, but will be happy with the highlight pallet if I get it!

  28. The future spoiler is a current box variant item 😂😂😂

  29. Mine 6x4x2 .
    Daughter 2x1x1 .7

    • Has to be an error somehow – there’s no way your daughter’s box is that puny 😂

      • I think most of the dimensions are incorrrect. People are saying theirs are 16x8x2 which would be like getting a big thin shoe box size package lol. Someone else said theirs said 6x6x6 which would be a big cube! My theory is each outpost that weighs it just writes dimensions that fall within that weight or that they typically see at that weight. It’s probably a computer generated ratio.

  30. so glad to be getting new COLORFUL eyeshadows and highlighters..

  31. My box is 8x5x2 which I am assuming is the Ofra palette based on what I’ve read here. If anyone wants to trade the highlighter palette let me know!

    • I meant to say the weight is 0.8, that’s why I think it’s the Ofra palette

      • I will definitely trade you for the ofra palette if I get the naked highlight palette!

        • Awesome! 😊

        • I’ll trade ofra for naked pallet if I get it!

        • Sky, I’m getting my box tomorrow and would love to trade you the ofra for the highlighter palette. For some reason I’m signed up for swaps but can’t post anything! I’ve been working with Liz to get it all worked out. Can you email me at aileen343 at hotmail dot com?

  32. With boxyCharm theirs good months and bad. January was good February bad. Let’s hope for best for March.😂

  33. I got a weight of .4 & my dimensions are 10x7x2. I really really really want the highlighter pallet & the glitter & the amethyst colored stuff!! So bad!

    • Your box is light!! Hopefully you’ll get the version you want! 👏🏽😇

      • Thank you!

    • I received this box with the glitter. I was really hoping for a box with either of the lip scrubs. If you get a lip scrub and want to trade for the glitter that would be great. Just let me know. 🙂

    • You will def get that Fx Amethyst!

    • everyone gets the Cover Fx Amethyst ! :O)

  34. ACK! I want a lip treatment – DEFINITELY don’t want this version!

  35. Uh yuck. What is going on here. I dislike totally random unrelated variations and price differences…and the people who don’t even pay for it getting the best box.

    • Agreed. 😒😒

    • That’s my biggest problem! I’ve noticed that the people they send PR to always get the more expensive/most popular box. That’s how they get people to sign up. Notice how, when there’s a significant difference in quality or price, the only spoilers we see people getting is the better box. The other variant isn’t leaked until boxes have already started shipping- basically when it’s too late to cancel.

  36. The Bellapierre is Cosmic Glitter

    • Thanks! I’ll update the post!

  37. Another variant? omg this is too much. LOL. The anticipation is killing me. My box weights .6, so if anyone know what they got and how much their box weighs please let me know. At this point I am just trying to solve a mystery.

    • Mine is 8 and large

    • Thats my weight. Let us know what i got.

    • Mine weighed .6 and was variation 1.

      • Oh no! This is the first time I’ve heard the .6 being variation 1. I don’t want that one. Fingers crossed.

      • I got variant 2

        • WHAT were the dimensions of ur box?

          • 16x9x1 in. and .6lbs
            According to this article it’s variant three, but according to the card I got two.

          • I got V-3 but it had the lip scrub instead of the plumper

    • Mine was .6 and I got box #2. I was all billed on the second. I think it’s related.

  38. Does anyone want to trade their highlighter for the Ofra palette?? The box that weighs .8 is the one with Ofra pop up palette, the rest are a variation. I’m getting the .8 box, which is the only 1 of 4 variations that I didn’t want 🙁

    • I’m going to be looking to trade for the Ofra palette. My box is 0.6 so I’m pretty sure I have the highlighter coming. I will be putting it up for swap. Are you on the MSA swap?

      • I am looking to trade for the highlighter palette.

    • Great the 1 don’t want… Maybe I’ll drop this sub

    • I don’t need anymore highlighters it seems I will be getting another one. Anyone want to trade their ofra palette?

      • I will! My box is 0.8 so if I do get the Ofra one I will trade you!

      • How do you know what you are getting? I’m new to this annual box and don’t know where to find the spoilers

        • People are guessing their box based on weight. I am also willing to trade for highlighter if I get Ofra. Not on swaps but Kearstin1at

        • I’ve been reading it here in the comments but I’ve also been watching Youtube unboxing and reading their box weights. It does seem every single box weighing 0.8 has been the Ofra.

    • I got the Ofra palette and my box was only .5…….. every other variation is the highlight so if you got .8 you probably got the highlight

  39. Did anyone get a box with the dimensions 6x4x2?

    • Mine is 8x5x2 which I’m assuming is the Ofra palette. If anyone wants to trade the highlighter palette for Ofra, I’m on the swap site!

      • How do I get on swaps? I think I tried once a while back?

        • Were you put on the waiting list? I was and then they contacted me and notified me that I was off the waiting list. I would try signing in to this site and clicking on the Swaps and see if you are able to list an item or not. I really haven’t used it yet but I plan on doing it this time because I do not want the Ofra palette.

    • mine says 6x5x2

      • Mine was the 7.13oz and it was the variation with the scrub. Glad I got it. The scrub is def lemony but def don’t get in your mouth. If anyone wants to sell your lip plumper please let me know

  40. This is the greatest box ever-if I happened to be a teenager!! I totally get it, they have wonderful products at a really inexpensive price, but come on, be honest,even your mirror might think you are too old to be wearing this box!!

    • Definitely not a teenager and LOVE ALL THE GLITTER.

      • I’m way not a teenager and I love the glitter. BATHE me in glitter. Send it all here!

    • Yep, it’s like a spotlight on the wrinkles 🙁

      • Mine was a .7 and same as yours.. blue glitter. I Love the brushes… and I can actually work the shimmer veil when I do purple eye… No disrespect to the wrinkles, ladies. But not everyone old gets wrinkled up.. God bless mama’s gene pool. I see lots of Naked highlighter on ebay.. lol I just counted and with my Allure box I have eight highlighters, two I purchased.And I had the nerve to buy a fan brush I am so Miss Old Babe Rocks Highlighter. Having said that, I can make someone else happy with the Palette. I won’t be dropping Boxycharm anytime soon after my waitlist wait… I’m am in until December… lol YASSSS

  41. My box is .8 16x8x1 does anyone know what variation that might be?

    • That’s exactly mine too!

    • I’m 16x9x1. I wonder if it’s because my palette last month was broken and they had planned to ship it in the box. Hmmm…a whole week to wonder :/

    • I have that too and thought it was a mistake. Now I can’t wait to see!!

    • Mine is the same and I’ve been reading that the .8 is the Ofra palette. The ONLY variation I didn’t want 😪😪😪

  42. There is just too many variations now on this box. I am glad if everyone else enjoys it, but I want to know what to expect each month and I like it more when we all get the same minus if we get to preselect ourselves such as with Fab Fit Fun and now Pop Sugar.

  43. Sometimes I don’t understand the dollar amount “value” of each box. The Vintage Cosmetics Eyeliner is just a black pencil…how is it $21?? It’s not gel, waterproof or liquid so I sometimes wonder if these prices are inflated.

    • It’s retail pricing, so definitely inflated. It’s what they sell for not what they cost to make. We’d all be sadly disappointed if they said the value at cost because $21 total is more than that. Haha

    • Vintage Cosmetics can be pricey. 21$ falls in line with full size high end eyeliners though. Tarte, Urban Decay, Smashbox are all around 20-22$.

    • Totally agree. Like those brushes- how are they worth $30? They look & feel like the Wet n Wild brushes. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Wet n Wild brushes, and I love getting brushes in general, but these brushes are not worth $30. That crown blush brush we got in the last box, the lettering on mine just wiped right off the first time I used it. I know crown makes great brushes, but these are not the ones you’d pay full price for.

  44. Bellapierre is glitter yep some girl posted it on Facebook. Purple glitter! Good lord why would I need glitter!

    • I feel like I will have gotten gypped if I get a loose glitter compared to the lip stuff. I’m grateful for my value but I don’t even see how they compare.

      • I agree! I am hoping to get the lip plumper and Mine is on its way and it weighs 0.7 lbs / 0.32 kgs and Dimensions 6x5x2 in. I am going crazyyyyyyyy trying to find someone with the same! I hope I get the lip plumper and pls no blue glitter

  45. It’s a purple loose glitter, I saw a girl got it on Facebook.

    • Oh Lord, no. Just no. Well if I get the glitter it’s free to a good home if anyone wants it. Either way, I’ll know tomorrow when my box gets here.

      • If you get the glitter I’ll take it! I want the highlighter pallet too if anyone doesn’t want theirs. Will trade!

        • If I get the glitter it’s yours!

  46. I bet the bellapierre is the cheek and lip stain. As per their site it comes in a smallish jar. Just guessing, of course.

  47. Hmm… I wonder what the BelláPierre is.

  48. Ofra items all on clearance at Nordstrom Rack. Super cheap!! Poor quality all around

    The value placed on boxycharm over inflated. I’m canceling

    • And bella Piere is awful quality too. I’m sick of seeing both of these brands in monthly boxes to be honest.

    • Me too, I’m outta here. If I won’t use any of the products there is no “value” for me.

    • The values are from the manufacturers of the products, not Boxycharm. If you go to the product website, you see the price 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Ofra is actually a really nice brand. It is a pro-makeup brand that makeup artists have been using for a long time. I am not sure why you claimed it is a poor quality brand.. That is not true.

  49. What is the BellaPierre item in variation 4?

    • It’s a glitter! Mine is purple

  50. What is that Bellapierre in the box 4??

    • Does bellapierre make a lip scrub? That’s what is missing from the box compared to the other variants.

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