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Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2018 Box – Available Now

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The Winter 2018 Walmart Beauty Box is now available!

If you are already a subscriber, you should be receiving your Fall box soon(ish). If you haven’t signed up yet, your subscription will start with the Winter box. (Walmart Beauty Box is a $5 quarterly subscription box.)

(Products shown are examples, and may not be in the Fall box.)

FYI – Walmart sent out the Fall boxes late, so we’re not sure when these Winter boxes will ship.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I was billed for a trendsetter and a classic on February 9th. !! No sign of either box and still no tracking showing up on my account. Emailed customer service about 3 weeks ago and was told that tracking would post when the boxes were shipped. Still waiting…. any suggestions?

    • Clarisa, I can only recommend another email. I use the same email they reply to, and write again. I state “see below..writing again..and ask for refund..” have also mentioned the horrible reviews ive seen and how long ive been a customer. I just state facts, not rude, just want answers..I have had my box magically ship just before they respond. I have not received a refund, but I do get the box. Good luck! Maybe someone has better advice?

    • I JUST received my “Winter Box” YESTERDAY , so you are not alone! I don’t know what’s going on with them —- and then it looks like some people received the SPRING box yesterday, which would put me/us a WHOLE QUARTER behind! 🙁

  2. I never got an email or anything I paid a year for my daughter and nothing for her either I’m not happy right now

    • I signed up 2 years ago and it seems to take longer and longer to get the boxes. my daughter and I each get 2 beauty boxes and 1 trendsetter. the fall ones came in December and we have not received the winter ones as of yet.

  3. WORST walmart box ever! It has only 5 items! Tresemme dry shampoo. Donkey milk mask. Gold bond cream. P2 nail polish and flossers. No coupons. Nothing else. I wonder if they want people to start hating these boxes so they’ll quit making them. No profit. Very disappointing!

    • yeah–and when I try to cancel, I get an error every time. Not even worth $5.

  4. I just got the Winter Trendsetter box. Everything is a repeat. Every. Single. Thing. 👿

    • It is the Classic box, not the Trendsetter. Sorry about that.

    • Are you sure it’s Winter? some people are still getting their fall boxes. The box should look different. No orange trim.
      If it is the Winter box and it’s all crappy repeats I’ll cancel again for good.
      Mine is arriving tomorrow so I’ll be sure to check and verify everything here.

      • I just received my fall box yesterday 1/30. I don’t have info up yet for my winter box nor have I been billed for it yet.

      • Yes, it’s winter 2018. The box is white with a brown, white and black lid. The theme is celebrate your beauty. All repeats. I sent Liz the photos, so stay tuned for that.

        • Lol, it is the box in the photo above, but with different products.

        • Well that totally sucks then! I’ll compare when I get mine so everyone knows. Boo Walmart

  5. So everyone, I have been charged and my box has shipped. Says winter 2018 box. It should be here tomorrow or Thursday.

    Liz – it seems I may be one of the first getting this box so happy to send pics and info in case I am. Where do I send that? Thanks

    • That would be great! Please email pictures to [email protected]

      Thanks so much! 🙂

      • Will do as soon as it arrives.

  6. Never received my fall box either. Was was charged way back in the fall for it.
    Seriously considering canceling and putting this five dollars towards a box I can count on. Not the 1st time my box went MIA from this company.

  7. I have been subscribing with Wal-Mart about 2years on and off. I don’t understand what is going on with there time line and delivery method. They are always a season BEHIND and yes a bit redundant. I don’t mind toothpaste and deodorant because lets me honest you will end up using it. but I would like them to try and surprise us with a couple NEW items that’s worth buying more of. Wal-Mart offers so much in there stores if they preview it in there boxes then why even get into the subscription game? **I guess my question to you guys is has anyone asked Wal-Mart what is with there delayed shipments and what are they doing if it’s a concern of there to fixing this problem?** 5$ or free I am still paying a company to provide with a product. I hope Wal-Mart doesn’t want the reputation for being in the sub world to be ‘your get it when you get it’. As a purchaser and subscription lover I truly look forward to these boxes and being stressed about if when they are shipping and if they forgot about me isn’t right. They have a lot of flaws and kinks they really should work out.

  8. Has anyone been charged for this box I bought mine one quarter at a time but paid for the whole year for my daughter since it was only 20$. We had no problems with shipping or anything we did order the late in early December I was just wondering if anyone was charged for this yet.

  9. So glad I canceled this… Hopefully Brandshare will get this all figured out and I can resume my subscription. I kinda miss it but if I resume, this will be the 4th travel size can of hairspray, same exact thing, in a years time. I don’t need more repeats… Such a shame. This used to be a great box!

  10. How do you cancel this box? I couldn’t figure it out!

  11. I didn’t receive my winter box yet, and logged into my account and it says pending shipment. They’re a wee bit delayed this season hehe. I’m not too worried though, I think the samples and surprise in the mail are fun for only $5.

    • Oop- meant fall Box. Waiting on the fall box.

    • I just got an email today, saying that it was shipped – 01/26/18.

  12. Thank you Liz. I hope Walmart pulls it together. I would imagine there are subs you all dread posting due to reviews and banter… We appreciate all of your time.
    Yesterday before the post from Liz, I wrote on Fall box review page… about a week ago, me and my mother received review the products emails from Walmart, not Brandshare.. and only review items.. did anyone else get these emails?
    We emailed that we can not review products we did not receive..
    I got a response in about 30 minutes apologizing and offering to send some substitute items. I asked if they were doing a winter box and they said yes they will be shipping them soon.
    What I did not say was we cancelled a couple months ago! I was just being nosey and curious LOL. Looked everywhere online for the Box and saw it advertised nowhere
    I will not be Subscribing Again. But decided interested to see how it goes for everyone. Sending good luck

  13. Walmart is awful lately. I was billed in early November and did not receive until January. it was a pitiful box of all duplicated I had received before, and most of the items were expired and came with expired coupons, and there were only like 4 items total.

    Also, it has been 80+ degrees outside lately in SoCal. I feel like winter is over, and they are just now getting around to sending the winter box? (I know it is a lot colder for most people and we are having an annoying heat wave, but still.)

    • Only 22 degrees with snow on the ground in my neck of the woods! But I get your point-a little late in the season to prep for winter. lol

    • Probably going by the dates winter didn’t officially start until December 21st I’m sure they were waiting until after Christmas and returns from Christmas to bill and ship the winter box which winter doesn’t end until march 21st so I’m sure their thought is as long as we get it by march 21st it’s still winter

  14. I cancelled after that awful Fall box. Just the same old stuff as always.

    • I don’t think they send the best of the best stuff, and definitely repeat a lot of times. But I will say, as someone that takes about 6-10 trips year, I can’t tell you the last time I had to purchase travel deodorant, shampoo, conditioner or toothpaste. So that’s basically what I’m using these boxes for… my boxycharm takes care of the stuff I really want and use on a more daily basis.

  15. I was happy with my fall boxes, but they did take about a month from the charge date to arrive. Kept wondering if they were even going to do a Winter box since mine arrive in late Dec.

    Since we’re only charged quarterly, It may be good for them to sit out a season, to get things back on track. I still like this sub, but honestly, it was a bit of headache to remember that I was waiting on boxes I’d been charged for weeks before.

    Hoping things go a lot more smoothly this go-around

  16. I got my fall box 3 days before Christmas. I’m hoping that this picture IS what the box will be, because it will make up for that pitiful excuse of a fall box..and that I get it before I actually NEED to paint my toes again.

  17. I was one of this box’s biggest cheerleaders, and even I cancelled after this fall box hiccup. I received it eventually, but it was a lot of repeated items and I was completely confused about what took so long. I’d rather just have my five bucks.

  18. I cancelled. I had two boxes for Fall, and only received one of them and it was pathetic.

    • I’m with you. To be honest I didn’t not even know if I got both boxes ands they took FOREVER to arrive. And it’s always the same stuff: Pantene shampoo, Dove body wash, Dove shampoo, Pantene hairspray, Dove dry shampoo…..🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

  19. The last box I received was beyond terrible!! Overall I was happy with prior ones so I’ll try one more since it’s only $5, but if the next one is bad too it’ll get cut!

  20. I ordered the men’s on the 5th of Jan and it is at my post office for delivery today. I hope this is a sign that the Winter will be shipped as quickly. I haven’t gotten any email from the women’s box except for a review to do and no billing yet. I can only hope to get the winter, especially if they bill me!

  21. I’ll believe this winter box when I hold it in my hands (probably for my late-March birthday).

    • Lol I completely agree dea u just made me laugh 🤣

  22. I haven’t received my Fall box either…although I was charged for it! It isn’t as if this is a small company struggling to find its footing…this is one of the largest companies in the USA! Although Walmart hardly has a stellar customer service record, you’d think at the very least subscribers would receive an email explaining the situation for the delay and a date by when we can expect to receive a box. I’m calling to get my money returned for the box that was never sent and to cancel ASAP in the morning. Although this sub had been marginal at best..I continued subscribing due to the low price point…no longer!

  23. I finally got fall boxes about 3 weeks ago after emailing them.

  24. I canceled this sub box a while back. Not going back.

    • Same here

    • I didn’t update my card when it expired and I have no desire too. It was not worth the $40 a year i was spending on it. All I got were foil samples.

  25. I just realized I never got my Fall boxes, even though it shows orders dated 11/1 on my account and I was charged. Did this happen to anyone else? Or did those of you who didn’t receive the Fall boxes not even get charged for them?

    • I got charged for my Classic box early/mid November but didn’t receive it until late December. Was never charged for or received my Trendsetter.

    • Same thing happened to me.

  26. Yes I won’t sign back to these boxes for a longgggg time. I just don’t understand why they would be start trying to sell a winder box when it’s clear the few that didn’t finally cancel haven’t received their fall boxes.

    • ❄⛄Winter sorry

  27. Was the box with the hair gel and expired foundation samples in it the fall box? I received that last month and it was awful. I didn’t realize another box would be on the way so soon. I’ve been subscribed since the beginning, but if this box is terrible, I’m unsubscribing.

    • Yea I think the fall box was the one with the hair gel and like 2 other items. Worst one to date!

  28. I never received either of my fall boxes. Finally gave up and cancelled end of December.

    • I haven’t received mine either, still waiting glad I didn’t hold my breath

      • I have the Beauty Box for myself. And I ordered 2 of the men’s boxes. I never got my Beauty Box but I got 6 of the Mens Grooming Boxes. No, I wasn’t charged for all of them – just the 2 I ordered. I contacted Customer service via email. They were so nice. Turns out my Beauty Box had been shipped to the wrong address. They’re sending me another. I tracked it today and I should get it tomorrow. As far as the 4 extra men’s boxes they told me to keep them.

    • I got my Classic box a few weeks ago finally but was never charged for or shipped my Trendsetter under my other account. Wonder if I’ll get winter boxes…

  29. Hi, just wanted to let you know the title of your posting States winter 2018 instead of 2017.

    • Who even knows what it is anymore? 😂😒

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