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Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 3.2

Oui Please is a subscription box that brings you the best of France every other month. In every box you can expect a mix of beauty, jewelry, fashion, home, and food items.

Important to know – not all boxes are the same. This is a subscription that sends variations out.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Box: Oui Please

The Cost: $150 per box (ships every other month)

The Products: An assortment of full sized French products in beauty, fashion, jewelry, home and food categories.

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your Subscription List or Wish List!

Ships to: US

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The box comes with a mini mag – it details all the different products you might have received in your box. (There are a variety of product combinations each subscriber will receive).

Now, on to the items!

La Cocotte Paris Luxembourg Pouch – Retail Price Listed $50

This adorable little pouch is coated in wax, so it’s much more durable than your standard canvas.

It measures 7 by 9.5 inches and features gold hardware:

And it is completely lined. (The lining doesn’t seem to be water/stain resistant, though.)

Beret – Retail Value $59

FYI – there is no tag or brand info for this beret, so I’m just listing the retail price from the booklet. I’d guess this is a wool blend.

And, the beret is such a classically French item that it totally makes sense to include it in this box, BUT… I cannot pull off this look. At all.

But for thorough review purposes, here is a photo I didn’t really want to take:

Oui Please includes a list of tips for wearing the Beret:

  • Frame your face.
  • Don’t wear it directly on top.
  • Wear it slouchy.

Still, a fail for me after multiple attempts, but I’m hoping other subscribers had better luck!

Les Nereides Diamantine Earrings – Retail Value $66

These earrings measure 1/2 inch across.

The stones are milky white, but slightly transparent and have a subtle sparkle when they catch the light.

POP UP Paris Candle – Value Listed $40

(FYI – I’ve received these in a few Oui Please boxes in the past, and they previously listed the Retail Price as $35. Not sure if currency exchanges could explain that change, but wanted to mention it.)

I received the scent Mountwalk – a blend of rosemary, peppermint, and vetiver. It reminds me of classic men’s cologne.

And the nice bonus about POP UP candles is that 1 in 50 will include a 0.15ct diamond! (If you’ve ever received a diamond in a candle, please let us know!)

Lull Regenerating Hand Cream – Retail Price Listed $86 (Buy online for $62 + $28 shipping to the US)

This hand cream is rich but doesn’t have a greasy finish. And it absorbs very quickly, too. I’m not a huge fan of the powdery scent (I prefer my skincare items unscented when possible), but this scent is pretty light.

ILES Formula Sampler Kit – Retail Price Listed $25

FYI – ILES FORMULA sells a travel kit that includes the comb and 4 sets of these foil packet trios for $28.50, so I don’t know how Oui Please is listed 1 foil packet + $6 comb as $25 retail.


The shampoo, conditioner, and finishing serum are all fabulous and luxe – but getting a foil sample packet in a $150 box frustrates me. (I get annoyed with foil packets in a $10 beauty box!) In my opinion, this should have been a full-sized item.

Oui Love It! Boudoirs Aue Oeufs Frais – Retail Price Listed $30 (On Yummy Bazaar for $3.95)

Again, it feels necessary to call out the price discrepancy with what Oui Please listed in the booklet vs what I found online. I typically give them some leeway since many products are from France and cannot be bought in the US without paying customs, shipping, etc., but listing $30 for these cookies seems excessive.

On to the cookies themselves, they were a treat for everyone who tried them!

Light, sweet, crisp and perfect for making Tiramisu! (Oui Please also included a recipe for Tiramisu.)

Verdict: I’m not going to calculate a value for this box since there are some pricing issues, but I’d recommend just looking at the items and ask if they are worth the box price for you. I signed up with a discount for an annual subscription, so this box only cost me about $76. That’s about $10.85 an item, and I’m happy with that value, but this wasn’t my favorite box because of the beret.

My complaining aside, I’m always impressed with the quality of the items Oui Please sends, and that holds true for this box, too.

(If you are thinking of signing up for this subscription, make sure to wait for a 40% off coupon to get the best pricing. Sign up for coupon alerts below.)

What do you think of the Oui Please 3.2 box?

Oui Please

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (85)

  1. Two words: Buy American. I thought about buying just one of these boxes then I looked at the past 6 reviews and went what the…… I see lots of repeats, pop up candles, Christophe Robin, make up bags that probably have a TV of $5 etc. I’m like, no no no! Not this girl! Oh, and the cookies… puleeze. You can buy them and other import goods at TJ Maxx along with those stupid soaps. Omg this company is an embarrassment to Americans. Missed that bullet.

  2. Oh, Oui please, please don’t. I just received a shipping update – looks like I was finally going to get this shipment…….good thing I had cancelled my subscription through my credit card company and received a full refund. Since Oui Please is erratic with their shipping and not shipping as advertised on their site, my credit card company refunded the proportionate amount.

  3. I’d like to comment that the photo in their spoilers and the picture in their booklet shows the Iles Discovery Pack or Kit (can be found on Sephora). What we received was a sample. I contacted Ashley from Oui Please who stated the brand told them one thing and sent something else. I then contacted Iles and received a prompt reply stating that was 100 percent false. They do not give away product as they feel it is unfair to their paying customers and they were crystal clear in telling Oui Please that they were only sending samples.

  4. So sad this box went downhill. I remember I order the French Riviera box (back in their first year when they did regions) and it was an amazing box! I even stalked ebay sellers and rebought a wonderfull lavender body butter.

    Oh well. Subs boxes are just not doing it for me anymore. I’ve gone back to my traditonal bargain hunting on stores and waiting for sephora sales.

    Thanks to the comenter for the hediard website! Did not had an idea that existed!

    • I am totally with ya girl! I get excited to get most boxes but right after I open them feeling is pretty much gone. I also try really hard not to look at spoilers to make it more fun and exciting, but again that feeling is short lived.
      Anyhow that price difference is nuts. I always dreamed for getting this box but the fact that people can get different items drives me crazy too… lol sorry for the depressing post! 🙂

      • Me too …..i can’t wait for them to get here and i open …..then I stash it like a squirrel and never used 90 percent of my goodies….. Popsugar still gave me that feeling and still does….

  5. Might just be me but I think you totally pull off that beret. You look adorable.

    FYI… Love your haircut!

    • Oooooh… Said that before I finished reading the review and comments. You do look pretty in it, but no tag… Definitely made in China and not Paris.

  6. It’s actually sort of insulting how bad this box is.

  7. .

  8. I saw the writing on the crumbling wall about a year ago, and dropped this sub. My rationale is this- I’ve been to Paris shopping many times. I know the shops and stores I love and if I want French cookies, I order from Hediard. If I want French lingerie pieces which aren’t imported to the states, I know where to buy them on the Internet at very low prices from the retail shops.

    If I want jewelry, it’s going to be different from what Oui Please ever sent me, and I have bought a Tiffany bracelet for just a bit more than the the cost of the box. (
    their small sterling silver Beaded bracelet with Tiffany blue enamel and sterling heart charm). It’s petite, the source is impeccable, and it’s great worn with my signature watch.

    Each of us can put together French items of our own preference with just a bit of planning and add a few nice jewelry pieces along the way, too.

    • Hey Mandy, do you mind sharing your top secret lingerie sources? I love french style but don’t know who is a reliable source

    • Very well said. I’ve only been into sub boxes since last April, so less than a year, but I was amazed when I learnt of this box, the price they charge, and the bs Items they put in. They count on the hope that the average American subscriber has no clue about foreign/French goods, and it’s embarrassing already. We live in the time of Google, people! You can order almost anything if you snoop around. And if you can read French, you can order from companies that don’t ship to the US and use a mailing service that caters to Amaricans to have it shipped to your door. Even with the extra couple bucks you pay for shipping, the rarest of cookies will cost you at most $7-$10.
      To each his own, but I would recommend saving your money. $150 is ludicrous! Even $76 is nuts…foil packets and a bad quality beret!

  9. also, I have burned 5 popup candles and…..nothing but wax. It definitely seems like this is some surplus stock.

    • They probably have a deal to send old product with no diamonds and no scent left in sight at a cheap cheap price…lol

  10. It’s kind of sad that this box just can’t win. They used to give very high-priced items that made some recipients very lucky. In my first box I got a $200 necklace. but then everyone was complaining. Even if their box was worth $350, they were mad that other people got more or higher-valued items. So now OP just gives everyone the same stuff and no one is happy. I guess they have to make sure they have enough of the same stock so the quality is much lower. Thus why they tried to get bracelets from china, instead of getting more limited edition stock for different values. I think it would have been a huge success if they kept the original model but just made sure that everyone was getting a good value. Some people are just never happy and now it’s like everyone is getting the low-value box. if they had curated properly, I think they could have found a way to give everyone great surprises, like asking what kinds of items they preferred, and not varying the discrepancy in RV so much, or making sure people got the golden ticket items at least once a year. I’ve noticed also that these French boxes, Luxe Provence, OP, Emma & Chloe, all have similarly priced jewelry. LP sent out a pair of $100 earrings in a $245 box, and E&C sent out a $100 pair of earrings in a $35 box. Soandso and Anne Thomas are sold at the same boutiques in Paris (although materials are different, the price point is similar). As a consumer I’m going to go with E&C. I just wish OP could have kept being in that middle ground and continued to offer lovely French products with a high value, and not some made in China beret just so that everyone gets the same box. It was a great concept, and just getting the Leonor Greyl, one of my favorite brands, was worth it to me to subscribe. but the constant headache of dozens of unanswered emails over order problems and the ridiculous inflation, not to mention disappearing IG posts, has made this unfortunately my least favorite sub experience. Maybe they can combine forces with E&C and put together a true lifestyle box for $70?

    • I’m with you. If they did a 6 month minimum but guarantee that you would get both golden ticket items one month and unfortunately have the lowest variety one month but that’s what guarantees overall quality it would go a long way granted that’s ridiculously to convince a bunch of people to sub for 6 months at a time. I think their bigger problem is selling the box to most subscribers at 40% off but still trying to advertise it as a $150 box with a great RV. It isn’t a $150 box because barely anyone actually pays that much for it so you can’t expect them to have the capitol to keep up appearances. 80 cent bracelets though? Common…

      • To be fair about the bracelet, the one I purchased on Ebay actually cost a whopping 99 cents rather than only .80…LOL 😉 . It arrived safely from China and looked surprisingly good. For the .99 I shelled out for it, I was pretty pleased…but had I received it in a luxe “$150” box, marketed as the finest in French jewelry, I would NOT have been pleased! But then of course, that’s why they didn’t send them…I know several people called them out on it, and that’s when the bracelet mysteriously disappeared from Oui Please evidence.

        I really do enjoy many of the products in the OP boxes. I just wish they could get their act together.

      • Which bracelets are these? Thanks!!

      • Even when I did pay $150 I received an undervalue box with the lowest price option in each category. So even the rare subscriber paying full price isn’t guaranteed a hero item. It seems too many boxes were sent out with the lowest price options in every category – it really needed to be better randomized so a single box wouldn’t get all the lowest items while another had three hero items.

    • Well said.

  11. Is there a specific email that might get me a reply? I still don’t have my box and have been asking about where it is since November 29. This is the first time I have had complete silence from Oui Please.

    • I have had luck in the past with Ashley @ ouipleasebox dot com. Hopefully it works for you also.

    • I only got a reply on facebook. And by calling my credit card company to report fraud. I never got a single box so they had to refund me. They even made a shipping label for my orser but never sent it. Lol. Worst experience with a company ever.

  12. Hey Liz, your brows and hair are lookin’ good. (And yes to all the commenters; this box is awful. Like, it might be Peaches & Petals levels of bad, only you’ve wasted way more money.

  13. How OP got this to a $350 RV is basically an art form. The mark-up is insane even by sub box standards.

  14. Perhaps the answer is not to review the box.

  15. Liz, I thought you looked tres jolie in the beret, but I have a love/hate relationship with hats myself, so I know even if I liked it, I would never actually wear it. Oh, well. Maybe if you and Eric were to take a holiday in Paris?

    • I have never seen a French woman wear a beret in France.

      • It would be totally cliche. There is an American lady realtor on House Hunters International that shows apartments in Paris who wears them. Enough said 😆

  16. OMG. At the risk of sounding like a jerk I am sooooo glad I got out of this sub. They lied to me from the minute I signed up to the minute they promised me a refund a year later after sending fewer than half of the boxes. I was eventually reimbursed by my cc company as OP lied repeatedly about issuing my refund. Missing products, double-billing, terrible communication, the most insanely inflated RVs of any box I’ve ever seen, flat-out lies which I have a chat record of, the list goes on and on. And this box. Wow. A bad tourist trinket beret? $30 cookies I can buy locally for a couple dollars? Another pop-up? Another rooster pouch? You have got to be flippin’ kidding me.

  17. Between the comments about not receiving your box, the highly inflated prices, possibly the quality of some items and 59 subscribers gave it a rating of 2.8 why is anybody still subscribing to the box?

    • Purchased a 40% off yearly subscription in a moment of temporary insanity 😟

      • Same 😖

      • S.a.m.e.

    • As others…purchased an “annual”, 6 box yearlong sub. A year later I have received 3 of 6 boxes…so I’m stuck

      • That was my situation, along with a double-billed box and repeated low value per box. I expected to be on the low end with none of the high end lucky items sometimes but I was consistently even below the stated value, almost like there was always an item missing. When I only had half the boxes a year after paying the full annual price up front plus another $150 when they messed up and charged me full price for a box – I couldn’t take it any more. There were other boxes I could have had for the money OP was greedily sitting on without delivering. I was told at least twice via email that a refund for the remaining boxes was pending. I got Ashley on chat and she kept me there, waiting like a fool, for over half an hour, pretending to process a refund after arguing with me about the price. If you ask for a refund of the balance she will tell you all the boxes you received are now full price, no discount allowed, so three boxes conveniently (for her) comes to $450. Since they had screwed up my billing I had already paid $600! It’s hard to track when their billing and shipping is so horribly out of sync. Depending what you paid, there is very little refund. That’s when I went through the cc company and found this is their usual m.o. A couple of months later I finally had a credit for half the annual from my cc co because OP never responds to them at all as I now hear from anyone else who had to go that route. A couple others have requested their next box be doubled up just to get the six box total sub over faster. Honestly, I’m happy for others if they’re happy with this box but you’d have to pay me to ever sign up for their abuse again!

      • I have four boxes left on the annual I purchased back at the end of June. Only two boxes in seven months. I’m going to ask to double the next two as I’m not sure this sub will be around for another year plus to produce the remaining four boxes. Thanks for the idea.

      • That’s exactly why I had wanted out of it, too. I had received only three boxes from my annual over the course of a year. I was afraid that the remaining three boxes would take at least another year and I was really afraid that this sub wouldn’t last that long!

      • .

  18. It should would be nice to just RECIEVE the box, I have emailed and emailed and emailed and received a response that it will be mailed next week, and NOTHING!! Please be warned, this is he second time this has happened…I will be thrilled if I recieve it and even more thrilled this is my last paid box…NEVER AGAIN!!!

  19. For 20$ more I could get an annual subscription to fabfitfun. I would definitely rather have a year of fff over one of these boxes.

  20. I love Popup Paris candles but I’ve been unable to order anything from the website for years, maybe 3 now. I’ve had 2 candles before, no diamond yet….

  21. This whole box makes me say “come on.” On what planet does the math on that pouch add up to $50? What was frustrating for me was people trying to swap at the inflated values. Like come on, we all paid $10 for the items. Let’s not be like OP and take advantage of each other. I included the cookies and beret as free extras in swaps. For anyone looking, amazon has the same berets for $8. What was most scandalous was the Ali express bracelet made by designer “made in france.” And instead of acknowledging it after they were called out, they just deleted the Instagram post. $70 is not nothing, and you can’t include made in china products in a French-themed box. I really hope the next box is better and they don’t go under. But for people who signed up with the promise of $350 RV, they should honor that.

    • Which bracelet was that?

    • I understand the frustration at the inflated values but, respectfully, I think swappers have a right to stick to that RV if they choose. Every sub inflates values, and it’s hard to set a curve of how inflated one sub is compared to the next to get a good, adjusted price. I swapped for a 79$ RV FFF necklace that, quite honestly, is dollar store garbage AFAIC. I’m not upset at the swapper for wanting RV, just rather at FFF for claiming a piddly chain and tarnished hoop are worth 79$. I swapped my beret well below the stated RV but I still understand why someone, especially anyone paying full price, would want to swap at the stated RV.

      • I agree that every swapper has the right to accept or deny whatever they think is worth it to them. But OP is known for inflating values far more than FFF & Popsugar. Yes, they have some inhouse brands where the value is pretty arbitrary, but most of the brands are known. That lariat is going to be the same price on the Luv AJ site, whether you think it’s worth $90 or not. (And it’s not high quality, but it’s definitely better than dollar store quality). Whereas here people were asking for my unicorns for a silly hand cream. Ok, I’m happy to swap $60-70 for luxe beauty. I don’t swap less than RV for beauty like many people, But when OP inflates it to the point where everyone is asking for $100 unicorns, it kind of ruins the spirit of the swaps. Shipping is free over a certain amount so I don’t know why OP thinks they can just tack on the price of shipping to this (especially when US companies don’t pay European VAT). When it was probably a free sample to begin with, like someone mentioned the hair products were donated. Why not just admit the value is not $350 instead of ruining it for everyone else. Then send the original subscribers a gift and say this is what we are promising going forward. Good communication and customer service goes miles with any company.

      • I would love for them to admit wrongdoing and to correct it.

      • Sounds like sour grapes. That hand cream is awesome and I’d have to spend the listed RV to replace it so I fully expect to have to trade that RV for it. Also, just because LuvAJ also inflates their RV doesn’t make it any more legit of an RV. It’s still a terrible quality piece of jewelry and I’d be happy if anyone offered me half the RV of it but because it is junk it will sit in my swap bin with no requests until I donate it whereas if I had a lotion listed I could easily swap it for many things I’d love. Sorry you haven’t had success swapping for it but ultimately you have to decide if you’re willing to swap the going rate for an item or if it’s just not worth it to you but insulting the other swapper isn’t going to get you the swap you want.

      • LOL. why do people always say sour grapes on people who express opinions? I think it’s totally fair for people to share their experiences especially when they’re calling out shady practices. I’ll stick with the $7.50 matches. Here’s my experience: That hand cream was a major disappointment. It doesn’t last after one hand wash and moisturizes just so so. My $5.99 SheaMoisture African Black Soap Soothing Hand Cream works waaaaaaay better for my rough hands. Let’s maybe not be so quick to judge other people’s experiences?

      • My only question in regards to that is what if two subs send out the exact same item and one stick to the true RV like the matches that D&L sends out in their sub box and sells for $7.50 and that Happy Rebel sends out and decided they were worth $12.50.(yea yea yea I know I’m STILL not over that!) I guess the choice is to choose to swap with people that have the D&L box but at the end of the day letting companies do this makes us as consumers look like fools.

      • Lauren was it the rose gold 9…. I can’t remeber the name but was in winter 2017 box because mine came all tarnished on the clasp & I contacted them & they offered to send a new one or give me $10.00 add-on credit & that’s what I did because I didn’t want another “dollar store necklace.” This might have happened only w/the rose gold ones as I noticed the silver ones as add-ons. I was told that the higher ups would know of this…. it was soooo shameful because I contacted the company that goes on about the quality of their products & I receive something never removed from package that looked like it was worn by someone in the shower…. I won’t even list it as I think is sooo pathetic. Shame on FFF & the brand who sellls these & ignores customers who don’t buy directly from them….. I’ll NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM & let everyone know how horribly cheap & ruined their items are & how they are too good to respond to a message. Such poor business practice!! Ok, sorry ranting because FFF THEN sent a damaged candle, but are sending a new one this time. I wish I hadn’t renewed a year sub this past winter & even more happy I did my research & didn’t subscribe to this box!! I think the honesty is so crucial so we don’t steer each other into boxes that don’t deserve our $$!!

    • I agree I swapped for the iles formula with a RV of $26 and was really pissed when I opened up 3 foils. It was my fault for not researching but considering that I can buy a sampler pack for less that $26, I assumed that was what I was getting! It was such a waste of a swap.

      • oh man. I honestly do not think anyone should list the foil packets for $25. It’s two completely different products. I don’t care if you say “$25 per Oui Please.” You know it’s not the $25 kit, so just list what you know the value is. When I see that in their listings, I Just move on to the next swapper, regardless of what the request is. If I still had mine I would it send to you Tara! Foil packets, RV $25 per planet Xemu pricing. I agree the wacky pricing all over the swap site is a big turn off.

      • I gave mine to one of my swap BFFs as an extra.

  22. This is part of a fantastic email Michelle from MSA shared in the spoiler post for Oui please:

    “OuiPlease listed prices total exactly $350. The actual retail value is $201.79. OuiPlease has inflated the price of this box by $148.21.
    It seems really suspicious that the listed prices come to exactly $350. It is obvious that they were inflated to reach the advertised value. This is fraud. It is illegal. If you didn’t promise such a high value, this would be a lovely box, but because you have advertised and continue to advertise a $350 value, you have a lot of customers who have been defrauded and deserve compensation.
    What will your company do to rectify this criminal deception?”

    She went into great detail and found correct RV’s.

    I’m thinking of sending a similar email. This is the most unethical sub box I’ve come across.

  23. Just to note…that “$50” pouch sells for around $22 on the La Cocotte website. You definitely have to factor in shipping cost from France…(I purchased a large order of varied items from La Cocotte, which came in a large fairly heavy box, and it cost around $30 to ship to me) but Oui Please listing RV that is more than DOUBLE the actual cost, is a very significant stretch–even for them. Not as bad, of course, as the “$30” cookies…

    • Yes!! I was putting on my metaphorical “Nancy Drew” hat because the Oui Please people seem to be overpricing products, & I was finding the value for a particular pouch as it wasn’t listed in a swap & here’s what I found ALL pouches (even the new ones found in this box—which have a nicer zipper pull & teeth—metal pull & teeth w/gold glitter fabric on the zipper versus the old style which is quite cheap looking indeed)…. Anyway, as I type this on 18 March 2018 these pouches retail on the la cocotte website for 17,90 € which translates to $22.00 (I know the rates fluctuate, but saying this is $50.00 is INSANE) & in my opinion false advertising & put together w/Liz’s other findings w/the snack & the shampoo you are getting cheated & those like me who want to swap are being held to these insane prices when in fact the value is wrong. I know this is an expensive box & I had considered subscribing but after my research & knowing shippinh for one pouch is 7,90 €, I’d be better off buying one directly from the website!! I’m also thinking the beret is WAY OVERPRICED as well… I’m going to see if the les neredies website still sells liz’s earrings to price them because this is sooooooo false advertising & you should get the value they say you are getting & I don’t think you are… that bothers me. Ok, les neredies gives us prices on their website so that’s much more accurate, as are other jewelry pieces so that’s nice to know, but for sure they are inflating prices…. check out the la cocotte website for yourself!! Knowing this, I won’t be subscribing to this box!!

  24. Liz I thought you looked pretty in the Beret but 150.00 for this box? No way. Disappointing box.

  25. Wow what a not great box! You can get a similar beret for what, $20? And les nereides has so many lovely items that those earrings seem dull. I remember people being upset about those shampoo foils even if they’d have gotten four of them—can’t imagine getting only one set of foils. This seems to me like a box where they cheaped out as much as they could. It looks like a $40 PSMH box to me.

  26. I’m usually a fan of my OP boxes in spite of some of the problems they’re known for. But I’ve got to say that this box was not good. I do love the hand cream, but the beret is such a touristy item and those cookies priced at $30 and foil packets – REALLY? I’ve got three boxes left on my sub and we will see how that goes, but I’m really not planning on resubscribing at this point unless things turn around pretty drastically.

  27. This was my 4th box, and although I have liked some of the other boxes better, this subscription is totally worth it for me. I signed up at 40 percent off and I do think the value is there as long as you sign up at a discounted rate

  28. Liz, you actually look wonderful in that beret. I’m really annoyed about the pricing for the Iles foil packs. By your reckoning those foil packs are worth around $7.50, not the $25 listed. I like the product but swapping for it isn’t worth while. We’re better off purchasing directly from the company!

    • Claudia, just as a heads up Iles travel sets are available at Sephora online. 🙂

      • Thanks Janet! I do like the product but I’m not so happy with OP. Definitely not renewing!

  29. Liz I think you rocked the beret! Did you get your hair cut/trimmed? Looks great! I would be so upset to get any foil packets in a box with this price. It sure didn’t feel like a $150 box.

    • I did get a haircut – thanks! 🙂

  30. That hat looks awful

    • Not on her it doesn’t.

      • I second that Melissa!

      • That is beyond rude and unnecessary. If have to say something so rude, can’t you at least take the effort to word it kindly?

    • I think Liz looks great in it!

    • Oh for crying out loud – she said THE HAT looks awful. And it does. No one is insulting Liz.

  31. In my opinion, Oui Please is the answer to the question, are you a stupid enough American to buy this French line of BS?

    • Not onlol. I totally agree.

    • You obviously were not around for the OP heyday. I have gotten boxes worth $600 easily with many items not easily available here. Something has happened since last summer, sadly. Luckily, I have never paid more than $360 for an annual so I have more than gotten my money’s worth with a couple of $150 bags and $100 bracelets that are indeed priced properly.

      • I think I just missed that heyday. I’ve always heard the earlier boxes were great and people did receive leather bags and other quality items. Something has drastically changed. I wish they had kept the old model but sprinkled the hero items around a little more and made sure all boxes met the promised minimum. It seems like it fell apart when they decided to make all the boxes more consistent?

  32. Liz, come on, you are adorable in the beret!! What did Eric think of it??

    • Haha, thanks! He hasn’t seen me in it!

    • NYX, I was one of those people when there were variations who often got the high end and the major items. I think someone above nailed it – there was so much complaining because someone got a cool piece and another didn’t that they lowered the standards to limit variations. I always knew that if my value wasn’t $600 one month, next time it would be. I was always happy. So basically it went from everyone getting something good most of the time to no one getting anything of the time.

  33. Liz, you do look good in the beret!

    • It was perfect! But if you don’t feel good in it then there’s no point

    • I second that!

    • Aw, thank you, Amy 🙂

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