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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Oui Please Volume 5.2 Box Full Spoilers + Coupon!

Oui Please Volume 3.2 Box FULL Spoilers Update!

We already had the full spoilers for the Volume 3.2 Oui Please box but it looks like they’ve added another item! (Thanks for the heads up Cara!

Each box includes:

Les Néréides Mini Pas De Deux Adjustable Ring

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

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Comments (73)

  1. C’mon Oui! I’m ready for a spoiler for box 3.3 now. 🙂

    Pretty, pretty, please?

    • does anyone know how to cancel your subscription. no one is responding to my multiple emails. I am getting a little frustrated.

      • Are you emailing Ashley directly, or using the “orders” email address?

        While I’ve never received an immediate response to emails, they have always eventually responded. Don’t get discouraged! Give it a few days and then email again.

      • I cancelled mine by submitting a claim on my credit card since I never got my box and no one got back to me in over 3 weeks. Weirdly enough, I got an email today saying a box shipped. So yeah, not on their game at all.

      • OP probably sent the box once your credit card began investigating, so the claim would be dropped.
        Essentially, if they send you the box, they have held up their end of the agreement. You may not get your money back. Keep an eye on how they resolve it.

      • I already have the refund and written proof that they approved it. They have no claim. They are the ones who offered it in the first place. Also the deal was being sent a box in November not in January.

      • I’m happy to hear it worked out for you! I hope like the box they sent you and that the experience doesn’t turn you off from ordering in the future if you really love a box they put out.

      • The box contained a sample of hand lotion and a fuzzy pink beret so yeah, not going to be ordering ever again

  2. I have not received one of my boxes yet. I had one delivered on November 25th but my second box has not arrived as of December 29th. I have tried to contact “Ashley” five times starting on November 29th and have not received any reply. Does anyone know of anything else I can try?

  3. I didn’t get what I requested, but I do like the Lull hand cream. It’s the best cream that I have ever used.

    • Agreed. I’m in love with this hand cream! Glad I have two.

  4. I have just sent the following to Ashley at OuiPlease and I included links to each product with the correct retail value:

    Hi Ashley,

    I received my 3.2 box, and I am relatively happy with some of the items in it, but I have a big problem with the advertised value of this box (and pretty much every OuiPlease box). A lot of your customers are pretty ticked off at the inflated prices in the booklet that are obviously falsified to reach your advertised value of $350.

    Here is what was in my box:

    Les Nereides Ballerina Ring. OuiPlease lists at $60.00. Nes Nereides website: €55.00 ($65.45)

    Lull hand cream. OuiPlease lists at $86. Lull’s website: $62

    Popup candle. OuiPlease lists at $40. Popup’s website: €25.00 ($29.75)

    La Cocotte pouch. OuiPlease lists at $50. La Cocotte’s website: €15.75 ($18.75)

    Iles Formula sample pack (9 ml each of shampoo, conditioner, & serum) and a comb. OuiPlease lists at $25. Comparable kit with 4 times the product is $28.50. Actual value is closer to $8.00

    Oui Love It Biscuits. OuiPlease lists: $30.00. Actual value: $4.85

    Unbranded poor quality beret that is coming apart. OuiPlease lists: $59 Comparable item: $12.99 (or less)

    OuiPlease listed prices total exactly $350. The actual retail value is $201.79. OuiPlease has inflated the price of this box by $148.21.

    It seems really suspicious that the listed prices come to exactly $350. It is obvious that they were inflated to reach the advertised value. This is fraud. It is illegal. If you didn’t promise such a high value, this would be a lovely box, but because you have advertised and continue to advertise a $350 value, you have a lot of customers who have been defrauded and deserve compensation.

    What will your company do to rectify this criminal deception?

    • Awesome! I’m sure the reply will be terse and dismissive. But it’s good you spoke up!

    • And in my opinion you were far too generous with your price estimate of the beret! Lol

    • Word. My admiration of this box is decreasing by the minute. Did you get a reply?

      • Not a peep. But they don’t get off that easy. I will follow up in a few days.

    • I would like to send a similar email. I wish all subscribers would. This was my first box and I paid for an annual sub and I’m not feeling very confidant about what to expect in the coming months.

      The beret. The foil packets. THE BISCUITS. That’s just unethical.

  5. Another problem with the inflated pricing is that the swap site is now full of fake pricing. 🙁 Everyone is listing the hand creme for $86 which is nuts! I’d swap for it for the actual price, $62 but to add that much inflated value for no reason is shameful.
    Again with the candles, I’d swap over the actual RV of $25, but if you’re expecting me to go above $40 now, it’s just absurd. Inflation on inflation…come on!

  6. Mine just arrived. With no bracelet..hmmm.
    I got the ring

    • Can Anyone confirm if the bracelet was supposed to be included in every box?

      Side note: I added up the RV (that OUI published) for my Box, and it hits $350 exactly.

      Makes me think their valuation came in at $320, which determined the value of the cookies. The French cafe down the block doesn’t charge this much for fresh cookies, and their prices are insane!

      I can’t wait for this sub headache to end. Still resolving a damaged item issue from the last box. Buyer beware 🙁

      • You were supposed to receive one jewelry item so either a ring, bracelet or earrings. Those cookies can be purchased online for $2.85 a box. They obviously inflated the RV for each item to hit the $350 mark. It’s pathetic.

      • It’s not just a few dollars inflated – it’s more than 1/3 the advertised value. I need a lawyer to Chime in on false advertising and fraud. It’s beyond ridiculous.
        What’s their cutoff?? Next time the cookies will be $100.

      • Yes I can confirm and it is even in the advertised spoiler releases and fb posts. However, someone on an earlier post showed a link to the bracelet being made and sold in China for $1.44 and everyone understandably threw a fit! We pay so much to try new things from FRANCE.

    • Where is my bracelet???

      • In China. Can be purchased for $1.00 and change plus another dollar for expedited shipping. lol

  7. I wonder how some people received more than one piece of jewelry?
    I got the acorn bracelet but that was it. Anyone have any insight?

    • Is the acorn bracelet the one in the pic on this page?

      • Never mind I saw it. So cute!

    • They have more than one subscription. There is a person on the forum who was missing the Jewelry item. That is awful as customer service can take forever to send missing items or replace broken ones.

    • Hi Allison, I have two subscriptions. That was why, it looks like I received two. HOWEVER, in the original emails and fb posts there were two guaranteed jewelry items, an LN piece and a bracelet. If you read my comment below, you’ll see my thoughts on the missing bracelets. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you for clarifying. I had thought the China bracelet would still be included because it was spoiled.

        Someone in Swaps once wrote “Oui Please is gonna oui please!” LOL. Still makes me laugh.

      • Yes that’s definitely a bait and switch but they got called out for trying to send a French bracelet for $85 that was made in China for a buck, so I think they QUIETLY took it down.

  8. I got my boxes and my selections were as requested. I got two different bracelets and love the acorn one! I’m keeping nearly everything this time. The hand cream is so hydrating and great. The biscuits are yummy with coffee and the beret keeps my head warm, even if it’s not high quality. The box is on par with the 40% discount but I would not pay full price for this box. I have to say that however aggravating the company has been I always look the most forward to this box and always end up loving the items.

    • I got the box solely because I love LN jewelry and I had a 40% coupon code so my box essentially is the price of whatever LN stuff they decide to throw in.

      I just wish I could get an answer as to why my box hasn’t shipped or been received by FedEx yet. I even posted on their instagram to try to get someone’s attention. No luck so far.

      • OP introduced me to Les Nereides jewelry and I love it as well. FYI-I’ve found almost everything they sell can be found on eBay (new) for considerably less.

  9. My box just arrived today. I got the ballerina ring (which I love), a cheap looking black beret that has no tag inside, a La Cocotte pouch (which is cute), a small candle (Brand: Popup), Lull hand cream, foil packets and a plastic comb from Iles Formula (9 ml each of shampoo, conditioner and serum — 9 ml of conditioner might condition a 4th of my hair) – they claim these foil packets have a value of $25, and a box of biscuits they list with a value of $30, but I can buy them online right now for $4. They have some cute items, but I’m really sick and tired of the way OuiPlease grossly inflates the value of their items.

    The hand cream is listed at $86. It’s $62 on Lull’s website.
    The candle is listed at $40. It’s on Popup’s website at €20.83.
    The pouch is listed at $50. It’s on La Cocotte’s website at €15.75

    On the hand cream, candle, pouch and biscuits alone, they’ve inflated the value by $100. What the hell?!

    • I got mine yesterday too. Everything you listed, but the acorn bracelet instead of the ring. Love the bracelet! Kinda not sure about the beret. I want to like it, but… it seems cheaply made. But I am certainly no beret expert. Can anyone else weigh in? I gotta agree about the inflated pricing. It’s so irritating to see such ridiculously inflated prices! I would probably like the box better if they were a little more honest about the prices. Yes, the total value would be lower, but something my brain is willing to stretch to believing would give me better buy in. I find myself more fixated on how they can possibly list something at a certain value, to the point it makes me kinda dislike the item. Like the cookies! The $30 cookies were the worst. Then they offer a recipe to make Tirimisu?! With $30 cookies??? Umm, why!? Something is wrong there! And the samples should have been a bonus. It would have felt like a nice “extra.” Definitely NOT the first spoiler!

      • Hi Michelle and Jasmine! I agree with you both 100%! I just got my two boxes today (yes I have two subs. This used to be the most Amazing box) I have similar thoughts and a few additional issues that I did not see you mention:
        1. The Le Bijou bracelets were not in there at ALL. Although they were advertised that they would be. (Someone posted that she traced them to China for $1.44 so maybe they pulled it when the ruse was up that it wasn’t French?)
        2. I received two different color Berets, due to my two subs, VERY cheaply made. There is no brand label nor is a brand listed in the booklet although they said that they are valued at $59 which is insane because I would think these would not cost more than four bucks at a craft fair. They’re not even lined or hemmed, in fact you can see jagged edges where the felt was cut.
        3. The biscuits are yummy although I’d never spend more than $4 for them. $30 is INSANE and an outright lie. They also have had these in the last 2 boxes although different flavors, and my family loves them so I won’t complain, other than the price lie.
        4. Got two of the same scent Pop up candle they are lovely, nice quality but quite small. Only 2.8 ounces, $7 would be a more than fair price. I would LOVE to meet just one person who’d pay $40 for this! One thing to note is that if it’s on their site for €21.00, that might actually be in line with the conversation rate, since our dollar is far weaker. Still that price is outrageous. Also, this candle is a repeat from their boxes last December. I still have my original one.
        5. The original picture of the haircair products showed a set of, I believe 7 in a rectangle box. They sent only one teeny sample set in each of my boxes. There is NO WAY I’d pay $25 for tiny sample foil packets that most companies give away for free. In fact, if I did not get two boxes to have two sets I would not even be able to consider trying once on my thick waist length hair! I will have to put them together for a single use and still add more shampoo and conditioner.
        6. The pouch is cute, well made, and another repeat from 2 boxes ago. Not even close to being worth $50, even with their conversion rate it wouldn’t be more than $26 at €15. But in my opinion, it’s closer to $8 in value.
        7. Hand cream….as you’ve already mentioned, inflated price again, even on their Lull website
        8. Finally, the jewelry. I’m obtaining quite the LN collection thanks to Oui Please! I do like it and it’s quite lovely. I got the earrings and pink flower bracelet. I did not think I’d use the ring so I requested the other pieces. Jasmine, I am SO jealous of you for getting the acorn bracelet! I BEGGED Ashley for it last time and she said their was no way I could get it, as they did not send the correct inventory. I do like the other pieces I’ve received from them, I have five now, but that one would have been my favorite. The prices are a bit,inflated one those,as,well and I,wish they listed the materials they are made from, but I do really like this company’s artistry!
        The customer service was much better this month giving me different jewelry items and different colored berets, but even with the 30% discount, the boxes are still around $90, and I expect to get my moneys worth. Thanks for letting me rant!

      • Ooh — I’m jealous of your Les Nereides collection! I agree that this would be a great box if OuiPlease didn’t constantly lie about the value of their items.

        The Euro to dollar conversion rate is actually much closer these days. Today, one Euro equals $1.19. So, the Popup candle would cost $24.79 on their website. And the La Cocotte pouch would be $18.74.

    • Did your shipping ever update? Mine only said a fedex label was created and nothing else.

  10. I just used the online chat feature and they started shipping yesterday. She sent me the tracking numbers and then emailed me the shipping email. Even if it says they are offline most of the time they aren’t and will respond and go online for you (that has been my experience the past 3 out of 4 times at least). Glad I got an appropriate response.

    • I got a tracking number on the 14th, but it still shows ‘pending pickup’.
      I’m so antsy! I am always excited for Oui, but even more so during the holidays! <3

  11. Has anyone gotten a confirmation if we’re getting two pieces of jewelry in the box? The marble bracelet is still up on Instagram. I think it would be very shady if they don’t send that out now.

  12. I’m disputing my credit card. I don’t care when it gets here, it was supposed to be September then it became October now it’s November and you know it’s going to mean no December box. They can’t charge you, say you’re signing up for a bi-monthly subscription and just sens things whenever they want. It’s ludicrous.

    • I will not be surprised at all if this box ships in December. They asked us to pick the jewelry 3 days ago. Now they have to order enough inventory of each item to put in the boxes. Either that or most of us are getting rings, whether we asked for them or not.

      • I’m so annoyed with their shipping process. I keep wondering if I’ll get my box at all. I won’t be re-subbing. I agree with some of the comments below, they keep sending the same brands/things again and again, rarely something new and exciting.

    • They will send whatever jewelry they want and say sorry we had unforseen inventory issues so nobody gets what they picked. This company is ludicrous!

    • I believe if you signed up for the annual sub you will still get 6 boxes, even if it takes 2 years to get them, lol. Not sure about that though.
      I just emailed Oui to ask for clarification on this. We’ll see what they say…

      • Yes, that’s what they tell you.. that you’ll get the full number of boxes no matter how long it takes. For me, that finally wasn’t good enough. They were sitting on a lot of my money (I paid a total of $600) that I could have used for other luxe subs! Taking your money, then deciding to stretch your annual sub out to two years of random shipments is just a lie and I got half my money back through the cc company. OP doesn’t do refunds, they just lie about them and ignore the requests from the cc company, knowing the customer will eventually be reimbursed through the cc company.

  13. If anyone is planning to swap that ring, please let me know! I am going to be listing some new items from my fab fit fun starter and winter boxes soon once I receive them, and would love to make a deal for the ring.

    • Will probably swap my ring!

    • I have the gold ballerina ring! Let me know if you want to swap, my swap profile is linked 🙂

  14. I’m so glad that my annual sub is over with this last box. The boxes have steadily decreased in personal value for me. My favorite box was the one just before the one I got (of course), which is what made me sign up in the first place. That ring is very childish (in my opinion) and the quality just doesn’t look very good. I hope the rumors are true and that we can choose the jewelry piece.

  15. I have been watching this box, trying to decide whether or not to subscribe. Your reviews give me Little Lace Box flashbacks. Haha.
    I think I will hold off

  16. My one of my daughters might like this, but I believe I’m a bit old for this.
    I wonder if they added this last item after word got out that the bracelet was discovered on a Chinese website for $1.48? At least LN is a FRENCH company, since this box is supposed to be all from France.
    To everyone wondering about shipping; I’ve been with them for a year now, they seem to always take forever, every 3+ months on average, but the boxes have always been so very nice, and with things that are harder to get in the states that I’ve stuck with them. Hope that helps.

    • Agreed – I love when this box arrives such a treat. You have to just think of shipping dates as a guideline more than a rule 🙂

    • I’m so glad that you re-posted the link. This proves that the so-called “value” of items is so egregiously inflated.

  17. I love how Oui Please is still advertising that this box is shipping in October! Maybe they meant next October lol

  18. Does anyone know when this box will ship? I emailed Ashley and she was very nice and told me soon. I’m getting nervous because it’s taking so long.

    • Supposedly they’re gonna send us another email to choose a LN jewelry item so it won’t be for awhile. At this rate they should take our orders for the winter box!

      • Oh no! I hope it’s soon! Ashley said in the email they were waiting on an item. They should probably just ship both together. Lol

      • Ok, I don’t use facebook but I have been sending e-mails to Ashley for MONTHS with no response. My last box had several incorrect items and the box before that never came! When I sent the original e-mail saying that my box had not come, she sent me a tracking number for it. Tracking info said the box was in “pre-shipment” meaning that the post office was notified but did not actually recieve the package. I asked Ashley about that and nothing….dead air. That was 5 months and 7 unanswered e-mails ago. Good grief 🙁

      • Their website now has a chat feature. A chat bubble pops up when she’s online and she responds. Try there. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with these issues. It’s not right.

      • Take it up with your CC asap!!! They can and will help you resolve this!!! I am disputing a charge as I write this…. I have zero tolerance for non-existent CS!!! 😡😟

  19. …… and as was predicted, I am already having an issue with them. I tried to log in to my account this morning to check to see if my order was still “processing” – I did cancel my subscription on Monday but I knew going in I was going to be a one or two box girl….. I no longer seem to exist?? My email is not accepted – I even tried all 3 that I have even though I know which one I used for the order – my password is not accepted – all was well Monday until I cancelled – “Ashley” on chat appears to come to one’s aid but in reality did not respond to my questions – my biggest concern is not even having gotten an order confirmation….. how quickly we learn lessons!!! 🙁

    • Listen to the comments. There’s a reason so many of us warn people about Oui Please.

    • Yes, I had that issue before. If you do not have an active subscription, you cannot log in. I think your account is closed immediately.

      • Thanks Taren – good to know – wish I had an order confirmation – at least it’s on my Am Ex and they are awesome should I need their help!!! 🙁

      • Exactly why we all try to warn people when they subscribe to this subscription.

      • …. It’s true Liddy – thank you for that!!! I listened for months and then had a weak beret, pouchette moment – but to be locked out of one’s account after cancelling for the future – and never having received an order confirmation or a response to my choices – well, I had no choice but to dispute!! Next time, I will always listen to the voices of experience!!! 🙂

  20. I have always wanted one of their rings but I think my personal tastes may be a little older for this one. It’s really cute but makes me think of my teen daughter so I’ll probably offer it to her or swap it.

  21. Please see the forum, it looks like you can pick a ring or a surprise (which would be earrings or a bracelet) according to someone’s chat conversation w Ashley. It’s also unclear if that white marble bracelet is still included or being replaced by the LN item. Anyone know?

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