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Happy Rebel Box Winter 2017 Subscription Review

Happy Rebel Box is an edgy lifestyle quarterly subscription box for women! Each box has a different theme, This box is focused on relaxation!

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription Box: Happy Rebel Box

The Cost: $100 a quarter

The Products: Each box will contain 4-6 items that will vary box to box, so you will never receive the same types of items repeatedly. Each box could contain jewelry, fashion accessories, home decor, beauty products, as well as other various lifestyle items that fit the collection of the box as well as the Happy Rebel modern and edgy style.

Ships to: US

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription box list or wish list!

Check out my Happy Rebel Box reviews to learn more about this subscription box.

Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included.

And with each box, Happy Rebel Box donates a portion of the proceeds to charity. For this box, they selected Connections for Abused Women and their Children:

Now, on to the items!

Happy Rebel Crushed Velvet Robe – Value Listed $78

This crushed velvet material is very on trend! I love the grey/blue color – it looks perfect with my black pajama set!

I’m 5’7″ and went with a size large for a bit of an oversized fit. (The hem hits right at my knees.)

Happy Rebel Turban Headband – Value Listed $18

This turban headband has a faux leather look, and if I could pull off this style of headband, I’d definitely wear it out, but…

at least it’s also perfect for keeping my hair out of my face when I’m wearing sheet masks! (I wish the material was a bit more grippy to keep it from slipping, though.)

D.L. & Co. Woodsmoke Vetiver Candle – Retail Value $85 (Happy Rebel lists price of $92)

If you’re familiar with D.L. & Co. candles, then you know that their packaging is always fantastic! This candle could be an amazing gift if you are willing to part with it.

It’s a 3-wick candle with an approx 80-hour burn time.

This candle is a lovely cozy winter scent. It’s a blend of smoky birchwood, crushed vetiver, rich hickory, warm oak, pure cedar, white elm, balsamic amber, and earthy moss.

Soprano Labs Charcoal Vegan Soap – Retail Value $10 (Happy Rebel lists price of $12)

This soap is organic and vegan, with coconut and olive oils for moisture. I’m a fan of charcoal soap to help clear + clean your skin, and this one is fab.

Soprano Labs Rose Hydrating Mist – Retail Value $14 (Happy Rebel lists price of $16)

This is another ingredient-conscious item from Soprano Labs, and functions as both a toner and a refresher spray to use throughout the day. I’m not the biggest rose-scent fan, but I found this scent to be light and sweet. (Warning – the mist is not super fine, though.)

Soprano Labs Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask – Retail Value $16 (Happy Rebel lists price of $18)

You can use this as a face mask, body mask, or even a scalp treatment! Like most mud masks, you apply a liberal layer than wait for it to completely dry before removing. It’s scented with Tea Tree and Geranium Essential Oils, and it left my skin feeling clean and smooth. (It’s designed to help cleanse and minimize the appearance of pores.)

Goodnight Darling Co. Rose Himalayan Salt Bath Soak – Retail Value $5.50 (Happy Rebel lists price of $8)

How pretty is this salt blend? In addition to the rose petals, it is scented with lavender and eucalyptus essential oils, so it has a sweet, floral scent.

Verdict: This box has a retail listed value of about $226.50. I think that’s great for a $100 box, and I appreciate that Happy Rebel sent a custom sized item this box, too. The theme is on point, and everything feels like it’s a perfect fit for a luxe, cozy, spa day at home.

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? If you sign up today, your first box would be the spring box, BUT if you want this to be your first box, reply your order confirmation email with the robe size you would like and Happy Rebel will start you with the winter box instead.

Coupon – No coupons available at this time.

Value Breakdown: At $100 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Robe: $34.44
  • Headband: $7.95
  • Candle: $37.53
  • Soap: $4.41
  • Mist: $6.18
  • Mask: $7.06
  • Bath Salts: $2.43

What do you think of the Winter Happy Rebel Box? What is your favorite item?

Happy Rebel Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (76)

  1. Can we please SEE the robe modeled?

  2. Gosh, so much hate. The mystery boxes did look extremely disappointing, I’ll give people credit for that. But after PSMH, I am wary of all mystery boxes. Anyhow, in the end, all items in every subscription box ever have had seriously inflated values attached to them. Would I pay over $50 for a candle ever? No. Will I use the candle? Hell yes! Will I use every single item in this box? Absolutely. Would I pay $100 or more for these items if I were at the mall and planning to spoil myself with an at home spa day? Heck yeah. So the value is there.

    I’d get a 3-wick candle at B&BW for $12.50
    I’d then head to Sephora for a mask $25, toner $15, soap $15, and bath soak $5.50.
    On to Target for a robe $25 and a headband $10.

    So… $108, but that robe isn’t half as nice as the one from HR, the candle has a better burn time, and frankly I’m in love with that face mask. My skin looks and feels amazing after using it, and it’s definitely exfoliating and makes an impact on skin, without irritating it (I have super sensitive skin). I cannot wait to splurge on some other Soprano Labs products in the future, and that find totally makes the box worthwhile to me.

    • Exactly my thoughts, Jennifer!

    • I don’t think the majority of the uproar is about the box contents, but rather the inflated pricing. I would be happy to receive the box that Liz reviewed, but I won’t be purchasing from HR due to the mystery box disappointment and the weird pricing stuff. And you are right – mystery boxes are always a “buyer beware” type situation. Glad you will enjoy your @ home spa stuff 🙂

  3. Love ya Liz but really a robe being on trend? Who else sees it but Eric?

    • She said the “crushed velvet material” is very on trend; not robes. And it is. Crushed velvet tops, shorts, shoes, etc. are all over the place right now.

      • GOOD comment Amanda = my thoughts exactly!!! Some things don’t need to be said…… just blows my mind that someone would actually post “luv ya liz but really” ………?????

  4. I love the heck out of this box. I really don’t care much about what sort of value they assign the items on the info card – honestly, I am not the kind of girl that buys a $92 candle OR an $85 candle, and the lion’s share of that number isn’t coming from HR, it’s coming from the brand itself. If the box overall is a good value for whatever I’m paying, I’m happy with it. This box feels luxe, has solid curation, and I didn’t have to worry about being able to use an item as a gift because shipping is slower than the Pony Express (PopSugar, looking at you side-eyed here). They get extra points from me because their customer service has been top notch and they clearly went out of their way to be plus-size inclusive here. This was my favorite box of the year (though to be fair, PopSugar December was solid too).

  5. HR seems to get so much hate on this site and it is so confusing. They do something that another box does and they get ripped apart while others don’t. It’s just so odd to me. Overpriced items? How about FFF? Oui Please?? HR says they price something a couple dollars higher to include shipping and support other companies (and I like many of the brands they feature are small) and people lose their minds. I appreciate the fact that they respond with a clear reason that makes sense, instead of most companies who price products however they want and move on. They just told you straight up. How is that “shady”?

    And who goes by the prices provided in subscription boxes anyway? I attribute my own personal value to each item, and then if the price I pay is lower, that’s all I care about! I would pay about $130 for these items in a store, so I am happy to pay $100 with free shipping and no tax.

    I LOVE this box, Happy Rebel! Great job!

    • If HR just left RV off entirely that would be one thing and you could judge the box purely on the contents and make your decision but when you tell people “our box is worth x and you’re saving Y!” and it’s made up prices that are easily verifiably wrong it makes you feel like an idiot as the consumer. It’s like the stores that cover up price tags and then do a sale so it ends up being almost the same price on sale… it’s trying to trick the customer on perceived value and that is where this “hate” you see on the site is coming from. Also it really screws with people on the swap site because do you go by actual value, HR’s magic pricing strategy value?

    • Here is why I view Happy Rebel negatively and not other boxes.
      I paid $50 for a HR mystery box and got:
      -a box of matches
      -a hair tie thing
      -a box of note cards
      -two tea towels
      The tea towels were not in any kind of wrapping or with tags or branding of any sort. Nothing was in giftable condition.
      Ignoring the retail values, that box was worth about $10-$15 to me.

      I paid $50 (49.99 I guess) for a FFF Fall box and got:
      -A cozy wrap
      -A cute winter hat
      -A gym bag
      -A jewelry holder
      -Cuticle oil
      -Mud Mask
      -Hot/cold pack
      -Lip crayon
      -Hair rinse
      Every item was in it’s original retail packaging. Everything was in giftable condition.
      Again, ignoring the retail value, this box was worth at least $100 to me (based on what I would pay for the same or similar items).
      Now, I agree that I wouldn’t pay the “retail” value for some of the FFF items, but you can see the difference in value and why, in comparison, the HR box was so offensive. If HR had just apologized, admitted that they over-promised on those mystery boxes, and done something to make it right, I don’t think they would be getting so much criticism.

      • MMP, I understand where your coming from, but the “more is more” perspective does not apply to everyone, including me. Mine is a little different. I don’t subscribe to FFF (or get mystery boxes) because I feel all of their items are basic, boring, and nothing special. That’s just my opinion. They have more “value” in their boxes than anyone, but if I don’t want any of their items (or can easily swap for a couple that I do want) they are of no value to me. With HR I end up keeping most everything, and get bombarded with swap requests for anything I list on the swap. I agree the tea towels don’t come with any packaging and might be hard to gift to some, but the other items you mentioned come in retail packaging just like you would buying them anywhere else..? And Liz provided photos of all of the items in past reviews…. if you don’t like the way they package or price their items, why did you think you would like their mystery box? They didn’t over promise… they sent exactly what they advertised! What should they apologize for? They did not change anything about their prices or packaging for the mystery boxes from when they were originally sent to subscribers. It sound like this box just isn’t for you, but that isn’t HR’s fault. That’s the great thing about subscription boxes is that people like different things, and there is something for everybody 🙂

      • Well, it sounds like you are the HR target audience… the girl who is too cool for the “basic” sub boxes. And it’s great that you’re there for them but at least the other boxes use actual retail prices for the items you can purchase at other places…even if they seem inflated. I was put off by HR when they fully knocked off that towel a couple years ago and the pricing issue just reinforces my opinion of them. I can’t do business with a company who thinks their customers are too dense to notice these things. But for the customers who don’t mind…I guess that works out for everyone.

      • Meg, I am not cooler (or dumber) than anyone else, I assure you 😛 I am just a super cheap bargain hunter who isn’t going to part with a dime unless I am getting something I REALLY want for a good price. I know I can find most things in subscription boxes cheaper if I do a little digging, but I like the value I get from HR because their items are unlike things I normally come across for a great personal value to me.

    • ^^ What she said! Agreed! ^^

      • Oops….my reply was intended for Sam’s comment above.

      • I agree with Sam, also! I think I recall Liz wisely suggesting that subscribers read reviews to see the items that HR contains in their boxes. That is the onus of the buyer of the Mystery Box(es). Every single item was shown in those reviews and was often a box.

        Last month, I’ll never forget the grief that went on and on and on, etc., about a leather earbud holder from an independent Etsy seller. Those were supporting an individual seller, packaged nicely, and leather earbud holders that happened to still have the hair attached. I think i recall receiving leather ear bud holders from other boxes like Bespoke Post and Gentlemen’s Box, if I recall correctly, and not one peep, but it was like people wanted to burn the curators of HR at the stake, while they were supporting an individual person trying to make a living, which was all leather.

        I don’t get it, either.

        Rock on, Happy Rebel!

      • I was pretty repulsed by that hairy cord taco thing, but I completely agree with you that it’s hypocritical not to have the same issues with all leather products.

        Kudos to HR for leaving out animal products this time. If I’d been wiser and avoided the HR mystery box I’d have bought this in a heartbeat. I think it’s a great box.

      • h, I’m pretty sure because with the leather holder most people don’t quite associate it with the cow but when you point out that it’s a calf hair leather holder it struck more of a chord that this was made from a baby cow… Happy Rebel doesn’t try to be a vegan box so I had nothing against it but I would never go out and buy one or seek one out.

      • Julie – not to beat a dead horse but calf hair items aren’t actually made of baby cows. It’s the name of a type of leather that comes from the side of the animal with the hair on it. I honestly think that most of the uproar over the earbud holder was simply because it was hairy. When something looks like the animal, it’s much harder for people to disassociate it from it’s original source than smooth or suede leather products. Which, as hypocritical as it may be because I love leather items, is why I’d personally be a bit turned off with receiving a hairy leather one. But I certainly wouldn’t skewer anyone for making/buying that type of item.

    • Well said! I don’t understand why some of the smaller companies get the hate and FFF and others don’t for the same practices?

    • SAM, I think if they sent out the box and just kept the retail value off entirely no one would have an issue and then as you said you could assign the value on your own but to tell customer that something is worth more than it actually is, is simply lying and that’s where you see the “hate.”

      • Julie, I agree leaving off values altogether would work for the regular box, but I am not sure how it would work for a mystery box. If they posted the mystery box for sale for $50 the first question from anyone would be “how many items” or “how much stuff comes in it”? Even giving a number of items doesn’t really tell you anything about the planned value. I wouldn’t buy a mystery box without any idea of what value I would be getting is. Without an specific value amount stated I would assume it would be $50 for $50 of items and who in the subscriber world wants that lol. Also, they could leave the values off of the brochure, but they would eventually be assigning some sort of value when listed on their website.

        Different companies sell the same product for different prices all the time, and I don’t see how HR should be some sort of exception to this rule. Look at their knife block they still have listed on their website. You search it online and it comes back with prices ranging from $80 to $130 on on other websites. HR is at $108. It’s right in the middle. They never said they have rock bottom Amazon prices in everything they sell. If they did that, then yes, they would be lying, but as it stands, they aren’t lying about anything.

      • That would be something they might need to think about when it came to mystery boxes or if you’re so proud of your box and you truly believe that the mystery boxes we received were worth $50 Just give the options and see how many people would actually purchase the box. Popsugar does warehouse cleanouts too and the last few boxes they straight up gave us the makeup of the box or at least an item or two that would be in it. I still bought them!

        Almost everyone received the kitchen prints, dishtowels and the hair tie bracelet so they could have advertised what to expect from a long list…

        The prices they advertise is above those of the manufacturer price. No one expects rock bottom or amazon prices but merchant price is the general rule to retail value especially on a site where we use these values to swap items so it isn’t fair for the exact same candle to be more expensive from happy rebel than from the D&L box. That’s where the lie is, the base price is pretty universal and then you can feel free to sell it for whatever you want. If they want to make up their own prices then they kind of need to stick to exclusive products like the bathrobe or their kitchen prints.

  6. An $85/$92 candle? Guys, that is groceries for a week for me

    • There is NO way a candle should cost that much. I love candles and realize they aren’t exactly cheap but this is ridiculous. I don’t care if its got gold flakes in it. For that price it better have gold and be surrounded in little diamonds.

      • If you’ve ever been to a nice department store or a boutique shop, that price is pretty standard, what you’re paying for is that they usually have really pure ingredients and the scents aren’t created with toxic chemicals like Yankee Candles are. I’ve bought a candle like that, they’re usually to display and burn on special occasions or for company not, like, a Tuesday while watching Netflix. This box is full of higher-priced luxury-ish items, so I don’t see the big deal. If you don’t want luxury-priced items or think they’re not worth it, this box is not for you.

  7. After receiving my “mystery” box and seeing these over inflated values, I wouldn’t purchase a thing from Happy Rebel with someone else’s money.

  8. Yikes. Really liked the robe, but man am I turned off after those mystery boxes and now the off pricing.

  9. I’ve been making candles since I was 16, I’m 35 now….and I can tell you they’re are no candle making ingredients that could justify it costing 95$ at that size, unless there’s gold/jewlery/precious stones in it or it’s one of those elaborately carved candles you see at faires. Even with the best wax, wicks, and perfumes/oils at that size 95$ is just plain insanity. I get that it’s luxe, but that price is going way too far.

  10. I wanted this box but couldn’t justify paying $100. Why doesn’t Happy Rebel ever have sales?

    • They do. Just search for mystery box and read the forums though before purchasing.

      • Thanks, AAC, but I meant their regular boxes are never discounted. After reading about the mystery boxes, I have no desire to buy one of those.

  11. I have a feeling this box isn’t going to last much longer. The pricing scam is ridiculous. And what in this box is “Rebel” ? Just another higher priced sub….these items can be found in any beauty/lifestyle box.

  12. LOL! Next thing you know they’ll be sending $30 cookies.

  13. After purchasing their $50 mystery Black Friday box, I refuse to ever give Happy Rebel anymore of my money!! The items that I received in my mystery box were just meh, but Happy Rebel’s statement that the items total over $100 in RV is TOTALLY LAUGHABLE!! It definitely was not a smart business decision, as I had been considering subscribing for awhile and when the opportunity to buy one of their mystery boxes presented itself, I thought that it would be a great way for me to see the quality of the items. Take note @happyrebel you lost a customer based on the horrible mystery box and your greediness!!

    • Totally agree! I had been watching Happy Rebel and thinking of subscribing. I jumped on that mystery box, thinking that if it was good, I’d sign up for a year. After receiving the world’s most expensive matches and hair ties, and a ridiculous response from the company, (admitting that I was $2 shy of the promised “retail value” and offering to refund a pro-rated portion of that $2), I will never do business with them again. It would have been so easy for them to make those mystery box problems right, and save their reputation and future customers. The responses in this thread from the company almost seem to be intentionally missing the point. They have cool items and good curation–too bad they blew it.

      • Totally agree with both of these comments! The massive disappointment and shame I felt for spending $50 on the 4 dollar-store items I received in my mystery box ensured I will never be a HR subscriber.

      • This box looks pretty good, but I too had my first exposure to HR with the mystery box. Frankly, I did so much fast shopping that week – some websites crashed and couldn’t process orders, others ran out before I could complete the transaction, some said they ran out and then sent me the item). So I didn’t even remember that I had ordered it and what it was supposed to be. It came later in the month than the other BF deals I bought. A tiny black box, looked like Sisley – but wasn’t. When I opened the items, nothing rang a bell either. But I did have a sense that this must have been some cheap $10 thing I bought impulsively. Boy was I surprised when I checked that this was a $50 box, from a company who’s boxes are usually $100.

        It just was not a good introduction to Happy Rebel. Seems like many companies tried to put their best foot forward with those holiday specials. Glossy Box and Birch box limited edition boxes really impressed me. Boxycharm (which I subscribe to) was too jammed for me to order – and I was on at the beginning and tried for quite a while. Seeing the box, I don’t feel I missed out, but that was surprising too that Boxycharm did such a bad job. Only with them, I’ve already been impressed with the boxes I’ve gotten this year, so they had already won me over as a customer.

  14. If you’re plus sized there is a similar velvet robe online on the Catherine’s plus size website for $27

    • Alex, I saw this robe and wanted it SO badly. Then I found the same crushed velvet robe in the same color at Target. Yay for me.

      • Oh! Online? I’ll be looking for it!

      • The Target one looks shorter and has a hood, but that is a great find. Thanks!

    • My hubby actually bought me that one from Target for my birthday (just after Christmas). It’s cute in person too.

  15. I’ve been waiting for this review! Yay, finally!
    Liz can you please show us the robe on you- over clothes is fine. I have been super confused as to how it’s supposed to fit and seeing it on you might help give reassurance.
    I ordered my regular size, as suggested by HR prior to receiving but it really seems odd on me. The top is really wide open and the sleeves are awkwardly short for a robe. I have regular, average measurements, yet it just seems to fall weird. Best I can figure is it runs a bit small? Because even tho the shoulder seams line up, I just can’t get the thing to fall where it isn’t realllyyy exposing my chest. It’s so awkward. And the sleeve length… it just barely hits my wrist bone.
    Overall, it’s a pretty fabric (many I saw were kinda annoyed that it was more a slate/teal blue than a true gray!) and has good weight, but for me, it’s a huge miss that it doesn’t close right up top, isn’t at all cozy with the wide open top and short sleeves and well, I has my hopes set on the gray in the HR advertised pics. Not the slate/teal blue gray it truly is, in person. It doesn’t match what I had planned for it to boot.
    And HR had already said that if you order and it doesn’t fit, too bad. So… this box was a sad miss for me, basically a way overpriced candle. And if I can’t figure out how the robe is supposed to look, well a complete waste.
    Hoping a pic of you actually modeling it would better show the proportions. I think I’d feel better knowing if it’s just meant & designed to fall a certain way or if I see how you’re wearin it, if know if my problem could be solved with a different size.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Emme! If you would like to exchange your robe for a different size, please contact us. Thanks!

  16. I find the “pricing strategy” or whatever they want to call it such a turn off. If you need to go into that much detail to explain it, it just makes it feels shady. I’d rather a company just be up front and charge for shipping. (Or they could go there popsugar route…. Don’t charge us for shipping but pick the cheapest option that takes 3 weeks for a box to arrive…. Lol).

    They clearly read the comments here since they respond, but choosing to blatantly ignore the clearly stated opinions of would be subscribers is going to cost them in the long run.

  17. I love love love this robe. Might be my favorite sub box item I’ve gotten this year.

  18. This was my first box (subscription, not talking about the mystery box) from Happy Rebel and I really loved it. The robe and candle are awesome. I have no need/interest in the beauty items, but was able to find them a good home via swapping. I don’t recall seeing much beauty in the other boxes, so I’m hoping this was just a one time deal.

    I’m so excited to see what the Spring box will have in it. I’d really love a nice shoulder bag. Every other box out there seems to do clutches and little handbags, so it would be a nice change.

  19. I have hope still but not about to go all in and share on SM. Following

  20. With possibly the exception of the headband there was nothing “rebel” about this box. The items are fine but just don’t fit the name of the box.

  21. Liz, you got sent this courtesy?! So jelly. I know you get boxes all the time, but I am DYING for this robe. $75 is just so much for it individually. But I feel the way about this that I did about that black kimono of theirs that I now own. But I just can’t justify $100, no matter how much I want to.

  22. I think it’s really sketchy that they have a policy of inflating their values over the retail price set by the manufacturer. I think most people depend on the promised value and arbitrary inflation makes it really difficult to assess whether a box is worth purchasing.

  23. This sub is on my radar, and not in a good way, after that mystery box -inflated value- fiasco. And i see they have done it again!? So shady. And that candle is laughable! Smh!

    • Hi Stephanie! We are happy to provide some more insight into our pricing strategy. We price our items to be able to offer free shipping on single product purchases from our shop without a minimum purchase amount. Also, it is important to us to support our brands and artisans we work with. If one of our members wants an extra item from our box they will save by purchasing it from us, but if they want to try some new products from a brand they discovered in our box, they will save by purchasing directly from them, and that is great! Feel free to contact us directly if you have any additional questions. We would love to chat!

      • I think the disconnect is that most people do not consider shipping as part of retail value for a sub – box item, or curating value, or packaging, etc. We just expect the standard rv price to be listed and no ‘extras’ added in to pad the value.

        We all know subs save on shipping, but it gets hard to compare subscriptions when a few add shipping into the rv and most don’t.

      • Hey @HappyRebelBox While I understand the company line and how you want the inflated priced to be perceived you may want to just scroll through the forum and see how a large part of your customer base actually perceives your pricing strategy and how you lost possible consumers by using it.

      • But it isn’t free shipping since you have spread the cost across all items and with your giving back strategy, you are not doing it from your normal sales, you are forcing us to pay your percentage regardless if we want to since you are not paying it. When You take out your inflation which covers your shipping and giving back plan, you end up with full retail to pad your pocket. It leaves a really bad taste in our mouths since we are the once she funding both. And you get to claim you are donating/giving back but really you are not losing your full mark up

      • Hi Hildol! I am not sure if I fully understand your feedback. Our quarterly boxes are $100 per quarter ($380 annual) with free shipping, so the items are already heavily discounted from the regular price. Our donations are also based on our full annual sales of both boxes and individual items. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  24. I think that robe is beautiful! Do you know if plus sizes were included as size options for the robe? It would be a bummer if as a plus size woman I would subscribe and not be able to get the big ticket item in my size.

    • Hi Jessica! We carry the robe in sizes XS to 3XL. We are currently sold out of size small, but the rest are still in stock. More sizing information is available on the shop listing on our website. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any other questions regarding sizing 😊

      • Thanks! Good to know!

    • Just a heads up- I’m normally a 2x in tops & an 18 in pants. I opted to go with a 3xl robe for an over-sized fit & just to be sure it did fit. I actually laughed when I pulled it out of the box. It wouldn’t even close and the arms were too small. I was super bummed because it was definitely my favorite part of the box. 🙁

      • Same. I got excited seeing that there was a 3xl option but of course it wasn’t an actual 3xl size. I guess fat chicks don’t deserve to be a part of this box. I’ve been a subscriber about year and every clothing item offered has to be gifted. Time to cancel.

      • Hi Kimberli! This is the first sized item we have offered in one of our boxes, so we would love your feedback regarding plus size brands with sizing that works well for you. Please contact us directly to chat more. Thanks!

  25. Nope “Happy” Rebel. Just nope. I learned my lesson already.

  26. So they inflated the value of every (verifiable) single item? This box isn’t my bag anyway, but that is a major turn-off.

    • Now just try to imagine the margin of how the unverifiable values are inflated…

  27. I really liked Happy Rebel when I was a subscriber, but I’m super disappointed to see the blatant price inflation here. It’s so unnecessary–the easily disproven inflated prices account for a grand total of $15.50 (not including the HR-branded robe and turban). Why would they forfeit their integrity for $15.50 of supposed value? HR seems to be sliding down an unfortunate and desperate sub box model slope.

    The only way I can give them the benefit of the doubt is to assume they’re factoring in hidden (i.e., shipping) costs for certain items. But even if that’s the case, can’t they see how sleazy this comes across as? I was considering resubscribing for this box (a published value of $211 would have been FINE with me), but based on the price inflation alone, I won’t be re-upping and now I’m not at all sorry I stopped subscribing.

  28. Nice box. I want that robe!

  29. I think that the Tech theme was for Fall– this one should be Relax.

    • I was thinking the same, lol. There is no tech in this box, but it fits the relax theme mentioned on the card.

  30. I wish I had skipped this box. the items are great, just not me. And I realize that I didn’t receive the headband in my box. Do you think it’s too late to email them to tell them?

    • I would email them. They have replied to a few comments, but I figure it’s worth a shot!

  31. $85 for a candle??

    • OH NOOO. Look at the brochure. It’s $92 for that candle!

      That aside I think this is a rad box! I think they did a good job, the robe is really pretty.

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