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BoxyCharm February 2018 SPOILER #1!

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We have the first February 2018 Boxycharm spoiler thanks to Yosef on Boxycharm Beauties!

The February box will include:

3 Piece Brush Set from Crown!

In case you missed it, we also have a Boxycharm spoiler that will be in a future box.

Future Boxycharm spoiler:

Source: Boxycharm Beauties

Seraphine Botanicals Sugar + Lemon Moisturizing Lip Buffer

What do you think of the first February Boxycharm spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Cancelled my subscription after 2 months of bronzers (one of which broke in shipment, and Boxy customer service hassled me about a replacement) which I can’t use, cheap brushes, and for this month, an eyeshadow palette that clearly had been swatched. The fingerprints were clearly there on the eyeshadows. They also didn’t honor the credit/coupon that I used from this site, when I first signed up in October. I hope someone who’s been on the waitlist enjoys the boxes, but for me, they weren’t worth the price. Even my daughter who is a make-up freak and quite knowledgeable said the products were terrible overall (other than maybe one nice piece per box).

  2. When will we get more spoilers? 😉 I’m so excited, my first box will be arriving any day now!!

  3. I really hope i get off the waitlist quickly like some have been able to. I just signed up today. Really excited to start getting a boxycharm. Hoping alot to be able to get Feb box. Would love the new brushes!

    • Umm that brush in the middle looks so similar to the brush we got last month…? It’s ok though because I’m always more impressed in person.

      • I thought the same thing Ellen! But I suppose a girl can never have too many brushes! lol

  4. 5 months and still on the waiting list!!! And this box I would be extra excited for. They have enough product to replace broken items, but not fill waitlist. Each month That I don’t receive ‘that’ email, I lose respect for this company. It’s frustrating to read how new subscribers get in immediately and some, like myself get skipped over constantly.

    • Wow! Either something is terribly wrong with the way they are getting things done, or they’ve had a massive amount of people subscribing over the last few weeks. I subscribed November 5th and my first box was the December box. I’ve also seen where people have subscribed in October, and say they are still waiting??? What??? 😱 I’m sorry you are having to wait so long. I am loving the boxes, so far, I hope you get off the waitlist soon. It will be worth it!

    • you should email them about this. No reason you should have been on the waitlist for that long! Email them soon so maybe you can get the Feb box.

      • I’m so sorry!! I thought it was odd that I was off after only 5 days 😟 I would call and be like wtf?!

    • I signed up on Jan 10th.. was waitlisted.. then got an email on jan 12th saying I was off the waitlist. I was only on it for 2 days. Then the 18th my January box was sent out. I would contact them because it makes no sense why you are on it still. I did prepay for 6 months so I don’t know if that takes priority over monthly or if 12 month takes priority over all. ?

      • Well, I was off after 5 days. In that 5 days, two friends used my link to sign up as well. I wondered if that could have had something to do with it?

    • You definitely need to email them and complain. Let them know that you have been on the waitlist for 5 months and have seen several people get off the waitlist in a month or less so this is bull crap. It will take them up to 72 hours to respond, but I guarantee if you do that they will take you off the waitlist for next month. I can’t believe you have been on there for 5 months. I subscribed at the end of October (around the 22) and received an email that I was off the waitlist on Nov. 1st so literally only on the waitlist for a little over a week. & that has been during your 5 month waitlist time frame. Something isn’t right. Please email them complaining and letting them know that you have been on there for 5 months and I guarantee you will get off for next month.

    • Beth –
      Make another email account & try sign up again. Some people do that so they get 2 boxes. I think 6 months is too long. Good luck 🍀

    • I finally got off the wait list after 5 months. Hopefully this month is your month. Still hoping to get the January 2018 box.

    • I would email them and ask about the wait list. Tell them how long it been. This month at the beginning of January me & my daughter both signed up. We both got put on the waiting list. By the next week we was both off & got the January box. I had emailed them right away asking how long i would be on the list. 5 mths is a really long time.

    • Beth, I was on the waitlist for 3 weeks not as long as you but the boxes are worth it! Boxycharm is the best makeup I have had! I am excited for it every month! You can use your messenger on facebook to get a hold of them thats what I did it was faster. But boxycharm is worth the waiting and Yosef Martin is awesome and cares about his customers.

  5. Boxycharm has so gone downhill! I’m done ! I cancelled forever now. Ugly brushes all the time, ugly palettes etc,,, NO MORE , GOOD BYE BOXYCHARM

    • Good another spot open for the ladies on the waitlist😊

  6. AMAZING Boxycharm! We are so excited! Please know that most of us Charmers appreciate everything you put in those boxes and we are so happy with everything!!! We can’t belive what we get for just 21$!! Thank u so so much! You guys are the best beauty box out there!!❤️❤️❤️

    • I totally agree. We receive five products and basically the entire box is paid by one of them. The other four are free! So why not donate what you don’t like to someone who would appreciate it? Instead, I read so many complaints every month! I’m so happy with my Boxycharm… if you’re not, please unsubscribe and let other people enjoy it!

      • Obviously, you haven’t dealt with their customer service team (if you don’t already work for them.) The box is great but they do not have it together professionally or know how to appropriately resolve subscriber issues. I’d rather have a cheaper box and feel good about the company I am supporting.

        • That is so funny you just wrote that. I just wrote my tenth email regarding my lost shipment. At first, she was telling me the lost box was my January box and I could have it replaced as a courtesy one time replacement. The next day my Jan box arrives. Thank goodness. Would have hated to use my one time replacement. So I email her and tell her it was obviously just my replacement bronzer from it coming broken last month. She said no problem here is tracking number for another new one. Sent the exact same tracking number lol. I emailed 3 times telling her it’s the lost one with no response. What a waste of time. Great customer service. I love their boxes and what we get but you better hope you don’t have issues.

          • @Melanie711 if you want them to respond to your emails, stop emailing back multiple times before they respond back to your email. When you send an email to customer service through their website, it tells you to wait between 48 and 72 hours and they will respond. It also says not to send another email concerning the same issue because they answer emails on a first come, first serve basis and every time you send a new email it moves your name to the back of the que. Most people get upset if they haven’t responded in 24 hours, but they literally tell you that it will be up to 72 hours before they respond, not counting weekends. Email them once and give them the allotted time and they will respond. I’ve no issues with receiving responses from them because I email once and wait for a few days for them to respond. & They are always helpful when they do respond.

          • @kenetrice I never said I didn’t wait 24-72 hours. This was our tenth correspondence between us on the SAME subject. We had been going back and forth on this subject. I waited and waited for responses after her telling me my “new” tracking number” which was the one we had been discussing was lost all along. How do you know how long I waited???? You DONT so you shouldn’t assume. Great for you they’ve been wonderful. I’ve been dealing with this for hours. Being told my January box was lost. I had to figure out on my own it wasn’t and it was my replacement bronzer which had come broken. Then she sends me the same lost tracking number and says great news your replacement is on the way after 10 emails back and forth discussing that tracking number package being lost. And now 10 days later no answer. So don’t you say anything to me.

          • I watched a video from a YouTuber named who was upset about the PR she has always gotten. Well, it turns out that they out-source their customer service. That’s why it’s so horrible. Try reaching out on twitter or snap or Facebook or insta.

          • @audrey. Thank you so much for the suggestion. I sounded like a crazy person in my last comment when I said “don’t you say anything to me” lol. I totally worded it wrong. I meant to say you can’t say anything to me that will change my mind. But I didn’t somehow finish my thought. I almost asked them if they were outsourced during one of the exchanges but I didn’t think that sounded pc. I got the feeling that English was not their first language, which is fine of course but I think that could lead to some of the miscommunication. They are just following policy and I understand that but it gets frustrating. Anyway, I do love the boxes. We get so much for our money. Again, I really appreciate your help!!

        • I don’t work for boxycharm and I’ve never had 1 problem with customer service. I’ve been subbed for 2 years and everytime I have an issue, they resolve it quickly. Last year my box got lost in the mail and they replaced it. Ive received 3 broken items during the course of my subscription and they’ve replaced them quickly and apologized even though it wasn’t their problem an item broke. Ive always been treated well by their customer service. Just because you or someone you know may have had a “bad” experience doesnt mean they’re all bad. I love my boxycharm and I’ll never cancel!

        • There customer service was amazing the one time I needed them😊

    • Agreed !😊

    • I echo what you wrote! I Love my Boxycharm. I never complain because even if I don’t get to use 1or 2 of the items received. There are 2that I Do! We have received 3or more of Dr Brandt Beauty products. I’m in Love with my Primer 😍😍😍😍😍 Thank you @boxycharm

      Let’s not forget I get to try brands that have worked well with my Latina olive skin tone.

  7. For all of the people complaining that they have “too many” brushes or palettes or lipsticks I urge you to cancel and make room for the people dying to get off the waitlist. In case you forgot this is a BEAUTY subscription. You will receive multiple palettes liners brushes blushes…because that’s what a beauty subscription is. Now I know people like to complain but I for one LOVE BOXYCHARM!! I get 150$ worth of product every month for $21. Amazing products I might add. Even the ones I don’t use are given as gifts are donated to people who APPRECIATE IT. I live for the spoilers and am thankful we even have a boxycharm to subscribe too! So in closing, instead of crying you are sick of this or sick of that please just make room for future charmers. I can promise you there are many many many people in line that will appreciate how amazing BOXYCHARM IS!! ❤️❤️

    • Yes! I Love all my brushes and my Boxycharm Period! 😍😍😍

    • Amen!! I am just now receiving my second box. When I saw the first spoiler of the brushes I was so happy. I love makeup brushes! Then I start scrolling down the comments and Im reading nothing but negative feedback, complaints and disappointments…it slowly crushed my excitement….literally. Not saying I let people affect my mood but what a bunch of Debbie downers…seriously just unsubscribe.

  8. Would love to see more eco friendly products

  9. Just waiting for the spoiler for another brown lipstick, since that seems to be the only color BC thinks I need. I have a pile of brown lipsticks from my past year with BC (I hate brown lipstick with a passion)…think it may be time to cancel, cause I just can’t get excited about this mess anymore.

    • Good another spot for someone on the waitlist!

    • Exactly…i get brown, brown grey (I had no clue that was even a color) nude lips that don’t look like I have anything on. It’s truly disappointing because lips are my “thing” and they don’t seem to switch it around or rotate the colors for subscribers. I would LOVE to get reds, berry, anything, I mean anything other then browns and nudes.

      Does anyone know of a good lip sub?? I just cancelled lip monthly because the things they sent were NOTHING like what the photos showed they sent. I’d like to find a decent lip sub each month.

      • Notoriously Morbid has a monthly lip subscription, called Mystic Mattes (I think? If not, it’s close). Website says one special item just for subscribers and one other full product. Nice bold colors. There is a waitlist. Don’t know how long it is. Even if you don’t want to subscribe, you can buy makeup that isn’t the special subscription colors anytime, I get my eyeshadow from them. Thecompany is a small owned business and lipsticks are hand poured (per website) I would buy more lipsticks from them but can’t have anything with coconut oil or a mystery allergy I can’t pinpoint.

  10. Anyone have usps state boxy was delivered but you never receive the package? Similar thing happened last month but it did end up turning up after the “delivered” status. I don’t want Boxy to think I’m crying wolf when I haven’t received the package at all. -_-

    • happened to me before but box turned up the next day.

    • Check you neighbor’s house!!

  11. Do we ever get foundation or powders.

  12. With Boxycharm do we ever get foundation, or powders this is my third month. Just wondering I’m kinda hoping for it.

    • They don’t do foundation because its not a personalized sub box and it would be IMPOSSIBLE to get everyone’s shade right. We have gotten a BareMinerals setting powder in the past. I don’t remember which month but it was last year.

  13. I’m not sure I’m too enthusiastic about those brushes – they don’t look like ones I’d regularly use. The lip product looks interesting though!

  14. Why can’t boxycharm give us a setting powder…something that I will actually want. (of course it has to be rid of silica for WOC)

    • They sebt 2 in 2016. Bareminerals and studiomakeup

  15. Meh…if I really wanted those cheap brushes…then I would buy them myself. I have been thinking of getting the 3 month subscription to boxycharm, but the past couple months have been ‘meh’ looking for me. So I think I’ll skip.
    Boxycharm puts wayyyyy too many “filler” palettes(its like they just throw in a random palette just to make it 4-5 products) and highlighters. I don’t want nor need makeup brushes either. Suuuurrre, you get some cool expensive products, but what the heck do you do with the rest of the stuff? Store it? Gift it(even though you spent your hard-earned money on the box)? Forget about them? If I got this box, I’d honestly use about 2/3 of the brushes…I don’t know, I feel like i’m rambling…

    Is boxycharm a waste? Like, is it really worth it? Because I feel like I have all the makeup that a girl could want/need, but subscription boxes are fun…

    • Boxycharm, to me, is a great way for a beginner to grow a makeup collection quickly and not spend a fortune. I love it because as a single mom, I can’t afford to go spend $100+ on makeup but for $21, I can get the value and get some amazing products as well. Boxycharm is more for trying out different brands and products and shades you wouldn’t go out of your way to buy. Its not personalized. Your not going to get things tailored to your preferences, its not about that. If you get a shade of lipstick that’s not right for you, but you love the formula, your likely to go out and buy that product in your correct shade. For a makeup addict like myself who can never have enough palettes, highlighters, brushes, etc. I’m thrilled with everything I get in my boxes. But if you’re picky, and see getting products not tailored to your exact preferences as a “waste of money”, then boxycharm is not the subscription for you.

    • subscription boxes are a hit or miss. We aren’t all the same. I would gladly gift or trade with my girlfriends item that may not be for me

      • Me too! And I also make donations to the women’s shelter every few months. I have 3 sub boxes so the stuff I won’t use, I put aside and every couple months i make up cute little makeup bags from either ipsy or the dollar tree and get some travel sized personal care items and put a few makeup items in each one and the women love them and are so grateful. Someone else also mentioned seeing if there’s a local LGBTQ shelter and donating there as well. I dont feel like its a waste of money when something doesn’t work out for me because I can gift it or donate it and it makes me feel good. Even if i only use 2 items and give away 3, I always get more than double what I paid for the box so its a win all the way around!

    • I don’t think you would enjoy it. It sounds like you aren’t a subscriber but you don’t like what they offer so why bother? Save your money to buy just the products you want and leave the spot on the waiting list for someone who is excited to be a subscriber.

    • Crown brushes are good quality. Their palettes are also not ‘fillers.’ They are also sold for full price at major retailers. Pur Soirre Diaries for one. We have recently gotten some awesome skin care from Dr. Brandt and some very nice lip products from Tarte. We’ve also gotten MAC items in recent boxes too. They always have high end brands for us, and I love the fact we can try them for very cheap (full size too) before repurchasing. You never know what you can find that you will absolutely love. I rarely get things I don’t like, and when I have – I go to the swap groups on Facebook or gift the item to a women’s shelter.

      If you don’t like boxy charm then unsubscribe and give someone the chance to be taken off the waiting list!

    • Donate what you don’t want to a woman’s shelter. Most times they leave with very little and I’m sure some makeup would be appreciated.

      • The womens shelter is such a great idea.

        • I’ve also donated to the adult foster care home my friend’s mom works for. The women there love makeup, and often nobody thinks to give them any. Now, I did only give them basics. Blush, shadows, lippies. No nail polish or foundation, things that could get too messy for the workers.

        • My sister in law volunteers at a home for mentally challenged adults (as a speech pathologist) and she said the girls love to get makeup. She spends extra time there after their language sessions and does their nails for them and helps them apply makeup. They are so thrilled and happy about it. I send her a box every few months to take with her.

  16. Great start to this box!

  17. YAY! I can never have enough brushes. 😁

    • Completely agree.

    • I agree 😊😊

  18. Yay! So excited! Can never have enough brushes! And I have a lot of Wet n Wild ones and the crown one from last month that are all white so they will look really pretty all together in a brush holder on my vanity! Cant wait to see more spoilers!!

    • The WnW ones work so well Too!!

      • yes they do! They’re one of my favorite blending brushes. I always pick up extras when I find them at my dollar tree!

  19. Yasssss. Brushes my fave. Even tho they look like the wet n wild i still enjoy getting brushes

    • I love the wet and wild brushes !!

  20. I can’t sell any of these brushes! Nor any of the other products lately! I am going to cancel Boxycharm forever

    • I agree. I already have tons of brushes and don’t need more. I cancelled. I have enough palettes and highlighters to supply a small country. Time to take a break.

    • I cancelled and will let someone else have my spot. I used that $21 to go towards the new Morphe palette instead since I can get so much out of it. The black brushes they sent a couple of months back look much better than these. I love boxycharm but you are right I have enough for right now and am spending money on storing the makeup rather than wearing it. I need to stop.

      • I let my Boxy go for a few months for the same reason. Most of the palettes that they send are not full use palettes, so I don’t use them and I am up to 5now. All though, I still use the highlighter and contour palette from IBY that we got last May, but that is the only one. I a also more of a skin care person and I have found that Allure has been knocking it out of the park these last few months. This month they have a full-size Sunday Riley serum ($85 value) and the next few month’s boxes are looking pretty good too. I will keep looking for Boxy spoilers to see if they have anything worth buying, but Allure has been earning my money lately.

    • Omg, I didn’t receive my January box my mailman lost my box! 🙁 I’m so bummed I didn’t get my box because of this. I am willing to purchase your box. How much will you sell it for.

      • Fedex lost my box. So I email boxycharm. Come to find out it’s the replacement bronzer that came broken last month that was lost not my January box. But I have spent hours trying to get a resolution because I thought it WAS my January box. It’s become a joke. She got back with me two days ago saying your bronzer is on the way with the original tracking number that is lost!! And stay charming! I emailed her back and said you have got to be kidding me. That is the same tracking number we’ve been discussing this whole time. I haven’t heard back and am pretty much going to give up! If you email boxycharm they will replace your box but only one time during your membership. Which I find ridiculous. It’s not our fault fedex or the post office loses it!

      • Send them an email. My box was lost last year and after going back and forth with Fed Ex and the post office, boxycharm said they replace 1 box during your subscription so email them! You already paid for it, you shouldn’t have to buy another one!

    • I agree you should cancel. Why are you subscribing to a subscription box to sell things anyway? That’s not what the boxes are meant for… they are meant for people who love makeup and want to try new things. If you want to sell makeup buy it wholesale and sell on eBay!!

    • Why are you subbing a box to sell the products? I don’t think that’s the idea. It’s to try new products and get amazing finds and deals. Their CS is very frustrating but what we get for $21 compared to other beauty subs is pretty unbeatable. Sure, if it’s something I won’t use I donate it, pass to family or friends or swap it. But if you belong to BC just to sell the items I totally agree with you. Time for you to give it up and let someone on the waitlist have your spot who enjoys makeup and wants to learn and try new products.

      • It really is the person’s decision what they do with their box, enjoy it for themselves or sell it. It is not up to anyone to decide the ethics of a membership. That’s silly.

        • I never said it was unethical of her to sell her items. Above my comment Chris made the same remark. I was only trying to point out that she seems unhappy with boxycharm. Why sub a box to sell items that you aren’t happy with and might not be able to sell? Obviously, I did a poor job. There are a lot of people who want to join BC and can’t due to the waitlist. They want to join for the makeup and to try different brands. I was genuinely curious why she was subbing just to sell. I had never even thought about it and didnt realize people did that. I was merely stating my opinion that I thought the whole point of subs was to try new things. And if she’s unhappy she should try another company and give someone on the waitlist a shot at joining. But I never said she was unethical.

    • That’s a great idea!! I have a ton of friends on the waitlist maybe one of them will get your spot😊

  21. I think these must be made by the same manufacturer as the Wet n Wild brushes. They are exactly the same, even down to the indent, and only the brand name is different.

    • I don’t know about elf, but Crown manufactures and private labels brushes and other products for many other brands. I think Morphe may make some of their own brushes now, but they used to all be private labeled Crown brushes, and at least a lot of them still are.

    • I was literally thinking the same thing! I have some wet n wild brushes and I really love them!

  22. I love love the Criwn blush brush we received. I think OVER my Luxie brush. Thanks Boxy

  23. I’m so excited! Glad my birthday month one is looking good!

  24. I am looking to sell some of my items from last month as well as this month if anyone is interested! They are all unopened! 🙂

    • I’ve bought quite a few past items! Depending on what you have, I may be interested!

    • Same ! I am interested

  25. This set is on the crown website for $30.

  26. Brushes look nice! Im excited for them, always love to get brushes.

  27. I really love these brushes cuz they have indentations on them so they help you hold them in the correct place. That way you’re not too hard on your skin. I have a bad habit of being too hard on myself and my skin 😊

  28. I am so excited, love getting brushes! I almost was disappointed because I thought they were Wet N Wild brushes I get from the Dollar Tree!!! Lol

  29. I love the white & pink. The brush in the December brush was my first Crown brush. I love soft brushes that don’t shed bristles. These will be a welcomed addition to my cases!

  30. I love Crown Brushes, I just used the one I received in a past box. They’re very durable too. Very excited to receive three.

    • Also, the Seraphine Line is Awesome! I have some of their products and really love them. I always reach back to the Seraphine Blush I absolutely love.

  31. Love the brushes! I love Crown brushes.

  32. Don’t these look really similar to the wet n wild brush styles?? I know the brush tip shapes are different and the bottom part of the handle is flat instead of round but everything else? looks pretty muc the same. Down to the indentation for your finger….. not saying it’s a bad thing. I love the wet n wild brushes. Or is the color scheme just making me think they look way closer then they actually are? 🤔

    • They definitely look like them.

    • They’re very similar.

  33. I thought they were wet n wild until I read the description lol still nice always good to store as back up when I’m to lazy to clean my main brushes

  34. I would’ve love to have gotten January’s box 🙁 But I keep getting the “Sorry we couldn’t take you off the waitlist” email. I’ve changed credit cards multiple times, I’ve changed addresses, nothing works. Getting frustrated at this point.

    • Email them! Same thing happened to me. It’s an error on their end. They kept telling me that they didn’t try to bill me and me changing my info only put me back on the bottom of the list. Then I demanded to be taken off and showed them proof of the email and then they took me off. So just email them and be demanding!

    • Was there anything in particular you wanted from the January box? I’m thinking of swapping a few of my items from that.

    • I was on the wait list for literally six days. I thought that I’d be waiting months, but nope. Signed up January 5, was off on the 11. It really makes me question how they take people from the wait list.

      • Me too!

      • Same! When I signed up this summer, I was off the list in a matter of days.

        • I’m not complaining about being off the wait list, but I do feel it should be a first on, first off type of system.

          I do have a question, though. If I’m billed in January, does that mean I will receive the January box?

          • Yes! Whatever month they bill you is the month you start with! You will get a tracking email within 10 business days from the day they take your payment. If you don’t get one, check your spam folder. Mine ended up in there my first 2 months and i didn’t know why I wasn’t getting a tracking email lol!

    • I am getting rid of my entire box. Find me on swaps if interested. Cheers.

  35. Yeesssss!!!!! I love those brushes 😍😍😍😍

  36. Love crown brushes! You can never have too many!

  37. I always love getting brushes, but I always find it’s a pain to store brushes with such fat handles. I’ll definitely use them, but those fat handled brushes take up an unnecessary amount of room in my opinion.

  38. I really need to cancel bc of overload but you can never have too many brushes! I will wait for the next spoiler to decide. Hoping for a setting powder or MAC fix +, skincare item, lash growth or lash primer. Would be nice to have a useful for everybody box with beauty tools like beauty blenders, eye lash curler etc.

    • I have a lot of brushes now thanks to all my subs:). You’re so right, can’t have to many! I need setting powder so bad. We never seem to get any without some kind of luminous shine in it. I just want some plain setting powder! A Mac compressed compact or loose powder would be awesome!

  39. So freaking excited about these brushes! I can always use some new brushes.

    • Me too I always want makeup brushes😁

  40. love crown brushes, but those white handles look really really cheap lol

    • They look identical to some ELF brushes I got at Dollar General for between $1-$3. They were actually really nice, soft brushes.

    • They look exactly like the wet n wild ones to me.

      • You are so right, that’s what I meant. Thank you, I had a moment. I’m at work and brushes aren’t in front of me!

  41. Nice!!! Brushes are always great to get!!! They are also very pretty for Valentines Day!

  42. I JUST got a crown blush brush in December… this looks identical, except for the bristle color.

    I mean Crown brushes are great, but this is SO close together!

    • I think its a bit sketchy that Crown products were their December and January boxes and will now be in February box too. I know boxes repeat some brands but three consecutive months is a bit much…

  43. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  44. Love getting brushes!!!!!

  45. Yay! I love Crown Brush. They make some really, really good products.

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