Bokksu Subscription Box Review + Coupon – January 2018

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Bokksu is a premium Japanese snack subscription service. Each box includes an assortment of authentic Japanese snacks as well as a tea pairing chosen to complement and enhance that month’s flavors.


This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)


About Bokksu

The Subscription Box: Bokksu

The Cost: $39.00 per month + free shipping

The Products: 18-20 premium Japanese snacks including a tea pairing.

Ships to: Worldwide

Bokksu January 2018 Review

Bokksu_January_2018_cardfront Bokksu_January_2018_cardback

The thank-you note from the founder is such a nice touch! This month’s note mentions that the snack market has gotten an upgrade and that the snacks will now be shipped directly from Japan, and they’ve updated their shipping selection to offer faster options.



This month’s theme is “New Year Festival,” and as the card states, the items in the box are curated around Japanese New Year’s colors and flavors such as red, white, and mochi. The tri-folded pamphlet inside the box is your map to the goodies inside – there’s a lot of interesting information about the snacks, and most importantly, they’re very upfront about any potential allergens that the snacks may contain.

Bokksu_January_2018_Hoshuteapackage Bokksu_January_2018_Hoshuteaitself

Hoshu Tea x 3

This month’s tea selection is an antioxidant-packed sencha – a super-hearty green tea. I love tea so much, and this was a really comforting, smooth blend. I’m so excited that I get to enjoy more than one cup of this since I usually switch to tea after my morning coffee. The pretty green color is an added bonus!

Bokksu_January_2018_Kinakobags Bokksu_January_2018_Kinakoplate

Kinako Mochi x 2

I could NOT stop eating these crispy, fluffy treats that were perfectly sweet and salty in the same measure. They’re covered with kinako, which is roasted soybean powder, and the nutty element reminded me very much of peanut butter. I inhaled the whole bag with a cup of coffee and it was perfect. At my encouragement, my husband tried (and liked) a bunch of things in this Bokksu, but I kept the Kinako Mochi all to myself!

Bokksu_January_2018_BakeChocolatepkg Bokksu_January_2018_BakeChocolateplate

White Bake Chocolate x 3

I look the most forward to white chocolate items in boxes like these, and these little guys didn’t disappoint. Is it possible for a cookie to be elegant? Because these are SO elegant. They remind me of a truffle in their paper wrapper and they’re creamy on top with the slight crunch of a cookie on the bottom. They’re basically custom-made for having fancy tea with a friend.

Bokksu_January_2018_Ricecrackerpkg Bokksu_January_2018_Ricecrackerplate

Daruma Rice Crackers x 2

These were neat because there was a variety of different rice crackers in this package, all with different flavors. They’re shaped like Daruma, which are Japanese dolls, and each one had a different flavor like nori, black sesame, etc. The nori was actually my favorite!

Bokksu_January_2018_Kibipkg Bokksu_January_2018_Kibiplate

Kibidango x 2

One of my very good friends is obsessed with mochi, so it’s impossible to see these snacks and not think of her. This treat was interesting because it’s actually been pounded out flat, then wrapped in a rice paper that’s meant to be eaten, too! It had an earthy, almost grassy flavor and wasn’t very sweet, which I didn’t mind. The texture was dense and chewy, but definitely not gummy. These weren’t necessarily my favorite treat in the box, but I think they’re the ones I’m most glad I tried because they were so different from the snacks I’m used to.

Bokksu_January_2018_Redsnapperpkg Bokksu_January_2018_redsnapperplate


Red Snapper Crackers x 2

These were interesting, which I know when it comes to food is sometimes not a good thing, but I promise that’s not code for “bad”! These are shaped like little fish, and they do have a savory, fish flavor that’s balanced out by a slight sweetness. I like their puffed texture, and I think they’d be a quirky addition to a cheese plate and glass of white wine.

Bokksu_January_2018_Tartpkg Bokksu_January_2018_Tartplate

Strawberry Tartlet x 3

I love pretty much any kind of cookie, and these reminded me very much of thumbprint cookies, one of my very favorite cookie varieties. This was perfect. The strawberry filling tasted like fresh fruit, and the buttery cookie base had a nice texture that wasn’t too crumbly.

Bokksu_January_2018_Crackerspkg Bokksu_January_2018_Crackersclose

Ottotto Crackers, Salt Flavor x 2

These were on top for me by being one of the cutest, most visually-pleasing snacks, and flavor-wise, these won my heart as my favorite savory snack in the box! These are designated as being “salt flavor,” and to me, they had almost a Swiss-cheese-like essence to them? It sounds strange, but they were completely addictive. They’re also hollow inside, making for a satisfyingly crispy experience. I shared this snack with my husband and we polished off one of the bags in absolutely no time.

Bokksu_January_2018_Taichocpkg Bokksu_January_2018_Taichocplate


Tai Chocolate x 2

I’m totally a sucker for snacks in the shape of other foods, and these fish-shaped treats were a real delight. The crispy exterior tasted very much like a cake-style ice cream cone, and the interior was a delicious, light, chocolate mousse that was really well balanced between its chocolate flavor and sweetness. It took a lot of willpower not to finish this one off in one sitting, but I don’t promise not to polish it off for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Bokksu_January_2018_shrimpkg Bokksu_January_2018_shrimpclose

Hakata Spicy Shrimp Senbei x 3

These both thrilled and scared me if I’m being completely honest! I’ve certainly never had a snack like these before, but I was a little worried about what shrimp flavor it was going to entail, and when I opened up the package, the smell was really strong. These contain codfish roe as a part of their ingredients, and although they say spicy in the name, I tasted the smoky flavor that often accompanies chiles, but didn’t detect any heat. I was glad I tried these, and even though they were a little too intense to call them a favorite, I’m super-happy I tried them.

Verdict: I really enjoyed Bokksu this month! Everything was so beautifully presented, expertly curated, and I really enjoyed so many of the snacks. There wasn’t a single thing in the box that I disliked; even though I had clear favorites, like the Ottotto Cracker, Tai Chocolate, and the Kinako Mochi, I had so much fun trying everything. I think the portions are also really generous, so if you like something a lot, you have a chance to enjoy it more than once. For $39, I received 10 snack varieties, and 24 total items in this box.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Sadly, you can’t! You must order by the 25th of the month to receive the following month’s box. If you order today, your first box will be March.

Coupon – Use code ADDICTION to save $10 off your first box!

Value Breakdown: At $39 for this box, you’re paying approximately $1.62 per item.

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Written by Laine Wooliscroft

Laine Wooliscroft

Laine is a life-long movie nut who loves YA novels, wine, and her cat. Her subscription journey started in 2014 with Birchbox and ipsy, and now her favorite boxes contain bath bombs, food, and items relating to her most-beloved fandoms.

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  1. Everything in the box came in melted. After contacting the Bokksu, I’m very disappointed by the response. Bokksu didn’t take any responsibility or provided any solutions. This company is a scam. Don’t buy from them.

    • Not reimbursing melted product isn’t a scam. Not SENDING a product you paid for or sending you something intentionally different or poorer quality than they claimed would be a scam.

  2. I really like this box. $39 is a little high for snacks but there’s a good amount of high end, tasty snacks that you can’t get in the US. Even if you live near asian grocers, the snacks that come in this box are higher quality and well curated. They give you a good mix of sweet and salty most months. The only thing is it’s hard to get more once you’ve eaten them all =/.

    • You’re totally right, Helen! I have several grocery stores near me that carry a wide variety of Asian goods, but I don’t think I’m going to find these. I’m worried about how I’m going to get my fix now that the Ottotto crackers and Tai Chocolate are long gone! I guess for this box, it’s more about how much fun everything is to try rather than trying to stock up, even though I wish I could. If I like the next box half as much as I liked this one, I’m going to be super-happy.

      • I really liked the December box too. I think February is going to be a bunch of different flavors of kit kats so we’ll see =).

  3. So…$39.00 a month for what amounts to about $8.00 or less in snacks? Wow. That must be some seriously expensive, high end packaging.

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