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Pet GiftBox Cat Subscription Review + Coupon – November 2017


Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Box

Pet GiftBox is a monthly subscription with themed treats and toys for your dog or cat. (This is a review of the cat version.)

Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Inside

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This review is of the Pet GiftBox for Cats, $25 a month, box. 

Pet Gift Box Cat Noember 2017 Review

The Subscription Box: Pet GiftBox

The Cost: $25 a month (save with longer subscriptions)

The Products: Toys and treats curated according to a monthly theme

Ships to: U.S. (free)

Check out all of our Pet GiftBox reviews and lots of great boxes for cats in the Pet Subscription Box Directory!

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Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Booklet Front

Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Booklet Back

The box came with this information card.

Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Baguette

Mauve Moose Baguette – Retail Value $5.50?

Monkey really liked this. He wanted to spend the whole photo session rubbing his chin on it. This is what he does now. This is a handmade catnip plush toy that is a good size for my cats. I didn’t see this in the Mauve Moose Etsy shop, but similar toys were listed at $5.50.

Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Cranberries

Comfystyles Crazy Cranberries Felted Balls – Estimated Value $2.50 (buy 6 felted wool balls for $5)

These were an Angus item. He stole one while I was trying to take pictures of Sneaky and batted it all over the dining room. It is now permanently lost behind our sideboard but that is OK. I have moved the other two upstairs so hopefully, he doesn’t put them where Nyx can get to them. These are just felted wool balls but sometimes the simplest toys are the best ones.

Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Pie

Ellie Baba Designs Cherry Pie – Retail Value $6

This is a handmade felt catnip toy. Madison spent a long time sniffing it, and someone has moved it around the bedroom quite a bit since I took these photos, so I think it is well-loved.

Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Turkey Leg

Ellie Baba Designs Turkey Leg – Retail Value $5

This is similar to the cherry pie (from the same maker). This one has also been moved around the bedroom quite a bit since the photo session. I take it to mean someone was playing with it pretty vigorously. My bet is on Angus.

Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Wand

SPOT (Ethical) Cat-Bernet Teaser Wand – Retail Value $2.93

This was quite a big hit. It is a cork on a string with feathers attached to the end. Angus loved this (see some pictures below) and Sneaky and Madison showed interest as well. Dangly toys on sticks are usually a safe inclusion in any cat subscription box.

Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Treats

Sassycat Freeze-Dried Turkey (1.25 oz) – Retail Value $4.59

This is freeze-dried turkey with potato and ginger. Freeze-dried meat is hit or miss with my crew. Monkey and Madison didn’t care for this (I’m guessing it was the ginger that did it) but Sneaky and Angus both ate it. (Mr. Kitty can’t have turkey.)

Gratuitous cat photo time…

Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Angus

Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Angus

Angus had a lot of fun with the feather wand.

Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Angus

He also loved the little “cranberry” balls. This one is now lost behind a piece of furniture…

Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Angus

And here he is with a treat.

Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Madison

Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Madison

Madison with some of the box items.

Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Madison

Madison sniffs a treat. These really weren’t his thing but he did at least try.

Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Monkey

Monkey sniffs a treat. These really weren’t his thing, either.

Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Monkey 1

Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Monkey 1

Other than that, Monkey just wanted to rub his chin on all the various box items.

Pet Gift Box Cat November 2017 Sneaky

All Sneaky wanted to do was eat treats. Every picture of her I got was like this.

If you are wondering about Mr. Kitty, he is not going to be in any cat subscription box reviews for awhile.  He had to have emergency surgery to remove his left eye on December 1 and he is not looking his best right now. But don’t worry, he seems to be in almost no pain now (I think his eye was hurting him) and he has a great appetite and is doing pretty well, overall. So I’m sure he will be back to normal in no time.

Verdict: I calculated a value of about $26.52 for the November Pet GiftBox for cats. That’s slightly higher than the $25 a month box cost, but a good value for a cat subscription box, especially when most of the toys are from smaller, independent artisans. I think the highlights for us this month were the teaser wand and the little felt cranberries. I thought the Thanksgiving theme was fun and I like that we did not get the same items as found in other Thanksgiving-themed cat subscription boxes. (This did arrive in November, I’m just a little late with the review because of Mr. Kitty’s issues.)

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, you will receive the December box.

Coupon – Save 50% off your first box with code MSA50

Value Breakdown: This box cost me $25 (including shipping), which means that each of the 6 items in the box has an average cost of $4.17.

What do you think of the November Pet GiftBox? Do you subscribe to any dog or cat boxes?

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Written by Ragan Buckley

Ragan Buckley

Ragan stumbled across My Subscription Addiction in late 2013 and immediately subscribed to way too many beauty boxes. She’s now focused on boxes for her cats and dog, vegan/vegetarian food boxes, and craft subscriptions (and she didn’t give up beauty boxes entirely).

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Comments (13)

  1. I hope mr Kitty will be ok!

    • It has been about 9 days since his surgery. So far, we have had one quick trip back for a re-check and he is pretty crusty (we don’t seem to be good at cleaning him up but the folks at the veterinary ophthalmologist’s office are). But he does not show signs of pain or an infection (he’s had a LOT of antibiotics and we ran out of painkillers days ago) and he is eating well and using the litter box appropriately, so his IBD is not acting up and he is getting plenty of nutrition which should help healing.

      He wants OUT of the room where we are keeping him but we figure it is best for now to separate him from the other cats.

  2. Poor Mr. Kitty! 😢 I hope he recovered quickly and isn’t in any more pain from all the infections and procedures!

  3. I too have a kitty who need frequent medical care. I’m glad that Mr Kitty is doing better and totally understand the gruesome thing (Marley frequently scares off guests with her “crunchiness” but is really a rather loving sweetheart who will purr like the dickens if you’re not scared of a little bit of crunch to your pets). Please give him extra love from my crew.

  4. Glad to hear Mr Kitty is feeling better! My grandpup had her right eye removed about 2 years ago. She’s blind in the remaining eye, but gets around really well now. Vet said her retina had detached, then ulcerated. We had no idea of the pain she must have been in, for god knows how long. Once the ulcer ruptured, we knew something was wrong and took her in. Surgery was done within a couple of days. I hope Mr Kitty wasn’t in as much pain, but I can picture how grandpup was shaved for the surgery; figuring he looks similar. It was a shocking sight at first. Speedy healing & hair growth to him!

    • Unfortunately, slow hair growth is the name of the game with Mr. Kitty. His IBD prescriptions cause hair thinning/loss. When they shaved his belly to do ultrasound (part of diagnosing IBD), it took THREE YEARS for the hair to grow back fully.

      I will be OK with skin. But right now there are stitches and crusty discharge (he had a little complication on Wednesday — probably ran into something — but the veterinary ophthalmologist has already had another look).

      Still, I am pleased with his progress. It’s been a week since his eye ruptured and although he’s not looking great, he’s acting like he feels much better than he did before the surgery.

  5. By the way, since I took the pictures, someone absolutely MANGLED the turkey leg toy. My money is on Angus…

    • Lol

  6. Aww poor Mr. Kitty- glad he’s feeling spry tho! It sounds like you guys have kindof been through the wringer this year. Hope you all heal quickly.

    • Haha, yes. Mr. Kitty has had TWO surgeries with the veterinary ophthalmologist (the one on his right eye was in January or February and went great and he can still see), the other one was to remove his left eye and it will be awhile before he is presentable.

      I had an oral surgery in July that wouldn’t stop bleeding and I ended up in the ER. Then I had the hysterectomy in October but that actually went really well.

      Between the two of us we are quite a mess. Hopefully 2018 will be better.

  7. So glad to hear that Mr. Kitty is in less pain now. Animals are resilient and it sounds like he’s already adapting to life with one eye pretty well.

  8. Poor baby. i hope he is doing well and that now he is in less pain than before.

    • Yeah, it is about 6 days since his surgery. He looks kind of gruesome but he is jumping up on a box (about 3 feet high) and hanging out there. He’s done it 5 or 6 times now so it’s not a fluke. I don’t know how he manages with only one eye but I figure it’s a good sign. (Getting down is another story. He can’t figure that out on his own…) And I do think he is in much less pain than before.

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