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40% Off Limited Edition POPSUGAR Boxes + 50% Off Regular Boxes!

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For a limited time, POPSUGAR is offering 40% off Limited Edition Boxes, and 50% off past regular POPSUGAR Must Have Boxes!

Check out our reviews to see what you can expect:

Are you grabbing any boxes?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Did they ever have the LE Neiman Marcus box for sale or has that one always been sold out?

  2. @Liz and Ladies: Holding out for a crazy, boutique sale! When is the clear out of items where you can customize your own box? Also, When is the best time to stock on boxes? Thanks!

  3. Does Popsugar allow returns of unopened LE boxes?

  4. Ordered yesterday and already got shipping confirmation email.

    • Same!

      • Me too! 🙂

  5. did anyone buy the men’s LE? just read some comments and it seems no one mentioned! does this mean a possible further reduction? I think PSMH has done ½ off in past but that may be largest discount i can recall on LE…i’m surprised women’s LE is still in stock as everyone loved it but perhaps the same consumer market also get RZBOS and they already have or gifted same exact watch?!? PS must have expected more sales!

  6. Has anyone gotten a response from PS regarding the delayed LE boxes? I ordered on 11/30 and my tracking number on USPS says they still haven’t even received the box to ship. Emailed PS customer service on 12/24 knowing I wouldn’t get a response until after Christmas but I still haven’t heard back from that email or a message on FB yesterday. At this point, I expect to get a $40 refund since I’ll be getting my box at the same time as people who got the box for $60…or I’ll be contesting it with my credit card company. Anyone have insights on how to get a response?

    • Hi Kelley, same here, no answer at all, I send 3 emails already, I could chat with they on fb and they said CS will get back to me on the email, but that never happened. I’m so disappointed with Popsugar, I understand thins happen, but just take responsibility and refund our money since you broke your promise that the box would arrive before xmas.

    • try facebook and insist they help and don’t let them tell you to contact CS as you already have, if they don’t help or give a partial credit back which I think is beyond fair, I would dispute with CC the difference paid or the entire amount if still not rec’d….I still have not rec’d Fall LE box via Gilt, I sent emails but no response….

    • I finally heard back today and was offered two options : refund upon return of the box ( when it finally does arrive..its still not in possession of the PO yet and yes, I ordered long before the deadline to receive , as promised, before Christmas ) or partial refund of the difference given the current sale. I opted for the partial refund as I had promised the now late items as gifts and the refund will at least help pay for the boxed confections I gave out in their place.

      • Same thing here, ordered on Nov.30. I also ordered the Cozy,comfort box. CS reps letter was very snide when I complained about missing Christmas delivery. She said I had 2 choices-a label to return them or $10 credit. I took them up on the credit to defray the shipping costs I will now have(sisters went home!) No response until 1hour after I contacted them today to ask to cancel and repurchase at this discounted price. Now, no returns because the $10 refund just went thru. What a crummy way to do business. The boxes are still in Sparks,NV. Any suggestions?

        • Start the dispute process with your credit card company. You didn’t get what you paid for. There’s also an excellent chance that you won’t get the boxes at all at this point – I keep emailing about mine and they keep changing their wording about who has it, so basically its lost.

          I wonder if its also time to start posting these email chains on their facebook.

    • Kelley,
      I sent an email on 12/24. no reply. I sent another email and got the we are researching and you will get a refund. I ordered many boxes and because this was a Christmas gift (gifts) i told them exactly what would make me happy, a free January box. Other businesses go the extra mile and because their delivery was an epic fail, I still have not received the box I asked for what I felt was fair. I got a very curt response by an operator named Ann, who basically in the message (I saved it since things get deleted) that your other boxes arrived on time I should be grateful. I explained I wanted a different operator and that my budget and time are very important. I had to get generic gift cards hoping the ones I got would work.

      Their customer service must be slipping. And sadly, I ordered more boxes because I have had very good customer service in the past now I am felling Glossybox de ja vu all over again. My word for my email from them was snarky in their tone.

  7. As much as I would love the Women’s LE box, I am *still* waiting on two December boxes. I will not be spending another dime on PS for a very long time, if ever.

  8. Has anyone used the Lalicious 20% off coupon that was in the December box yet? If so, what did you buy?

    • Yes! The same sugar scrub that came in the box, the buttered rum scrub, the birthday cake scrub and the Sugar Kiss Lip Butter!
      My sister got me a few lalicious scrubs a couple years ago so I was happy to get a few more for myself and for her. It’s so dry here and the scrubs are so rich and smell amazing. I can’t wait to try the cake and rum ones!

  9. Has anyone used the 20% off lalicious coupon that was included in the Dec box? If so, what did you buy?

  10. Anyone willing to split the box with me who would luke the watch and oil? I’m on the swap site but never done any swaps yet….

    • Hi Jen I’m interested in the watch, oil and the napkins! Would that make a good split for you?

  11. My mother in law’s birthday is in April and I think she’ll like the purse and watch. For $60 i doubt I’ll be able to find a much better gift without some serious bargain hunting and it’s too cold out there for that right now! Also this way not really worried about shipping time. I’ve had pretty decent luck with popsugar.

  12. I splurged and got the limited edition. First time I have ever bought one and for about $10 an item I justified it….love great deals

  13. Any spoiler for January bpx ? 😉🙄😆

  14. Since their shipping is such a disaster, I strongly recommend that you use credit cards that are easy to dispute rather then a debit card that may be harder. There are so many packages that were ordered in late November/early December that have not yet arrived (despite their christmas guarantee) and their customer service is not helpful (see their facebook and earlier MSA posts). At this point, I’m reaching out to my credit card company.

    • How do you mean? Please advise!

      • most credit cards have an option to dispute a charge – I only know about Amex but i’m sure Visa + MC are similar…for example, if a company doesn’t send you an item you paid for, you can explain to credit card company what happened + they will try to sort out for you – if they can’t get in touch with PSMH either, they will issue credit….HTH

  15. Help! I can’t decide between black and grey. Any thoughts?

    • I chose black, only because it goes with pretty much everything and matches the bag. 🙂 The grey is pretty too though!

      • I ordered before 14 Dec and it’s still in Nevada. I’d be careful ordering.

        • Yep, I ordered dec. 7th and it’s been in Indiana for a couple weeks. Still don’t have it. I wrote them and requested a refund, which they granted. It was for xmas presents and it was really frustrating to have to shop for my aunt and sister last minute even though they promised delivery by xmas eve.

          • I requested a refund on 24 Dec but still haven’t heard back. They said it would arrive on 24 Dec on 22 Dec but still no box😭

      • Thanks, I was thinking the same thing. I ordered black.

  16. Did anyone get an email confirmation for their order? I’m concerned that mine didn’t go through.

    • I didn’t get an email either. Hopefully order went thru.

    • Hi, I’d suggest checking “Purchase history” on your account. That’s how I confirm mine

      • Thank you! It was there.

        • Glad to help!

  17. What would someone suggest for a box just sitting in transit for over a week? Expected delivery was between dec. 15-18. Men’s box came on the 16. I tried calling usps since that’s the tracking number I have but it was 1-1.5 hour wait. Do I call popsugar? I’m so incredibly frustrated right now. I tend to be an anxious person and this is causing me a lot of anxiety because I have 3 items from the box tied up in swaps! Argh! Ok thanks for the vent!

    • Tara – have you tried the online chat function with UPS?

      • No I didn’t think of that but I’ll try! Thanks!

    • Has it moved from it’s first point? If not, it’s likely a Popsugar issue. Otherwise, just email USPS. It’s quicker. Everyone and their mother is calling USPS right now with the holiday season.

      • I have one that had been sitting in Atlanta since 12/6. I actually went into the local post office when mailing another package with the tracking print offs. They said the package had never been received by the local USPS. I think there are 2 different carriers involved. I just received a new notice about an hour ago that said my package is now at my local post office and should be delivered tomorrow. So, it sat in Atlanta for 20 days!

        • This makes me nervous, 20 days! Mine has been about 12 days.

        • Susan it sounds like maybe FedEx Smartpost, UPS Surepost or DHL global. FedEx smartpost packages of mine have had some extreme delays.

      • Yes it got to the city before my local post office. But thanks that makes sense.

    • Unless it’s been received by USPS then they won’t be able to help. It’s with a shipper otherwise until it gets to USPS. I’m actually not sure who the shipper is (the sequence of the tracking number may be able to identify them) but I think your best bet is Popsugar. Good luck. I hope it starts moving soon.

      • Ya it says electronic info sent to usps but that’s it. It doesn’t say who the original shipper is!

        • Also, as a fun bonus, I’ve been contacting USPS since it said that my package is with them now, but hasn’t moved in 3 days. They said that it appears that my updates are system generated and not real, so USPS does not yet have the package (one of the updates literally said ‘USPS in possession of item’). I’ve started the dispute process because omg.

          • how did you get in touch with them? there was a 2 hour plus wait to call USPS, the few times I tried calling! is there another number perhaps? any help appreciated!

          • @pb, contact USPS via their uspshelp Twitter account. You can send them a direct message and they usually reply the same day

          • thank you julie! so smart!

      • The shipper is Newgistics. They are awful and have a terrible track record.

    • I had this same issue, and did the 1 hour wait with USPS. The problem is that Popsugar uses their own shipper, not USPS for most of the shipping process, so they hadn’t received the package yet. So the issue is most likely with them, especially if its sitting in Sparks NV. But after some strongly worded emails to PSMH, my box suddenly started moving again.

      • It is in Sparks!!! Ok thank you for your help! Does anyone know the best way to contact popsugar?

      • Oh man. My AdoreMe Elite box has been in Sparks for 10 days now. New black hole for packages?

        • someone posted that Sparks was a dodgy place in itself, they had actually been there! no idea but read here in another thread! obv many packages do not make it out ALIVE that go through there! ha!

    • is it UPS or USPS? all of my many boxes have been very unfortunate + have shipped with USPS, I wish it was UPS! I have a sub (sent wrong color necklace in Dec box of course!) and then ordered 3 other sale monthly boxes and the Gilt Fall LE – I finally (Dec 24th) rec’d the monthly boxes, I did NOT receive the Gilt Fall LE box yet! I must be an addict as I just bought the women’s Winter LE to torture myself more but I love PSMH boxes! I sent a stern email about the Fall LE missing box and wrong color necklace but no response yet….I really wish they would fix their shipping partners as I can deal with a wrong item once in a blue moon but to not receive a box by Christmas is pretty bad + stressful!

  18. I was actually shopping for a purse and a watch this weekend. I prefer black leather so this is an awesome set for me. I’ll probably gift the plates. Everything else will be put to good use. Merry Christmas to me.

  19. I was actually shopping for a purse and a watch this weekend. I prefer black leather so this is an awesome set for me. I’ll probably gift the plates. Everything else will be put to good use.

  20. It’s working now ❤️

  21. It’s working now! Go ladies!

    • You can now select the watch in Grey or Black and order at the discounted price. Yay!

    • It works!! 🤩

  22. Has anyone been able to order at $60?? It wont let me add without selecting color and if I pick either color it shows up at $100. I REALLY need that watch :'(

    • I emailed them, I’m sure others must have also, but it is now fixed. I just ordered the silver at $60. Good luck!

      • Just got it! Grey band just like I wanted and have been trying to swap for! Best day ever!

  23. Wouldn’t it be nice if JUST ONCE these sales worked without a glitch?

    But I guess then it wouldn’t be a PS sale.

  24. Ah, so suddenly the September box is not sold out. Interesting.

  25. If you don’t choose a color before adding to your cart, it comes up at $60. If you try to choose black or grey, it adds to the cart at $100. I just ordered one at $60 without color choice.

    • I cant add the box to the cart without selecting color. 🙁

      • Don’t try to do it directly from the email link. Once you’re on the page and signed in, click the link for the ‘gifts” section at the top. Add the box from there without selecting a color choice. Hope this works for you!:)

      • Same here. I just tried.

    • I don’t know how you get it to add the women’s box without picking a color it won’t let me add to cart without choosing except for the men’s box.

      • I don’t know if it’s the difference, but I didn’t add directly from the email link. I signed in, went to the ” gifts” section, then added the box w/o making a color choice. Hope you get one:)

        • Hopefully you ordered the right box… Just saying, because your work around doesn’t seem to be working for others…

          • She did. It’s Popsugar mess. They’re a mess.

          • Thank you for your concern regarding my ordering abilities, and some lovely post-holiday snark. Happy to report that I received both an order confirmation email and have the order showing in my order history. I only posted here to help others who were having issues. I’m so happy that it is now fixed, for those who wanted to order! …”just saying”

        • Bellamica, Thanks I signed in then went through the gift option and when I ordered it that way it worked.

    • Are you sure you ordered the women’s limited Edition, because it won’t add to my cart without making a color selection. I would just double check if I were you. Maybe you are lucky, though!!!

    • Thanks. Only work on desktop Mac for me, not iPad or iPhone

  26. I ordered the Limited Edition in November for Christmas gifts and still haven’t received it! I have emailed PS. If I knew I wasn’t getting it until after Christmas, I definitely would not have ordered. Also, ordered September box November 27 when they were on sale, and have not received that one either. Tracking says it is in Atlanta, and has been there since December 6. They still have not sent another one to replace it. They keep saying it’s on its way, tracking not updated, etc! Very disappointed with recent orders from PS.

    • Me too. And since they did not deliver as promised I want my Le box that I paid 80 to match this. Not fair!

    • If it has been in ATL since 12/6 you may want to contact UPS CS – 800.742.5877. I had that happen with an order from Nespresso and the items had to be replaced as the shipping box was empty.

      • did not receive my Gilt Fall LE + I called this number + guy thought I was crazy and kept saying my tracking number was invalid then we finally realized it was USPS! was yours sent by UPS?

    • I’m having this issue too. It’s been sitting “in transit” to my city for a week now. The city is a 2 hour drive. I’m not sure what to do but it’s causing me stress!

      • Tara this happened with my FFF box and I was very irked by their suggestion to wait longer but after it sat in Ellenwood Ga for 14 days it did show up at the local post office. I’ve never had a package take that long and even my Boxycharm and Ivory clasp orders came through the same hub way faster. I made FFF resend they acted jerky about it but they did send a new box.

    • I’m having the same issue. I tried calling the post office today but it has an hour to hour and a half wait to speak to a human. What is going on!? I’m beyond frustrated!

  27. I am also getting the $100 at checkout. Do you have to be subscribed to PS to get a LE at 40%?

    • The Limited Edition Winter Women’s box is also being added to the cart at $100 for subscribers (not at $60).

  28. @Liz The promo hasn’t worked right on the women’s box since they sent the email offering it at 40% off.

    • Ah, sorry! I emailed POPSUGAR to let them know that the women’s box was still showing up as $100 in the checkout. Hopefully they are able to fix asap!

      • Thank you Liz!! ☺️

      • Thanks @Liz I did email their CS too but Imo 24-48 hours to hear back seems a bit ridiculous when it’s buying or not.

        • It should be working now. Make sure to refresh your browser if you are still seeing the $100 price.

  29. I still don’t want them. I bought the Resort, Summer (two), and Fall (on sale), but I have no desire to buy this one even at 40% off.

  30. Box says $60 but goes back to $100 at check out. Oh well. I didn’t really need another one.

    • My thoughts exactly. Sometimes the universe is wiser than I am.

  31. I’m still waiting for the Fall limited edition that was promised before the 24th… 🙁

  32. Was starting to get tempted and then I come here and read the comments about PS being PS and nah.

  33. Well now I feel like a jerk for telling people the LEs probably wouldn’t go on sale. 🙁

    • Don’t feel that way. It’s feast or famine with these companies. 😁

      • True that. 🙂

  34. Great price, yet even for $19.95 I dont have enough interest in the boxes to make a purchase. I did resub to get the December box, that one I am excited about and will use most the items in the box.

  35. Yeah the first page says 60 but cart says 100. They need to change that. Im not goung to wait two weeks for a company to pay back my money. Pop sugar do something!

  36. Still saying $100.00

    • Ditto.

      • Still says $100. I’ve wasted enough time trying to order this. Just saved myself $60 🙂

  37. When I add the women’s LE to my cart the price shows as $100.00. I really want the watch — the other items will be gravy!

  38. Can’t get the 40% to work on the women’s box. I’ve been trying since I got the email. Is there a code?

  39. I just purchased the September box and it was marked to $19.95 and the LE boxes were marked to $60 already.

  40. Awww, the women’s box price went back to normal once I added it to my cart.

  41. Me too – this is aggravating! It will sell the Men’s box at the sale price, but not the women’s! Help!

  42. I have been trying since I got the email but at checkout it is still regular price

    • Me too!

    • Same for me. I keep trying, but the box is showing at full price, not the discount listed on this site or in the email.

    • me too – I ended up buying it at $100 and sent them an email to correct the billing – otherwise it will sell out and I’ll get nothing!!

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