POPSUGAR Holiday 2017 Limited Edition Men’s Box Review

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Each holiday season, POPSUGAR releases Limited Edition Boxes that are great for gifting. This is the review of the POPSUGAR Limited Edition Holiday Men’s Box!

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.

If you’re interested in the boxit’s still available for purchase!

The Box: POPSUGAR Limited Edition Holiday Men’s Box

The Cost: $100

The Products: The special man in your life deserves items to keep him dapper this holiday season. From easy to use self care products to stylish accessories, he’ll be thrilled to receive these handy gifts he would never think to buy for himself, delivered right to his door.

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The box comes with 7 items that vary from lifestyle to food to skincare.

If you want to spoil all of the surprises – start by reading the card.

You’ll get a full layout of everything you’re about to dig into.

Along with full details and the suggested retail value of everything in the box.

Will Leather Goods Pebble Slimfold Wallet – Retail Value $110 (POPSUGAR Exclusive)

I’m always a little bit shocked by the price of leather goods – so, naturally, I was surprised that this wallet will run you about $110! Wow!

It’s a slimline, black leather wallet. It’s similar in size and card slots to most wallets.

It has 2 right-side card slots and two slots in the folds underneath. The part I like the most – the ID card slot has a mesh front – It’s both positive and negative, though – while you won’t find your ID card getting all stuck in a plastic card slot, you’ll probably have to take is out because the mesh obscures your information enough that it’s not too readable.

Upon arrival, the leather is already nice and soft – you won’t be having to break this in. That’s always important for me – when you wear it in your back pocket, it’s nice to have it a little bit soft and bendable – it’s just more comfortable when you’re sitting down.

It also comes with its own little satchel. This could be good for divvying it up and presenting the wallet in the satchel as a standalone gift – or just to store whatever you want in it!

For me, like watches, I just love getting new wallets and switching it up a bit!

Aviator Nation Vintage Bold Trucker Hat – Retail $44.99

Like the wallet, your new trucker hat will also have that broken-in feeling when you first put it on!

This is Aviator Nation’s vintage take on the classic trucker hat.

My favorite part – it’s got a padded, almost sweatband-like rim – it’s much more comfortable than most trucker hats that I’ve worn.

Like any hat you’ll get in subscription box – it’s a snapback, so you’re good for pretty much all sizes!

I really like the subtle lightning bolt graphic. While I don’t wear trucker hats too much, I’m told they’re coming back in – so I guess POPSUGAR is doing its part in keeping me hip.

If you’re liking the Aviator Nation vibe – you can also get 20% off of your next purchase with this unique discount code!

Related Garments Camouflage & Polka Dot Sock Combo Sets – Retail $40

I love getting socks in subscription boxes – so this is the perfect piece of this Limited Edition box for me!

Each set comes with 2 pairs of high ankle socks, and 2 pairs of no-show socks. Typically, the fancier socks like there goe for about $12 a pair – so the $40 price is pretty reasonable.

Spoiler alert – I recently receives socks and boxers from Related Garments in my June Birchbox Man – and loved them!

These socks are really breathable while still being pretty warm. They also go against the grain a bit – the heel and toes are less padded than the rest of the sock. It makes for nice breathability, though, and I haven’t noticed too much of a downside to having less padding.

You’ll get matching no-show socks, as well! I’ll be saving these babies for Spring!

The best part? These little jelly ankle savers – these will help keep the socks up and stop your shoes from digging into your ankles.

Ok – no one wants just clothing for the holidays, right? So let’s move onto to everything else!

Wild & Wolf Limited Edition Poker Set – Retail $30

While I don’t play much poker or cards – I do always like to have a set around the house, because card games have been known to break out from time to time – so I’m prepared!

This set will arm you with everything you need to fire up a card game on the go, or at your house – it even comes with the felt.

All of the pieces are exactly what you’d expect from most sets. The chips are a little light-weight, though – probably made from a thinner plastic – so that’s a negative for primed poker players.

At $30 – it’s a nice poker set that includes a bunch of different instructions for different games. Liz and I went through a Blackjack phase when our friend was practicing to become a dealer – that was a blast, but we ended up buying a card shoe, felt, cards – the whole nine yards – so it’s nice to have a smaller, more condensed set at the ready.

Govino Whiskey Glasses – Retail $17.95

What’s better than a card game? A card game with whiskey. What’s better than a whiskey glass? One that won’t shatter when you celebrate beating your friends!

I’ve always liked the Govino wine glasses and didn’t know that they made a whiskey version!

Our favorite part about Govino – they’re dishwasher safe!  You can easily pack these up and take them on-the-go with your new poker set – always at the ready!

V76 by Vaughn 4-in-1 Cleansing Foam – Retail $22

I might have a new favorite product here – a 4-in-1 foam! Shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser, and shaving cream – why buy anything else??

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m a sucker for 2, 3 and 4-in-1 bath products – so this is a home run for me. And – it smells fantastic! This is full-size, and depending on how many of the applications you plan on using it for, it’ll last for a good bit!

Vosges Haut-Chocolat Smoke & Stout Chocolate Bar – Retail $8

While there’s a lot of stuff in this box that you might want to share or gift – this incredible chocolate bar is going to be your precious.

This is a stout beer chocolate bar with burnt-caramel inside! From the outside, I was kind of not feeling the dark chocolate – but now, the bar is totally gone, so that dispute has been settled.

Verdict: This is an awesome gift box full of some new basics – and I think there’s a lot of value for the $100 price tag. ($272.94 total retail value). Like any gift box or subscription box, you’ll have to gift it to the right guy, but in general, this goes a great job of covering a few different areas of gifts – I really enjoyed unboxing it! I’m even writing this review in a new pair of Related Good socks and the Aviator Nation trucker hat!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, as of publication, this box was still available!

Coupon – No coupon available for limited edition boxes.

Value Breakdown: At $100 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Wallet: $40.30
  • Cleansing Foam: $8.06
  • Govino Glasses: $6.58
  • Poker Set: $10.99
  • Sock Set: $14.66
  • Trucker Hat: $16.48
  • Chocolate Bar: $2.93

What do you think of the POPSUGAR Limited Edition Holiday Men’s Box? Will you be gifting it?

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Written by Eric Cadman

Eric Cadman

Eric is the co-founder of My Subscription Addiction. He’s been hooked on geek subscription boxes since 2012 thanks to Loot Crate and Nerd Block. Geek boxes sparked his desire for collecting Funko Pops and comic book statues!

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  1. This box was a big let down. The shipping fulfillment, customer service, and pretty much everything was a huge disaster.

  2. The RV for the wallet is $110, but mine came with a sticker that says $85 lol!

    I agree the box looks like the stereotypical guy gift table at TJ Maxx. Not bad, not great. PS has done better in the past, I think.

  3. guys are soooo hard to buy for! while not like past boxes, we may be surprised and perhaps it will go over better than the overall consensus….perhaps? glass half full, govino glass that is!!

  4. Very disappointed in this box! Popsugar usually does a good job of curating these boxes, but I’m sorry to say this one is a miss for me. Both of my brothers would not wear that hat, use the poker set, some men are very particular about their wallets and like to pick their own, the glasses are just ok, but who really wants glasses as a Christmas gift?? I don’t! So a chocolate bar, socks and some body wash is just stocking stuffers!

  5. So glad I did not read any of the comments before we opened the box. Loved everything except the glasses. The hat is actually a high-end brand and looks great when worn. The chocolate is TDF!

  6. Everything looks like items that would be on the TJ Maxx holiday gift idea table for men. The box seems cliche of what men “like”.

  7. showed a picture of the hat to my son and he said, please don’t buy me a hat like that……

  8. Not real impressed and I’m glad I didn’t purchase this box because none of my 3 boys, my husband, or my dad would like this box. BUT…if you look at the value breakdown, each item is certainly worth that value. $40 for the wallet, $6 for the glasses, etc. If I had purchased it, I know I could have gifted the items individually. It’s got to be very difficult to put a box together that appeals to all.

  9. Hi, My box arrived all beat up. It was packaged in another cardboard box, with no other packing material. The PopSugar box has scrapes and looks like it’s been through a lot. I’m embarrassed to gift this – the box looks like it’s bargain basement leftovers. I’m sure the contents are ok, but part of the fun with Pop Sugar is opening the cool box…and I agree, Trucker hats are not coming back!

  10. I love popsugar so I ordered this for my son. However, I am disappointed with the content. I hope he likes part of it but this is an overall poor collection. Its like there is no true big ticket item.

  11. I’ve said It before but caved. This time I mean It. I will never buy another Limited Edition box. This is the worst one they’ve ever done. Soooooo disappointed.

  12. I am definitely disappointed, like some others I got suckered in to the $20 off both boxes and after looking at the past Men’s LE it looked like a great way to get some nice gifts for the boyfriend. I thought since the women’s box had a watch that I would cross my fingers for a watch in the men’s, no luck! No wonder the only spoiler was for the poker set because really there wasn’t any “WOW” item to share. My boyfriend is a foreign doctor so I’m pretty sure the camo socks and trucker hat are going to be big No’s for him. There is also a pretty decent discrepancy in the value of the women’s box vs the men’s even though they both cost the same!

  13. Eric… bro… stop sitting on your wallet!! That said, great review of a disappointing box. I’m really glad I decided to wait for spoilers. One day maybe they will have a men’s box that lives up to the quality of the 2015 men’s LE. That one haunts my dreams.

  14. Yuck. $45 hat – big no there. Who wears whose anyway?? Socks are crazy expensive! I can find nicer for less. Glad I didn’t purchase this.

  15. I bought this for my hubby and it is waiting for him under the tree. I think he will enjoy most of the items in the box, especially the wallet. I don’t think he will be that into the hat as he is pretty shy and tends to not want to draw attention to himself, but I can swap it or he can regift it. He will love the chocolate and the poker set. We don’t have one yet and he loves game nights. I wish there was more grooming or fashion items, but I think he will enjoy it. He loved the box last year and I am sure he will enjoy it again this year. We will buy them again next year, I am sure. 🙂

  16. This box is just awful. I am having SO MUCH REGRET for purchasing. :”(

    He is not only going to not like or want ANY of the items, but think I’m crazy for blowing $100 on it!

    He has and enjoys Bespoke Post an I know he’d put $100 To way better use there.

    With all my heart I wish I could return this for a refund.

    Worst LE box from PSMH EVER!

    (Sorry… just for my situation, it’s a massive fail and embarrassing waste of hard earned money. My fault for trusting PS to curate something amazing for a Men’s LE Holiday Box. Never again.)

    • Exaxtly!! I’m so mad at myself for buying without spoilers. We agreed to spend very little this Christmas, and I got suckered into the $20 off deal. Now I feel like I spent $90 on presents for him and I don’t have anything to give him. Although he will absolutely love the chocolate bar! LOL

    • I didn’t order this bc I didn’t want the wallet or hat which is the cost of half the box so it didn’t seem worth it to me. But if you want some of your money back for what you spent on the box and are interested in selling me some of the products at the value breakdown rate I would purchase about $30 worth.

  17. In my opinion… wow what an ugly hat!! Lol

    The rest though, not bad. I think it’s pretty nice, and the value is there. Kinda missing a hero item I think, like the watch last year. I guess this year it would be the wallet probably? That said, I was waiting for spoilers to come out, and I don’t think I’m gonna buy it now but maybe if it goes on sale I will and just take out the hat.

  18. What a fun review to read! It’s got me craving dark chocolate!! This box wouldn’t be a big hit with my DH, so I’m glad I didn’t splurge on it. I wonder with all the negative response so far if this one will end up not selling well and go on sale like the Summer LE did.

  19. Just my personal opinion (I did purchase this box; haven’t received it yet), but what an awful box…
    Don’t think it’s worth the price at all…
    Such a let down compared to the last two years’ boxes (own both and liked)…

    • Agree. I bought this for my boyfriend and the only thing he’s going to like are the socks. Maybe the cleansing foam. It’s really lame. There’s nothing special. Generic poker set, generic wallet, plastic glasses, horrible trucker hat, socks… He would have much rather had $100 gift card to ANYWHERE. ugh!!!!!! total waste of money.

  20. Im a college student and I learned about this box through this website. I saw the spoiler for the poker set (which my boyfriend would love) then went on to past LE men boxes. Would of bought the last two years LE boxes in a heart beat! Very glad I didn’t buy this one, disappointing. its a shame because i still want to get him that poker set

    • Get yourself to Michaels, they have an almost identical poker set

    • You can buy him a nicer poker set probably for less money. Check out Amazon!

  21. Super disappointed. I will never buy from PS again without full spoilers. I’ve been a longtime subscriber and I just cancelled. This box is horrible. I purchased for my husband based on the last few men’s LE, this box was nothing close to the other boxes. And I agree, trucker hats aren’t coming back, no matter how many times PS puts them in their boxes.

  22. Soo… glad I skipped this my husband would not have been thrilled. I got the women’s version though and can’t wait for it.

  23. Let me start by saying I ❤️ PopSugar & have for years. I was waiting for the spoilers before I got this box & I’m glad I did. Past boxes included bags & blankets & really classic male items real men could use. I still use the watch & doop kit from last year. This box will go down as the worst Men’s box in PS history. It breaks my heart to write this, but nothing in this box says Winter or Holiday or Christmas to me at all. Liz, Eric, & the whole gang, I wish you a Happy Holidays & thanks for another great year of reviews. Supurb work!

  24. I actually like this box! The wallet and glasses are nice, and the poker set and socks would get used by my dad or brother

    (It makes me laugh that everyone thinks the socks are “tacky/embarrassing” – all the guys in my office wear crazy patterned socks all the time and love them! But that’s probably just our company.)

    Like others, I’m not crazy about the trucker hat, but everything else is pretty good. However, I agree that it’s a high price point for mostly casual/basic items. Bespoke Post is a better value.

    But loving your reviews, Eric!

  25. I feel I was suckered into this box since PS had both LE boxes for $180.. Saving $20 really did nothing for me this time, since I am not a huge fan of either boxes. I really think I am “boxed out” right now.. lol–I just can’t get over the tackiness of this array of items. I am sad because last year my dad LOVED the watch.. The wallet is great, but the rest of the items really stink. Am I the only one who is so over Govino?? I don’t usually BYO glasses anywhere, so I will never really have a need for these. Looks like I’ll be filling up the swap board tonight!

  26. I don’t need another poker set. I don’t need another deck of cards. I don’t need any more glasses. But I did need to see you model the trucker hat. Don’t worry, it’s not you not being cool (that could never be), trucker hats are soooooo not coming back.

  27. I like this box. The only thing I am really meh about is the trucker hat. Not really my hubby’s thing, but that’s ok. I like that it isn’t all “sophisticated/metrosexual man”.

  28. This is a terrible LE box. The value of the wallet is redic overinflated…embarassing socks, tacky trucker hat, plastic glasses, and a cheap poker set? Seriosuly PS!?? Im so disappointed as i looked forward to possibly buying for gifts for the guys in my family. Im so glad i didnt purchase this.

  29. Someday I would love to buy this for my man ….. It’s normally things he would love and things that he wouldn’t. Sadly the trucker hat he would be proud to wear because he is a trucker.loll. Great Review! Nice box too. Thanks

    • Would you be interested in a box split? I would like poker set, whiskey glasses. Open on some of the other items. I could order and split cost using the breakdown above (not actual retail value.)

  30. This was my first time buying the Men’s LE box. I figured there would be some items that I could gift to different men in my life. The hat and camo socks are a meh but the rest I know someone will love. Overall I am happy with this box!

  31. The trucker hat is awful and extremely overpriced.

    Hope the wallet is nice. The Govino glasses look good, Overall, a disappointment from previous years.

  32. Hi Eric! Is there a regular cash slot behind the inside opening? Sorry for the weird description–it’s hard to describe

  33. Not my favorite men’s popsugar box but I can split it up and give it to my son and husband. But…I asked my teenagers at work and they laughed when I asked and showed them the trucker hat. Since that is the only thing I hate, not bad and I still got a good deal with everything else.

  34. I was waiting for this box but I don’t think my sons will like a trucker hat….Great review Eric.

  35. I just want this chocolate bar now! My two favorite things. Stout and dark chocolate!!

  36. I don’t love it and I don’t hate it. Not sure what I’ll do with the hat and socks but I can work with the rest.

  37. Great review but this is a truly terrible Box. I’m so relieved that I waited for the spoilers before purchasing. I have loved the LE men’s box from previous years. There was always a great variety of decent gifting items but this box seems geared strictly for (wait for the outdated reference) the guys from Jersey Shore. The wallet is nice but it’s totally downhill from there. I was waiting all week for this spoiler and this is incredibly disappointing.

    • Lol, Meg I just read that Jersey Shore is comin back on……I was going to buy this for my SO I’m glad I waited for the review. Thanks Eric, for the great review and helping me make my decision.

  38. This is the very first time since i’ve been subscribing I have not liked the mens limited edition box. I like the idea its more casual and they did not put ties or cuff links. Yet a trucker hat and poker set! Maybe the next box will have a book on how to stop gambling. Men in general are hard to shop for. Yet this box is lacking the classyness of regular boxes. Reminds of Loot Crate, yet with Loot Crate items like this are to be expected and are normally at least fun. Plus the boxes are a lot cheaper! You can get 2 bespoke boxes for the price of this box and still have $10 left over for an ipsy beauty bag. I’d be surprised if Popsugar sells out of this one.

    Popsugar I like your boxes a lot, yet please next year improve your mens limited edition to something a bit more classy.

    • I couldn’t agree more and great point about the Bespoke boxes. I’m probably going to spend that money I had reserved for this LE Box on a couple Bespoke boxes that will be more appropriate for my guys.

    • How to stop gambling book 😂😂😂

    • Agree..

  39. It’s an okay box. Honestly I feel I could put it together for less than $100 shopping the sales at Macy’s with a different brand of wallet and socks.

  40. Haha, I just clicked a few links to open several MSA reviews in new tabs, & for a second I got confused about which box this review is for — I thought for sure it had to be a geeky box, since the trucker hat is so close to Miss Marvel’s logo!

  41. I’m glad others like this box but to me, this is an easy pass–kind of “meh” for a Holiday box. Items seem to go with the “chillaxing” theme though. In terms of value, I think it’s a bit low for an LE box. I know retail values are usually hugely inflated in sub boxes and this one is no exception. IMHO the wallet doesn’t look like it’s worth $110, even if it is made with real leather.

  42. I don’t think this is a bad box but I’m very glad I didn’t get it for my guy. There’s nothing in here that he’d like. The wallet looks nice, but he stubbornly insists on only tri-folds. He MIGHT like the socks, but since he discovered the Ettiquette socks in last year’s box, he’s devoted to that brand.

  43. Great review Eric. That being said only 2 items are a win for DH so the rest will be up for swap.

  44. Thanks eric for a great review! The poker game was the only miss. Will use some items for stocking and others for gifts!

  45. Great review. For the box- a big fat meh. I got this box for my DH and it’s really not him. Trucker hat and camo and polka dot socks? Why? I know he won’t want the Govino’s. The wallet is pretty much the only ok thing here.

    • Yup. This.

      • I mean I have nothing against socks and my hubby could use some but why not include ones that aren’t embarrassing?

        • LOL! That was Funny! Ha Ha!

    • I find popsugar Limited editions usually are a miss for my SO, so I don’t purchase. The only socks he’d wear are plain low cuts. He hates 2-in-1 products because he thinks they don’t work as well on his hair, so he probably wouldn’t like the 4-in1 either. He has no use for ties or cuff links that have been in previous boxes as he cooks for living and wears uniforms. Even when he dresses up for my fancy work functions, he doesn’t need or wear these items. He’d also never in a million years wear a trucker hat. He’s a beanie man, exclusively.

      I do think he’d like the wallet and poker set, but not enough to purchase the entire box. He loves whiskey, but both he and I prefer using actual glassware as opposed to Govino.

      Only item that we’d both love for sure is the chocolate!

  46. Lol @ precious… This can very easily be shared by both sexes, which I like too.

  47. I got the for my husband for Christmas. It arrived and I love everything except the hat. I love a good trucker hat but there was something off with the shaping. Also, there is a price sticker on my wallet of $85…so the listed $110 price is inflated a bit.

  48. I hope no one takes this as a serious dig at Popsugar but with the whiskey glasses, poker set, trucker hats and all dark color scheme, it feels like no one consulted an actual man and just went with what us women assume men like LOL. The value is good though!

    • “…no one consulted an actual man…” 🤣

    • Tea, you took the words right out of my mouth.
      The glasses are going to my son to give to his father in law that lives on a lake and drinks bourbon on a big chunk of ice. I gave them the wine version as a house warming gift and they adore them in their boat or sitting by the lake. I cannot think of anything else to use them for. HATE the hat…its dumb, sorry, but it is….I know NO ONE that would like that in an expensive box, sorry. Wallet great, socks a big Yes, cleanser meh, chocolate…kind of unique so yes!

      Poker set is going to a couple that camps in a little “Scamp” camper. will be the perfect size for that. So that works out great….or a college student, but not a serious poker guy. 🙂

      Hmmmm, just okay but not feeling it much. I spent the same at J Crew and got 4 guys flannel shirts and a sweater, also a poof ball clip thingy and a pair of earrings on Cyber Monday.

      Last years was amazing, my son loves his watch….I don’t know, but not subbing for an annual box this year. The values there, but the items are not my gig.

  49. Popsugar did an excellent job with both LE boxes.

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