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Play! By Sephora November 2017 Box #013 FULL Spoilers!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

We now have the box number for the FULL spoilers for another variation of the November Play! By Sephora box! (Thanks for the heads up, Kristen!!)

This is Box #013:

This is Box #957:

Thanks for the photo Cathy!

This is Box #973:

Sephora Play November subscription box spoilers

Source: beauty4free2u

In case you missed it, all subscribers will receive:

MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

What do you think of the spoilers?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details, you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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  1. This is the worst box I’ve ever gotten! Lowest value of all the boxes which really isn’t fair. ANOTHER red lipstick I’ll never use. ANOTHER dry shampoo I’ll never use. ANOTHER mascara and a tiny tiny tiny face mask. I basically paid 10 dollars for a 6 dollar face cream. I wish Sephora would send out the same value boxes to everyone. So sick of dry shampoo and stupid lipstick I don’t wear. I never wear lipstick and never will.

  2. Just received my first play box #013..and compared to the 2 other Beauty boxes I get…the sizes are REALLY small….the Purity Mask was something I’ve always wanted to try but come on now..the size of this is a JOKE…the others are bearable…I’ll give it a few more tries

  3. OMG this box, you guys!

    The purity tube is a clay mask, but there is enough in the tube to do about 1/4 of my face! Seriously, I could do one cheek, and that’s it! This is like a foil sample. What’s the point of this?

    And the Farmacy moisturizer is nice, but small. Add that to a sephora branded lipstick that is ONCE AGAIN the complete opposite shade that would work for people with the hair and skin profiles that received this box and yet another tired old dry shampoo…. What is Sephora thinking?

  4. I just got my box today which was really quick! And I love everything in it😍 for box 013 . I just don’t like the lipstick that much by Sephora in red ! 😮 it’s like fire red it’s that red. But I tried it and am kinda getting used to it, and the perk is that it stays on all day for long periods which is great! And I absolutely love the fragrance which Everyones getting , I’m for sure buying this full size 😘 mascara is amazing and not clumpy and I like that it doesn’t make someone who has long lashes like myself look spider leg creepy it looks subtle , voluminous, and natural so this is a A+ from this month for sure ♥️

  5. Definitely let down with 013. I have bone dry skin and don’t understand why I received both a lightweight moisturizer and a clay mud mask. I loathe wearing red lipstick and never use dry shampoo since my hair is very dry. It’s like they didn’t even use my suggestions and I have no idea where they got the idea that this box was right for me. Worst box I’ve received in over a year.

  6. Received box 957.? I never receive tracking info till after my box is delivered with that said ,BEST BOX EVER IN A WHILE. I love everything this plus this month’s Boxycharm is basically a Spa Day in a box. IT happened to show up unannounced today too. 😍

  7. Ik origins tends to always give huge samples for everything (which is great!!) but it’s a little unfair that the origins mask is 1 full ounce and the purity is .17 ounces lol

    Super super excited for the farmacy moisturizer tho!!! Excited for the mascara too. The size of the mask is a bummer but it’s one I’ve used before and it’s a really good mask! and im on mask overload right now anyway so it’s fine. The dry shampoo is one ive used before too and it’s only ok but it’ll get used at least. 99% chance I’ll never use the lipstick but oh well. Wouldn’t have used the gloss either so oh well. Hopefully the perfume is nice. Don’t love this box but not mad at all

  8. I will totally swap my red lippie for someones nude! I’ve asked them to please stop sending me reds and pinks, I never wear them. My daughters are sick of me passing over all my reds and pinks to them…they’ve got bucketfuls lol

    • Same here!

    • I’d be happy to swap my nude one for your red one. 🙃

      • Still waiting for my box to ship 🙁 But, definitely up for swapping….as soon as they take me off the wait list lol

        • Let me know, I’m not on the swap site yet but I’d be more than happy to swap lippies. I’m more of a red lip girl than nude.

  9. This box is decently lower compared to the other 2, they shouldn’t do variations that are like a $20 value difference than the others. It’s just wrong in my opinion.

  10. It’s an okay box. The value seems pretty low though. I could only see the sizes for the purity mask and the dry shampoo but those are only worth around 5.40 together in that small of a size. The lipstick is only $12 for the full size so no doubt the sample is only a couple bucks. Maybe it’ll be redeemed by the moisturizer which is $45 full size. I’ll definitely use everything though, so that’s a plus. Fingers crossed for a better December box!

    • Hate to break it to you hun but the Farmacy is only probably worth $6. This variation is very low. Glad it’s not mine.

    • Hate to break it to you hun but Farmacy is probably only worth $6. This box is really low compared to the other 2. Glad it’s not mine.

    • i personally love farmacy products!

  11. I said I would wait another month to see how they did…. box 013
    Time to cancel. I made Rouge anyway and the only thing in that box I would want to try is the farmacy. And I don’t do Sephora brand anything after the eyelash loss fiasco of trying lashcraft.

    Bummer was a good box while it lasted.

    • I didn’t hear about a problem with the mascara. What happened? I have used Sephora brand eye liners, invisible lip liner, and I like their liquid and regular lippies. I wasn’t impressed with the mascara, but I have been happy with all the other items and I love the Sephora Pro makeup brushes. While every box is not spot on for me there is enough good stuff for me to keep getting it. I have box 957. While I don’t care for nude lips I like trying the formulas. Sephora box items are always good swap items.

  12. Finally, got me some red lipstick for the first time ever. Nudes are cool but I never gotten any vibrant lippies from a sub box. Liking 013 box except for the amika. I got some of those dry shampoo and I don’t use them.

  13. Please no dry shampoo for box #005. Please.

    • I got it its origins clear improvement charcoal mask.. The sephora red lipstick. Candalae toner, mj mascara , Burberry blush and mistress hair balm

      • #005 sounds better than #013. No dry shampoo. I don’t like dry shampoo😭

      • I commented before but didn’t clarify that box# 005 is the origins clear improvement charcoal mask, sephora red lipstick,mistress hair balm, candelae toner, mj mascara and the Burberry blush perfume… Don’t know had to add a pic otherwise I would of

          • I just did but realized I didnt have the Burberry blush perfume in pic but it was in there. I already threw away most of the packaging otherwise I would of taken another

  14. Nooooooooo! I so wanted that nude lip gloss! This variation is no bueno.

    • I got the nude in the #973… I wanted the red 🙁

      • Leslie, I’m getting the red. Let me know if you want to swap.

        • Oh me me me! I’ll swap, just tell me what I gotta do!

          • Eden, my box hasn’t shipped yet. We can swap when I get it. The link to my swap page is posted; You should be able to click on it.

        • I’ll put it up on swap… I’m too yellow to do nudes.

          • Leslie, can you add the link to your swap page on here so I can find you?

  15. How do we find out which BOX NUMBER we are getting? I see people discuss this all the time, but it is lost on me. Please, any tips? Thanks.

    • It is the last 3 digits of the Item number (not Order number). This is found by clicking on the play box order for the month.

    • Follow the instructions on this post😊

  16. I’m pretty happy with this box. I’ll probably give the lipstick to a friend since red isn’t my color.

  17. If I were to subscribe would I still get this months bag or next months?

  18. Excited to see a straight up RED lipstick (not nude, not liquid). Unfortunately I look forward to these for the moisturizer and I’ll have to gift mine since I can’t have echinacea. Also, I just bought the Purity, but it’s cool to have more, I may gift that too. Otherwise, I’m happy.

  19. How many variations are there?! If i
    Remember correctly none of these are my variation.

  20. This is my box. I’m loving the Farmacy moisturizer !!! Everything else not so much. But still at least I’m getting one item I’m excited to try. I’ll still use the dry shampoo, the rest will go to swaps.

  21. This is my box and these definitely wouldn’t be my first choices for dry/sensitive skin per say, but, I will use everything. Hopefully I can branch away from my basic pinky nudes and try out this red for the holidays! 🙂

  22. My box. None of it makes sense for me. Shrug.

  23. I’m box 005 so still wondering but this box looks great, especially the farmacy moisturizer!

  24. This is my box I’m ok with it . Not thrilled . A few things may be going up for swaps

  25. I would have loved that Farmacy moisturizer. 🙁

    • I just ordered something and got one of these as a bonus and this is my box. I’ll have one up for swap. Which box did you end up with?

  26. I love my box – getting 957
    It’s perfect for my oily yet dehydrated skin!
    I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed by any of my boxes since last year 🙂

    • #957 and the nude lipstick may work to lighten up the dark one from my Boxycharm Nov box. I’m genuinely excited for my Sephora Play and Ipsy every month.

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