FabFitFun Winter 2017 Box Spoiler #3 + $10 Coupon!

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We have the third SPOILER for the Winter 2017 FabFitFun box! (If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your Winter Box!)

Each box will include:

Doucce Cosmetics Freematic Face Palette in Smokey or Nude – Value $70

This palette is available in two different shades and includes a highlighter and 8 eyeshadows. (Annual subscribers will be able to pick the color of their choice.)

These palettes are magnetic so you can swap out any of the pans:

This palette includes 5 shimmer eyeshadows, 3 mattes, and a highlighter. Here they are swatched:

(Highlighter on top.)

And here is the other color option:

Both palettes have the same champagne-colored highlighter.

This set has four shimmers (the top row), and four mattes.

Here is everything swatched (highlighter on the top):

The pigment is good throughout on both these eyeshadows, they were easy to blend, and I had minimal fallout!

UPDATE: Here it is in hand to give you a better sense of scale:

In case you missed the previous 2 spoilers:

BB Dakota Poncho – $70 Value

This poncho is open in the front and available in three different colors. (If you are an annual/select FabFitFun member, you’ll be able to pick the color of your choice!)

Here are the care instructions: Machine wash cold, no tumble dry, ironing OK on delicate setting, dry cleaning OK.

(The fabric is 65% acrylic, 35% polyester.)

It features a blanket stitch edge and just like a blanket, it’s super soft and cozy!

Here are the other colorways:

Want to see what this poncho looks like on? Jess and Christen are modeling it for us!

I chose to pair this drape-y poncho in the burgundy, navy, and grey color palette with an otherwise all black look. Being at the end of my pregnancy, black has been my best friend. I love that this poncho’s hues are subtle, and it adds just enough of a fall feel to my basic tank and black jeans. It’s also super soft and cozy (a definite plus, but I did notice some stray fuzz). This is the kind of versatile layered look that I can see myself wearing all fall in different variations — switch out the tank for a staple white tee or opt for distressed denim instead.

I believe ponchos are one of the most versatile pieces for fall and winter—the styling possibilities are endless. I’m a lso a  big fan of blending base tones, so I  layered this  shades-of-grey poncho over a heather grey tee , my go-to brown belt and booties, and some pop-of-color jeans. Different tints and textures break up the monotone look so that my mostly-grey outfit is casual and suitable for everyday wear.

UPDATE: A few more modeling pictures:

And here is the black poncho reversed:

Here’s a better idea of the size of the poncho:

(And you can see the little tag on the reverse side.) For reference, I’m 5’7″.

And it works as a super cozy scarf, too!

UPDATE 2: Here are some pictures of Nicole modeling the poncho:

What do you think of the latest spoiler?

And in case you missed the first spoiler:

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate – 1.7 oz Value $75

From FabFitFun:
-1.7 fl oz
-Features papaya, pumpkin, and pineapple enzymes.
-Lactic acid (aka AHA) chemically exfoliates skin.
-Silica physically exfoliates skin.

I’ve sampled this a few times before thanks to subscription boxes, and I love it.

First, it’s a super quick-use beauty product. You only need to use it for 30 seconds (and you can leave it on for up to two minutes) and apply it twice a week. And it’s paraben, sulfate, and phthalate free!

The exfoliant particles are super fine, so it’s gentle on my skin, and I love the cinnamon scent, too.

What do you think of the latest Winter 2017 FabFitFun Box spoiler?

If you are a new subscriber, and you sign up now, your first box will be the Winter Box. This box is regularly $49.99, but you can use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! (or use coupon code FROST to get a free $75 value mystery bundle with your first box!)

Check out all of my FabFitFun reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Glad ai skipped this one. I usually love ❤️ the FFF box, but this one is a hard pass for me

  2. Exfolikate!

  3. so is the first pallete also for just eye shadow? or also contouring…. i know highlighter is for contouring, but what about the rest of it? i want to learn how to contour and do my face makeup but i honestly have no idea what stuff to buy in order to do it. i’m hoping i can use the palette to try and figure it out? if not, oh well

    • The rest are just eyeshadows but you could try and use one of the (matte!) browns as a bronzer/contour. Should work?? I’ve never tried using eyeshadow as a contour but I’d think it’d work??? At least for learning until you committed to buying some bronzer. These colors also look pretty warm and I prefer a cool brown, but that’s just a personal preference.

      Just would probably run out kinda quick since it’s an eyeshadow sized pan

  4. I love the nude palette. Cliche I know, but omg those colors!!

  5. If this was going to be my first FFF box, I’d probably be super-excited; but as others have said, we are seeing the same or almost the same products over and over again. How many scarves/blankets do I need? How many exfoliators? How many palettes? I’d like to see a candle (that’s one thing I can never have enough of!) in this box. Something to change it up a little.

    • I agree with you (but we also received a candle last winter box!) but definitely, there is a trend amongst the boxes.

    • I completely agree. There’s such a repeat and I haven’t used a lot of whats in my boxes b/c of this. All the scarves, bags, blankets, etc… I’m getting the uglier of the color choices and I’m not using them.

  6. I am super excited for the Kate Sommerville. I have tried this exfoliator before and was in love! The poncho is also fun! A little chilly for a New England winter but definitely great for inside! The only thing that I am not super thrilled about so far is the lackluster looking pallet.

    • Perfectly said. I also love the Exfolikate:)

  7. Want to try out the exfoliant and digging the poncho…don’t care for the pallet!

    • Palette haha!

  8. Liz you are too cute!

  9. Thankfully I know someone I can gift this palette to, but I’m kind of sad that it’s in a fabfitfun box. I love FFF because the boxes have crazy amazing value every season and I will probably never cancel, but I personally would have been happier with a palette with a lower RV from a brand that I know and like a little bit more. There are many amazing tarte, Too Faced, and Becca palettes that cost much less than $70. (Loving the first two spoilers though!)

    • 🙌 💯

    • Agreed! I always like getting a palette but i have never heard of this brand and i am definitely willing to give it a try but I do wish the palette was from a more well known brand especially since they have such cute holiday stuff that just came out. Still really excited! This seems like a great box!

  10. Yikes. I truly despise Doucce.

    I wanted to love this box. I’ve loved their other Winter boxes (that candle from last year’s was my favorite candle ever), but this isn’t looking great so far. I was encouraged by the Exfolikate, but I’m not particularly into the wrap thing and now DOUCCE??


    • Oh, and Doucce has some serious cajones assigning a retail value of $70 to that palette. Just… no.

    • Thank god i cancelled

  11. I’m thinking of signing up as I was hoping to score on of the throws in the add ons but I don’t know how much they cost. Maybe it’s better if I just go down to my local store and buy one, hahaha

    • $29

      • Thanks Judy!!

    • Has anyone ever received the mystery box from FFF? Trying to decide that over the 10.00 coupon.

      • Depends on your preference but the bundle will be worth more than $10 and seems to be beauty related most times. If you could care less about the $10 I would get the bundle but if the price is more important do the $10.

  12. I need another highlighter and eyeshadow palette like a hole in the head. Although I do like that it’s magnetic, so maybe I can swap in some other little single pans I have floating around.

    The poncho will serve as my desk cozy warmup until the time comes when I need to fire up my fashionable electric blanket. The joys–and not joys–of working from a home with paper-thin windows.

    I too am more excited for the add-ons…again! I will be culling sub boxes for 2018…I just keep getting more and more iterations of the same things, and as a result, so are my female relatives (LOL). Time to save money and use up my backlog of highlighters, lip crayons, yadda yadda yadda. And give some makeup to the womens’ shelter in my city.

    • I agree! I have gotten enough pallets, scarf type items, and face items I will never use from this box. A yearly subscriber so I am stuck but really debating getting more boxes once my year is up.

      • I’m not an annual thankfully. I agree, nothing new here. The three spoilers made me cancel. Just nothing I want here and don’t want to risk $50 on off chance I might like one item. Swaps are usually an option in that case.

      • Last season someone here mentioned they were an annual subscriber and emailed CS and told them how unhappy she was and they refunded her the cost cost of the remaining boxes on her account. Worth a try if you’re that unhappy with it.

        • They won’t. I tried.

    • Hahah seriously tho.

  13. I like the add-ons more than the actual box content…

    • same. Im just not enthused beyond the exfolikate. And really, i have a million face scrub/exfoliating things

  14. Not feeling the palette, but I love the first two spoilers. I can live with that ratio. And the box itself looks deeper than usual–plenty of room left for more awesome stuff!

    • I feel the same, but I’m sure I can gift it to my sister or cousin. Not an issue. I’m happy so far…

  15. Are the add on items returnable? I want to order one of the shoulder bags but I want to know if I can return in case I don’t like.

    • Nope! You can get replacement or refund if it has any problem by contacting FFF customer service but the policy is no return for both the box items and the add-ons/warehouse sales.

    • But you can always sell it back or swap it with someone else.

  16. I’m liking the looks of this box! Lord knows I don’t need another palette, but do I want it? Sure do! I love the poncho and high end skincare is always a win in my book. I do feel like FFF boxes are very “California,” meaning they’re geared toward west coast seasons vs super-cold winters. As a desert-dweller, I appreciate that, but I can see how if you need actual winter wear for warmth, it might be disappointing.

  17. The last thing I need is eyeshadow or highlighter lol! This will make a nice Christmas gift for one of my friends.

  18. Woa, lots of negative responses. I’m excited about this box. Living in California, that poncho will get some serious use, in the cool mornings and evenings, and will double as a blanket to sit on during the sunny parts of the day. The Douce pallet will be a nice addition to the realher pallet I’m using right now, the face wash will be awesome to try out. It sounds like lots of people have so many sub boxes and just too much stuff. It makes sense to me that you’d get duplicates if that is how a company does their marketing by giving stuff to subs for people to try. That’s reality, and if you have several subs you get, you’ll see that reality. Maybe it’s time for a subcation… (sub vacation, my new word). You can vicariously enjoy the process by coming here to MSA often, but not having the build up of unused items in your drawers, closets, bathroom, dresser….just sayin we are all responsible for our choices… Trust me, I’ve chosen to stop getting so many boxes, they do start repeating… Be happy with your choices or change them!! Just my personal philosophy..

    • Well said! I completely agree!

    • I agree 100%. People seem to hate boxes because they’re on product overload. It makes reading comments very depressing. If someone needs a specific item, its silly to expect a mystery box to provide that item out of the blue. If someone has too much of the same item, its silly to expect ALL the curators to come together and ensure there aren’t any duplicates. I’m taking a break from beauty boxes just because I wasnt getting excited anymore. Why spend money if youre going to be unhappy with every box?

    • I definitely agree that duplicates are inevitable if you sub to a bunch of boxes. And I recognize in myself that after awhile the thrill and excitement lessens as you get more stuff and nothing is novel anymore. It really is an addiction! Lol. But I still love all my subs for the things I wouldn’t normally buy myself!!! I would never buy that poncho for myself just like the ruana from summer. But I can’t wait to try it out at a huge discount and push myself out of my comfort zone…same thing with “odd” lippie or eyeshadow colors. My subs have become my fun experiments. 🙂

    • Totally agree. If you feel the need to subscribe to 20+ boxes you really can’t fuss about getting multiples of the same things. What are people expecting?! If you get dozens of subscription quietly accept the fact that you will get dozens of palettes,cleansers, scarves/wraps etc. Stop fussing and claiming domo. If you have an entire room stuffed full of sub box products you definitely need to either take a sub break or expect tons of duplicates.

    • *fomo

      • Haha, Liddy, I had to look that up and YES!! There have been times when I have had FOMO, so I bought boxes and so regretted it… Of course, it’s so easy, too easy, to find something other than myself to blame it on.. And MSA has their swap sight to boot, which should help resolve a lot of the issues people are stating.. I’ve learned, for me, the best thing is to go through the items I want in a box and add up what I would be willing to pay for those items. If that amount exceeds the cost of the box, I might just get it. If it doesn’t, I have learned to say no. But it took training. We humans, we can be kind of pathetic, and hilarious!!

    • This is true for some people, however, a lot of people are complaining about the face scrub and the poncho…. I personally have both types full sized Dr. Brandt scrubs (very similar) so I don’t need a third full size face scrub, and see many people with the same complaint. Both of mine are from fabfitfun. And the poncho, very similar to the scarf poncho item in the fall fabfitfun box, and even the ruana in the summer fabfitfun box (except the ruana is way thinner obviously). And we’ve gotten similar colored eyeshadow palettes from fabfitfun before too.

      Even if you’re only subscribed to fabfitfun, repeats and too much similar stuff can still be an issue, and that’s the problem. If people are subscribed to a ton of boxes and get similar items I agree they can’t really complain…. but people shouldn’t have that problem from just one sub box company, within one year….

      • I agree. FFF has way too many duplicate types. Too many wraps/scarves,too many face scrubs,too much low quality makeup. I only get a couple subs but I might have to let EFF go if there is a wrap or scrub in the Spring box. I don’t like the fomo excuse for hoarding.

        • Totally agree! Not impressed with all the duplications, seems to only focus on new subscribers.

      • I agree! I ONLY get the Fabfitfun box, no other sub ones, but it is becoming too repetitive and I am throwing or giving away more items then I actually use!

      • Was thinking exact same thing. Similar products from same sub. Might skip this season. Shipping for trades adds up to more than the box!

      • Lol I have both size Dr. Brandt scrubs, love that we are getting the Kate Somerville one and sadly I have the AHAVA scrub from add-ons in my cart as well! Send them my way😜

        • Yep! I love scrubs/exfoliators. Since we get so many, I use them all over my body, not just on my face. I’ve probably said this too many times but here it is again — I think one of the keys to finding ‘value’ in sub boxes is being creative in your thinking about how to use items. When you open your mind and break the rules, the possibilities are endless.

          • I like this idea!!! Will def be trying the scrubs all over my body since it I only used it on my face (and I only use a tiny bit like once a week) it’d last like 3 years minimum lol. Thanks for the idea 🙂

      • Sadly, I subscribed this past Summer and I have given away more of the box contents than I have kept. Essentially this is fine, but I was hoping this could have been something to spoil myself with a few times a year. Everything happenes for a reason yet also remaining hopeful.

      • I subscribe to FFF, Ipsy, and Target and between the three I’ve gotten about 15 premium and full size face washes and exfoliators, compared to a measly 2 single use facial moisturizers….. Like what is everyone obsession with washing their face, but not moisturizing? The balance is definitely off with some of this stuff. I wish FFF would send some sized items instead of these OS things that all seem to be the same.

    • Wise words and many of us need the gentle reminder! Too much consumerism and we stop enjoying the things we have, the mail stops being fun, we become bored… I’m taking a subcation for sure within the next two months. I can’t quit yet lol.

      • I agree, I think I will be stopping as well once my yearly membership is done and only consider purchasing the box once it is completely revealed, and if I find it worth it or not.

    • I had to do this. I have so much stuff. I just wanted to keep this box and my foodie boxes. With FFF, anything I don’t use will make great xmas gifts. Plus, I like having access to add-on items during this time of year. I completely agree with your philosophy though. 😉

    • This will be my first box!!! Can’t wait to get it. What sold me was the palette and poncho. I have 2 daughters what I don’t like they will. But I am liking it all so far!!! (Sorry girls!)

  19. This box is looking worse than a Marshalls shopping trip. Have only this one left and def not resubbing.

    Looking back on things I use..

    Spring- dr. Brandt, gummy vitamins

    (Clutter- roundie, nail polish duo that didn’t paint well, sheet masks, hair conditioner, waterproof bag, lip kit didn’t care for color/have too many, aj luv earings broke)

    Summer- water bottle, scaf wrap thing

    (Clutter-sunscreen and eye serum stocked up, necklace broke, paint set and salt which i paid extra for haven’t gotten used, body oil used once)

    Fall- scarf, ring dish, face mask

    (Clutter-nail oil fun for 1st week now it’s been forgotten, used heat pad once last month for cramps, tooth powder,hair rinse, hat, gym bag won’t get used, lipstick overload)

    So far I’m at 7 items…so averaging 2 per box. Not worth the money and time and anticipation and closet space. Wish it wasn’t so repetitive.

  20. Does anyone know if this highlighter (and highlighters in general) can double as eyeshadow? What are the pros/cons of that? Do they crease more easily?

    I find I always have too many dark shades and not enough of the light gold type shades that I use as an all-over base. Just wondering if anyone has experience using highlighters as the main color base before applying crease colors and how that works out.

    • I use highlighter as eyeshadow all the time!

    • For most highlighters, yes they can absolutely double as shadows. Honestly, I have yet to figure out the difference between the formula for highlighters/ contours and shadows for several companies.

  21. Hi Liz! Any chance you can tell us if any of the colors are th same as from the Allure January Doucce palette? They look very similar, but I can’t tell judging from the pictures! Thanks!

  22. I do like Doucce I got similar colors in the Allure set and love them, I actually really happy with it so far even the poncho, I actually like all the colors, I was really debating after fall box, but they sucked me back in

  23. Purple eyeshadow is a Hazel girl’s best friend so I will pick that one but I am not quite sold on this yet. I will keep an open mind and give it a try once it arrives!

  24. Does anybody know if this is safe for sensitive eyes? I can’t find any information on it.

    • It’s not. They use lanolin (wool oil, so not vegan) and parabens for a start. The fact that they hide their ingredients on their web page should tell you that this is chemical filled crap…

      https://www.doucce.com/customer-service/ – only place where a few ingredients are listed along with a bunch of excuses for why they still use things that are harmful.

      Love the colors, to bad they are not good for your health. Beauty starts with healthy imo.

  25. I think all of these spoilers are just okay. I’m an annual member so I’m getting it regardless, and I do like it. but I’m not wowed by any of it, and it doesn’t really say winter to me at all…. Besides the poncho but even that really I think looks more fall than winter. I was expecting more of a winter theme.

    Also not to be picky, and I get that ponchos are a one size fits all type of thing, but I’ve seen one size fits all cardigans too (I have one from pac sun that fits me, overweight and 5’7” and my very skinny 5’1” friend. I don’t know how it’s possible and it does fit different on us, but still looks great and cozy on us both). I just want some sleeves!! Lol. This is the third month in a row we’ve gotten basically the same object in different fabrics/warmth levels. Also, now that even non annual get choice items, why can’t the choice be a size?? I’d prefer a normal sweater or something.

    I’m not dissapointed by the box at all, but if I wasn’t an annual subscriber, I wouldn’t go out and purchase this box based on spoilers so far.

    • ^^^^^^ What she said. Pretty on point.

    • Is it just me, or did the fall box have more of a winter vibe, while this one feels more fallish? The huge scarf, the hat, cuticle oil (wonderful for dry winter skin).

      Contrary to popular opinion, last year’s winter box was one of my favorites. Everything was winter-ish, practical, and ideal for gifting: lotion, a necklace, a winter-y candle, a new planner for the new year, skin care to brighten up dull winter skin, and mascara (I love having a stash for when I run out). The only thing I wasn’t fond of was the note cards. The “Cheers” never seems appropriate for when I need a note card. I trading like a fiend for more of the tangerine lotion.

      • Jennifer, I completely agree with everything you said, so it’s not just you. heh. This box is very fall-like, and the fall one was definitely more wintery than this. Also, I loved last winter’s box, too! That Anderson Lilley lotion was one of the best I have ever smelled, and works great.

  26. Is there a way to list the color names of the pans in each option? Sometimes the colors look different in pictures depending on light and I like to check out different sites or pictures. If not, are the colors in the nude pallet really as warm, reddish and bronzy in real life as they look on my phone? Thanks!

  27. I wish I could trade the poncho and palette for a blanket/throw. It’s winter. I want warm and fuzzies. I know there’s add-on’s I just really dislike Doucce products. They’re made in China, they make the worst mascara I’ve ever used, and they’re not great quality (pigment, fallout etc.) Maybe it’s just me.

    • I feel the same! I have too much Doucce products from past Glossyboxes, and I’ve never loved a single product from them. I’m a little disappointed to see it in FFF

      • Same here. I give them to friends and family as I don’t like most of them myself.
        I’m not one to complain, but glad I skipped this one and let my year long sub go. I can’t stand ponchos as I’m petite and too hot due to pre menopause.

    • Yes, Douche makes the worst mascara.

      • Omg, autocorrect. I mean Doucce.

        • I think you had it right the first time hahahahaha!

        • Bawhahaha 😂😂😂

    • ****** This!

  28. Oooh, i hope i get the goldy/bronze neutral one!

    • Me too. I should just upgrade because I can imagine myself getting the plums that I will never use and then the cranberry poncho which is not my color. ..

  29. Not excited about the box items. That’s ok. I pretty much only have this box for the add-ons. Now winter add ons are amaaazing!!

  30. This brand is pretty good but I’m not an eyeshadow person. If I am to get this box, it’s mainly because of the Exfolikate and poncho.

  31. I’m officially more excited for my add-ons than the actual box. :/

    • Me too!

    • Same!!!

  32. 2Liz where the palatte made?

    • China

    • I’ve gotten a lot of their products and they’re all made in China.

      • China means animal tested. China means cheap. I am so disappointed that FFF is hyping a cheap makeup palette like I can get at Dollar Tree.

        I am so not renewing.

        • I know people make the argument that these boxes don’t state that they’re cruelty free, so if we sign up we shouldn’t be upset about products made in China. But China makes crappy products. They test in animals and I don’t trust products made in PRC. They violate a lot of laws and regulations. I wish FFF was cruelty free, but I’m still going to complain about animal testing so maybe sub boxes will use better vendors.

  33. Omg I usually hate palettes (I carefully hand selected my go tos and I dont need a pile of them, boxes!) but I actually love the first. Thank god for being able to pick, I hate the second one. Does anyone know about the formula for this company?

  34. I like doucce eyeshadows and I like their magnetic pallettes that I’ve gotten in a few other sub boxes before but in no way is this worth anywhere near that much. Sometimes the doucce 4-shadow palettes are on sale on amazon for $5 or less. I’ve purchased them that way more than once. It will be nice to have a bigger doucce compact, but the retail value is ridiculous and I expect better from FFF.

  35. I am weak, I like all the spoilers..and for $40(with coupon) I couldn’t resist….well, let’s enjoy life and spend some money bcs money doesn’t spend itself 😀

  36. Anyone find an ingredient list for the eyeshadows and highlighter? I don’t see one on the makeup brand website.

  37. Already listed 2 of these for swap. I rarely wear eyeshadow and have plenty I like. If you need more for gifts, click my name.

  38. I don’t use eye shadow and always give them to my daughter-in-law and daughter. They have so many from subs and free gifts with purchase they will last long enough for their daughter to use.

  39. That retail value for the eyeshadow palette is ridiculous! You can get a Dior 5 color eyeshadow palette for less!

    • Preach!

  40. Noooo! Ugh I never associated FFF with products I’d get in glossybox. And considering this is in every sub box I’m hoping someone I can still find someone who will want it on swap.

  41. I am not familiar with this cosmetic brand at all? have i missed it? are all of you familiar with it?

    • Is this a trick question? haha 😉 😀

      • Or sarcasm??! lol

        • No, i am being serious. i even googled it and their website comes up but i had never heard of it. Crazy because i have tons of subscription boxes and excessively shop at sephora and never came across this brand.

          • You’re definitely not going to find Doucce at Sephora. I’ve only ever seen it in sub boxes – and they’ve been showing up a lot in them.

            Personally, I think they’re just awful. The lipstick I hot from them was THE WORST I’ve ever tried. I honestly didn’t think a lipstick could be that bad.

    • And what’s this Manna Kadar I keep hearing about?! Assuming you are joking but just in case you’re not Doucce is so overdone in sub boxes it’s ridiculous.

      • Manna Kadar chap makeup line. It is all over the sub boxes. And it seems that Doucc is the new Manna Kadar.

        • To be fair their flutter mascara is my absolute favorite mascara ever. It holds up so much better than any other brand I have tried and peels off like glue!

          • Good to know! I am always looking for mascara from low end to luxe. Maybe I will try it someday! It might show up in an Ipsy Bag!

  42. I took 3 months off from FabFitFun and I just bit the bullet and renewed my yearly subscription. I honestly believe this sub is one of the best out there if you save the $$$ and pay for the annual sub and get the perks!

    • Same

  43. Liz, would there be any way to show the size of the palette? Like compared to your hand or something? I’ve heard the the eye shadow pans from this brand are very tiny so it would be nice to see how big the actual palette/pans are.

    • Sure. We can do that! And in the meantime, I’d say it’s roughly the size of an iPhone plus. Hope that helps – more pictures to come soon 🙂

    • Just added a picture with the palette in my hand – hope that helps! 🙂

  44. I’m not excited about this spoiler but I like the first two. I almost never wear eye shadow and I wasn’t real impressed with the blush from this brand that came in a GB. I know other people love shadows though so it’s a great box!

  45. I don’t really like any of these 🙁 I guess I’m gonna save fifty bucks, but I’m super bummed because I really wanted this to be a WINTER box, and none of these say winter to me. And I passed on the Fall box too.

  46. $70 seems really over priced for just eye-shadow & highlighter. I don’t wear shadow so this is a miss for me. I hope I can sell it or swap it. I love the poncho so that totally makes up for the palette.

    • I think all the items are overpriced! But I still love Fff though….

    • $70 would be reasonable for certain high-quality brands, but there is NO way Doucce is worth $70. I’m annoyed thinking that they think it’s worth that.

  47. I am really excited about the first two spoilers, but this one .. not so much. I already have a bunch of eyeshadow palettes, I don’t need another. I’ll read reviews of it to see if it’s worth keeping but I may try and swap this for something else.

  48. I don’t use eyeshadows, but this could totally be a gift to one of my sisters. Okay, so far, so good.

  49. The highlighter looks pretty – I have to say this is the first time in a while FFF has tempted me, but I hate that scarf, poncho thing. Partially because I think it’s ugly and partially because I feel like it’s too similar to the two OTHER scarves they’ve sent out over the past year.

    Decisions, decisions…

    • I’m happy to swap the palette for another poncho if it has different color than the one I will get. It just starts snowing today and I do not use make up. I like fall-winter fashion which both pretty and warm. 🙂

  50. Wow this is gonna be an amazing box.I not gonna get though.But I know many are gonna be super happy happy

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