FabFitFun Winter 2017 Box Selection Time + $10 Coupon!

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It’s selection time for the Winter 2017 FabFitFun box! (If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your Winter Box!)

If you are an annual subscriber, you can pick your color choice for the following items:

8 Other Reasons 9 Lives Choker – Retail Value $58

BB Dakota Poncho – Retail Value $70

Doucce Cosmetics Freematic Face Palette – Value $70

And EVERYONE can pick their choice of these items:

Grace & Stella Anti-Wrinkle Energizing Eye Masks – (Set of 8) Value $16

Nelson J. Beverly Hills Moisture Healing Hair Mask in Coconut – Value $23

FabFitFun TV Fitness Ball with Jillian Michales Videos – Value $16

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray – Value $29

Which items are you picking?

Check out my review of the Winter 2017 FabFitFun box to see everything you’ll receive! And check out all of my FabFitFun reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

Here’s a closer look at each selection item:

8 Other Reasons 9 Lives Choker in Rose Gold – Retail Value $58

This item is available in Rose Gold or Silver

Here it is at the longest length:

And here it is at the shortest length:

Here is the silver necklace option from the booklet:

Doucce Cosmetics Freematic Face Palette in Smokey or Nude – Value $70

This palette is available in two different shades and includes a highlighter and 8 eyeshadows.

These palettes are magnetic so you can swap out any of the pans:

This palette includes 5 shimmer eyeshadows, 3 mattes, and a highlighter. Here they are swatched:

(Highlighter on top.)

And here is the other color option:

Both palettes have the same champagne-colored highlighter.

This set has four shimmers (the top row), and four mattes.

Here is everything swatched (highlighter on the top):

The pigment is good throughout on both these eyeshadows, they were easy to blend, and I had minimal fallout!

Here it is in hand to give you a better sense of scale:

BB Dakota Poncho – $70 Value

This poncho is open in the front and available in three different colors.

Here are the care instructions: Machine wash cold, no tumble dry, ironing OK on delicate setting, dry cleaning OK.

(The fabric is 65% acrylic, 35% polyester.)

It features a blanket stitch edge and just like a blanket, it’s super soft and cozy!

Here are the other colorways:

Want to see what this poncho looks like on? Jess and Christen are modeling it for us!

I chose to pair this drape-y poncho in the burgundy, navy, and grey color palette with an otherwise all black look. Being at the end of my pregnancy, black has been my best friend. I love that this poncho’s hues are subtle, and it adds just enough of a fall feel to my basic tank and black jeans. It’s also super soft and cozy (a definite plus, but I did notice some stray fuzz). This is the kind of versatile layered look that I can see myself wearing all fall in different variations — switch out the tank for a staple white tee or opt for distressed denim instead.

I believe ponchos are one of the most versatile pieces for fall and winter—the styling possibilities are endless. I’m a lso a  big fan of blending base tones, so I  layered this  shades-of-grey poncho over a heather grey tee , my go-to brown belt and booties, and some pop-of-color jeans. Different tints and textures break up the monotone look so that my mostly-grey outfit is casual and suitable for everyday wear.

A few more modeling pictures:

And here is the black poncho reversed:

Here’s a better idea of the size of the poncho:

(And you can see the little tag on the reverse side.) For reference, I’m 5’7″.

And it works as a super cozy scarf, too!

Here are some pictures of Nicole modeling the poncho:



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  1. i posted in the forum but thought i’d ask here too…for those of you who have purchased a mystery bundle add-on in the past, is the cost generally worth it? i’m new to this entire experience and couldn’t resist the temptation to peek at the full spoilers so i thought i might add the mystery bundle to my box to add a little surprise. before i do, i’d like to be somewhat reassured that i’m won’t be blowing $29. 😉

  2. Does adding items to your “add-ons” guarantee that you will get them? I was finally able to add 3 extra Winter boxes to my add-ons but it says I don’t check out. It just says my items will be auto billed on November 17. I just want to make sure I will get this extra boxes and they won’t sell out!

    • i’m new to fabfitfun (and subscription boxes in general!) but i believe as long as it is in your cart, you have reserved them and will receive the items with your box. but you won’t be charged until the auto-bill date and have until then to add/delete.

  3. Does the code no longer work?

    • I used it the other day and it worked fine.
      If you go back to their earlier posts the offer has been on here for quite some time, so it’d be pretty random for it to stop working. Did you try entering the code at checkout?

      • Yes it told me it was an invalid code

        • I just tried it again and it worked for me. Did you make sure to put ‘MSA10’ in all caps with no space? It’s definitely still valid so I would keep trying!

  4. I NNNEEEEDDDD the I love you a latte mug. If I don’t get it, I will be looking to swap! I really wish that would have been a 3rd select item. I would also like the red/pink socks but I won’t cry if I don’t like I will if I don’t get that mug. (kidding (kinda)).

    • *4th

  5. I mostly wear cool tones but I got the rose gold necklace as my mother just gave me an antique family necklace which is rose gold. I didn’t know it was an old metal combo, but it is, even in 18 kt gold.

    I picked the black poncho, fitness ball, got the hair conditioner, and added the pillow spray.
    I didn’t buy any of the separate page ” add on” items as this seems to slow down shipment, or did in the fall box. Some add ons shipped in a huge box with my FFF box and it came much later than usual.

    • I was thinking that the add-ons delayed my fall shipment too. It came way later than normal and since I’m annual, it should have been in the first round of shipping. However, I just can’t pass up those gravy add-on deals! Just hoping my winter box arrives before Christmas or I’ll be running around doing A LOT of last minute shopping lol 🙂

      • I got some fall add-on items, and my box arrived the first week after they started shipping! Not sure how it works, but hoping that doesn’t slow down this box.

  6. Spring and winter were great but not summer and fall which is why I’m not renewing my annual subscription. I’m finding that I save more money just getting boxes I want after I see the spoilers or reviews and haven’t missed out on anything yet. Fff is so popular it’s quite easy to get the items through swap. Let’s see how spring looks since winter is great! Fall was so disappointing…

  7. I went with black poncho, smokey palette, rose gold necklace, eye masks, and pillow spray + fitness ball (I was already planning to buy one for $10 anyway). I need a rose gold necklace to go with a recent Rocksbox purchase, so I’m super-excited for my FFF box!

    • I want the exact same! You have good taste.
      (Although I am not sure if I am going to add the pillow spray or not.)

  8. I had the black poncho picked out since the spoiler, now after reading all the comments I will probably get the mulberry. Really wish I could get both! I also chose the pillow spray, eye masks, silver necklace and nude pallette. The pallette will be donated anyway. I love this box!

  9. Most of my winter jackets (4) are black, and I have 2 long gray cardigans and a gray pullover so I went with mullberry…it will add a nice pop of color to the black, or help dress up my brown boots and layer well with my maroon or brown jackets….and I already have the gray fall scarf if I want to go monochrome with my other coats.
    ..the only thing I (think) I hate is the asymetry…but once it gets here I think I’ll like it

    • I went with the black, but if the multi-colored one were symmetrical, I would have DEFINITELY gone with that one! So, I agree, just not sure I’d be happy with it, who knows, I might change my mind…

  10. Picked the eye masks, grey poncho, nude pallet, rose gold necklace, and the sleep spray.

    Had such a hard time choosing the poncho. I’m excited for it tho. I LOVE how the grey looks on brands website, more than I do on here, but I know it’ll look probably look more like these photos. I didn’t wanna chose black because my go to for pants is black, and I also felt that the red and grey have a cute faded look that look more casual and cozy than the black, which is more my style. And the red I just felt like I would wear less.

    The pallet I also had a hard time choosing which I’m not even sure why because I’m not excited for it at all lol.

    Debated adding the $10 for the ball, because ive been waiting so long for an actual fitness item I like to be in the box, but I’m just not 100% convinced it’ll get used. I’m still debating it tho

    • Box twins!

  11. Do you ladies feel the palate is giftable? If so, which option do you feel would make a better gift? My instinct says neutral, but maybe those are common and the smokey is more desired.

    • I’d say a neutral palette is way more giftable, unless you have a specific person in mind and know they prefer smokey. Though I gotta say, since it is a pretty small and simple palette it seems more like a portion of a gift than a whole gift. It’d be a totally cool gift to
      ‘a friend of a friend’ sorta thing who you maybe wouldn’t get something for otherwise, but maybe opt for something else for someone closer to you, or just add it to some other smaller item like a brush set or something.

      • Thank you, Emily. Yes, I usually make a grab box (like a customized subscription box) as one of my gifts for my sister and sister-in-law. They both wear makeup, and I don’t. So they usually score all my beauty items from throughout subs for the year.

  12. I was able to add the straightener to my add ons right now but I heard it sold out day one! Hopefully it wasn’t a mistake, just went annual today and this makes me superrrr happy! (My mother has permanently borrowed my old one…)

    • They keep getting more stock for items that sold out so it’s not a mistake…no worries. 😀

      • It’s actually more likely someone decided they didn’t want it and dropped from their cart.

  13. I picked the hair mask, pillow spray, grey poncho, rose gold necklace and nude palette. The only thing i dislike about the box is the palette. I feel its way over priced , jacked up to increase the value. I know im not going to use it, and no one else wants it, so it will be wasted.

    • I finally tried one of the small doucce palettes that came for free in something and I do like it. I agree its wildly overpriced but its not a terrible product. That said I hope sub boxes drop it, it seems universally hated.

  14. After being a seasonal subscriber for 3-4 years this box pushed me over the edge to go to annual, not because I loved the review of the box but because I only want one color of the poncho or eyeshadow 🙁 and swapping is too much on inflated items! I figure this way I will be guaranteed to love my box and save money on shipping for swaps. Win win!

  15. If anyone doesn’t want the poncho…but would love another exFoliKate…I’d love to swap! I just won’t use the exfoliKate, even though I do hear it’s amazing. I would love a second poncho, in the Mulberry color 🙂

  16. Ahh I cannot decide on my poncho! Black or mulberry??

    • I got black because I figured it would be more likely to get use out of it that way. I’m not usually a very “colorful” dresser or a poncho-wearer so 2 pushes out of my comfort zone might have been too much. LOL. I’ll start with a more subtle black poncho and see how that goes and then maybe expand to flashier, more colorful ones. Ahahahahaha.

    • Im having th same delema!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!

      • Me too! I had my boyfriend pick for me and surprisingly he picked the mulberry (he LOVES black normally). He thought I had too many similar black and gray items and that I’d likely wear this to work, so the mulberry would stand out more with black pants. Such a smart man. I may still try to swap for the black though too if I like it. 🙂

  17. This is my first Fab Fit Fun purchase. I got the seaosnal subscription. Maybe you can help me with a question I have. Can I buy more than 1 box? I want to get one for my 2 sisters and my Mom for Christmas. Thanks!

    • Additional Winter boxes are available as an add-on to your normal sub (at the $50 price) but you cannot customize them so they will be random. The only way to customize more boxes is to sign up for more subs with different email addresses. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you! Do you think I will be able to get 3 extra boxes through the add-on feature? I guess I will have to wait since I only have a seasonal subscription and it says add-ons are only open to all members in 1 day.

        • I just checked for you- I was able to add 3 boxes to my add ons, but 3 was the max! So I’m sure they will be available for you to add tomorrow too! 😊

        • Yes Blane428 is right, 3 is usually the max you can choose for any add-on…assuming they don’t sell out! Lol. I wouldn’t worry too much about additional winter boxes selling out, but make sure you add on 3 as soon as you can. You have until the 15th (I think) to modify your add ons or remove any in your cart and they charge you finally. So you reserve items until the cutoff date and then they do final charges. That’s why alot of items sold out now become available a few days before cutoff…people start removing them from their cart as they trim back their order. Good luck and I hope the family enjoys!!

  18. I’m a new seasonal subscriber and don’t see how to select my options. Where would I find that? Thanks!

    • If you login to your FFF account on their page you should see a bar that says My Box and under it Customize!

      • I thought you had to be an annual subscriber to be able to customize a box?

        • If you are annual you get to choose the color for three extra items, but ALL members have the option to select between two options for the beauty and the fitness items. So everyone at least gets two items to customize! And if you don’t go on and select them, they just choose randomly for you!

  19. I picked the eye masks, pillow spray, rose gold necklace, black poncho, nude palette.

    I’m happy to get all my first choices, although I wish I could’ve just picked up a second poncho in burgundy instead of another god forsaken eyeshadow palette that I’m going to just donate lol. (Caution: mini rant ahead from a beauty junky & sub box) First, anyone who subscribes to multiple boxes is likely up to their eyeballs in eyeshadow palettes. But my bigger gripe is that neither doucce nor FFF can seriously believe that palette is worth $70, that is LUXURY beauty pricing. Who do they think they are, Tom Ford? Chanel? It’s ludicrous. A 5-pan Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette is $48, a UD Naked palette $54, and plenty of other high end brands like tarte and too faced sell palettes around the $50 price point. Honestly sick of beauty companies like doucce, be a bombshell, etc…the ones that seem to exclusively sell their merchandise via sub boxes. They seem to arbitrarily assign ridiculously high RVs, and sometimes I have to wonder if FFF (or insert various other sub boxes here, cough cough boxycharm) had a say in what that retail value should be in order for the box to boast a higher value. The RVs are so inflated it’s insulting to me as a consumer and I just wish they would stop!!! And while I know I couldn’t seriously expect to have the option to get a second poncho over the palette, I would’ve gladly taken a $20 lipstick from a more “authentic” beauty brand, or any of the four sponsored add on items from this month, or even a simple wintery snack/food item worth $5-10. It’s not always about the retail value, which I think drives too many of the sub box company’s beauty selections. I’m all for trying new products, but there needs to be more of a balance between retail value and other important factors such as the item’s quality, usefulness, and uniqueness, as well as the brand’s reputation.

    That is all. Happy selection time, everyone!!

    • I picked the exact same choices

    • What I also find offensive is when people use the the inflated, and laughable, retail value as the value for their swap item. Technically they can do it and point to the rv stated, but we all know it’s the wrong thing to do and I always question the character of those swappers.

      • Unless I have misunderstood you, I thought that RV is what swaps are based on?

        • Hi –

          I’m fairly new to swapping, but I thought that RV was the standard measure. As in, we all know that every box inflates RV, so we are all equal in swapping for those values. Now, if we were selling items, the RVs are silly, but I thought RV was correct for swapping purposes.

          Please let me know if I’m being offensive.

          • I agree 100%. There has to be a universal system of assigning value and this is the one we use.

          • RV is not inflated for ALL sub box items but this palette seems excessive. For example the smoker from the most recent Robb Vices box is retailed at I think $100? And the box itself is $~93. Everyone paid about $80 for that one item if you break down the cost of the box whereas this eyeshadow we are all paying about $9 for. Though the “retail value” for both items isn’t that far off the swap value should not even be close to each other in my opinion, others might feel differently though. Makeup I have swapped RV for RV for the most part though.

            Sorry for the long post but I hope that helps clarify what I think this person was saying!

      • I’ve yet to do a swap on here. (I usually just give anything I don’t like away) and generally don’t know how they work, but it seems like you’d kinda be required to say the price, right? I mean, it’s not like they can make up their own price. I don’t see why it would be the ‘wrong’ thing to do unless you can opt out of mentioning the price all together.
        It’s up to the person who they trade it to whether they think it’s worth it to trade, right?
        (Like I said I don’t really know how it works so that’s just my thoughts.)
        I do admit though I’d never trade something that was actually worth $70 for that palette!

        • Now that MSA lists the breakdown in her reviews, I’m actually listing both the RV and the cost we paid based on the cost of the box. At the end of the day none of us paid RV and like someone else mentioned above, sometimes an item in a $100 box may have a similar RV to an item in a cheaper box. For this reason I prefer swapping based on the cost of the box and supply. I’m an economist so I’m not going to swap RV for an item there are 145 of on the swap site especially when the item of similar RV the person is requesting from my listings has less than 10 available. Supply and demand doesn’t work that way.

      • Then I guess you question the character of about 99 percent of people on the swap site. Everyone swaps for RV of items. I have been told that’s how things are swapped since the beginning. I often put flexible next to my items and am quite generous in swaps . It’s really not nice to say people have questionable character just because they swap for RV just like everyone else. That is the standard. Pretty much all of the RV are inflated.

        • Well said. Each swapper has the right to decline a swap they find unfair or communicate with the other swapper to make things fair for both parties. In the end, aren’t we all trying to swap away things we won’t use for things we do?

          I have no problem with inflated RV’s if I feel that I am swapping for things that I can use and we’re both getting a fair deal.

          This reminds me of the people who pick out things, then I pick out what I like and they’re like “Oh, I didn’t want to swap for that at retail value”. It’s like WTF? But I’m supposed to value all their things at RV but not mine?

          OMG! Sorry for the mini rant but this stuff can get so ridiculous sometimes and so much of it wouldn’t even be an issue if people would communicate more.

        • Not everyone swaps RV for RV. There’s no rule that says you have to. I think there’s a lot more folks on the swap site than realized that are flexible, such as myself. As long as expectations are communicated than there should be no issues. If someone says they want to swap RV, then I’ll swap RV. I just personally find myself more willing to swap with those that state they are flexible because at the end of the day the goal is swap for things I know I’ll use and to swap away the items I won’t.

    • I agree with everything you just said!

    • Preach!!! I agree 100% with what you said too. One of the reasons i don’t do much swapping is because of what you stated there. Its kind of a game and it just annoys me most of the time.

    • 100% agree with you about the palette, $70 for that is laughable.

    • Totally agree, I’ve found a nude palette for $1 at the dollar store whose quality looked as good as those swatches, and let’s face it, nude and Smokey eye palettes are literally everywhere. but I’d honestly be happy with this box even if they withheld this palette altogether, so I’m still happy with it.

  20. I choose the hair mask, pillow spray, nude palette, rose gold necklace and mulberry poncho.

    My mom has been looking at ponchos for the fall and winter, so this will make the perfect Christmas gift for her along with a few items from the add-ons!

  21. I choose the hair mask, pillow spray, nude palette, rose gold necklace and mulberry poncho.

    My mom has been looking at ponchos for the fall and winter, so this will make the perfect Christmas gift for her along with a few items from the add-ons!

  22. I couldn’t decide so I got surprise me on the hair mask or the eye pads, also picked the fitness ball, rose gold necklace, smokey palate, and the black poncho.

  23. I can’t decide between the hair mask and the eye masks, I think I will go with “Surprise me!” lol

  24. Wish I could add a second poncho 🙂

    I selected the hair mask, pillow spray, smoky palette, rose gold necklace and mulberry poncho.

    Currently I have a second box as an add on. I’m sure I’ll be on the fence with that until the last moment.

    • I will have mine up for swap, if Never get on the swap list!

    • We’re box twins! I had a hard time with my palette and poncho choices.

  25. I picked the eye masks, the pillow spray, the smokey palette, the rose gold necklace, and the mulberry poncho 🙂

    • Same here!

    • me too

    • Me four!

    • Me five!

  26. There are more pics of the ponchos on BB Dakota’s site. I was leaning black till I saw them and the red was just a lot more interesting. So happy with everything except for the palette. It was the only thing left under surprise me since I really couldn’t care less other than for swapping but I feel like everyone and their mother is overloaded on nudes.

  27. I couldn’t pick so I got both the hair mask and the eye pads, also picked the pillow spray, rose gold necklace, nude palate, and the burgundy poncho. Can’t wait!!

    • I got the same as you but also added the fitness ball. I just couldn’t make up my mind and decided I would rather have it added than go back to add later and see it’s sold out! Now if I could just get my add-ons down to a reasonable amount…lol

      • Ugh now I’m debating adding it for my fitness junkie sister. Gah why do they tempt me like this!

    • Same! Minus the hair mask. I already have way too add-ons that I’m having a difficult time pairing down. 😉

      • Oh man same, my add-on’s include like every hair product offered. I have a makeup and skincare overload thanks to boxycharm, but for some reason I decided I needed every single hair product. Whoops!

    • I did the same as you, except I chose the black poncho!

  28. I picked the charcoal poncho, silver necklace, eye masks, pillow spray, smoky eye palette!

    • I picked this exact combo also.

  29. Hair mask, nude color palette, rose gold necklace and black poncho.

  30. I got the hair mask, deep sleep spray, rose gold necklace, gray poncho, and smokey palette. 🙂

  31. I picked coconut hair mask, pillow spray, silver necklace, nude palette, and black poncho!

    • Same here, exactly!

    • Me too!

    • Me too…I just also added the eye masks as well since I couldn’t decide on that and the hair mask. 🙂

  32. You can pick both for additional $10 as before when it comes to beauty and fit items !

    • I was glad to see this and I added both! It’s so nice knowing the exact items. I kinda wish they were offering additional “ponchos” like they did the wraps for fall. For $15-20 extra, I totally would have snugged another color! I’m so happy with all of the selections we were able to make though! Yay FFF 🙂

    • But the Jillian Michaels item is only worth $16, so it’s not that great of a deal…

      • True! But I added it onto mine anyway as I figured that’s the about the same price ($10) you would pay on Amazon or somewhere else. The only question is- am I really going to use it…lol

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