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Allure Beauty Box November 2017 New Spoiler Variation + Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

The November 2017 Allure Beauty Box has variations this month. (Things will get back to normal for December – everyone will be getting the 5 items spoiled.)

And Allure Beauty Box let us know that if you sign up today, you’ll be able to see exactly what variation you will receive on their site when you sign up.

Here is the current variation you’ll receive if you sign up today:

Allure Beauty Box November 2017 Spoilers

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) And you’ll also get this FULL SIZE $29-Value Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush pictured above. (FYI – blush ships several weeks after your first box.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I signed up on the 11th. My box *finally came* yesterday. It’s a bit disappointing that shipping took so long, as by signing up early I missed out on the Black Friday deals, but wanted this variation.

    The box I ended up getting was close to this, but not exact. Fortunately all the ‘must have’ items I wanted I got. The difference was that instead of a lip pencil, I got a brow gal pencil, and instead of the Embryolisse Lait Creme I got a steel-grey cargo eyeshadow. Overall, I think I am OK with the variation I got since it still included the brush, lip crayon, and Hey Honey Serum.

    Fortunately, my free tarte blush also arrived yesterday! Yay! I love the amazonian clay tarte blushes, but have never had one of the full size compacts with mirror. The shade is a nice rosy neutral that I will wear, shade “seduce” – not the super pink shown in these spoilers.

    I’ll stick through December, but on the fence about whether to keep or not. It does seem to be good value, but budget wise I need to rethink which beauty subs will be best for my needs.

  2. Just spoke with allure wondering where my box is and the lady who was awesome told me that there are 4 that’s right I said it 4 whole different variations which is wierd! And so she was very sweet and told me everything I’m receiving and telling me my box is coming soon!

    • I emailed Allure and asked why my box hasn’t shown up yet. I received a canned response that said ‘We’re sorry you haven’t received your box. You’ll get an email when it goes out. Hope that helps!’ 😕 Um, no. That wasn’t remotely helpful. I know I get a tracking email 😡. I obviously also know it’s delayed. How about really answering the question?! Frustrating.

      • Same with me. I even called them on robo responses.

        We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We’re very sorry for the delay. You will be notified which I understand isn’t always the case.

    • Did you get it yet?

  3. Yikes has anyone seen the new items for November? Also the free gift is marked “mystery” valued at 28…

  4. I emailed allure- I am pretty peeved. I have been an annual subscriber for two years- and they sent me this rehash box. I also see people who recently signed up get the newer products. That is really not OK in my opinion to send me repeat things. I told them I’m going to cancel if they keep this up. I was really looking forward to the caudalie

    • I feel exactly the same, 100%! I hope you get something to compensate you from them!

    • Call them. That is what I did. They are sending me the items I didn’t receive. It may take a month. But I wasn’t going to let it go. I mean what is the point of having an annual subscription if you are not at least first to get the new items. I think anyone would agree.

      • Did you receive the promised items yet?

    • I was so looking forward to getting the Caudalie and I did get it- a good size tube about 1/4 filled, kind of a let down.

  5. I signed up Oct 24. Still haven’t received the Oct box, but have been charged for it. The November box came today. I received:

    – YSL Touche Eclat Blue Primer 10mL
    – Moda unicorn creash brush
    – Briogeo Rosarco blow dry perfection 0.75 oz
    – Juice Beauty Luminous Lip crayon in Malibu
    – dr Brandt PoreDermabrasion 0.25 oz
    – Hey Honey Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum 10 mL
    – Skin & Co Truffle Therapy Eye Concentrate 5 mL

  6. Just got my November box. Egg Mellow Cream and Sheet Mask, doucce eyeshadow, crayon, brush and Hey Honey serum from the sample, also Caudalie eye lifting balm. Fun, got three boxes today (Birchbox, Play and Allure)

    • I got your box too!

  7. Ok so I received my November box today. I got the original spoiler items. TCFS sheet mask & cream, Caudalie eye lift, Honey serum, Doucce eye shadow, unicorn brush, JC lip crayon. Not sure how they determine who gets what variation, but pleasantly surprised…and relieved.

    • Me too! I got the same box.

    • This was my box also, I am very excited with it.

  8. Saw a message somewhere (I apologize, can’t remember where) that made it sound like new subscribers would receive the latest spoiled items and existing subscribers would receive the Too cool and Caudalie. Not sure where the cut off was.

    • I also recall reading the same info as you but Nope…it seems that its completely random. Some new subscribers have received the original variation, and some long-standing subscribers have received the repeat items…or so it seems, from reading these posts.

  9. Man, I’m pretty irked. I signed up in early October because of the Tarte blush promo. Got the October box near the end of the month, no Tarte blush, ok, I will wait. Just received the November box and I got an ok assortment of the above spoilers plus a Doucce eye shadow which I’m guessing is a substitution for the blush. Not cool, not cool at all. Esp, because they had the Doucce eye-shadow bonus promo for months and I specifically did not sub because of it. I’m calling them tomorrow morning, I hope I get someone who will make it right. At this point they can have every single product back, I’d rather have a refund. I’m not ok with a bait and switch if that’s what happened.

      • Thanks, Liz, I just replied to my own post but you beat me to it. You’re the best, thank you. 🙂

        • 🙂 Please let me know if you don’t get the blush soon, though!

          • Will do. And, if I hear anything tomorrow that’s news I will share. <3

          • I placed my original order on October 10. No blush and 4 phone calls. Still no blush and have been told 4 times it is awaiting shipment. So not really expecting to see it.

          • Placed my first order on 10/9-received my Oct. and Nov. box but no tarte blush as of yet.

    • Same with me. I even called them on robo responses.

      We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We’re very sorry for the delay. You will be notified which I understand isn’t always the case. I ordered on the 16th and haven’t gotten anything yet..

  10. I got a pretty interesting variation! I got the hey honey serum, the too cool for school cream mask and the moisturizer, the lip crayon, the caudalie, the brush and an eyeshadow. I haven’t even gotten my trio eyeshadow for signing up… lmao I hate allure CS but this box is really good!

    • The one you got was the original Nov box. The one in this post is the 2nd wave variation.

  11. I signed up on October 29 because of the half off + Tarte blush deal. I haven’t received October yet, but I did receive the November box today. My box was a variation of this one. I received the Juice Beauty, Hey Honey, Moda brush, Skin & Co, and the Dr. Brandt. The variation I received also has a Briogeo Rosarco Blow Dry Perfection & Heat Protectant Creme and a Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat Blur Primer. No Too Cool for School.

    • The YSL primer is AWESOME!!! Best item all year in my opinion. You are very fortunate!

  12. I just received my November box. It’s the Too Cool for School and Caudelie variation, which I’m excited to try! The unicorn 🦄 brush is so pretty! My first box was October. Wondering when I should contact them about the blush… want to wait long enough that I get a useful response.

  13. That’s not even a “variation.” More like a remix. The Dr. Brandt, Skin & Co., and LaRitzy products all went out in the April 2017 box. The Embroylisse went out in the December 2016 box. The blush is from September 2017. They must have leftovers and are pawning them off on new subscribers assuming they haven’t received them yet. Lame.

  14. Hey, I used this link and wanted to say thanks for the $5 off, yet! But I didn’t get anything telling me that I would also receive the the tarte blush??? So that kind of sucks

  15. does any body have a problem with log in to account? Each time I am trying it shows error

    Unfortunately we are unable to fulfill your request at this time. If you believe you have reached this message in error, please contact Customer Service at 515-243-3273 (U.S. number). Thank You.

    Your support ID is: 422815092139334711

    • Yes!! I always have trouble logging in!! It always tells me the same thing.

    • I gave up on their website. If there’s a box I want i order it through amazon. You don’t get the discount but they did send me the eyeshadow the last time I set it up. you can cancel the subscription online and you get an immediate confirmation and then a shipping notice. Much easier.

  16. I subscribed almost two weeks ago and still haven’t gotten a shipping notification. How long does it usually take?

    • I subscribed almost a month ago and haven’t received anything yet 😕

    • It’s been over a month now for me. :/

      Customer service beeps telling me I should get it “in a few days”. They’ve been saying that for four weeks.

      Now I’ve been billed for both October and November and they still can’t give me a straight answer on when October is going to ship.

    • My first box was October. My November box is at the local post office. I haven’t received shipping notices for either. I get plenty of promotional emails, so they do know how to reach me.

      • Email them!

  17. My shipping email came through around 8:00pm last night…

  18. This is half of the same items from April of this year, I purposely skipped that one. I’m kinda annoyed that I got this box yesterday since I’m not a new subber and I really wanted to try the Caudaile. I do love embryolisse and I’m happy to get more of that, I’ve also received it in this sub but it’s not a big deal to me.

    • The Caudalie was the only reason I kept November. And doubt I’ll get it.

    • I really want to try the Caudaile. I’ve already received these items in Allure boxes and I wasn’t thrilled with them the first time around. But I haven’t even received my track number yet, so I’m guessing I’m getting this “new” variation.

  19. Just got my Tracking info in the last 5 minutes – says it’s on it’s way to UPS, no delivery date yet.

  20. Someone already posted their November Allure box on Instagram- Too School for School is included.

    • *oops To Cool for School

  21. I’m still confused…

  22. Allure CS doesn’t seem to understand their own system very well. I had a sub and wanted to take advantage of the half off plus Tarte deal so I signed up for a second account with a different email on Oct 10. They charged me on Oct 11 and then refunded me…no update after. I emailed on Oct 23 and was told to just call CS on Oct 24. I did, and the agent had no idea what happened, said 2 accounts shouldn’t be a problem and took my credit card info again. Said I’d see Oct recharge and the Nov charge in a week. Got charged the next day but never got charged for Nov and haven’t received anything for that account yet. I emailed again but didn’t get a quick response so I called. I was assured everything was ok, Oct boxes were just delayed and I would be charged for Nov. Nothing needed to be done. But I just got a response to my email that said the Oct 25 charge was supposedly for Nov (despite them charging 1st week of month as policy) but they would ask for a “replacement ” Oct box to be sent too…and Tarte blush would still be 2-3 weeks too. I started this a month ago! And, by the way, my original account was apparently automatically cancelled when I tried to create this one. So you can’t have 2 subs even if you pay for them? I’m so confused but I think they are even more confused. Lol.

    • I tried the second account with a a different email and it cancelled, too. CS said you cant’t have two with the same name and shipping address. So, I canccelled the one I had and re-subbed with a different email and different credit card. The $7.50 wasn’t reversed and I was subsequently charged for November. I called today, since I haven’t seen October, and was told it was delayed, as you noted. No Tarte yet, either.

      • Ok at least I’m not alone…or crazy. Weird that the first CS agent I talked to said 2 accounts should be fine and didn’t know what the problem was…

    • No.. Allure does not allow for a second account. I tried it before with a different email, and the first account just got closed, and the new account was then my only account. It just doesn’t work…

    • I tried to do a 2 nd box last year, at first the same thing happened to me, they canceled my original sub and only sent me the new one. I contacted CS and long story short, you can’t use the same credit card #, the same email address, or the same name on the account. The same delivery address is ok, just use someone else’s name that’s in your house, a different email address, and a different CC.
      I created a new email address, used my daughters name for the 2nd Allure sub, and used a different CC from my original Allure sub, and it worked, I started getting both boxes 😬

      • Oh man, I was so close! I used different email and CC, but same name. Maybe I’ll use my dog’s if I want to try again. Lol. Thanks for the tips!

      • I’m SO glad u posted this because I’ve been having the same exact issues! I’m about to try your “technique” right now! Thanks!!!!

      • Thanks for the heads up! I’ll make sure to put it on a different card/name if I decide to go for a second box!

      • I’m new to this subscription. So i signed up the beginning of Oct for myself, then signed my mom up at the end of Oct. I used the same email and CC, but of course shipping was a different name and address. I have been charged for both boxes in Oct and Nov but only i have received my boxes. She has not gotten either month yet. I guess i need to call. I assumed that if i was charged for 2 boxes each in Oct and Nov then everything was a go…… When you ladies had trouble with 2 subscriptions did it still charge you for both and only ship one, or just charged and shipped the one?

    • I gave up. I reactivated one of my accounts and then they went ahead and charged me and then reversed the charges. No explanation. CS was useless. I just go ahead and start a subscription on amazon when I want a box, way easier but you don’t get the discount. I did get the eyeshadow when I did it a couple of months ago though.

  23. Crossing my fingers for the Too cool for school variation. Luckily I’ve been a subscriber since Black Friday 2016 so hopefully that’s the one I’ll get.

    • I’m with you, Jessica! I don’t like this variation at all. 🙁

  24. Please, can someone who is not a new subscriber in Nov. state what is in the box? I don’t want Tarte blush, and I am not a new member anyway.

    I want to know where the Caudalie and the Too Cool For School products went.

    This seems very bait and switch to me, worse even than Glossybox. I should have known better when I signed back up last month FOR this November box based on the spoilers. Darn.

    • I prefer this variation. Don’t like those two brands. Signing up!

      • I don’t need yet another Laritzy pencil, but otherwise I think this is the better combination also.

    • I rec’d my Nov box today and it had the items in the link given in the comment below. I’m not a new subscriber.

  25. As long as I get the unicorn brush I don’t really care about the rest lol.

  26. What about if you are already a subscriber? Do you get the variation with Too Cool for School?

    • I’m not a new subscriber and I got this one. I do sub through Amazon though to skip the tax and get it faster, so I don’t know if that changes things.

      • How do u sub to allure through amazon?? Cause man if I can save tax & get it sooner I’m in! Wonder if u have to be a amazon yearly member to do it???

        • You don’t need prime to sign up for it. You should be able to just search for Allure subscription. When I subbed I got the doucce palette so maybe you can get the tarte blush for free now, also mine gets sent out the first week of the month.

  27. Not thrilled! I signed up specifically because of the Too Cool For School.

    • You may still be getting it. These are the spoilers for someone who signs up today. Hope that helps clarify!

  28. I thought we were supposed to get too cool for school products in a November box

    • That’s in the other variation.

  29. What happened to the too cool for school products that was supposed to be in it this month box?

  30. Heads up for any new subscribers: The Tarte Blush DOES NOT COME WITH THE BOX. They say it will ‘ship separately’, but I’ve yet to see mine. I’ve yet to even see my October box. I signed up on October 18th and have received nothing yet, but I’ve been charged for two months 😕 Just a friendly PSA!!

    • I resubbed to get a second October box after talking with CS who suggested that. I still don’t have that one. I called CS today who said they had to reorder October and shipping is delayed. No ETA available. If they didn’t have the boxes, I don’t understand offering the half price one day deal.

      • They informed me one item from the box was not in stock and it should be filled within a couple days. I’m curious about the blush too… Has anyone received theirs yet?

        • Signed up first day it was offered and have yet to get blush. I have called 3 times and each time was told it just shipped. These calls were weeks apart, so I’m not really expecting to receive it.

    • I actually just called CS today. I tried to sign up Oct 10 and they charged and then refunded my credit card. Didn’t hear anything else so I called Oct 24. They said they had no idea what happened but would charge again and warned me I’d get Nov charge soon too. Charged me Oct 25 bit nothing since. No Nov charge, haven’t received Oct box or blush. This time CS assured me I still had a sub but they didn’t get enough Oct boxes so they are waiting for more…and the blush. No idea why I’m not charged for Nov yet unless that is held up by Oct too. Sigh…

    • I’m in the same boat. Signed up mid-October and haven’t received anything.

      • Awhhhh boooo that sucks! I just signed up today so I’m sure I definitely won’t be seeing any Blush for awhile!!!

    • I’m in the same boat. Signed up in October, got charged for October and November, still haven’t seen a thing in the mail. 🙁 I’m excited for the boxes if they ever actually come!

    • So scammy. I love the box itself, presentation and all… the items are just ok. I found out after signing up about the Tarte blush delay… I only signed up *for* the blush. I tried to unsubscribe several times… there is like a 2-3 delay between every message with a CS associate. I finally unsubbed but I’m going to be really put off it the Tarte blush never shows up. I don’t see why it would if I’m not an active subscriber but they didn’t state on sign up that you must stay a subscriber until ??question marks?? to get your sign up gift.

      I did something similar for a Birchbox sign up gift and the bonus came with my first box. Smh.

    • oh my. I am on the same boat. Signed up in October for the Tarte blush and I was charged for October and November shortly after but no October Box or November BOx yet. not even shipping confirmation email. I contacted the CS and got an email after the autogenerated thanks for contacting email saying that my box should be shipped at the end of the week and I should be getting my shipping email. (that was last week). So I’m not sure if Allure being slow and impersonal is a regular thing.. but so far this is far from being impressed. It is all about the CS thesedays. There are a ton of beauty box subs you could try for a better service. If you’re going to attract subscribers using promo items, you should be ready with everything you got. BI tools and analytics isn’t just sitting there pretty to make you look bad!!! I may just cancel after I get my 2 boxes. What a bummer.

  31. I signed up today and was not able to see what variation I was getting. Where is this shown?

    • Yeah I’m wondering the same thing! I just signed up and I didn’t see any picture of any products I’ll be getting!

  32. They get all 8 of those?!

    • No everyone gets the brush and lip crayon, the rest are variations. Only get five products total, plus gift blush. There might have been in more product everyone gets, too – need to go back and check.

      I’m waiting until black Friday to sign up, but this is a good deal, too! I’m hoping for the Hey Honey variation.

      • No, I think they get them all. The Tarte blush is a bonus and is not part of the box. The other box variation for the month also has 7 items, three of which are the same: the brush, the Juice Beauty crayon, and the Hey Honey serum.

        • Why are they getting seven items, though?

          • Both this variation and the original one posted have 7 items. This one also shows the bonus Tarte for new subscribers.

          • Ah, right, thanks, I missed the eyeshadow in the other spoilers.

        • Oh, weird. I thought it was only five products per month?

    • Right!!! That’s pretty great to be getting 7 items plus the Blush!

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