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Allure Beauty Box December 2017 FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the FULL spoilers for December 2017 Allure Beauty Box! (Thanks, Karolina, for the heads up!)

Allure Beauty Box December 2017 Full Spoilers - Unboxing

What do you think of the December 2017 Allure Beauty Box full spoilers? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) And you’ll also get this FULL SIZE $29-Value Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush! (If you’re already a subscriber, you received it in your September box.)

You will receive one of four colors:

Captivating, Seduce, Blushing Bride, or Dazzled.

(Check out my review of the September Allure Beauty Box to see Seduce swatched!)

Use this link to get your free tarte blush and your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) If you sign up in October, your first box will be the November Box.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Liz, are these official spoilers from Allure CS or other employees?
    Because I just phoned to ask what happened to the Too Cool For School products in November’s boxes, and the CS person said they randomly send 5-6 products, with 5 different configurations/ variations.

    Was she wrong or are these tentative hopeful spoilers? ( I’m asking because I love Diorshow mascara and if I’m likely not to get it, I’d like to know ahead of time).

    Mandy G.

    • These are official spoilers verified by Allure for the December box. The November box is the box with variations. Hope that makes sense?

      Sorry for the confusion!

      • I just got my December box, which is my second Allure box, and none of these items are in it. The box I got is terrible. It includes Pureology Hydrate Air Dry Cream, Beauty for Real Eyeliner, Eau Thermale Avenue A-Oxitive Antioxidant Defense Serum, Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial, Kat Von D perfume and Pantene Sheer Volume Conditioner. Super disappointed.

          • Thanks for the info, Liz. Why in the world would they send me the October box after I already received the November box several weeks ago? That’s stupid. The box was so unimpressive.

          • The exact same thing happened to me, and I also signed up at the very end of October. (Got the November box, the October box, then the blush. Can’t wait for the December box to ship!

        • That can’t be a December box, it’s too early. They never send before the 1st of the month.

        • That’s the October box.

        • @suzy when did you sign up sweetie? At sounds exactly like Oct’s box.. If you signed up at the end of October or on a “free box” promo that’s the box, Dec boxes will not ship out until December so you should still be getting everything in the Dec box.

          If you are brave enough, you can try to contact their customer service team but I’ve been hearing horror stories about them. I come from a 25yr cs background so I can usually figure out what is going on. Honestly though that’s the exact box I received for October so it was probably a fluke, if it’s your 2nd box, what did you receive in your first box of you don’t mind me asking? Maybe we can figure this out before or without you having to contact their customer service… ❤️ 🤗 ❤️

          • You’re very nice and helpful.

          • @Karen… Thanks so much sweetie 🤗 ❤️ 🤗 I try to help when I can, it’s so nice of you to say that & I appreciate it 😊

        • They didn’t mail the decembe r boxes out yet.

        • Suzy, I actually got introduced to the Beauty for real liner by another box. The one in this box whiskey which is more of a glimmer brown to me. I really love another color they have I believe it is called chocolate and I have even ordered some from the company. I am just mentioning this because I tend to always get black eyeliners and a good deep brown is more up my ally with blue eyes. Just sharing my experience with it because I wasn’t sure if there was anything at first that I would like from the box. Plus my free tarte blush came in yesterday separate from the box so I was happy to get my free promised gift.

        • You received November’s box.. Once my Box was a month behind also. I received all those things you listed in my November box, so just be patient, your December box will come and you will receive all the December products. Allure sends the exact same products to everyone every month so don’t worry, yours will arrive soon 🙂

  2. If I subscribe now will I be getting the December box or the November box. If I subscribe at the end of this month will I still get the tarte blush. I so want to try it

    • They send you the box of whatever month you subscribe in, not surebhow much blush they have left in stock

  3. Does anyone lf the becca from decembers box is full size

    • It’s a mini. Everything is a mini except the Morphe brush of course. Jacklyn Hill posted an unboxing on her SC. She curated the items for the month of December

    • It’s mini…I just received my December box and the highlighter was shattered. Does anyone know if they replace broken items? This is only my second box…I’ve emailed them but they have not responded…yet

  4. Ok, Has anyone ever had any luck with Emails with Allure. I emailed them 2 times to cancel and then decided to call to cancel and when I talked to a live person they talked me into not cancelling and promised me a free December box to not cancel. I could cancel after December then if I wished. So I said ok, I will take you up on that offer.
    Now I have gotten responses days later from my earlier emails confirming my cancelling! Who am I to believe?? The 2 emails or the call?

    • Replying to self—I called them and I think they fixed it—we shall see!
      I think phone is best way to deal with them.

  5. WOW, am I ever glad I just joined this sub box! These are some of my all time favorite brands, and some I’ve been dying to try. Seems like an exceptional value as well- can’t wait to receive my tarte blush and November box. I’m trying to get a handle on my box addiction- currently subscribe to glossybox, birchbox, PopSugar, and fabfitfun… I think I need to pare it back some, because of course I still have to get my ulta and Sephora fix. Is there a beauty 12 step program???!!! LOL

    • Maybe we could start one!

      • That sounds like a fabulous idea 💓💕💗

    • I need to join too! 😂😂

    • You sound like me. LOL Except when I started this crazy makeup journey Gerald Ford was president and eyeshadow was blue or green. Light medium and dark.
      Here’s wishing you as many happy beauty years.

  6. This box is nice, definitely taking Allure into 2018 with me

  7. Is anyone else still waiting for their Tarte blush? I subscribed for the October month and they told me it would ship separately and I’ve already gotten my October allure box but no tarte blush….do you think it’s a scam?

    • They’re a big company, I don’t think they would try that sort of scam, but that said, I just realized I have yet to receive my blush and I signed up on October 11th. I think I’ll be emailing them asap.

      • I signed up October 15th. No blush, no box! 🤔

        • Same! I got my November box yesterday but still no October or blush.

    • Jackie, I emailed them. They said it ships seperately and it would be 7-10 days after getting my box. It’s been about 2 weeks for me and it’s not here yet. I don’t think it’s a scam though. Allure is pretty well trusted

    • The free gift will show up with in a month or so…it is wayyy longer than the box sometimes.

      • I just called, and he said that now that they have confirmation that my October box arrived (weeks ago, btw), the blush is now waiting to be shipped from the warehouse. They’ve been told it should go out at the end of this week but he’ll put a note in my account to be on the lookout for it. He was very nice, but I doubt I’ll be seeing a blush in November.

    • I got the Doucce eyeshadow Pallet instead of the blush

    • just received it yesterday in an envelope

      • I got mine yesterday as well.

    • My tarte blush arrived after my 1st box.

  8. Anyone else still waiting for the October box?

    • Yes, I paid over 2 weeks ago, got billed again for the November box and still no tracking for either. The boxes look great if I actually ever get my hands on them. I can’t find any way to contact them on their site.

      • Yes same. I subbed at the end of october and i was charged for november soon after… No tracking on either yet and they did respond to my email but no update on when they will ship just ill get a tracking num when they ship

      • I just got my tracking yesterday. They often bill a week or 2 before you get tracking. There’s been a couple times I got my box a day or two before my tracking!

    • They lost my October box and I have contacted them three times about it. They keep claiming they will send me tracking in a few days & expect 7 to 10 days for delivery, then I don’t hear from them for a week. My advice is call them, because I have gotten nowhere with emailing them.

    • Yes and the November one. I called and he said I should have received the October one with the November one being here anyday. He sent out a new October box.

      • I called yesterday and they said they were missing an item from the October box and they should receive more of the item today. They said my October and November box should both be shipped early next week.

    • Yep, still waiting. I also gifted my daughter a subscription and she has not received her October box either and also waiting for her free blush. But I’m not gonna worry about it I’ve been with the Allure for a long time and I think things are probably going to be showing up in the mail any day now.

    • I am! I signed up 10/15, received October box 10/27 but no blush yet.

      • What’s the number, I subscribed 10/15 and still nothing. Not even the Tarte blush! Already got billed for November box!

  9. Wow! Very happy with this sub again. Let it go for awhile but came back last month and very glad I did.

  10. Works for me! Nailed it Allure.

  11. Does anyone have experience unsubscribing and resubscribing? I used all my same account info, it let me have the november box for $10, but, will i get the gift too? I somehow doubt it. I signed up in September, canceled for October and am signing back up now.

    • Per somebody’s advice on here I sub and unsub all the time through Amazon. Super easy and no stress 🙂

      • I did notice that an considered it but I’m cheap and they don’t do any promos…do you always get the gift through Amazon? Seems like that would make the extra $5 worth it, especially when the cancellation ease is factored in.

      • How do you do it through amazon? I had to email them saying I wanted to cancel last time which I hate doing.

        • I haven’t subscribe through Amazon, but, I’ve had it forever and all you have to do is: go to my account (the icon is in between search and your cart) and go to “Your memberships/subscriptions” and any auto renew things you sign up for (including this box) would be found there and you can cancel any auto renew payments there. Hth 🙂

    • I was a past subscriber and received the free gift.

  12. Allure seems to have stepped up its game again. Awesome, it was my first box and I loved it, I just got product overload a bit.

    I resubbed again for the $10 first box, so I was quite happy to get the November box for that to ensure I’m signed up for December.

  13. Costco has four different Allure boxes for sale online, for $22.99 a piece with free shipping and no membership needed!! They look pretty good..

    • Hey, those boxes seem to be pretty good value! I am surprised how generous the Teen Vogue one is especially.
      Thanks for the lead!

    • And of course the Teen Vogue one is already out of stock… 🙁

      • That’s the one I wanted too. I didn’t get there in time either..

    • I was just coming here to post this! It’s a great deal 🙂

  14. Just signed up! But I didn’t see anything mentioned about the tarte blush… did I miss something?

  15. I’m wondering if the highlighter will be full size. They do sell the mini, but they don’t have it listed in that color. Unless they make it an exclusive. I’ll be happy with either of them. I got a different shade in my boxycharm last month that I’ve really enjoyed.

    • They have that color mini in a set on the Becca website. So maybe they are out of it on Sephora ?? But it does come in minis so I’m not getting my hopes up on a full size. Lol. It’s still a nice box and it’s still more than pays for the box with just that so that’s a win !! I think that’s a cooler tone than the procecco pop we got in boxycharm last month so I’ll probably gift it

      • Champaign lol is good in color. At least that’s what jacly n hill says and she lives in that stuff.

        • I’m sorry I can’t edit. Champagne pop is gold in color.

    • According to another subscription site it will be full size, so I’m really hoping that’s true 🙂

      • I’m sorry . It’s a mini.

  16. I’M IN LOVE! I’M IN LOVE! I’M IN LOVE!!!!!!!!! I am doing the happy dance!! Everything is perfect!!! Plus, I get the BECCA Powder Highlighter I missed from last months BoxyCharm. I got the liquid I gifted to the women’s shelter. I am in love!!! Thank you Allure for coming through for me. I know I am acting ridiculous, but I have tears in my eyes! I know, it’s just makeup. But after how disappointed I was in the liquid BoxyCharm Becca liquid highlighter, I feel like I was blessed with this one. Please don’t hate, y’all. I am just really happy!

    • ❤️💕❤️💕 Yay! It’s nice to see someone so happy. I got the liquid so I’m excited to get a powder as well

    • Do your happy dance girl !

  17. I ordered that same color becca from Sephora as a weekly WOW. It arrived and some unknown liquid had seeped into it or wasn’t mixed properly. They didn’t have any more. And now here it is! I don’t need a full size so this is perfect. I haven’t tried the Oribe yet. The others are favorites and I’m happy to have more.

    • I think the one in Sephora weekly WOW was the cream version, while this is pressed powder. I personally like the powder version more!

      • I think you’re right. Powder works for me too. The color is perfect!

  18. Ahhh, I may just resub! I love Champagne Pop but only have it as part of a larger palette. Would be nice to have a travel size 🙂

  19. link not working 🙁

  20. Looks amazing can’t wait to try that Becca highlighter and I’m fine with it being a smaller size.

    • Highlighter lasts forever doesn’t it!

  21. Will any of these items be full size?

    • The brush but I don’t know about anything else.

    • The brush.

  22. Idk… Am I the only one that kinda expected a BIG surprise Holliday box? They kinda hipped up the surprise of this box in the previous spoilers. Not sure how I feel about this box…

    • Totally with you on that one. I was hoping/expecting something kinda special for December/holiday box – this is kinda meh to me. I’ll most likely list 95% of it for swap.

      • Personally this box is amazing to me and I’d love to have a 2nd one for my mom but we live at the same address so allure won’t allow it. If you’re not interested in the box I’ll buy it from you in Dec… Unfortunately I haven’t been invited to be on the swap list yet but I’ve requested to be on it twice now…

        • Hi Lori, sometimes when I order additional items at the same address, I put Apt.A , Apt. B, etc. on my house address, even tho they don’t exist. My mail carrier doesn’t care and it confuses the shipping info enough to allow the purchases to be sent. Hopefully, it will work for you :).

          • I should try that. I like to get a second set of subs to treat my college student. She moves often, and I’m paying with my card. Allure cancelled hers.

          • The problem with that is that we are in an apt, apt b lol 😂 & our regular mail carrier is the best but he’s not the only one who delivers here cuz he does get a day off during the week.. Plus I’ve read a lot of messages on MSA where Allure has canceled all the subscriptions for trying to get an extra box.. Oh well, whenever I move in with my fiance I’ll change my address and then have her sign up herself and I’ll just pay for it 😉

        • @Lori, I get a second Allure Box to my address, one for myself and a gift subscription I purchased for my sister.

  23. just subscribed!.
    Do I need to call them if I would like to cancel?

    • You can email them to cancel.

  24. No variations in December it seems. Glad for that. Have there been any updates on the November variations?

  25. What a great box!

  26. I got the full size Becca highlighter in Boxycharm a couple of months ago, have multiple samples of the philosophy cleanser from various subs, and I wish the Morphe brush was something other than the blending one, but I am not complaining, this is still an amazing box. Nice little Christmas gift for oneself.

    The only thing that would have rounded it out better (for me) is a lipstick 🙂 , but it would be awesome to finally try the Diorshow mascara. Heard good things but didn’t want to splurge.

    • The Becca was a different color in the Boxycharm box

      • The december box was collaborated on by Jaclyn Hill. (YouTube) Champagne Pop is her favorite color highlighter from Becca.

    • Like Sarah said, the one Boxy sent was a different shade. Boxy sent Prosecco Pop, Allure is sending Champagne Pop.

      • Thanks. Although I am not sure I’d see a difference if I tried them both. 🙂

  27. Has anyone received the tarte blush?

    • I subscribed when they had this deal back in October and still have not received my blush. It’s been about 3 weeks!

      • It took me nearly 9 months for them to actually send me the docce eyeshadow quad when I subscribed. I had months worth of email documentation and at least 9 phone calls. Each time I was told it was mailed or “re mailed”. I hate Allure’s customer service, they have crappy customer service reps. Just yesterday I was billed for a magazine from Allure, either Sephora or Allure beauty Box shared my credit card info with them. Although I never subscribed to the magazine officially, they sure billed me. When I called pitching a fit and demanding a refund for unauthorized charges the customer service rep Cole actually acted like I was wrong to be upset. He became mouthy and sighed several times very loudly. I actually had to explain to him that I never even subbed to this magazine and never provided them with my credit card info, after that he cooled his jets. I suppose my point is this, if you think because Allure is a giant company and they have a reputation to uphold while providing excellent customer service you’re fooling yourself. If you do not get your gifts in a timely manner continue to call them. This company is huge, and unfortunately not every rep cares about customer service.

    • Still waiting

    • And waiting, subscribed October and just received my box earlier this week. Not wowed. Does anyone know if you cancel after the first month do you still get the promo item?

    • It takes quite a while girls. They mail it separately. I can’t remember how long mine took but it was upwards of 4 weeks.

  28. If I subscribed now, will I get the Nov box first or will I be subbing for the Dec only? I’m not interested in the Nov box, just want the Dec box.

    • If you subscribe in the month of November, your first box will be the November box. Hope that helps! 🙂

    • You have to be careful about waiting till the last minute with allure because if it’s a box that a lot of people want chances are they will run out . This has happened before with a really popular box so my advice is to go ahead and subscribe now

  29. WOW. That is a seriously good box!!!

  30. Lol I just subbed for the Oct box, was debating cancelling before Dec but hold up…..SOLD till January 😊 Do we know if the mascara is full size?

    • Dior Show is such an amazing Mascara

      • Thx for saying Bella01, I’ve yet to try this particular mascara. Excited…

  31. I personally don’t care for the Purity cleanser, but putting my personal feelings aside on that, it does look like a really fantastic box, and I’m really excited for the other five items. Maybe I can gift the purity to someone.

    • I read on the Sephora website that you can use the Philosophy cleanser to clean your makeup brushes… That’s what I’m thinking about doing with it cuz I have oily skin so I don’t care for cleansers for “all” skin types..they tend to break me out and I’ve finally found a great one that has cleared up my skin, brightened it, and is also gentle enough that I can use it twice a day without any sensitivity issues so I’m not going to be changing my cleanser anytime soon lol especially given the price tag ugh! But! So worth it! ☺️

      • May I ask which cleanser that is?

      • What cleanser are you using? It sounds amazing!

        • I’m using Kate Somerville’s Eradikate, I had gotten a 1oz sample of it from Sephora with an order & have been using it for about 2 weeks now twice a day. It’s been amazing for my oily skin so I just bought the full size directly from her website (15% discount on your 1st order) and since the full size is 4oz it should last awhile and makes up for the price 😊

  32. If I signed up now would I get November for December? This is so amazing ugh my poor wallet!!

    • November

  33. Does anyone know how long the tarte blush promo is running for? I’d like the December box and not November. So I am not planning to sub until December. I’m just hoping the tarte promo will still be going on!

  34. ok you got me. I need this box for December.

  35. This is my favorite sub and one I will never cancel!

  36. Ommgeee yasssss!! Allure for the win for December! Woo hoo! ❤️ ✨😍🙌🎊🎉

  37. I’ve been so hesitant to try this box , but I think I might try it. Do you have to call to cancel, or can you do it online. I always hate having to call companies to cancel because they try to persuade you so much otherwise. Anybody know the easiness of canceling?

    • I cancelled via their website a couple months ago. It was very easy.

      • The first time I was subscribed, I could cancel on the site. I resubscribed back in August, but there no longer is an option to cancel online that I can find.

    • You can cancel by emailing them. Sometimes it does take a couple days for them to get back though.

  38. Maybe someone could help me – How long does it usually take for a subscriber to receive their first box? I signed up October 18th, and I’ve been charged for October & November, but haven’t received anything yet… not even an email with tracking.

    • I also subscribed on 10/18 and have been charged for both boxes and haven’t received the first one yet. I’m trying to be patient but it’s making me nervous!

      • So I just got off the phone with them (after being on hold for 30 minutes) and finally found out that my October box LITERALLY just shipped this evening. The Tarte blush will be seperate. So HOPEFULLY I’ll get an email with tracking soon, or my October box will show up in the next week. HOPEFULLY it’s the same for you too!!

        • Oh nice! Thanks for the update and fingers are crossed for both of us!

  39. Wow this box looks awesome! Not sure if I should sub now to get this or wait for Black Friday?

    • My dilemma as well! Last year they had a cool offer that locked in the $10 rate for four months! But will they offer that again? And would it come with the blush, too? At this point I should probably just wait, since I will still get the Nov box if I order on black Friday, but I am tempted just to sign up now!

      • As much as I love tarte blush, I only like one of the colors for my super pale face so I don’t think not getting the blush will be a deal breaker for me! In the review it said something about if you sign up in October you get November box so I thought you had to sign up the month before. Now that I researched and realized you get the month you sign up in—I’ll wait. Not feeling November box; if I have to get it to get the Black Friday deal okay but don’t want it just because.

  40. Totally wins the Beauty Box of the year award!

  41. I literally was about to cancel. Thank goodness I saw this post! Wow!!!

    • Same here! The hourglass primer and morphe brush make it all worth it!

  42. OMG, yessssss!!!!!!

  43. I love allure! Premium products for a reasonable cost. You don’t have to be wealthy for this one and it is a great deal! YAHOO!!!

  44. Allure wins December.

  45. Thanks Liz. Do you know if December is going to have any box variations like this month?

  46. Is the becca highlighter full size? I mean, regardless, this is the best Allure box I’ve seen and they have all been pretty amazing. The brands are always the best.

    • Pasted the Pic above, with RV on the bottom left, into my memo pad so I could enlarge. Says the box has an RV of $60, so I’m guessing everything will be sample size as Becca is $38 FS.

      • I noticed that as well.

    • When I clicked on the picture it brought me to the Sephora site and apparently they make a mini of this that sells for $19 so I’m assuming it will be the mini version not the full size which is still cool. easier for the pocketbook make up bag

  47. Omg – and I just subscribed!

  48. Love love love!!

  49. Omg! Omg! Omg! Best Allure box EVER! <3

  50. Thanks Liz!!! Wow- this box is AMAZING!

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