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Allure Beauty Box November 2017 FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the FULL spoilers for one variation of the November 2017 Allure Beauty Box! 

One variation will include:

What do you think of the November 2017 Allure Beauty Box full spoilers? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) And you’ll also get this FULL SIZE $29-Value Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush! (If you’re already a subscriber, you received it in your September box.)

You will receive one of four colors:

Captivating, Seduce, Blushing Bride, or Dazzled.

(Check out my review of the September Allure Beauty Box to see Seduce swatched!)

Use this link to get your free tarte blush and your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) If you sign up in October, your first box will be the October Box.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

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  1. Applause for Allure! I received the box shown in the review as well.
    I am so happy with the TCFS facial mask and moisturizing cream. I’ve already used the mask.
    Great products, and for the price, this is a very nicely curated group of skincare/ makeup.

  2. I promised I would post which box I got when it got here. I got the original variation egg mellow cream & mask, CAUDALIE eye balm, hey honey serum, juice beauty lip crayon, Doucce eyeshadow, unicorn brush. Thank God!

    • I got the same one the one pictured here. Got mine today as well.
      Love it. Good luck everyone.

    • I got the same variation…so relieved. I don’t care for variation boxes b/c it creates box envy. I esp. hate getting blindsided with it when I’m expecting to receive specific products. I like to research the products and companies before-hand so I know how to use the products correctly and how I can benefit from using them. LOL! The $50 Botox coupon is also an unexpected surprise.

    • I got a tiny lipstick even though the juicy lip crayon was supposed to be in every variation. I got a sugar lip scrub, the good morning honey serum a neck cream a pink blush from cargo and that brush which is pretty but not very functional. Too big for a crease and too firm for blending. I’m glad it was only ten bucks because it was a bunch of free samples not worth $15.00 I was not happy. I am excited for December’s box which still hasn’t arrived even though they charged me ten days ago.

  3. i received the items that’s featured here, very pleased with it. I’m really not a fan of the variation thing, I think they should stick to one set box but I know that’s just how I feel.

  4. This is the first box that I have been sorely disappointed in…
    – juice beauty lip crayon in Malibu
    -hey honey honey silk facial serum
    -moda crease brush
    -yves saint laurent blur primer
    -skin&co roma truddle eye concentrate
    -dr. Brandt pore perfecting exfoliate
    -briogeo blow dry perfection creme
    This box looked like leftovers from boxes I’ve gotten in the past. Highly disappointed in not receiving the doucce eye shadow considering they were suppose to send more throughout the year.

    • I know what you mean. I just got the exact same box you did, and it’s my very first from Allure (Because they have not even shipped my October box yet, or the tarte blush.) So far, I can’t say I’m impressed.

    • I got a blue color doucce shadow that I won’t even open, I’d Love to swap for the YSL blur primer if you’d like to!

    • Just wanted to let you know the same thing happened to me . I called them and told them I am an annual subscriber and I already got all of these items. I told them I paid full price for my sub the least they could do is give me the new items that I haven’t already received. They are gonna send me the items I didn’t receive. Now I don’t know how long it will take. But you should call.

      • I called last year when they did this same thing… i had to contact them multiple times, but i did finally get the items except a nail polish but the envelope arrived open with one of the nail polish bottles. So, i let that one go… i am in the process of bugging the crap out of them for the marc jacobs eyeliner & mascara they promised for resubscribing. I was lucky and got the original nov spoilers this month or I was going to call them or email like you…

      • Is there a way to do a preference profile like ipsy does? I find it shocking they don’t have one that I can find. I just signed up for my first box because I want the Jaclyn hill inspired one for next month. I can’t find a customer care email or #

        • I asked the CS rep. about personalization or at least separation into color tones and skin type, as I am of mature age with extremely fair skin and often get makeup I can’t use, but they said ” Our box is curated to provide a new and exciting product experience. Some of the products may be out of the usual for you but we encourage you to try them, or pass them on to a friend”.
          Those were the exact words.

          So, no. They apparently have no plans to customize any part of the box, which is a shame.

  5. Let me tell you that the Allure Beauty Box is a piece of crap. They promise you the Tarte blush if you subscribe, but don’t count on it anytime soon or with your box. I have contacted three different customer service representatives about it, and they all give me one response, ” That ships separately. Thank you.” I know that is ships separately, but can I at least know that it’s on it’s way?!?!?!?! Ridiculous!
    Also, the products are bad quality, and don’t seem to be worth paying $15 at all! If I’m paying $15 I expect at least one deluxe or even full sized product. I have had better experiences with Ipsy and Sephora’s play box than I have with these greedy people. Don’t waste your money on Allure.

    • I signed up with the Doucce eyeshadow palette coupon; and it was mailed separately. I want to say it wasn’t long after my first box. Honestly can’t remember since I wasn’t too excited about it, but I definitely did get it.

  6. I get my Allure Sub through Amazon and was expecting a shipping notification for the November box, but instead, Amazon is sending the December box by mistake… or that’s what the shipment says. Maybe that’s a good thing? I did contact Allure just to see what is up and they said they’d get back with me when they resolve it with Amazon, however my box has already shipped, so we’ll see. I was wanting that unicorn brush and lip product though. 🙁

    • If you do get your December box, I’d love to know what’s in it. (I’m one of those that never waits, take advantage of every spoiler, etc)

      • The December box is Jaclyn hill inspired.
        It is has a hourglass veil primer mini – Dior mascara mini-becca shampagne pop mini-morphe m433 brush-baublebar 20$ giftcard -purity face wash mini -oribe hair product- if you look up jaclyn hill Allure box on youtube it will show up her talking about it!

      • Jaclyn hill inspired it and gave all the spoilers!

    • The unicorn brush is hard and pointy and big and doesn’t pick up color well. It’s very pretty though. I just have it displayed on my vanity next to a candle and an oyster shell.
      I’m not using it. Maybe I can use it for highlighter. Ill try that. I’m excited to get the morphe M433 brush in December box. I use blenders to apply shadow and to blend. Flat shader brushes go unused for the most part. I use them to get foundation out of the bottom of the bottle when it’s almost empty.

  7. My shipping email came through around 8:00pm last night. Shipping label created, no expected delivery date yet.

  8. I signed up October 16th, was also charged that day for that box… Messaged Allure October 24th asking when I should receive tracking, they said they’d send me shipping in a week… 2 weeks later – I was charged for Novembers box (which is crazy since I still haven’t received my October box, and still haven’t received the tracking either), I messaged them again November 8th asking again about Octobers box & tracking, they then said I should receive it by the end of the week… It’s friday, still haven’t received it… Currently very disappointed, since I’ve been charged for two boxes, and haven’t received tracking for either… I have never had issues with any other box… The support team wasn’t very kind or helpful…very vague…

    • Me too. No October or tarte

    • Jessica,
      Did you ever resolve this issue?

  9. Has anyone received shipping info for Novembers box? Usually the first of my 4 subs to send tracking info/I receive..nothing yet though and it’s the 10th? TIA:)

    • Not yet, but some months I don’t receive tracking/shipping notification at all.

      • I’ve just received shipping notification. 😉

    • I received my shipping notice today (Nov. 10). I can’t wait to see what I get.

      • I just this evening received my tracking number and since tomorrow is Veterans Day we won’t be getting any mail until Monday so I’m a lil bummed… I usually get the tracking on day before I get the box, don’t know why but it just seems to work out that way….

    • Just got a shipping notification today. However, I haven’t recieved my October box yet so I’m not sure which one it’s for! :/

      • So I got my November box today and it was this variation with the Egg Creek, eye shadow, etc. But I still have not received my October box. Emailed CS hoping they respond as quickly as they have been for me!

        • I got my November box today too. Same as shown on the spoilers! Yay! But….I re-signed up the last of October to get the blush and 7.50$ deal, no October box no Tarte blush. Anyone have the customer service email or number?

  10. I just signed up this month, Do they normally send an Email to you when your box ships and provide a tracking number?

  11. Hello Liz, I just checked allure beauty box page and there are different products for this month beauty box, and there are other products on the first picture, and maybe they are for december! is it correct? thanks and I love your blog!

  12. Has anyone received their November box yet? If you did or when you do, please post what items you receive. I also saw on the website all the different items not included in the spoilers. Some of them are repeats from old boxes. The ad in the November issue Allure magazine shows the same spoilers as shown above. I was billed on Nov 2 for this box, haven’t received it yet, but really curious to know what others will get. Thx everyone!

    • I was billed on the 2nd too. I’ve been receiving mine around the 10th I think so I’ll definitely post what I receive cuz I received the November box email advertisement and it had everything on it like we were getting 7 items so I’m very curious & excited to see what I receive 😊💓

    • I just received my box today. I got the three spoilers, hey honey serum, brush, and juice beauty lip. My variant items were .25 oz Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion, .17 oz of Skin & Co truffle therapy eye concentrate, .17 oz Embryolisse last Creme and Laritzy lip pencil in Cabernet.

      • That’s exactly what the website shows me. I’m fine with it except for the lip pencil. Not at all happy about not getting the Doucce eyeshadow. Did you even get a shipping email?

      • I got my box today too and got the same things you did. Very disappointed since I already have the embryolisse and truffle therapy (tiny samples) from a few months back

        • Thanks to everyone for sharing what you got in your box. I haven’t received my box yet but I can not believe they pulled a bait & switch with old products. Allure did this last fall…and then they pulled themselves together and were rocking it again. This is so frustrating. For what its worth, the Embryolisse cream is amazing. You can use it over makeup! I keep mine in my makeup bag and use it if I notice any dry patches under my foundation or to help blend my foundation if it sets too quickly. It’s the only one that’s worth repeating, in my opinion. Hmmm…I wonder what I’ll get in my box.

          • I haven’t gotten my box yet, and I am already getting ticked. This is one of the reasons why I canceled for several months. They advertised in print (allure or glamour) and in an email from of the November box contents. Their website has two spots with spoilers – one with the above box spoilers which matches both the print ad and email, and then in another spot the variants people are receiving. It’s very deceiving to see ads, etc. of what this box will include with no mention of variants and then receive a box that contains 4 different products! Four! That’s a lot!!! So, I looked and found that 3 of the items came from the April 2017 box. Yes, 3… I guess the good thing is that is one of the months I did not get a box, but then again… if I really wanted that box I would have subscribed. The 4th item is from December 2016 (almost a whole year later). I kind of want the lip pencil (LOL) but it has also been in the Allure x Rue La La Beauty Box. They must have a lot they are trying to unload…

          • I also cancelled for several months last year for the very same reason. I will post my contents as soon as I receive my box.

      • That’s really disappointing that there are variations now. Especially with that Doucce shadow not being in all boxes since that was something they were supposed to be sending every once in awhile. I used to subscribe last year but cancelled and then jumped on the $7.50 October box deal. They billed me immediately for a November box too and they said I can send it back for a full refund by writing return to sender. If it’s the one Liz posted, I want to keep it, but if it’s the one with the Dr.Brandt and other stuff then I don’t want it at all! It’s definitely not worth the $15.90! Very frustrating and feels like a bait & switch to me.

        • August was my 1st Allure box so I’m fairly new to them. When I go to the website, it always shows what I’m getting and it’s not what the spoilers showed. I’m actually fine with the Dr. Brandt but I am not at all happy about the rest. Mostly the lip pencil and not getting the Doucce eyeshadow. I have not received my box yet… If it’s the bait & switch box, I’m really not sure how to handle it…

        • Update:

          I emailed customer service to see if they could tell me what was in my Nov. box and they listed all of the items that are in this spoiler! Now as for whether thats really what I’m getting- we will see! After hearing that though, I’m really surprised that they sent out the other variations! It’s just so odd to me! And not quite fair to everyone who has recieved those products in the past.

          • I’m a new subscriber and I got a yves saint Laurent touché eclat primer(full size), unicorn brush, good morning silk serum, juice crayon, skin and company eye cream, dr Brandt exfoliator, and the brogeo deep conditioning mask. Super excited to get the yves saint Laurent variation and have not seen that variation anywhere

    • I just got the box today and it matches the picture above. Juice beauty lipstick, egg cream mask, egg cram moisturizer, doucce shadow, brush, good morning serum, caudalie eye cream.

      • Same here, I got my box yesterday and it was the same as the pic as well 😊

  13. Although I’m already subscribed to this box I still get emails asking me to subscribe the email I got today showed the spoilers above as what we will be getting an even went as far as to show reviews for the products so I’m hoping that’s the correct one since it’s in an email promotion

  14. I’m not going to lie about this whole box variation thing. I am not at all happy with Allure about this. The main reasons I signed up for the Allure box; NO BOX VARIATIONS!, skin care and the DOUCCE eyeshadow palette w/ the promise of receiving more… Now that I’ve seen what’s in my box, I’m shaking my head. There are 4 items that are different from these spoilers none of which have been in any of their spoilers. I’m fine with everything except one full size item. Instead of getting the Doucce eyeshadow in Bailey 37, I will be getting a full size Laritzy lip pencil in some unknown color. No Doucce eyeshadow?! Not happy about that at all.

    • I’m wondering how you can see what is going to be in your box before you receive it? Is there a trick I’m not aware of?

    • I went to the Allure website and it says, This Month’s Box, and lists 7 items, only three of which are in the variation above. But I don’t think that means that it’s necessarily your box. Ipsy shows you your actual box on its site, but I wasn’t even logged into my account and saw the seven items that you referenced. Hang in there. You may still get the variation above. The spoilers on the Allure site were a lot of items I already have so I’m hoping for the same one you are.

      • Hmmmm they have two different spots on their website for the November spoilers. One matches the spoilers above and the other matches Barb’s findings… Either Allure or Glamour magizine matched Liz’s spoilers above. So, I would expect no variations since it was in print that the November box will include… Also, I think the lip pencil and a couple of the other products was in earlier boxes. If so… that would make me mad to get a variation with several old items…. i wonder if it is a web site issue. Hoping..,,

        Liz, do we know the other box variations?

      • I was excited about this box until I just went on their website. If I get another microderm scrub ill scream.

        • I’m with you in that one! Last month, I️ got exactly what the box showed, I️ didn’t think this box was like Ipsy and Sephora with variations. My Sephora was awful, but it seemed like everyone else got everything I️ wanted (Cover fx drops, Becca primer, etc). I️ got ANOTHER pore dermabrasion and some other stuff I️ gave to my daughter. I️ was really looking forward to this box because of the brush, the eyeshadow and the egg cream products. Have t gotten mine yet, I️ wasn’t billed until the 3rd. I’ll def post it’s contents

          • I am definately not happy about the switcharoo of the Doucce eyeshadow for the lip liner. When I signed up, I got the palette & they did advertise that they will be sending eyeshadow in future boxes. I did have to call to get them to actually send me the palette and I did inquire about eyeshadow in future boxes and was told yes. I wonder how much backlash Allure is going to get over this???

    • Hi, Dawn:

      How do you find out what you will be getting? Thanks!

      • Hi Marie! Sorry it took me so long to get back with you. When I go to the allure website, I click on the November box & it shows 7 items, 3 of which are in the spoilers.

      • Allure’s customer service definitely leaves a lot to be desired! :-/

    • They don’t actually show what’s in your box on the website. Some of those items were in past boxes (if you Google Allure and the brand, you’ll get MSA results for those items in combination with Allure and it will tell you the month). I don’t know if it’s a glitch on their site, but the only reliable spoilers I’ve seen from them happen via email.

      I’m actually wondering if there really are variants for the November box.

  15. Do we still get the doucce eyeshadow palette for signing up that holds the little loose shadows they send? I resubbed bc of the 7.50$ box with the tarte blush, but I was wondering if we still get the eyeshadow palette as well. Anyone know???

    • They are sending a Tarte Blush now but if you want the Douce shadow set there are many listed on swap site, mine included.

  16. I’m super disappointed because I looked on the actual website and it has none of the too cool for school products , it has none of the things I wanted like source eyeshadow, caudalie resveratrol eye cream !! I have yet to get too cool for school and specifically wanted this box for that particular reason but instead would get yet another dr. Brandt pore dermabraison exfoliator And 3 products I never even wanted! So upset and will not buy because of these dumb variations

  17. I’m still a little confused… This says full spoilers but then says “This is one variation.” So, what’s variations???

  18. I just signed up for this box through Amazon. It looks like the first box will be October and they’re supposed to send the free Tarte blush separately within 30 days.

    I had previously subscribed directly through Allure, but had trouble reactivating my subscription after suspending it. A few days ago, I received an email from Amazon that said I could subscribe to this box through Amazon. I thought it was worth trying!

  19. Did anyone else get promised a “6 past items” if you stayed subscribed? I called to cancel the October box because I was uninterested, but the rep told me about getting 6 free items from past boxes if I stayed subscribed. I did and received an empty cosmetic bag, called and the lady was shocked to hear that, promised that they would ship out again and this time I would be receiving the items promised. I check the mail, the same empty beauty bag again! I called and the customer service rep told me that there is nothing showing in my account about free items and that I was promised a beauty bag which comes empty. I kept explaining to her but she was not listening and kept repeating herself over and over. This is the first time I experienced bad customer service from allure. So disapointed :/

    • Oh wow! When I called to cancel
      they offered me the same thing and sent me a free duplicate September box (which was actually 5 items but I’m not complaining.

      Maybe you should call back and speak to someone else and ask for a discount instead of free items since they can’t seem to actually send them.

    • I did. When I called to cancel they offered me 6 free items and sent me a free duplicate September box (5 items but I’m not complaining). I noticed they also gave me a $5 discount for October.

      Maybe you should call back and speak to someone else

    • About 5 days after I unsubscribed (after receiving my first box in September, the $10 I didn’t mind, wasn’t sure if it was worth $15) I got an email offering me 4 additional months at $10 a month. I jumped on that deal and so far (with just having received 2 boxes) I think Allure’s be blowing Ipsy and Play! by Sephora away (though Sephora did do an excellent foundation match, impressive for a $10 box). I like the way the Allure boxes are curated, however I feel their customer service leaves a lot to be desired

  20. Where is the personalization profile? I saw it was in the FAQ but I subscribed and can’t find where to fill mine out??

    • I’ve never filled out a personalization profile with Allure, and since their boxes don’t normally have variations I don’t know why you would

  21. Resubbed after cancelling a year ago. Hope I was not in error to do so. Hard to pass up the price of a box. On the waitlist for Macy’s so will be making a decision sooner or later.

    • I really like the Macy’s bags. The bags a lone are worth the cost to me. Nice quality so far. Some people complain about the amount of skin care, I love it. I hope you get off the list soon!

  22. That egg cream is so great! For me this box is worth it for that alone tbh

    • I use the egg cream as my everyday moisturizer, I love it. Thinking about re subbing just for that and the blush.

  23. So glad I cancelled. They have terrible customer service, plus I’m trying hard to stick with organic and cruelty-free products.

    • Me too, all of what you said

  24. First time I have been truly disappointed with allure. I don’t EVER wear blue eye shadow.. why cant we get a nice neutral color. This is my favorite sub box, but November is not doing it for me.

    • Maybe the other variation will have a non-blue color. Hey! We can hope!

    • People complain about only getting neutrals, and then complain when they get a color. There’s no winning. I think the blue looks nice

      • I agree! I have more neutrals than I know what to do with. I like variety and adventurous colors so I’m also happy with it. Well said.

      • I was just about to say the same. I’ve been hearing “not another neutral!” about Ipsy and Boxycharm since I got into MSA. I already have a dupe of the blue so I’m not interested in it, but I have a million neutrals lol. I love using blue and green eyeshadows as eyeliners!

        • Great idea…using as eyeliner!

        • Absolutely! I’d love to see a fiery red Too, I’m so into red matte shadows this year. That with a pop of gold shimmer in the center, beautiful! I think I’d use this blue on the lower lash line. My eyes are green, but if you have brown eyes that color will make them pop!

      • Dark blue shadow looks beautiful with brown eyes! Great for a smoky eye.

      • I’m so sick of neutrals too. I just canceled this box, too. Jokes on me!

      • I wish I’d gotten it. I have a bazillion neutral eyeshadow shades. Colors are nice for a change. You can always use them on the lower lash line for a pop of color with neutral lids. Or do a warm crease and use the blue only on the lower lid area. A soft brown like cocoa bear warms up a blue. Just blend blend blend.

  25. If they still offer the tarte blush in November, I’m definitely signing up. I almost signed up for October but talked myself out of it bc I’m broke and wasn’t feeling the October box as much as this one. If they don’t still offer the tarte I’ll take it as a sign I suppose. I LOVE both the egg cream and caudalie eye cream, but if it’s variations (and no tarte blush) I don’t wanna spend the money to risk getting things I don’t want.

  26. I love everything except of the lip crayon in this variation. Even the eyeshadow color is so me. I hate they make variations though… It would be so bad not to get what you’re craving for.

    • I agree, I like this variation a lot and am hoping I get it. I have been intrigued by the Too Cool for School products and I could really use a new eye cream, plus I have heard nothing but good things about Caudalie. I don’t often use non neutral eye shadow, but for when I do, I think blue is a beautiful and surprising versatile color. I would probably gift the lip pencil but everything else I would for sure use.

  27. I don’t know if I’m the only one but I like it when allure includes mini size perfume. Still good this month though. I’d like to try the egg cream🤗

  28. *Prays for a better variation*

  29. In the above pic there’s a picture of a blue eyeshadow? But it’s not listed in this post of the listed items? Is that blue eyeshadow by doucce in the picture one of the variations?

    • Sorry I just saw it is listed. Is that one of the variations though? I’m confused which items are variations?

  30. Reading about the lip crayon on the juice beauty site and seems a lot are saying the tip is very soft and has been breaking off for a lot of people. So I guess not to press to hard on it when it comes. Just a FYI. If it’s the kind that needs to be sharpened I’m going to put it in the freezer for a bit to harder it up first maybe that will help.

    • I got the same lip crayon in another box last month and I didn’t think it would be a favorite item of mine but I’m loving it. The tip is a bit soft but it’s easy to apply lightly and get more of a soft balmy lip stain look if you want to instead of a full out color. I got Zuma, which is different from the one allure will be sending, but I thought it would be too dark and heavy of a red for me. But actually I can apply it lightly and it looks great. Doesn’t have the best staying power if you’re eating or drinking, but comes off cleany and is not drying at all. The rest of the box looks good too, but I think I’m mainly signing back up for allure to get the lip crayon in another color. For $10 with other items its a no-brainer.

  31. It was the lack of variation that I’ve always liked about Allure. Every time a box goes variation I end up with a that is lesser and end up wishing I had gotten the other products. Crossing my fingers.

    • That’s why I cancelled Play. It seemed I always got products that I had no use for and wished for any of the other variations.

      • Same reason I dropped play – I would be looking at boxes with PERFECT items I ACTUALLY wanted to try because I was considering buying them getting shipped boxes that made no sense whatsoever…

    • Agreed and I see it 1st hand since my mom and daughter also get the sub. I’m always seeing they got items more meant for me. I don’t like variations lol

  32. I’m feeling a little meh about this box but not every box can be a winner for me. Still my favorite sub box!

  33. All 7 items huh?! If yeah then Yey!

    • Ok I should read closely next time..haha! Still a good box!

    • Love this box!!! Can I get two??

      • I created a second account with a different email address to get another October box and the Tarte blush….I’ll probably keep it to get 2 November boxes at least too.

        • Did you get two boxes I tried that a few months ago never got the second box. They just changed to email on my original account wouldn’t let me have a second subscription.

  34. I so want the Caudalie!

  35. Love! Hope I get this variation.

    • There are no variations… Just maybe with color.

      • Clearly stated above, and in previous spoiler posts that there WILL be variations with this one. The egg mask and cleanser are the variation items. I believe everything else will be guaranteed in every box.

        • By everything else, I mean the brush, the lip crayon, and the serum. The previous spoilers. I’m really hoping everyone gets the egg items, because I really want to try them. I don’t really care about the eye shadow. I already gave my palette to my sister

        • The latest issue of Allure mentions no variations in the November box. It advertises all items will be in the box. Of course…. I don’t always trust there word….

          • I got a very different variation for my November box. I got the unicorn brush but most of alll very excited to receive an upper end make up brand the full size Yves saint Laurent touché primer 😊Never saw this variation anywhere.

          • Wow thats awesomene! I’ve always wanted to try the YSL touché eclat primer! I hope that’s in mine, I’ve been so disappointed in Ipsy and Sephora lately, I’m thinking of canceling. I only pay $10 for Allure because when I canceled, they offered me 4 months at $10 to stay. Next month will be my last $10 month, but if they keep it up, I’ll gladly pay the $15!

  36. I want this box and the tarte blush but not sure I want to sign up now because not really interested in the oct. box. Hmm..

    • Allure is great for not having a waiting list so you can sign up in Nov for this box if you don’t want the Oct box 😊😊

      • That’s my plan! Just have to wait a couple weeks. 🙂

  37. I love my Allure box and I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🤞 for the caudilie eye cream, the mask was so good a few months ago! I’d love to try the Hey Honey serum too, & I’m always up for a sheet mask too! I really hope that they don’t do variations for too long cuz I love knowing that I’ll get stuff that I’ll love 😍

  38. I am extremely curious about what the variation will be…

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