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Wonderful Objects Subscription Review + Coupon – Dreams and Destinies Box

Wonderful Objects Dreams and Destinies Box

Wonderful Objects by Wonder and Company is a quarterly subscription service that brings imaginary adventures to life. This box is always full of unexpected, playful surprises. This time, the theme is “Dreams and Destinies”.

Wonderful Objects Dreams and Destinies opened with envelope that reads "open me first"

Wonderful Objects offers mystery boxes for both Adults and Kids.

This box was sent to us at no cost to review. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This review is of the Whimsical Adult, $72 a quarter, box.

Contents of Wonderful Objects Dreams and Destinies Box

The Subscription Box: Wonderful Objects

The Cost: $72 per quarter with discounts available for longer subscription commitments

COUPON: Use code WONDERADDICT10 to save $10 off any subscription!

The Products: Hand-picked items and custom-designed ephemera that bring an imaginary scenario, place, or story to life.

Ships to: U.S. for free, Internationally for $25 per quarter

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Teaser mailing tube for Wonderful Objects Dreams and Destinies Box

Before you even receive the Wonderful Objects package, you receive a “teaser” in the mail separately. They’re always different, but this one came in a large tube. I immediately thought it may be a poster of sorts.

contents of Wonderful Objects Dreams and Destinies Box teaser including a scroll and incense

I was wrong! Inside, among the navy blue sizzle and stars, I found a tube on incense sticks with a scroll wrapped around it.

close up of the scroll from the Wonderful Objects Dreams and Destinies Box teaser

The scroll was sealed with a dark bronze wax and stamped with a bird.

group shot of incense and opened scroll

I delicately broke the seal to unravel the scroll.

close up of scroll, opened

The note is from Lyre, who missed me at the festival but has sent the gift of incense from Ptolemy and asked that we meet again next time in the greenest part of the clearing.

other side of scroll, opened

The note was written on the back of this flyer for the Festival de la Lune De Tonnerre.

contents of incense tube, including incense and wooden holder

The incense is packaged in a colorful tube and star-patterned bag. They also luckily come with an incense holder!

wooden incense holder

The wooden holder is just like the one I had when I was a kid. This brings back so many great memories!

incense sticks

Even the smell of these orange blossom incense sticks takes me straight back to a shop at the top of my mom’s street where my brother and I would buy our incense and band t-shirts!

close up of incense sticks

You get 30 total and each takes about 15-20 minutes to burn through.

incense stick in the wooden holder

Here is one of the sticks in the holder.

directions for using incense

The back of the tube has instructions as well in case you aren’t familiar with incense.

Now it’s time to get to the box!!

Wonderful Objects Dreams and Destinies opened with envelope that reads "open me first"

The first thing you see is this envelope. I love that it gives you a prompt. It kind of reminds me of Alice in Wonderland when she’s prompted to “Drink Me!”.

back of wax-sealed envelope

The back has a metallic green wax seal and is stamped with a “W”.

info card setting the scene for the box

Here, Wonderful Objects sets the scene for your box of magic! You’ve been invited to attend a celestial ball within your dreams to meet faeries, philosophers, goblins, and other terrestrial guests!

info card listing all of the contents

The other side of the card lists all of the Wonderful Objects that you received while there!

cover pamphlet for "Dreams and Destinies" page 1 and 2 of cover pamphlet for "Dreams and Destinies" page 3 and 4 of cover pamphlet for "Dreams and Destinies" page 5 and 6 of cover pamphlet for "Dreams and Destinies" back cover of cover pamphlet for "Dreams and Destinies"

There’s a really pretty well-done booklet that is designed like an old newspaper. Each article or ad takes you through another item in your box.

blue velvet pouch and smaller cream satin pouch selenite crystal lamp (turned off)

Selenite Crystal Skyscraper Lamp – Estimated Value $25 (similar size found on Etsy)

This item excited me and spooked me at the same time. I had just been visiting a friend a few weeks earlier and she had a lamp like this that I was immediately drawn to. I texted her once I got home to ask for the name again, and looked online to see about ordering one, but hadn’t gotten around to it. I even inquired about it at my local crystal shop but she didn’t stock them. Then, this lamp shows up in this “box of magic”. Sometimes I really think the universe is helping me out in random ways.

close up of selenite crystal lamp

Selenite is named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Selene. It is usually a milky white or clear in color with striations. I love how it looks up close and almost reminds me of an iceberg.

bulb and cord for selenite crystal lamp

The lamp comes in two parts: the crystal (around 8 inches tall), and the light kit. It’s simple enough to put together!

bottom of selenite crystal lamp showing how to put bulb and cord inside

All you have to do is insert the light kit into the bottom of the selenite and place the cord in the notch that has been carved out at the bottom so that it rests flush on the surface you put it on.

selenite crystal lamp (turned on)

Here is the selenite lit up! Isn’t it beautiful? It’s known to have calming properties to give you mental clarity when there is too much going on in your head. The perfect place for this is next to your bed to protect you from any negative thoughts that may bring bad dreams. I’m sooooo in love with it!!

blackberry blossom honey sticks tied together with purple fabric cord

Pacific Northwest Blackberry Blossom HoneyStix – Buy 100 for $13.99

This is a perfect little pack of honey sticks for someone like me who can’t get through a large honey bear before it gets all cloudy and hard. They come five in a bundle, wrapped in a nice purple yarn tie.

group of 5 blackberry blossom honey sticks

The honey is super sweet and made in the PNW from US Grade A honey with no artificial colors or additives. Each stick has 1 teaspoonful, so it’s perfect for tea or morning oatmeal!

mother of pearl refillable pen with cap off

Mother of Pearl Pen

Sadly, my pen came broken. So sad! The silver part of the pen is plastic and had cracked somewhere in transit. The Mother of Pearl casing and cap was still intact though, and quite lovely.

mother of pearl refillable pen with cap off

In the booklet, they urge you to use this pen to note your adventures! A great pairing for another item in the box…

marbled notebook with teal elastic band

Marbled Notebook, 5 x 8 inches

What a better way to remember my adventure when I wake up than to jot it all down in this marbled notebook?

back of marbled notebook

The design has muted blues, reds, yellows, and greens, and includes a teal elastic bad to keep the dream diary closed, or save your place.

inside blank pages of marbled notebook

The pages are lined, so you can neatly fill it up with tales on all of the goddesses and faeries you met while at the eclipse festival!

urania's mirror constellation cards (set of 2)

Two Cards from Urania’s Mirror Constellation Cards

These cards have a beautiful vintage feel to them because of the artwork and aged, textured cardstock. They have a similar texture to an old postcard, which I love. These are each five by seven inches and have holes poked in the cards so when they are held up to the light, you can see the constellation that the illustrations are drawn around. These are from a set of 32 that was originally put out in 1824, inspired by the book “A Celestial Atlas” by Alexander Jamieson.

urania's mirror constellation card

The first one is Gloria Frederich, Andromeda, and Triangula, (Plate 6 from the original set).

urania's mirror constellation card backlit

Held up to the light, it creates what you’d see in the sky at night.

urania's mirror constellation card

The second card is Lacerta, Cygnus, Lyra, Vulpecula, and Anser (Plate 14 from the original set).

urania's mirror constellation card

Very cool!!

lavender sleep sachet by calliope estelle apothecary

Lavender Sleep Sachet by Calliope Estelle Apothecary

Another thing that Wonderful Objects read my mind about: I haven’t been sleeping well! This calming sachet should be able to help me relax so I can meet up with my friends at the festival!

back of lavender sleep satchet by calliope estelle apothecary

This is simply dried lavender in a purple dip-dyed cotton bag that I can slip under my pillow to help me drift off.

the princess on the way to the dance print by kay nielsen

The Princesses on the Way to the Dance by Kay Nielsen Print, 8 x 10 inches

This print on heavyweight archival paper conjures up quite a vision of a fancy ball filled with ethereal beings and royalty from all different times.

close up of the princess on the way to the dance print by kay nielsen

Women in fancy gowns make their way through a crowded forest of weeping willows to a special party.

rolled up scroll bound with leaves

Throughout the box, there are letters and scrolls that also set the scene for the celestial forest ball. Here is one of the scrolls, that has been bound with a vine of leaves.

unrolled scroll featuring sheet music

When opened, a piece of music entitled “In the Beauty of the Twilight” by Chauncey Haines is revealed, along with notes from Euterpe, the Goddess of Music. The one at the top reads “Please deliver this new arrangement to Maestro Ptolemy! Remind him he cannot be late!! Had word that all twelve sisters will be attending!” At the bottom, she writes “Keep close watch for the darkening of Helios and make sure amaranthine blooms are placed prominently!” Euterpe is speaking of the personification of the Sun in Greek mythology, who happens to be the brother of Selene, the Goddess of the Moon. 😉

back of unrolled scroll featuring sheet music

The reverse side has the musical piece continued, and the note “Remind Pliny that we still need him to commit to speaking on his Selenite studies!” at the bottom. Looks like I have a lot to do for this ball! Here, she is referring to Pliny the Elder, who was a Roman Naturalist in AD 23-79. I kind of love how all of the people mentioned are from different times or planes, so it really conjures up a magical event in which they all exist at the same time.

Letter from Lyre

The last note included is from Lyre and speaks of all the muses preparing for this grand occasion, which I am now coming to realize is centered around a solar eclipse. How very timely! They also mention everyone that Euterpe did in her notes earlier, in addition to Vega, the brightest star in the constellation, Lyra.

The Verdict: My first encounter with Wonderful Objects was quite magical! This was absolutely one of my favorite subscriptions to unbox, and each item seemed really special and deliberate. I love how they set a scene and told a story through the objects and letters. You can tell so much thought was put into this package as an experience, more so than just a collection of products. I also had fun researching all of the references which I knew very little about! The crystal lamp was hands down my favorite and the incense teaser brought back colorful memories from my childhood! This is the perfect subscription for anyone who loves exploring the mystic and taking an adventure. For $72, I received eight different items (or sets of items). Since a lot of these were custom for the box, they weren’t available online. Overall, I think the main draw to this subscription is the experience though.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! This box is still available if you sign up now.

Coupon – Use code WONDERADDICT10 to save $10 off any subscription!

Value Breakdown: At $72 for this box, you are paying approximately $9 per item.

What was your favorite Wonderful Object this quarter?

Wonderful Objects by Wonder and Company

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Written by Marne Orenich

Marne Orenich

Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

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Comments (8)

  1. Finally received my teaser box. Already have the print framed and up. Can’t wait to see what the actual box has in store

  2. FYI, I just went to sign up and they charged me $9 to ship (I’m within the 48 contiguous States), so the coupon barely made a dent in the normal price… Still, going to try it for one quarter and see how it goes! Thanks for the review.

  3. I still want this box so bad! Love every item in it! Wish they had a sale of past boxes sometime

  4. Omg what a delightful sub! I’m so charmed. I love the lamp so much. You can really see the time and effort put in to the curation. It’s really lovely. I’m very interested. I love that it’s an experience

  5. What a fanciful, delightful box. If I could handle the cost of the box it would be first on my list. I have very little imagination or creativity and this box furnishes it for me. I have never heard of this fairy tale. Will need to check it out.

  6. I adored this box. Sadly I had to cancel for now because of the price but I plan to resub after the first of the year.

  7. I have never had as much fun opening a box as I did this one. The Twelve Dancing Princesses is my favorite fairy tale, and I can’t wait to have the print framed. Loved everything about the theme, the items, and the experience. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this box.

  8. What a pretty set of items! I especially love the “Princesses on the Way to the Dance” print – the 12 Dancing Princesses is one of my favorite fairy tales, and I’ve read a ton of retellings as well! I would love to swap for this if anyone doesn’t want theirs.

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