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POPSUGAR Must Have Box November 2017 Box Spoiler #1

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We have the first spoiler for the November 2017 POPSUGAR Must Have box!

Each box will include:

Unqualified by Anna Faris – Value $28

From Amazon:

Anna Faris has advice for you. And it’s great advice, because she’s been through it all, and she wants to tell you what she’s learned. 

After surviving an awkward childhood (when she bribed the fastest boy in the third grade with ice cream), navigating dating and marriage in Hollywood, and building a podcast around romantic advice, Anna has plenty of lessons to share: Advocate for yourself. Know that there are wonderful people out there and that a great relationship is possible. And, finally, don’t date magicians.

Her comic memoir, Unqualified, shares Anna’s candid, sympathetic, and entertaining stories of love lost and won. Part memoir—including stories about being “the short girl” in elementary school, finding and keeping female friends, and dealing with the pressures of the entertainment industry and parenthood—part humorous, unflinching advice from her hit podcast, Anna Faris Is Unqualified, the book will reveal Anna’s unique take on how to master the bizarre, chaotic, and ultimately rewarding world of love.

Hilarious, honest, and useful, Unqualified is the book Anna’s fans have been waiting for.

What do you think of the first spoiler? 

Here is the inspiration in case you missed it:

With the holidays coming up we’re in the mood to entertain and to spend time with loved ones. This was the inspiration behind our November #MustHaveBox.

What do you think of the November 2017 POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoiler and inspiration? What products are you hoping to see in the box?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off of your first box! (Your first box will be the November box.)

Check out all of our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription!

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  1. Please no more books! I will take a repeat of something from the past boxes anything but a book.

    • 👏👏👏

    • No books! This will be my second box and I am not happy at all about that dumb book. That being said, I love to read, but not this kind of celebrity bull nah! Ugh..The owner said she reads these comments, so why more book??. I am ready to quit now, but have 2 more boxes to go. Ugh , ugh

  2. I think all the comments about “we don’t want relationship advice from someone mid-divorce” are extremely ignorant. We don’t know what happened in their relationship. Perhaps staying and “making it work” would have been the wrong thing to do. Just because someone is married doesn’t mean they are in a good relationship or that they are good at relationships. Perhaps she can offer some advice about knowing yourself and knowing what is better and healthier for yourself, your partner and your child. Maybe she made a wise choice.

    All the judging and assuming being married equals being “good at relationships” is ridiculous.

    • yeesssss

    • Not the point…the point is we don’t want books in popsugar, this type of book appeals not a bit to me. Readers like to pick their books, I am an avid reader, but not this type of book. If struggling with something, than get a book on it! Don’t mail me one and think I will be excited to get it. Wrong.

  3. I read 7-10 books a month but an advice book from a D list actress is not what I call good reading! How boring! Popsugar sends the worst books in the world! How about some psychological thrillers or new releases from well known authors! Who the hell cares what some nobody like Anna Farris has to say about life!

    • This comment made my day. If I ever write a book or work on my blog and someone says I’m a stupid nobody. Haha. I will remember you said that about Anna Farris. Who is gorgeous. And smart. And funny. Ha. Thank you.

      Liz is l my hero blogger. Btw. Even though my business has nothing to do with hers. She inspires me. Because she works so hard and stays above negativity.

      We are all so blessed to be able to have wonderful little surprises sent to us in the mail.

      Lisa Sugar is another hero. Love her. God, some people may say the universe, spoke to me through her book. I admire her success and parenting.

      Life is hard but there can be joy in it. Personally, my joy is in the Lord. Not in what comes on next month’s box. Find your joy.

      • Um, I have my joy! Some book from a nobody does not bring me joy! I find my joy reading intelligent books not advice books from some over paid fool. I also find joy in the 3 businesses I own and my Non-Profit animal shelter that I run as well as my 2 boys that I have raised by myself. I have more joy in my life than most people. I am entitled to my opinion! I can’t stand Anna Faris! She is a moron! Maybe you should worry about finding joy in your own life instead of judging others who don’t have the same opinion as you! Good day!

        • Meredith is not the one name calling and judging in this scenario.

          • I didn’t call Meredith any names, now did I?!

          • And she certainly did judge me! I am entitled to my opinion about the book! I am sick of the self righteousness of so many of the posters on this site! Get over yourselves!

        • An opinion is fine but it doesn’t need to denigrate anyone. I get how easy it is to bash people, especially famous ones but why call someone you don’t know a ‘nobody’ and a ‘moron.’ If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, you shouldn’t say it online. I come to this site to see Liz’ great posts and opinions that don’t bully others. We need to do better.

        • Well I think you are an amazing woman too. Those are inspirational accomplishments.

          I think women in general are amazing.

          I’m still inspired by your down talking Anna Farris.

          I’m sure she is not a moron. I bet she a beautiful precious human being. Just like you. 🙂

          • mer – you are too kind..

            not sure about others but I come to MSA to escape in a way, I mean just open twitter for a minute and your head will spin! let’s keep this an awesome place for fun things, of course everyone will not agree on what is cool or not so hopefully we can all understand as life is way too short – I promise y’all that a book will not be what you remember when you are in your last days however you may recall that PSMH only sends BLUE items as you may be surrounded by them! haha! xx

  4. As a person who is just starting the process of divorce, this book would be golden for me. I don’t subscribe to Pop but, hey, I’m going to be broke during the process so if anyone if willing to give a soon-to-be-broke divorcee a free book, I’ll take you up on it!

    • what is your email? Happy to give you the book if you’ll send me a shipping label. 🙂

    • You can have mine! I would be happy if it goes to someone who would really enjoy it!

  5. FYI, this is actually her “second” divorce. I’m no relationship expert but I read where she said she won’t move on unless she has someone else waiting in the wings. She met Pratt and divorced her first husband. I don’t find much compelling about her and to spend my time reading about a person who isn’t very admirable or interesting beyond their personal drama seems like a waste. Lastly, most of these books aren’t even “written” by these celebs. They dictate the book to a ghostwriter who does all the work.

  6. Not too excited for the book as I am a graduate student who doesn’t even have enough time to read things assigned. But it bothers me people are saying she’s unfit to give relationship advice cause she’s going through a divorce. Her relationship gave her experience and advice that can be both good things she’s learned and bad things she’s learned. There’s married people who would be far less helpful in relationship advice. Don’t discount her advice because of a divorce-thats very disappointing and very judgementful.

    • Well put JessiB!

  7. Am I remembering correctly that the Black Friday deal last year started with us getting the November box (which meant you got 2 of the same box if you were already subscribed)?

    Hoping the rest of the items fit in with the entertaining theme.

    • Not sure if it was me, but I was not already subscribed last year for Black Friday, and I got six months that started in December.

    • You can now buy credits and apply towards your sub when you want, I believe

    • My sub the past 2 years has started with the Nov box, ( Black Firday 6months) but I was not a current subscriber, since I waited to get the deal.

  8. After reading some of these comments, it wouldn’t hurt some of you to read a book.

    • Comment of the day!!

    • A book – sure. Hollywood navel gazing – no.

    • 👏👍🙌🏻

    • Jamie for the win!

  9. No more books in lifestyle boxes, PLEASE! Reading taste is too subjective for them to ever be universal. Plus, I exclusively read on my tablets now. Paper books and magazines are just clutter I don’t need. And not to be cruel, but relationship advice from someone mid-divorce? No.

    • I mean, the book is called Unqualified. So you guys are on the same page?

  10. I’m sure there will be a lot of awesome items in this box… but for me this is a total miss particularly in November?

    Book for pool season, maybe.
    Book for spring break flights, okay.
    Book For the cold nights in January, sure.
    Book during the holidays… ummm regift?

    No one has time to read in mid November. Not. One. Person. Like even on a plane I’m too busy, and let’s be honest I don’t really want my airport convo starter to be “unqualified.”

    Is Popsugar getting paid to include a book? Bc if that means we get more goodies…. bring on the bookssss!

    • Some people read during the holidays as a way to unwind, just saying.

      • Amen! Some people read all year long as a way to unwind.

    • I read during the holidays. So, that’s at least one person.

    • I read print magazine and books every day to unwind especially around the holidays!

    • I read during the holidays. I get bored out of my mind during the holidays. We leave our big city life to visit family in a rural area and I mean you can only eat so much so I read. Maybe we all celebrate differently. Maybe some don’t celebrate all.

    • My family and extended family reads constantly and holidays are no exception. In fact, many of us read even more.

    • I read all the time. In fact I read much more in November, December, etc, because I’m not spending time outside as much. I love getting books in subscription boxes.

      • Agreed!
        I read a ton, because I’ve already planned my holiday shopping (most of it’s done already), my cards are ordered, the decorating is something I love, and now I get to enjoy the cool weather curled up with a good book. Life is good in November and December in my house!

        • I want to go to there!

    • I could be a decent toilet book, if nothing else.

    • I read a lot during the holidays because my family doesn’t cook. We figured out that the cost of buying all the ingredients for a holiday meal cost just as much as getting the meal catered, so we go for the latter option. That leaves a lot of extra time on my hands, and since there’s only so much tv I can watch, I find myself reading a lot.

  11. If anyone wants my book I will send it out to you when it gets here. Don’t want anything in return.

    • Oh I’ll take it! Thank you 😊

  12. Saw the spoiler and came here for the comments. Was not disappointed haha! This book will be going straight to the goodwill.

  13. I guess i am in the minority but I am excited for the book. It has been on my too read list since I heard about it. I think she is super funny and I get that she is going through a divorce (which makes me beyond sad) but I still feel like the book could be funny. I think the whole point is its not really supposed to be advice bc she is unqualified

    • I’m also excited for the book. This is one of the few celebrity books I am looking forward to reading.

      • Me either! She is great! I can’t wait to read it!

    • I honestly don’t know much about her but I’m looking forward to reading the book and learning more about her and her life. All of the comments about how she’s unqualified to talk about relationships because she’s going through a divorce seem a bit sanctimonious to me. We learn more from mistakes or hardships most times…and I think we can all learn more about life from each other if we’d stop and listen and empathize more. Just my opinion….and no, I’m not divorced.

  14. I will take anyone’s book!!!

    • You can have mine. …early Christmas gift !!

  15. Well, this trends very young. Alas, I’m at the point of my life where all my friends are too old for this book and my kids/nieces are too young so I have nobody to gift it to 🙁

    I wasn’t able to swap the last Popsugar book, so Im guessing this is going to the library sale as well.

    • I am already looking to swap for it nana!

      • Remind me when it arrives and I’ll mail it to you

        • Are you on the swap site Nana or what is your email? I have BOTM books I would happily swap you. I’m reganb1 at gmail

  16. Yet another example of why boxes should stop pretending they actually follow themes.

  17. I’m happy to see this – not thrilled, but happy. I wouldn’t pay full or even half price for the book, but in a box of other stuff, I’m open to checking it out. I like books (especially NOT cookbooks, as I have many food allergies and other restrictions, so most cookbooks aren’t for me), but am pretty picky with what I’ll spend time reading. But… I prepaid a year at the BTBF price last year, so I’m really pretty easy to please. At least, it’ll be something different to read for the car drive to see family during the holidays.

  18. So, like Chrissy Teigen’s “look at me, look at me, I’m so cool” book, only without recipes. Pass.

    • But this should be *funny.*

  19. While this isn’t a book I would choose myself, I’ll give it a try. I enjoyed Popsugar’s last pick, the Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, more than I expected. I’ll donate it to the friends of the library afterward. Bring on more spoilers.

  20. Seriously? Why not a cookbook, which is more for entertaining?
    Will leave this one at a ‘take a book, leave a book’ place.

    • I don’t think I could stomach another cookbook, my place is littered with them (and yet I always use Tasty video tutorials) – you and I must have different sources for reading material lol

  21. Sometimes I think PopSugar puts out disappointing spoilers first so that we can get our grumbling out of the way before the rest is revealed and we decide we’re relieved that at least it isn’t all that level of disappointing. Writing this, I think my PSMH love affair may be ending…

  22. No fomo yay.

    Not taking relationship advise from someone going through a divorce, sorry Anna. Divorces are tough enough but it’s just terrible timing for a relationship advise book to boot and a public divorce. Sorry that Anna is probably having a hard time though.

    • Like when Britney Spears’s mom had her parenting book scrapped. The published copy was supposed to be released the week after Jamie Lynn got pregnant at 17 after promoting abstinence lol

  23. YAY! Its another heavy book to ad to my purse that weighs at least 5 pounds filled with already 10 pounds of cosmetics and beauty products. – I do most my reading online now books like this end up in a donation pile.

  24. It seems a fairly innocuous book, but how is reading alone a way to entertain family? Are you supposed to read it aloud to your guests at Thanksgiving?

    • That thought made me crack up lol. I can just picture my family if I attempted that!!

  25. Why, PopSugar? Just why???

  26. Anna Farris doesn’t even know how to appropriately take care of a dog or rehome the dog when she decided she didn’t want her anymore. Not interested in her “advice” about other things.

    • Oh yes. And don’t forget the cat they gave away online

    • And they gave away their very elderly cat to some Twitter fan of Pratt’s.

    • I had no idea about that. But as I have learned it is good to research to see if it was true. I was just heartbroken over the pictures. If we don’t want products with parafins or tested on animals I sure do not want products from people where animals have been alledgedly mistreated. Again, I also think the confusion to some goes back to the themes of these boxes. We all have images of holiday time and spending together and we get a comedy book. Maybe January would have been a better time, but November. Pop Sugar really needs to stop putting out themes because they are not in sync.

      • I would never read a book by Anna Farris. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t buy anything that might make her some money. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen any of her work, but I do know who she is. The source of my animosity and disgust is due to her treatment of animals. She is a “serial” pet person. That means she always gets a new dog or cat, and then cruelly dumps the ones she already has. And I do mean dumps. She doesn’t care who takes them as long as she is rid of them. She uses social media to find homes which is one of the absolute worst things you can do. I think she is cruel and selfish and vapid. Animals are FOR LIFE and should be considered a member of the family. Please don’t get an animal unless you can make that kind of commitment.

        • I agree with you Punkykiki. It is not the divorces that bother me but the treatment of the animals that some other subscribers brought up. Which is why I like to look at all comments because I was unaware. I followed up with my own research and was just heartbroken. I am surprised a little that in many posts people hate testing on animals, but are not offended if someone mistreats animals in other areas. Again, I am not being judgemental, everyone has their own threshold and I respect that. My hubby and I have furbabies so we take it very seriously. And I have both the dog variety and cat variety. Thanks for sharing Punkykiki.

    • Now, I know not everyone celebrates Christmas or loves pets in particular, but if anyone’s looking for a funny, truly touching (and not nauseatingly cute) holiday read (and non-religious), try to find a copy of this. I think I will re-read it every year. It’s by a UK guy who was truly down and out and found himself befriended by a lost and amazing ginger kitty who changed his life. It’s absolutely charming and has a lot of humor as well. “A Gift from Bob: How a Street Cat Helped One Man Learn the Meaning of Christmas.”

  27. i honestly love anna faris and this was a book i actually wanted to read so i’m pretty excited about it! i heard the book is pretty good, and even her ex husband wrote a note for her book at the end of it even tho they are going thru a divorce.

    so i’m pretty happy with this spoiler!

  28. Meh
    Won’t read it but hoping for another spoiler to make me happy for November!

  29. I’m excited to get this. I don’t read much these days so it isn’t anything I’d have purchased myself but I like Anna and I think I’ll enjoy it. I try not to read the comments often because I’m always shocked by the hatred people have for things in sub boxes.. it’s a great deal.

    If you don’t like something, pass it on or trade it but don’t piss on it for everyone else. It’s fun to try different things and you’re getting so much for just $40. I don’t love everything, every time but it’s always worth what I paid and I’ve discovered some great things and gotten to try things I’d never have gotten to try otherwise and I’ve given some items as gifts. I just think there are things worth putting your energy into and being outraged because a book is coming in your sub box probably isn’t one of them. Donate it to the library. I’m sure there are lots of people that would love to read it and can’t afford to buy it.

    • Fussing at people for not jumping for joy at everything in boxes is just as big of a time waste.

    • Everyone here is entitled to their opinion, just as you are. If you don’t like the comment, pass over and continue on. No one has asked you to moderate. I like all comments, even if I disagree.

      • Well said Potboiler. I like to see all opinions.

      • Sadly I would pretty much have to ignore 75% of comments with all the negativity. Don’t like it fine but for the love don’t be nasty or demeaning. The book isn’t for me but it is a freaking $40 sub if that is too much for you to dislike one item cancel and go on with life, trust me there is so much worse out there then a book you don’t want/like.

      • I also want all comments – positive and negative.

    • @shs I agree with you. I think Anna is a cute actress and seems like a nice person BUT I am not at all jazzed about getting her book.

      It will most likely end up with a forum member who wants it as a random act of kindness. 🙂

      While I also agree with free speech and personal opinion, is there a reason to be so snarky in comments? There are clearly people who LIKE this addition to the box so why try to make them feel bad about that fact? I really, really wish they had put another item in the box instead but I do try to be fair to everyone’s feelings. Is’t there a half way point we can all work with? No need to pander to anyone but there has to be a point where we can get our opinion across without insulting others. Just a thought. lol

    • I’m kind of tired of people on spoiler/review comment sections trying to police what others should or should not feel towards certain products. I have a right to dislike a book written by some Hollywood superstar, and I have a right to express that dislike. I mean, c’mon, it’s the Internet. Worse things have been said.

      • I don’t think anyone is telling you what to feel but just like you have a right to dislike a book written by a hollywood superstar, others have a right to be annoyed by constant whining all the time lol. That’s how the whole free speech thing works.

  30. just canceled. Hopefully I can swap for any items I want but the last few boxes were a bust. I’m sure a black friday deal or amazing spoiler will pull me back in but the last few boxes have not been worth the $40 for me personally

    • I’d buy the October box from you; I liked it. 🙂

      • Right? I’ve been watching PSMH for ages and this October box was the first to pull me in! Only thing I couldn’t use was the shower gel with my ultra sensitive skin, but it’s hot in swaps. Sorry, off topic.

        Also happy with Anna’s book – she’s adorable and funny and people who have struggled with something know so much more about it than people who haven’t. I’d trust skincare advice from someone who’s had terrible acne and skin problems over someone who hasn’t, and relationship advice from someone who knows firsthand what Doesn’t work in a relationship over someone whose relationships are peaches and roses. Can’t wait to see the rest of the spoilers and black friday deals! 🙂

  31. Will be listing this on Amazon used books….

    I have no idea who this woman is….and I am so completely uninterested in any advice she has to give me on love and relationships.

  32. Oh gosh, i so don’t want this book. PS you are saving me money but not happy.

  33. Normally I don’t frown on books, but after listening to her podcast (by accident, due to an awkward crossover episode with “My Favorite Murder”) I can honestly say print and paper is wasted on this vapid girl.

    • I totally agree. SSDGM!

      • So happy to find another Murderino here! 🙌

        • Me, too!!

    • YAY! There are MSA Murderinos, two of my favorite things.


  34. And I should read a book by this person why? Almost as useless as the Lisa Sugar ‘book’.

    • My thoughts exactly!

    • 👏👏

  35. And I should care for these people why?

  36. AND so glad I cancelled a week ago. Why are we getting books? Jeez.

    • Because some people enjoy reading?

  37. Bah humbug early! Oh well! It never fails. . . Popsugar and books just don’t go together at all unless it’s a cookbook. .
    I’ve been a member since 2013 and well every book I’ve gotten except for cookbooks is a dud. . .big dud!!
    I keep thinking Popsugar will learn and never have a new one, well they are blowing it big time by adding another, especially at this time of year!!!
    Wrong timing, wrong subject, wrong book, wrong author (Anna Ferris, are you kidding me?????) she obviously knows noting about life and I as a woman in my 50’s is believe me a lot more knowing. . . . .PLEASE POPSUGAR LEARN FROM THIS!!!!!! DO NOT SEND BOOKS IN BOXES FROM NOW ON!!!!
    IF YOU HAVENT SENT THE BOX OUT ITS NOT TO LATE TO PULL IT ANDMADD SOMETHING MORE RELAXING, well maybe not more relaxing cause I know I’d fall asleep with this book, but at least more entertaining!!!

  38. Entertain and spend time with family… that’s a tough connection to make. This will go straight to the donation pile for me.

  39. Meh. I read everything on Kindle, and who wants to lug around a hardcover first edition of a memoir by a C-list celebrity? (Way harsh Tai, but come on, it’s true). And it’s being specifically positioned as a relationship advice book! Awk-ward.

    • And she’s divorcing so clearly not that great at the whole love thing.

    • Hahaha nice ‘Clueless’ throwback there 😎

  40. While I am kind of scratching my head at the first spoiler, wondering if this is included because of her breakup with Chris Pratt, or if it’s just bad timing, I think Anna Faris is hilarious and I’m sure her book is as well. That being said, I’m hoping there is at least one more spoiler before the billing date. I may just cancel and wait for BTBF 🙁

  41. No way. Very easy decision to cancel.

  42. I am normally very excited for a book in any subscription box, but this one just isn’t my taste. I wouldn’t mind reading it, but it’s not a book that I want to own and keep on my bookshelf.

  43. I guess the November box last year was just too good to be true. I wanted November to be spoiling myself and spending time with family. This doesn’t fit what I would like for Nobember.

  44. No thanks. Just like the last book, this one will go unread. It’s a shame because I liked the organization book and even the cookbook, but these last three have been a bust for me.

  45. Ugh. I hate books in Subs when I buy lifestyle boxes..

    • Books are an integral part of my lifestyle and most welcome!

  46. A book always welcome!!

  47. I don’t like books in lifestyle boxes, sInce I find literature is a very person-specific item, even more so than jewelry or home items. Not interested in this book, and bad timing for it lol, considering Anna Faris recently broke up with Chris Pratt, who I see wrote the forward for this book.

  48. Oh HEEEEEEEEEE%% NO! Easy decision to cancel!

  49. …Anyone else wince at that forward written by Chris Pratt?

    • Lol. I was off yesterday and watched Kelly & Ryan Live. Anna was on there and said they are still good friends.

      • I’m sure she said that because her lawyer told her to. Most of these celebrities who say they are best friends with their exes don’t mean it.

        • Based on what? lol

  50. Hmm, not for me.

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