FabFitFun Winter 2017 Box Spoiler #2 + $10 Coupon!

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We have the second SPOILER for the Winter 2017 FabFitFun box!

Each box will include:

BB Dakota Poncho – $70 Value

This poncho is open in the front and available in three different colors. (If you are an annual/select FabFitFun member, you’ll be able to pick the color of your choice!)

Here are the care instructions: Machine wash cold, no tumble dry, ironing OK on delicate setting, dry cleaning OK.

(The fabric is 65% acrylic, 35% polyester.)

It features a blanket stitch edge and just like a blanket, it’s super soft and cozy!

Here are the other colorways:

Want to see what this poncho looks like on? Jess and Christen are modeling it for us!

I chose to pair this drape-y poncho in the burgundy, navy, and grey color palette with an otherwise all black look. Being at the end of my pregnancy, black has been my best friend. I love that this poncho’s hues are subtle, and it adds just enough of a fall feel to my basic tank and black jeans. It’s also super soft and cozy (a definite plus, but I did notice some stray fuzz). This is the kind of versatile layered look that I can see myself wearing all fall in different variations — switch out the tank for a staple white tee or opt for distressed denim instead.

I believe ponchos are one of the most versatile pieces for fall and winter—the styling possibilities are endless. I’m a lso a  big fan of blending base tones, so I  layered this  shades-of-grey poncho over a heather grey tee , my go-to brown belt and booties, and some pop-of-color jeans. Different tints and textures break up the monotone look so that my mostly-grey outfit is casual and suitable for everyday wear.

UPDATE: A few more modeling pictures:

And here is the black poncho reversed:

Here’s a better idea of the size of the poncho:

(And you can see the little tag on the reverse side.) For reference, I’m 5’7″.

And it works as a super cozy scarf, too!

UPDATE 2: Here are some pictures of Nicole modeling the poncho:

What do you think of the latest spoiler?

And in case you missed the first spoiler:

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate – 1.7 oz Value $75

From FabFitFun:
-1.7 fl oz
-Features papaya, pumpkin, and pineapple enzymes.
-Lactic acid (aka AHA) chemically exfoliates skin.
-Silica physically exfoliates skin.

I’ve sampled this a few times before thanks to subscription boxes, and I love it.

First, it’s a super quick-use beauty product. You only need to use it for 30 seconds (and you can leave it on for up to two minutes) and apply it twice a week. And it’s paraben, sulfate, and phthalate free!

The exfoliant particles are super fine, so it’s gentle on my skin, and I love the cinnamon scent, too.

What do you think of the latest Winter 2017 FabFitFun Box spoiler?

If you are a new subscriber, and you sign up now, your first box will be the Winter Box. This box is regularly $49.99, but you can use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! (or use coupon code FROST to get a free $75 value mystery bundle with your first box!)

Check out all of my FabFitFun reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Yay!!! Super excited 🙂

  2. Not to be a Debby Downer but am I the only one who isn’t really feeling this box? Everything looks nice and the value is awesome, but the ExfoliKate seems very similar to the Dr Brandt Pore Dermabrasion (which I have 2 full bottles of from other beauty boxes) and the “poncho” is lovely but I’m getting tired of all the large scarf/shawl stuff from FFF. The winter box isn’t really in my budget but I was going to make an exception if the spoilers really excited me lol, but I have no problem skipping out on this.

    • No, I’m riding that train with you! So far, I don’t need to get this box. I know that ponchos are one of the few clothing items that are one size fits all, but it doesn’t mean they actually flatter everyone.

    • Jenna, I’m not interested at all now that I see the poncho/cape. I was actually in the midst of re-subbing online just as this spoiler came out. So, no, I changed my mind. It’s just not something I would wear. So disappointed.

      • Don’t forget that the holidays are coming up. This could be a great regifting item. For $40 its worth it!

    • I saw a video regarding the spoilers and the woman had on a floral coverup/robe on and I was soooo excited thinking that the robe would be in the box. No poncho/scarf, but rather an adorable coverup for pool or even around the house. I’m super disappointed in this one 🙁

      • You are thinking of the Rachel Zoe box of style not Fab Fit Fun.

      • Me tooooooo

    • Tbh I’m not feeling the poncho, but the exfolikate in my opinion works soooo much better than dr. Brandt.

      • Came to say the same thing, exfolikate is wayyyyy better at really getting dead skin in winter off than any of the microdermabrasion stuff from dr Brandt (which I think is solid as well, but I prefer smaller particles after becoming more aware of exfoliators that can cause skin microtears on aging skin).

        • Totally second that emotion!

          Maybe it’s just gentler.

    • I agree. The last two (Winter & Fall 2017) boxes disappointed me.

  3. Ooooh that black one is cute. Nice and light for our light winters too

  4. I didn’t know where else to post this but the ipsy offer today is pretty great. It’s $15 and includes a full size LUE by Jean Seo Erase Powder/Exfoliant along with 4-5 other items. The LUE alone is worth $15 so if anyone else loved it in their Glossybox, it’s a great deal. There’s 2 sheet masks and a mini shampoo and conditioner and a couple other items!

    • Ummm maybe an ipsy post?

  5. I love this spoiler!!!!💖🙌🏾 I will need to re-sub when I get paid.

  6. Ugh I am not one to complain but….. here I go! I have a million subscriptions (yes I have a problem). I like fab fit fun but I live in South Florida all these blankets they send just don’t work for me ugh. I hope the next spoilers are great because these 2 are just not cutting it.

    • Maybe you should skip the winter lifestyle boxes? I’m not much for being outside in hot weather, so I skip summer lifestyle boxes. Easy fix!

      • Agree! Instead of skipping I just use a lot of the Summer items for presents to friends and family that enjoy showing their bodies and the summer heat! I only do that because FOMO on something awesome!

  7. Is it just me or do the boxes look heigher(wider?) than usual? Interesting…

  8. Where’s Marnie? I need to read one of her reviews…they are so funny.

  9. LOL! I have no idea why, but I love the wearable blanket. I love that it can be washed at home, and that it isn’t wool (wool makes me itch). I will actually get use from this during the cold Montana Winter months. It won’t be about looks, but about practicality. I still challenge a box to include an adult onesies (with or without built-in feet).

  10. I’m liking the variety very much so far. Excited for the box!

  11. I’m a little hung up on calling it a poncho… If it opens in the front is it really a poncho? I thought poncho was when there is just a small central opening for the head, not completely open? If i’m wrong i’ll re-think my concept of what a poncho is, but wikipedia and image searches support my understanding?
    Anyways, i ended my subscription last winter, the spoilers so far aren’t enough to restart my subscription, which i’m kind of thankful for because of black friday and cyber monday sales to take my money.

    • A poncho goes over the head This is a serape or a cape. I am disappointed because when FFF said poncho I was expecting a poncho. FFF always does a piece of cloth and calls it different things. But their boxes are really fun and you get so many other things.

      Fortunately I have the PS poncho. It is perfect for me.

      I think I am going to get the mulberry cape because I can wear it as a pop of color over black.

    • Haha, yes so am I! It’s one thing to call it multiple things, but another to call it something it CAN’T actually be 🙁
      I would be more excited about this(as I like the colors) if they would call it what it actually IS which is more of a cape style.
      That said, I still like it….just a little annoyed that they got me thinking it was a poncho!
      Also, yes a poncho just has a spot for your head is never open in the front…

    • it’s a ruana…. def not a poncho

  12. I want your leather jacket and boots! You make any scarf/wrap/poncho look great 🙂

  13. Two strikes, FFF! First that smelly exfoliator, now another giant undefinable garment? Why do they keep sending ugly oversized shapeless items? The giant wrap that sheds worse than a cat in the fall box, that weird swim coverup/scarf thing in the summer box, and now this? Make it stop! And I JUST upgraded to annual, too. So far, really regretting that decision.

    • LOL. Are you on the swap site? I’ll trade you if you get a black or grey one…

  14. This is actually cute, but I’m 4’11” so this would make me look like a walking blanket 😭

    • Lol as a fellow shortie I concur 😝

    • You can wear it around the house😉. I’ll have to do that or give to my mom since it stays warm in south Texas where I am at, but I keep my house cool.

  15. I need no more coverups from FFF LOL. I use the plaid scarf from last fall to keep warm in my office. Still, the first spoiler is such a win this is just gravy.

  16. I would normally hate that poncho but I just adopted 2 kittens and I have a feeling that they’re going to love curling up in it! So the poncho will get used 🙂

    • 😂🤣

  17. I don’t want the brown poncho so may do the annual to choose. Don’t love it but could do something with the black or grey poncho. I like the blue runa but really don’t have anything to wear it with.

    Of all the boxes this seems to be the best that I prefer.
    I like the box of style but not all the boxes

    • So funny how colors appear different to other people! You see brown, but to me it’s very much red. A brownish red I guess!

      • Definitely a brick-red, really nice for mid-winter too!

  18. Thanks, Liz. That helped me a lot. It is nice to have the heights of the models shown so we can get a perspective it will look on us.

  19. A rather ugly cheap piece, in my opinion. Very hobo. I’d be embarrassed even to give it as a gift.

    • My daughter LOVES ponchos, another gift down! I would never wear this.

    • Luckily “hobo” is my look. 😉

      • Lol! Same. I have something similar already in red from banana republic and it was the last one on the rack when I bought it! I always get compliments from my office mates when I wear an item like this, so in general it’s a popular trend – at least here in Wisconsin when it’s cold 9 months out of the year. Lol

    • I bet an actual hobo would appreciate this as a gift, win win 😂

      That being said, I’ll wear it. It’s all ready snowing here, trying to stay warm hobo is an in look right now 😂

    • LOL, I actually thought the opposite…I get cold easily, and I think the designs are lovely. I’m looking forward to receiving this box, and I’d have no problems gifting the poncho 🙂

  20. I might really grab this box!😍

  21. Now this is tempting me . . .

  22. Got excited by “poncho” but sadly its more a ruana/cardigan style like before….
    I have enough of those from FFF but really wanted a true poncho 🙁
    Love the colors though!
    How high does it come down in the back(ie does it cover your behind?)

    Anyone else think its weird that a cover up style of some sort is becoming a constant theme? I mean, I love them but wish they’d switch it up a bit more than this…. At least having a true poncho or cardi would be enough of a change(to me at least).
    Also wish they would find something else than acrylic/poly blends 🙁 (even just cotton!)
    Anyways….hope the box gets better from this point on!

    • I’ve got a true poncho up on the swap site.☺

    • I have had 5 pieces of cloth in 5 FFF boxes.

      Editor’s Box: Modcloth scarf
      Spring Box: Thin Roundie
      Summer Box: Thin Ruana
      Fall Fox: Scarf
      Winter Box: Although FFF is calling this a poncho I call this a cape.

      At least I get to pick out what color (except the Editor’s Box)

      I wonder what Spring 2018’s piece of cloth will be called..

      On the good side: I always find the value in these boxes. They give me the most bang for my buck!

      • I’m yet another member of the “Oh no, another piece of cloth” club. They always seem like a nice piece of cloth, but I never actually end up using them more than couple times. If we’re going to get a piece of cloth, I wish it would be an actual throw in a standard size.

        • I know…a regular throw blanket would be nice. I have yet to use the Roundie or the Ruana and probably never will. They will eventually get donated to Goodwill.

          • I would love to be at whatever Goodwil you donate too! Have you tried the swap site? I am sure you could get something you like better there, some even list at lower RV if they really don’t like the item 😉 (I did that with the silly paint set)
            Both things were pretty popular on swaps when I got them (yes, I love this type of thing but have also tired of getting varying types of large pieces of poly lol – how hard is a blanket to get?)

          • I’d take both off your hands 😉 I kept holding out to sub and those are just 2 items I wanted!

          • I have a black ruana on swap if you’re interested!

  23. I wasn’t sure about it at first glance, but I am warming up to it now. Pun intended! 🙂

  24. I can’t wait to get this! I love all the colors of the poncho!!

  25. Loving this! So pretty in all the colors and on the models! Oh choice, choices…!! I haven’t tried the exfoliator, but looking forward to it too. Great spoilers so far!

    • The ExfoliKate is AWESOME! My daughter has sworn by it for a while and we even bought up a bunch of the Beauty Con boxes then they were going out of business to get the travel size for such a good deal.

      I tried it for the first time this weekend after flying across country (California to NY) and back in 48 hours. I have dry skin and I looked terrible. OMG! I have never had my skin feel so smooth and be so vibrant even a couple of days later. It is amazing…and I am 50 years old!!

      The ExfoliKate is more than the price of the box so you can’t go wrong. Everything else is a freebie!

      • Jeanette, thanks for the info on the exfoliater

  26. Liz, can you please tell us how warm and thick this piece feels to you? It looks a little thin in the closeup photo but relatively thick and high quality when worn. Thanks for including some shots with models!

    • It’s a medium weight, and gives warmth, but isn’t bulky. Hope that helps a bit!

  27. 2 home runs for me, love this poncho as well as the exfoliator.

  28. I bought this as a Christmas gift for my mom. I cant wait to see what else is inside this box. She loves ponchos and expensive facial care. Some great deals happening! Did anyone get the add on bonus? Wondering what the mystery products are… and wondering what kind of Black Friday deals will be happening.

    • I’m new to Fabfitfun. Do they normally do black friday sales? They opened addons today and I just want to try everything! But if they tend to do other sales, I might save some money to buy other things.

  29. Love this spoiler!! I didn’t like anything in the fall box, but the winter box is making it up to me!! Love this and I’m definitely getting the black. Would look great with skinny jeans and boots!

  30. Lovely! I’m having a hard time choosing which color I will select. I like them all!

    Liz, can you give us the care instructions for the poncho?

    • I’m loving all the colors, too! 🙂

      Here are the care instructions: Machine wash cold, no tumble dry, ironing OK on delicate setting, dry cleaning OK.

      Hope that helps!

      • Thank you!

  31. Love it! This will keep me from walking around the house all winter wearing a blanket as a wrap 🙂

    • Same! So much more chic than my typical blanket/robe situation! 🙂

  32. The open front makes it a ruana, not a poncho, but I am excited to get it! I like the grey.

  33. I don’t know that I love a poncho but it’s growing on me. These woven items seem to be a constant in the boxes and I rarely use them. Wish they would do a leather/faux leather tote or holiday clutch to glam it up instead of a dumpy poncho. I guess I’m always confused at the items because they seem to be a hodge podge and no real theme like popsugar but the boxes are always high value and fun.

  34. I’m wondering if this is reversible? It looks like the pattern is still on the inside and the black one especially looks like the inside would be nice! Liz do these still look okay if you use the reverse side?

    • Yes! They are an inverse pattern on the reverse side. There is a tag sewn onto one side, so you might want to remove that before wearing it the opposite way. Hope that helps!

  35. Is there a value for this??

    • $70 retail value. Just added it to the post! 🙂

  36. Ok, you had me at Kate. Now this is the box to get. Definitely upgrading to select to get my choice, although all colors are beautiful. This box may be my game changer instead of getting the neimans and I really wanted the neimans. FFF, keep bringing the great spoilers. Living in the south where winter is so not winter, this is perfect.

    • Lol, I know right! I’ll need to wear a coat for maybe a month! This (in the brick red, I hope!) will get worn for months…or ganked by my 13-year-old!😅

      • #1 reason I never had kids! 😄

  37. I am LOVING this piece!!!! Can’t wait. I am Utah and cold at least 6 months out of the year!!

  38. Hi Liz! I saw somewhere that these are reversible. Could you tell us what the other side of the colors looks like? Is it actually something we can reverse or do they look best the way you have them modeled? Thanks! 🙂

    • Yes! They are an inverse pattern on the reverse side. There is a tag sewn onto one side (the side we didn’t show), so you might want to remove that before wearing it the opposite way. Hope that helps!

    • Just added pictures of me wearing it and showing the reverse side. Hope that helps 🙂

      • Thanks, Liz! You’re the best! Now I just have to hope I can make mine look as good as yours does on you! 🙂

  39. Liz – does the dark gray appear to be reversible?

    • Yes! They all the ponchos have an inverse pattern on the reverse side. There is a tag sewn onto one side (the side we didn’t show), so you might want to remove that before wearing it the opposite way. Hope that helps!

    • Just added pictures of me wearing it and showing the reverse side. Hope that helps 🙂

  40. Love it! So happy I can choose the color – and it’s definitely Black for me.

  41. Love this second spoiler! My entire winter wardrobe is grey but I may mix it up and go for the burgundy.

  42. Please tell me that this can be washed in a top loading washer with an agitator??? I am so happy to see this, but FFF seems to send things that get destroyed when I wash them (delicate cycle, cold water), like the scarf from the last box and the blanket scarf from last fall. 🙁

    • I always place these types of items in a pillowcase, then run on gentle cycle and hang dry. They turn out like new.

      • That’s a great suggestion!

    • Here are the care instructions: Machine wash cold, no tumble dry, ironing OK on delicate setting, dry cleaning OK.

      Hope that helps!

  43. This is not quite what I would call a poncho. The colors are okay, but this will be too long on me.

  44. The box is looking good to me!

  45. I can see myself using this

  46. Love this one. And where can I get the slingback clogs modeled with the red poncho?

  47. I am actually pretty impressed with the two brands so far. I like all three of the color options for the poncho so choosing my color is going to be very difficult! That being said though I am still going to cancel after this box. I was really disappointed in the fall box and need to get my finances under control.

  48. Winter’s looking good😍

  49. Hmmm. is it something a 5’1 person can wear ? Hmmmm

    • sure, you can probably also tie the front

    • I am also 5’1″ and it is going to overpower me. I love the colors. But all FFF puts in boxes are pieces of cloth. I have had 5 boxes and I have had 2 scarves, a roundie, a ruana, and now this cape. I do not consider it a poncho.

      But I am prepaid select so that is good. I am sure I can find a way to make this work. If not oh well the world won’t end! There are always the add ons!

    • Christen (2nd model) is 5’2″ – hope that helps! 🙂

      • Thanks Liz for stating that the 2nd model is 5’2′. That is my height and normally models are so tall I can’t tell how it will fall on me.

        • Glad it’s helpful! 🙂

    • I’m 5 foot and these usually hang down past my knees but I’ll use it around the house.

  50. It looks like this is shaping up to be a nice box. However, before it even arrives I can guarantee my daughter is stealing the spoiler items!

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