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POPSUGAR + Gilt Exclusive Must Have Box – FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the Gilt Exclusive POPSUGAR Must Have Box thanks to apobec in the forum! FYI – this box is still available!

The Box: Gilt Exclusive Must Have Box 

The Cost: $75

Use coupon code WELCOME20 to save 20% off your Gilt City purchase – FYI – you may need to make a new Gilt City account to use this.

The Products:

3.1 Phillip Lim 10th anniversary limited-edition 31 Nano Second pouch – Value $195 (From the CFDA Box)

AJ Goods Nest Wire Bowl – Value $35 (From the November 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Pehr Chambray Runner in Wine – Value $44 (From the November 2016 POPSUGAR Box)


Michael Stars Porcelain Skinny Scarf in White – Value $30 (From the July 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Knock Knock Are You Ready (For Your Close-up?) Compact – Value $10 (From the June 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Yellow Owl Workshop Festive Rubber Stamp Kit – Value $19.50 (From the December Mini Box)

Kate Spade New York Photo Album – Value $20 (From the March 2017 POPSUGAR Box)

Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara – Value $23 (From the July 2017 POPSUGAR Box)

Dessange Top Coat Serum – Value $12 (From the December 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Meri Meri Star Party Picks – Value $8 (From the November 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Knot and Bow red tags – Value $4

What do you think of the spoilers?

And in case you missed it, we also have full spoilers for the Gilt City POPSUGAR Must Have Fall Flirty box thanks to Emmy!

This $25 Box (SOLD OUT) will include:

Stowaway Cosmetics Dawn To Dusk Palette – Value $25 (From the November 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Kendra Scott Elaina Rose Gold Bracelet in White Pearl – Retail Value $50 (From the November 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Pehr Chambray Runner in Wine – Value $44 (From the November 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Jack & Lucy Bicoastal Wide Brim Hat – Value $58 (From the September 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer in The Warning – Value $22  (From the September 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Christian Lacroix Paris Pasio Sticky Note Folio – Value $13 (From the August 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Lalicious Brown Sugar Vanilla Shower Oil and Bubble Bath – Retail Value $28 (From the October 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

(FYI – the marketing for this box indicated that there should be 8 items total, so this box might be missing an item.)

What do you think of the spoilers? 

FYI – this box is sold out, but the Gilt Exclusive Must Have Box is still available.

(Use coupon code WELCOME20 to save 20% off your Gilt City purchase – FYI – you may need to make a new Gilt City account to use this.)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Hey guys! Just so you know I got the 8th product from the flirty fall box *(yes I had to email customer service for it) and it was the tarte lights camera splashes mascara which I’ll gift away but it was mailed out pretty promptly so yay!

  2. I feel bad for my USPS or UPS drivers this week. Usually I see/hear them coming & I’m like a little kid at Xmas.

    But because of PS, I’m more of a billy goat troll.

    Thank god my Sephora Scouted box arrives this afternoon.

    Oh, happy day!

  3. If you spent the same $$ buying 3 of the $25 boxes, you’d get ~$700 value (~ for wiggle room ). This Exclusive box should have started at $43, before discount codes, to have a similar value. This box has the least total value for the items that weren’t spoilers despite including more of them. So the most expensive box was full of the cheapest items. If this box seems to be lacking to some, there’s some numbers to substantiate that.

  4. Ladies,

    It has arrived!

    I got my Gilt City LE box. *cue dramatic music & lights*

    It is not as craptastic as I was fearing. Yes, a few items really s*ck – glittery toothpicks, rubber stamps & box tags. REALLY? My niece will die when she gets this junk.

    But as to the rest & I was really aiming for – gifts. It went above & beyond. The bowl, runner & photo album will be Xmas gifts. I’m keeping the skinny scarf & mascara. The serum will be swapped.

    My moms already jacked the Phillip Lim bag. She told me she will fight me! My Nana stole the bubble wrap 😐

    Oh happy day.

    • Hey popping those bubbles is a great release! Also we will all need it to wrap up our cast offs.

      • Hey, J., no shame to my Nana’s game.

        (Especially with how much we are all hostile toward PS at the moment.)

  5. I emailed Popsugar. The listing clearly states “8 items” for the Flirty Fall (I got 2). Not including one means I should be able to subtract some value for the money I paid. Clearly it wasn’t much but stating something and doing something else by a large company isn’t cool. We should hold them accountable.

    • Have you had a response from them? I ordered this one, along with the other two. I agree, if it said there are 8 items, that what they should send. I mean, they could have sent the toothpicks with this one to make the 8th item! (Maybe help them get rid of them all – HA!HA!)

    • Go on, girl! ✊

    • Popsugar does stick to their word. They mailed out the 8th item without question. Just kinda crappy on their part that they’ll only do it for those of us that take the time and effort to ask for it while others will chalk it up as still a pretty decent win between the hat and bracelet and leave it at that.

  6. I just got my Tropical Wanderlust box so here’s what is in it for those of you dying to know: The turkish towel and Winky Lux Lipstick that were spoiler items, plus the bandana looking sarong, swan drink floatie, Sachajuan hair stuff, and pineapple pin from June 2016 and a Michael Stars dark brown seagrass hat (don’t know which box that came from). Only seven items, not the eight that was promised. I wasn’t subscribed to Popsugar in June of 2016 so most of that stuff is new to me- believe it or not, I have never gotten a swan floatie in all of the mystery boxes I have purchased, so I’m kind of glad I can now join the club!

    • Wow, thank you! It’s my first swan too, so I can’t complain much! And I love the Sachajuan hair product that I already have 2 of the orange tubes 🙂

      • My first swan, yay!
        It’s definitely a Tropical box, but don’t seem very Wanderlust to me.

      • Congratulations!!

        I’m so jelly, I didn’t get one.


    • Was the Turkish towel the Ocean Tribe by Turkish-T Kilim Towel or was it the Basic Breeze Sorbet Turkish-T towels from last year?

      • It’s the Ocean Tribe towel from a few months ago. The whole reason I got this box!

    • Thanks for posting spoilers! I’ve been going crazy with anticipation. I’m happy overall. A few dupes for me but that was expected. The hat will be new to me so I’m grateful 😊

      How do we deal with the missing item? Do we contact PSMH or Gilt?

    • Bummer. I’m fine with the towel and lip gloss, but yeesh. This will be my 3rd sarong(it’s awful), 5 or 6th swan, 3rd sachajuan hair gunk, they gave those pineapple pins away for free last time, and that hat is hhhhhiiiiidddeeeeous. I have one already and feel bad to even donate it to the Salvation Army. Maybe I’ll just “forget” it on a bench somewhere.

      That’s pretty bad that none of the boxes included the amount of items they said they would.

      Well, except for the towel/lip/swan items, the rest goes to the garbage. Lesson learned. No more Popsugar anything for me. I have much more fun buying things I see and like and…CAN RETURN.

      • Definitely don’t trash it. I’d love the swan, hat and hair stuff- and I’m sure others would as well 🙂

        • The hat is truly awful. Words cannot express just how much I hate that someone even spent time thinking about designing it. The process should have stopped there.

          • Ann, if you’re really ready to get rid of these I’d love them and happy to pay for shipping. Are you in swap? Is there a way to contact you?

          • The good thing is that everyone had different likes and dislikes. I volunteer at an assisted living facility and know of several people there that would love to receive those items. If you truly are going to trash them, would you instead consider donating them? I’d love to gift the items at the care facility.

          • OMG, Ann. You’re KILLING me!


        • I’ve had that hat up for swap since receiving it in a previous mystery box… no takers. Same for the sarong, pehr runner, basket, etc. The market is saturated.

        • I second that emotion!!

      • I like the sarong and wore it at the Caribbean beach resort we visited in the spring. It is lightweight and breezy and perfect for tropical weather. Maybe it is just not to your taste?

        • I love color, that’s all. I want my clothing to be fun and that sarong is just….I can give it to my niece to play with, I suppose. See how flammable it is.

      • Not sure why I cannot respond to some people on here. Anyway, I am not on the swaps page/have not joined.

    • I was getting worried after seeing the spoilers for the previous boxes, but now I’m kind of relieved. While I already have the winky lipstick and sarong scar thing everything else will be new and I got it for $17.50 thanks to the 30%off code

  7. On the Gilt City website it clearly states

    Eight additional full-sized fashion and beauty surprises

    ‘ Im counting 4 fashion and beauty surprises.

    It’s just a flat out lie.

    • I am going to email PS about the contents of my box. I was hoping to get some makeup. Do you think they will let all of us return the exclusive box since it did not contain what it said it would? If nothing else, I bet the CC would be willing to do a chargeback since we did not receive what we paid for.

      • I definitely would have liked a couple more beauty/makeup/skincare items versus an overpriced photo book, stampers, glittery toothpicks or box tags 😕

    • Ladies, Colleen T is totally right. I think we should all demand that PS accept returns of this box since it does not contain the items they promised on Gilt’s website. I cannot believe they sent us toothpicks and gift tags. WTF. At first I was horrified and now I’m just mad.

    • Agreed! Not sure how toothpicks, stamps and tags fit into their description of “fashion and beauty items.” I know there are usually a couple things I’m not crazy in the regular boxes, but with the $75 box, I certainly didn’t expect toothpicks! I ordered this box because I wanted the chambray runner and come to find out it’s in the Flirty Fall box – which I also ordered. Probably would not have ordered the $75 box if I knew the runner was in the other one. First box from PS that I’ve been pretty disappointed in.

  8. Extremely disappointed.. total RV is $401 so PS didn’t lie but are they really worth $401??
    Clearly, PS is clearing out its warehouse on us.

    • $400.50. It’s still “over a $400 value” lol.

      • Wendy, if you weren’t my sister….👊

        • Thank goodness for the crazy sisterhood. It will be needed when my boxes come Monday and all this irritation starts over. At least I’ll have my swan. 😂

          • Don’t fret, my pet. I’m hustling to get my own swan….

            (Honestly my Moms will probably lose her sh*t when I blow it up. “WTF are we gonna do with this thing?!??!” Now I want it even more.)

  9. Sorry I got this one, a few of the items are good, but lord the inkstamp thing, paper tags, party picks ect. really got me like whoa 😟😢😫

    • Got me more like 🗡🏹🥊

      I feel like we need a support group at this point.

      • 😂, that’s exactly why I keep coming back here fir comments and the support group. Making sure it’s nit just me being too critical…

        • Yes, god bless us everyone.

          If the worst problem I have is a beauty box, I am lucky!

          Hope you all have a good day/nite as we comfort ourselves during this difficult subscription.

      • Yes! I couldn’t have survived this traumatic experience without you all.

  10. It is a good box if you don’t regularly subscribe to popsugar. But if popsugar is selling these boxes to regular subscribers it is horrible and all the items are repeats!

    • I’m not happy shoveling out 75 dollars for this box. Overly inflated prices.

      • I didn’t even get this box, but I shook my head at the toothpicks and the tags. Like…DAMN.


        • I have never been so ANGRY to get a box. Ever.

    • That’s they whole point of them. These boxes all include items from previous boxes. The descriptions clearly state that.

  11. Here is to hoping that this is the last of all these items….I am ready for some new mystery boxes

  12. I grabbed the flirty box for the kendra scott bracelet. I have gifted those to everyone I know! It’s been the only jewelry I have actually liked from both popsugar and FFF. That stowaway palette on the other hand I’m pretty sure I’ll be giving away instead of Halloween candy this year… do brands understand that having their product shoved down our throat is not the best way to create brand loyalty or find new consumers? =/

    • I would doubt the brand had anything to do with the frequency in which we see certain products. Popsugar probably commits to a mass purchase of a certain quantity. Then use the “leftovers” for warehouse sales, mystery boxes, etc.

    • What if the trick or treaters run because they already have it?

      • “Awww, hell no! Not that Manna Kadar again!! You s*ck. Gimme a Snickers!”

        • This thread is amazing!!

        • 😂😂😂 I don’t dislike Manna Kadar but it has to be the most oversaturated brand ever.

          • That’s exactly why I named checked them.

  13. I def agree with the other posters who said we should complain about the box. It is horrifyingly terrible. 🙁 I hope that enough of us complain that PS will do something for those of us who are upset. I know it’s a mystery box and that it’s a random crapshoot, but it reallly is insulting. Can you imagine if this was your first exposure to PS?!?

    • I agree, maybe we could sign a collective letter asking for refund/ return?

      • I’m game!

        • I’ve had luck shaming them on Facebook with past boxes–they wouldn’t do anything when I emailed them, them magically gave me a “one time refund” via email right after I posted to their FB.

          • Social Media Shaming always works.


          • Makes sense, thank you for sharing this😉

          • I’m looking for a place for public posts on their FB

          • Use their IG!

    • This is my first go around with PS. I’ve been on the fence about subscribing so I got the exclusive and tropical to test the waters. From this experience I’m running away.

    • I broke up with PS after the red plastic purse and the Kate Spade photo album. Primarily because I do not live in 1987. I haven’t regretted it. I’m pleased Enough with the flirty fall box because of the bracelet and body wash. This box is just insulting. No where near value promised and curated poorly. I suspect this junk will be kicking around a long time

      • I agree. I am very pleased with the Fall flirty box because of the Hat, Bracelet, body wash, and the Smith & Cult…..
        I would highly urge the people that got this box and were incredibly disappointed to reach out to them and demand a refund. Their customer service has always been pretty good.

    • Yeah, 1st & last.

      Please everyone who is disappointed should send them feedback! This is the only way we can be heard & ideally customer service improves.

  14. so glad I didnt spend my $75 on this box. Now waiting on spoilers from the last box and see if it gets any better

    • Same here – so so happy I did not buy this box.

  15. Do you all hear that? It’s the sound of all this going up for swap.

    • Shhhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone. We may be able to sneak it past the Swap Police.

      • 😂😂😭 You get me and it’s wonderful!

        • I speak you, Wendy. I am fluent in crazy 😙

          • My long lost crazy twin. I’ve been searching for so long! 😜

          • Rad.

            I always wanted a sister! 👭

            But I suspect there are more of us….

  16. That was a bulled well dodged! I didn’t get it because I did not want the spoilers, but I also felt burned after I got the most expensive box last time(luckily I also got the summer box or whatever it was that ended up being the best with the bottle and stuff). Whew. I am not a subscriber and probably never will be. I prefer to scavenge the leftovers in cheap mystery boxes and eBay. My wanderlust box is going to be here on Wednesday! I already love the spoilers so the rest will just be gravy for $17.50.

  17. I almost bought this box, but did not, because I bought 3 cfda and have 3 of those pouches. I have one to my sister and still have 2. I did the value calculation and only has $100 worth of items that have not been spoiled, so spent the month on 3 fall boxes instead. All the hats and bracelets will be gifts, and love more of the shower oil.

  18. I think everyone should email Popsugar customer service, this is really not okay. There’s no way that Philip Lim “pouch” is worth 195. As a Popsugar exclusive they can assign any value they like…it reminds me of an ipsy bag. It kind of seems like the 75 dollar box has way less value than the fall box for 25. Very disappointing and not a good deal by any stretch.

    • The thing I do not understand is that all of that was said upfront on here. The bag was “retailed” $195 and they said that’s what you were going to get so I don’t understand why everyone is so surprised. I mean, I get that it sucks because the rest of the box doesn’t have all that great of stuff(Hey- I think that hair serum is great!). That was another reason I did not get that box- that stupid bag was going to be half the value.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I’m so disappointed. And I was thinking about subbing but not now.

  19. Wow! I echo all the other people who said they are glad they did not cave and buy this box 😨. All I can say to those who did buy it, maybe you are getting your bad box karma over with for the year and some really great boxes are in your future? I hope so 🤞🏻

    • That’s a wonderful way to look at this fiasco. Thanks for brightening my spirits.

      • SWANS, Wendy. SWANS

        • It’s coming. Tropical box. Swans and manicure kits. I’ve already found a cute little scarecrow hat. And a witch one for Halloween. I can make it a nest out of the red tags with sparkle pick accents hahaha.

          • Wendy B., if you don’t post pix for us of your Holiday Swans…..

            OMG, this is making my day!

            I almost wish my box had swans now. Just so I could add to the ridiculousness :’p

    • I’m so happy that I decided not to buy it. What a lame box!

  20. I thought this box would have alot of goodies from the LE Boxes but no it was just the endless supply of the Must Have Boxes, and they just put extra items that don’t sell to fluff up the box. What do they still have these products still!!!? I would be upset if I payed 50 for this because of the coupon.

  21. I am so disappointed in this box and upset with myself for spending that much money on things I already have 3x over. I feel duped.

  22. I sent them an email letting them know that I was simply unhappy and that my $25 box was better than my $75 one and that the overwhelming response of their customers on MYSA was negative. All unhappy people should let them know. This box did not have a value 3x the other boxes

    • I emailed as well I hopes that in the future they take better care with their box curation. I understand it was a sale but I am disappointed that a box 1/3 the price with half the item value had a much better variety than the expensive one. Lesson learned.

      • Their “curation” is #1 reason why I had previously avoided sub’ing or buying LE boxes from PS.

        I’m sorry, but even forgiving them the ridiculous RV inflation on most, if not all items – this is a joke. I’d be laughing harder if I wasn’t crying at being duped into believing my purchase was actually worth more than it is.

        PS will definitely hear about it!

        • I’m still upset but not as much as I was this morning. When I saw the fall box I figured the exclusive would be at least as good. That’s what I get for assuming. I know the bag was $195 but their stated value was over $400 and I had no idea that meant 50 cents over. It’s so insane it’s actually starting to be funny.

          • Where is the straitjacket emoji when you need one??

    • Christy,
      Did you ever receive a response? It’s my intention to email as well. Can these boxes be returned?

  23. Whew, I was tempted but glad I restrained myself. The Fall box looks great! The mascara in the $75 box is great, BTW. .

  24. Glad that I did not get this one. I got two other boxes. I was so close to get it, but last minute back off. So happy.

  25. Like the last round, the most expensive box was the worst. Glad I skipped this one. Sorry to anyone who got stuck with it 🙁

    • Me too!! I am so relieved!! It’s pretty bad when you don’t even get excited over one item!! (Mascara is good but i have fake lashes so don’t wear it!!)

  26. 🤞🏻 The tropical box is awesome. I’m so glad I only paid $50 for this. I’m good with the runner, bowl and mascara. The rest of it will go up for swap or sit in the box until I find a home for it. I knew I should’ve bought the fall box instead. But it’s ok. Most of my add ons came this morning so it’s kinda hard to knock me of my happy horse right now.

    • What’s in the tropical box? I haven’t received mine.

      • I have a feeling she meant “fingers crossed it’s good.” I hope it’s decent because I got one too …

    • What’s in the tropical box?!!!!!

    • *Fingers crossed* the tropical box is awesome. Sorry for any confusion.

  27. Was someone working at Popsugar last fall that accidentally typed too many 0’s at the end of all of the product orders? LOL. I cannot believe alot of these items have been through a year’s worth of MANY mystery box sales and warehouse sales and are still popping up. They seem to have an endless supply! Yikes…. Either they fixed the “problem” this year or are refiling the warehouse because there are very few products from boxes after January 2017…odd….or maybe they just sold alot more sub’s during the Black Friday deal so they don’t have as much leftovers?

  28. OOF!!! Not happy I shelled out $75 for this. I really wanted the pouch and assumed there would be items from other LE boxes in this one due to the price. I feel like the Fall box (which I also bought) was a great deal, but not this one. Especially with all the low-ticket items like the picks, tags and mirror.

    • I know this is the first time I have been truly disappointed by this box. To charge so much more than the other boxes, but to include such lame items like picks and tags is almost insulting if it were so laughable. Never has inflated values been so apparent than this box of Marhalls/ TJMaxx discards. This has reallycooled me off regarding Popsugar. I know that the Fall box looks better than this box, but I would have been annoyed at receiving that box since it’s just a retread of the Nov 2016 box.

  29. Omg. I’m so disappointed. 😢

  30. Definite buyers remorse.. thank God for the 30% discount. I certainly did not expect repeats between two boxes (runner). I don’t know if it is just me but I think that the cheaper boxes have better stuff. That bag is not worth $195 to anyone.. at least not me!

    • Always expect repeats! It’s in the fine print, even. And often it is the worst stuff. It really seems that it is best to just choose one box out of these mystery deals and just restrain yourself from buying any others because there is crossover. It’s such a gamble which is why getting a discount is soooooooo important if you can do it/it will let you.

      • Since I’m a 1st timer, obviously I don’t mind “repeats.” It’s all new to me. The fun part is getting repeats in multiple boxes when it’s something you actually WANT/need.

        I have issues with repeaters being filler items.

  31. What an awful box. I feel for anyone that paid $75 for this.

    • I only paid $60 & still feel awful.

  32. “Value over $400” – value comes in at $400.50 lol

    Oh Popsugar, I wish I could quit you.

    PLEASE let this be the last of the Pehr runners.

  33. Am I crazy or does that runner appear twice? So glad I didn’t purchase this. It’s a great box for people who haven’t been PSMH subscribers but not for those who already have this stuff in triplicate!

    • The runner is in the Gilt Exclusive Must Have Box, and also in the Flirty Fall Box – there are two reviews here.

  34. Really Dissappointed in this one! The box is advertised as having a value over $400. I added up everything here (except the Philip Lin bag) and only get $205.50, is the bag worth over $195?

    • The bag has a RV of $195.

    • Yes, the bag has a retail value of $195. Just added that to the post.

    • You are right-the advertising shows value content of “Box contents have over $400 retail value”…clearly they fell short LOL! I’d be very disappointed if I had gotten this box comparing the price to the value.

    • On the CFDA Box review where the pouch was originally featured it shows it listed as $195 retail but it’s also an “exclusive Popsugar” item so I’m not sure how much weight that holds. I didn’t purchase this box but I feel bad for the people that did. I bought Tropical & Fall and feel like those are showing better value at this point. If it were me I think I’d send an email to PSMH letting them know of my disappointment in this particular box and asking for them to make it up somehow. Maybe that’s unreasonable as a consumer but I can’t help but to feel like they failed with this one esp since it had such a higher price point than the other 2 boxes.

  35. That’s pretty bad. I’m happy with my fall box for 20 bucks but 75 for this junk? Pop sugar is getting to garage sale level. The tropical boxes will likely include emoji napkins, the trucker hat, an inflatable swan, a cheesy plastic cup, and that red clear purse. They HAVE to be done recycling this stuff!

    • I was wondering what the possible items could be the other day so I googled the warehouse sale. I came across the MSA page for the sale in May and saw pretty much all of these items. I’m really confused about how they had a big 75% off sale in May and then another in August with the same items.

    • Them swans lookin’ real good right about now…. 🤔

  36. I’m ok with it. Just wish I got it with a 30% discount. I should have held out for that.

    • UGH. I forgot about that!

  37. Anyone have experience with this mascara? I’m a diehard fan of the regular formula (thank you Liz 😊) but I’m not normally a waterproof girl. I’m hopeful it’s good stuff so I get something I’ll enjoy from this box.

    • The waterproof mascara is incredible! But I have a hard time removing it so I prefer the non-waterproof version myself. Tarte mascaras are the best!

      • Thank you! Waterproof formulas are often different than the originals (Too Faced better than sex is a perfect example) so I was worried. Happy to know this one is still great.

      • I wore it to my dad’s memorial service–cried most of the day and it still looked incredible at the end of the day. I’ve not had any issues removing it however I specially use Nutrgena makeup remover wipes-comes right off with those.

        • I’m so sorry about your dad. ☹️

      • I don’t have any issue removing but I traditionally use an oil (like coconut oil) to remove makeup and then follow with any cleanser.

  38. Incredibly disappointed & yet relieved. I will be keeping very little & gifting almost everything for bdays & upcoming holidays.

    If the Tropical one turns out to be good, I’ll eat my hat! 😡

  39. Am I the only one seeing pics from the other box? not the $75 one? O.O

    • Adding pics, now! 🙂

  40. I think 3 of the $25 dollar boxes is a much better deal than this one for $75. I’ll stick to the lower priced boxes in the future. I will use the hair oil eventually and my daughter loves the mascara. I can get those 2 on sale for $13. Then there’s the dollar tree items and the pouch, wire bowl, and pouch which I listed on swaps for months with no takers. Definitely buyers remorse with this one.

    • *pouch, wire bowl and runner*

  41. Darn…I believe I have one of these coming…so disappointing…all really old stuff.

  42. Glad I skipped that one! Waiting on the wanderlust spoilers 🙂

    • I second that

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