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Bulu Box Subscription Review + Coupon – September 2017

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Bulu Box September 2017 Healthy Snacks and Supplements Subscription Box

Bulu Box is a monthly fitness and weight loss subscription. The original Bulu Box is focused more on fitness and general health supplements, and they also offer a Weight Loss box that focuses more on diet products.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This review is of the Original Bulu, $10 a month, box.

Bulu Box September 2017 Healthy Snacks and Supplements Subscription Box

The Subscription Box: Bulu Box

The Cost: $10 on a month-to-month plan; save with longer subscriptions

COUPON: Use our coupon code MYSUB599 to get your subscription at $5.99 per month, for the lifetime of the subscription!

The Products: 4-6 health and fitness items such as vitamin samples, fitness gear, and healthy snacks.

Ships to: U.S. (free)

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Bulu Box September 2017 Healthy Snacks and Supplements Subscription Box

Bulu Box September 2017 Healthy Snacks and Supplements Subscription Box

Bulu Box September 2017 Healthy Snacks and Supplements Subscription Box

Bulu Box has changed their information cards again, as well as the boxes.

There are also usually some coupons and/or product literature with this subscription.

Bulu Box September 2017 Healthy Snacks and Supplements Subscription Box

Natralia Happy Little Bodies Eczema Relief Cream (2 oz) – Value $14.99

I don’t have kids or eczema, but this is colloidal oatmeal lotion and I have found that to work pretty nicely on other itchy skin issues when I don’t want to use cortisone cream. So I’m hanging on to this for future use.

Bulu Box September 2017 Healthy Snacks and Supplements Subscription Box

Aubio Cold Sore Treatment Gel (0.11 oz) – Value $18.59

I also don’t have cold sores right now, but I do like to keep treatments for such things around as the weather gets colder and my immune system gets run down from fighting off colds and flu. This is definitely enough to try and see if it works, too. (And no, this price is not unusual for a cold sore treatment gel.)

Aubio Hydrating Lip Therapy Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (0.15 oz) – Value $8.38

I am going to pass this one along to my husband. I love the *idea* of lip balm with SPF, but this has four separate chemical sunscreens in it and I know from past experience that my lips will start peeling badly and get irritated if I put chemical sunscreens on them. I have to stick to zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Bulu Box September 2017 Healthy Snacks and Supplements Subscription Box

Aminovital Action Amino Acids + Electrolytes (lemon, 1 serving) – Value $1.43 (buy 14 packages for $19.99)

Now, this is just the kind of sports-related supplement I like to see! I always add some amino acid powder to my water when I work out (I pretty much never drink plain water) and this product is caffeine-free, which is so important because I exercise after work and I don’t want to be awake all night. I strongly recommend using this at half strength or less until you decide what level of flavor you want, though. I’m not sure lemon is my thing, after trying this, but I’d be interested in seeing other flavors.

Bulu Box September 2017 Healthy Snacks and Supplements Subscription Box

REMfresh Advanced Sleep Formulation (12 caplets) – Value $10 (buy 36 caplets for $29.99)

Ah, melatonin. I am one of those people who take melatonin and then get vivid, unsettling dreams. If it works for you, it can promote sleep without being habit-forming, and that’s a wonderful thing. Getting enough sleep is essential for health. I just never feel rested after trying a melatonin product because of the dreams (it’s hard to explain unless you’ve experienced them). On the plus side, this is enough of the product to see if it will work for you before buying more.

Bulu Box September 2017 Healthy Snacks and Supplements Subscription Box

Leap Instant Smoothie Bowl in Blue Zeal (1.02 oz) – Value $2.66 (buy a 3-pack for $7.98)

We received a few different flavors of this product last month, and I’m also familiar with it from other subscription boxes. I’m rather sad this isn’t actually blue in color (the red and green ones are, respectively, red and green). I like to add a bit of superfood powder to my morning smoothies and I just ran out of what I was using yesterday, so this came at an excellent time. (I don’t do smoothie bowls; apparently they are a millennial food trend? I am not a millennial. I also don’t do avocado toast. But I am happy to use the product in an alternative way!)

Bulu Box September 2017 Healthy Snacks and Supplements Subscription Box

Slice of Life Organics Adult Gummy Vitamins Complete Multi (2 gummies) – Value $0.80 (buy 60 gummies for $23.99)

At first, I was like, “oh no, not gummies” until I saw these were thickened with pectin instead of gelatin, at which point I ate them immediately. I don’t think I would regularly take gummy vitamins as they do have calories, but these tasted pretty good (and not like vitamins at all).

Bulu Box September 2017 Healthy Snacks and Supplements Subscription Box

Yummi Bears Organics Vitamin C (2 gummies) – Value $0.47 (buy 60 gummies for $13.99)

These, like the multivitamins, are gelatin-free. They are a bit more candy-like, with a sugar coating on the outside of the gummies. I would consider keeping something like this on hand for cold and flu season when I want extra vitamin C, though I probably wouldn’t take them every day.

Verdict: I calculated a value of $57.32 for the September Bulu Box. Every now and then you will receive a box like that, with a crazy high value. (It makes up for the lackluster months, of which there will also be a few.) I paid $5 for this using a past coupon code, so even though I won’t be using everything, I definitely got my money’s worth and then some.

I’d strongly recommend using our MYSUB599 coupon code when you subscribe and choosing either the regular or the weight loss box, but not both, since there is a lot of product repetition between the two. Also, don’t forget to review your items for points to spend on merchandise in the Bulu Box shop, although lately, they seem to be directing you to Amazon to purchase items rather than offering a lot of the monthly products themselves.

What did you think of the September Bulu Box?

Written by Ragan Buckley

Ragan Buckley

Ragan stumbled across My Subscription Addiction in late 2013 and immediately subscribed to way too many beauty boxes. She’s now focused on boxes for her cats and dog, vegan/vegetarian food boxes, and craft subscriptions (and she didn’t give up beauty boxes entirely).

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  1. Like everyone else, I’m absolutely cancelling. Stayed for the points, as the boxes are so all over the place. Have been thinking about cancelling for awhile, but this change to the program is terrible.

    • I agree! If Oct.’s box is not comparable to this month with full-size products, I will cancel. I always used my points. I was able to use my coupon and get a few free bottles of energems. I love ’em! Another comment said there wasn’t a place for coupon code, but I was easily able to redeem mine. I did have to pay 3.99 for shipping.

  2. I got an email from bulu box today saying they are getting rid of their points program ☹

    • Me too. 😕 I’ve been thinking of canceling this one but haven’t because of the points. That made it easy to say goodbye to this one.

  3. Am I able to subscribe today and get this exact box?

    • The boxes vary a lot. I wouldn’t count on it.

  4. They’ve done away with their points system effective today and notified subscribers today. What a bummer! Will have to rethink keeping the subscription.

    • I immediately checked my email when I read your comment! I had no email about this so I headed over to the website. Umm… the website says there is no account associated with my email! WHAT?! I got my box 2 days ago and have been a subscriber for probably 2 years. I wonder if anyone else has had this issue?

      *My account autorenews at a crazy low price. If I have to sign up again with alternate pricing, I will not renew. I didn’t often fill out the surveys or cash in points (maybe 2x ever) but the price point made it easy for me to keep this sub.

      • You have to click on create account and put in your original credentials and you will get an activation email. After that all of your original info will be there.

        • Thanks! I didn’t read the directions on the site. I still can’t find that I received any email about the points update. A head’s up would have been nice Bulu. I find the prices on their site are not competitive and the points did make me more likely to buy from them.

      • You should have gotten an email about creating a new account. I got mine this morning. Check your spam folder.

    • I am so upset, I think I’m canceling 🙁

    • I feel the same way! The only reason I hung on to this was because of the awesome rewards. I tried ‘redeeming’ my coupon code for the existing rewards and there’s not a spot to enter it nor do they tell you how much it’s worth. I’ve contacted their support and am waiting. I was very disappointed they made such a big change and didn’t give subscribers a heads up. I liked to save my points to buy my vitamins. Now my reviews will just get me entered in a sweepstakes? Even at the $5 for life deal I’m in, I have to rethink as well.

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