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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2017 Box SPOILERS + Coupon!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 8.59.24 AM

We have two spoilers for the Fall 2017 Box of Style! Each box will include:

GiGi New York Rachel Convertible Clutch, retail value: $195 (Exclusive Collab)

  • Material: Leather
  • Dimensions: 10” W x 8” H
  • GiGi New York is a handbag company with a legacy; our bags reflect 30 years of leather experience by a local, family owned, bookbinding company, Graphic Image. GiGi New York fills niche in the luxury goods market providing quality products made with excellent craftsmanship by skilled artisans who have decades of experience. From trendy to classic, to brights to neutrals GiGi New York has something for everyone.
  • This exclusive piece can be worn as a cross-body bag, strapless clutch, and opens to fit a 13’’ laptop to function as a sleeve.

La Soula Two Diamond Ring Set, retail value: $176

Pick your metal color preference!

  • Sizing: Based off a size 6
  • Material: 14K Gold Plated Brass
  • La Soula Jewelry is an affordable, luxury diamond line, created by Kimberly DeTomasis, born and raised in Providence Rhode Island. She now finds her home in Fairfield CT with her husband, four children, and a bustling diamond jewelry line to create!
  •  Dress up, dress down, stack them or wear each alone.

And here is the Fall Box video from Rachel Zoe:

What do you think of the Fall Box of Style spoilers? I’m SO excited!

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code BOSFALL10 to save $10! (Regularly $99.99 a quarter.)

Check out all of my Box of Style reviews to learn more about this quarterly subscription box.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. On the fence but liking it so far. I have the gilt city coupon I still need to use. Their prices are so over inflated, I’ll wait to see what else is in the box.

  2. I’ll wait for the sale 😉

    • Vanessa, what type of sales does this box usually have? Thank you,

  3. Liz, is the tassel removable at all? Thank you in advance 🙂

    • Tassel looks to be hooked on by some kind of hardware, but you wouldn’t be able to use the zipper easily without it.

  4. i’m into it

  5. WOW! BOS has knocked it out of the park with these two spoilers. The value of just these two items is $371. Typically the BOS has a value around $450, I wonder how many items will be in the box this season.

    Totally excited about this box!!!!

    • She said on her site that there will be 6 items.

  6. I am an annual subscriber and I can never find the customize option. For some reason I never get their emails and there is no customize option in my account. Last season I found some backdoor way of going in (from a helpful person on instagram) but I don’t remember what I did. I have emailed CR but it’s just frustrating this happens every season…that something that should take a minute takes 30.

    • Yep, same thing keeps happening to me. I had to email them my choice for fall and he asked me if I wanted any add-ons and I said no because I don’t know what they are, I can’t see them.

    • Meg, look under “my account”, then you’ll see the customize option right next to “My Subscriptions”.

      Hope this helps you.

      • Thanks Lindsey! I’ve tried multiple times (from phone, ipad, desktop)…thinking I must have missed it but it’s really not there. Hopefully I’ll hear back from CS soon.

        • I have been trying all day yesterday, it just allowed me to do it just now. Maybe you could try it again.

    • Doesn’t work for me either, says subscription not found

    • Also having the same problem. Am an annual subscriber and it says no subscription found when I try to make a selection either through my account on the website or through clicking the link in the email.

      • I actually just figured out that if I sign in using my “username” that was sent in my original subscription confirmation email, instead of my email address at login, I was able to make my choice and see the add-on choices. This makes no sense because they ask for email address on the login page, but using “username” actually allowed me to make the choice.

    • Check your spam for their emails.

  7. If I’m reading that right.. you get two rings. I selected rose as my choice. Would anyone like to select the silver option and swap one of the rings with me so we both have a rose gold and a silver ring? (:

    • Absolutely! Love this idea!

    • Yes please!!! Great idea!!!!

    • Yes, please!!! Great idea!!! I’m a silver/white gold girl through and through, but it is time for me to switch it up and have some fun. I don’t even care what is in the rest of the box, I am stoked with the rings and that gorgeous bag.

    • This is a great idea! I’d like to swap too.

      • Whichever of you wants to swap a silver ring for a rose gold ring, let me know that way we both have a set of each!

        • I ordered silver, happy to swap one for a rose!

    • I have silver but would love to swap for 1 rose gold!

    • By the time I was able to access the choice I wasn’t able to get rose gold so if someone wants to swap a rose gold for a silver I’d love to swap.

  8. Now knowing this is actually leather, this is going to really look nicer than I expected, as far as the sheen/finish and tassel. I also saw the little diamonds only when I clicked the link to go to the jeweler’s site. Very cute rings! When you look at Rachel Zoe’s video, you can see how adjustable these are when she has two on one finger–on different parts of her finger.

    Personally, I wasn’t pleased with the way PSMH handled a mistake that they made and their CS afterwards. I’m thinking of cancelling my PSMH subscription and if I can cancel my LE box that I ordered from them. Rock on, Rachel!

  9. My ring size is a 7 1/2….does anyone know if these adjust?

    • The La Soula site says they are “one size fits all”; therefore, they must be adjustable. Accorinding to Liz’s info above, I’m assuming they fit a size 6 perfectly w/o adjustment, and everyone else can either make the gap wider or narrower as needed.

  10. Super excited. Beautiful bag. Beautiful rings. I received the LaSoula ring and bracelet in the July Luxor box. Now, do I match that silver or get the rose gold? #firstworldfashionprobs

  11. These are amazing spoilers. I’ll be picking this one up.

  12. I resisted this subscription at first (it’s SO EXPENSIVE), and then got the summer box with the $30 off coupon and was shocked at how much I loved everything in it. I’m in the medical field, so I never get to wear fashionable things at work, and I’m there ALL THE TIME when I’m on clinical rotations. And that’s fine because it’s not really the place for it, but it was such a treat to get something high-end that made me feel glamorous for once. I’m so excited for this box – I was hoping there would be a purse in it, and this one is such a great color and so useful!

    One question: is it a fashion faux pas to wear two different types of metals? My wedding ring is white gold but I really want to wear more rose gold, so I selected that one. (See above re: “always at the hospital” for why I don’t understand basic jewelry fashion rules.)

    • I mix my metal jewelry all the time.

      • Ditto

      • I mix metals all the time too!

    • I wear different metal bangles all the time – and my necklace, earrings, etc. are all different also. When you love what you’re wearing, you’ll get comfortable with it and not stress it either. 😁
      And that’s exactly how this box got me, too! So watch out – you’re about to be addicted big time! If I absolutely had to, I’d drop FFF and PSMH for this. Everything feels like I’m spoiling myself a little every quarter, where the others feel more like daily use items. I LIKE the other two; I LOVE BoS, consistently – every item every time. Last winter was freakin’ perfection.

    • It just depends on your aesthetic. Some people like to be super matchy, some don’tz. That said, if anyone is noticing that your rings are different metals and judging you for it, they have way too much time on their hands.

    • My wedding set is mixed metal – yellow gold engagement ring and a white gold enhancer. If you like it wear it!

    • There’s no rules…it’s all about self-expression. That said, there are ways to make a look more balanced and pleasing to the eye. I try to have at least two things in each color when I’m mixing metals. Example, I have a shirt with a gold zipper down the front. I might wear a silver ring and silver hoops, but then put gold studs in behind the hoops. Or I have a pair of rose gold flip flops. i usually wear rose gold earrings with them but then two pieces of silver. For some reason, I don’t like yellow gold with rose gold, but that’s just my taste. Also, one two-toned piece of jewelry can pull your separates together. But…these are just my preferences. There are no rules – be your happy beautiful self and let your own style come through. Enjoy!

  13. I absolutely adore this subscription! It gets me out of my boring style funk. My first box was summer, and I have used that sunscreen, glasses, and hat to death! Excited for my rings!

    • I don’t remember sunglasses or a hat in summer?!!! Did they miss sending me my box???

      • Raen sunglasses in either black or tortoise and a straw hat with black umm balls attached. You didn’t get it?!

    • Omg, I just looked the at the review and I swapped most of that so fast I forgot! Still have the glasses in a drawer with 12 other pairs of sub box glasses (and most retail for $50-100 so I am glasses rich!).

  14. Are the rings adjustable? My pinky is a sz7. I’m as small person with man hands and feet! Lol

  15. The summer box (my first RZ) pretty much my perfect box, and it’s looking like Fall will be great as well.

  16. I chose rose gold, although I wish I could get one rose and one yellow. Perhaps in swaps… I love Box of Style. Always on trend, and makes me step out of my comfort zone a bit and try new looks, which is why I get sub boxes. Love!

  17. Love the spoilers- when I go to my account- not letting me make ring selection- did email CS
    – so hopefully- they will respond… this box is always the fashionista choice!

  18. Hi Liz, would you be able to list dimensions for the bag? I have a15″ laptop and I’m wondering what size it’s referring to.

    Also, are the rings made with real diamond accents or cubic zirconia?

    Either way, loving the spoilers!!!😊

    • It says it can hold 13 inch

      • Thanks! I think the post was updated right after I asked 😂

  19. well I canceled a few weeks ago so that I could take advantage of the 30% off promo code they had( after getting in writing I could re subscribe once the fall box was released). I don’t do purses or rings so this box will NOT be the one I resubscribe with unless everything else in the box blows me away.

  20. May have to get this for the clutch, will use as a laptop case. It’s really elegant and professional.

  21. I LOVE that the clutch can function as a laptop sleeve too. The more flexible a product the more value the box has to me.

    • Totally. Such a smart idea. I rarely change out purses and use clutches a few times a year, but will use the hell out of this in its techy incarnations

  22. Am I the only one who isn’t seeing the diamond accents in the rings? It does say that they have diamond accents, doesn’t it?

    • Oh, I see them now! At first I thought it was a reflection of something else but now I see the diamonds.

  23. Ordered! Kinda want to get 2 so I can have the rings in 2 colors. Anyone else go for the addons? I only got the passionfruit lip scrub but was tempted by the tassel earrings. Just wasn’t impressed by quality of her bracelet in last fall’s box so decided not to get them. PSMH better get on it with the spoilers!

    • I did not see add ons. I am a quarterly member. I only had the ring choice.

      • I’m quarterly and saw them. You have to scroll down the page after you make your selection.

    • I got the passionfruit lip scrub too! Not sure why!

  24. Liz,
    The RZ site says the rings are brass plated with whatever metal.
    HOWEVER, the La Soula site says the rings are sterling silver plated with gold. So which is correct? Are these a special version for RZBOS?
    Please do your magic and find out!

    • Ooh, good spot. I was hoping the silver would be solid silver but that makes sense. Hope they won’t tarnish too easily.

    • These rings are an exclusive collaboration. The silver is brass over silver plating and the other two are gold plated. So no they are not fine jewelry. But the tiny diamond are real.

      • That is NOT an exclusive collaboration!! The exact same rings with the exact same price are on the site and are Sterling silver. So if this is “exclusive” brass, they need to adjust the RV!
        I love the rings but this kind of cheap bull caca ticks me off.

        • Watch the video and Read about the rings! No need to get hysterical!🤣

        • I would have to agree with Em. The rings are gold plated sterling silver. The design and stated RV value matches the La Soula site. RZ even indicated how she gifted the bracelet from that same collection to her team.

          The video only mentions the clutch as being an exclusive collaboration.

          • There are always Debbie Downers!

      • Tiny diamonds embedded in brass. Diamonds. In brass. Just…why? Why drag diamonds down like that?


      • Bless your heart, we can all read dear.
        But either
        A) RZ made a mistake and it’s really the real Sterling rings
        B) they pulled a bait and switch, subbed in cheaper brass rings and called the, “exclusive” for the same RV.
        So which is it? Mistake it bait and switch?

        Because if you think it’s all the same, I’d love to swap you my costume jewellery for your real stuff.

        Now go tell your bosses you were a good little minion and you told us all how wonderful brass is, just as good as silver! Good job!

        • I do not think any mistake was made, dear. I don’t think there is any type of bait and switch going on! I do not have to work. And calling me a minion? Just no! I am not going to argue any more, dear.

        • Also I hate brass with plating, dear. I decided to not buy because of that, dear. I just can’t do brass with plating, dear.

      • Um, I just rewatched the video and she doesn’t say anything about what kind of metal is used. And the La Soula site shows rings that look identical, with the same RV, which are gold plated silver. The only place it says gold plated brass is here on MSA, which could be an error. Hence Em’s original question to Liz. Not sure why you’re getting so aggravated.

      • Wait, why is somebody being a Debbie Downer because they call BS on being offered a cheaper material and being told its value is the same as a nicer material? I agree with Em all the way here. If these rings are made of brass, there’s no way they’re worth the same as if they’re made of sterling silver. This is not rocket science.

      • All they’re saying is that the La Soula website’s description for the exact same ring is sterling silver with 14k overlay. So the question is what’s correct? The actual La Soula website or Liz’s post…..surely you can understand why it’s a legitimate question.

      • Not being a Debbie Downer here, and not sure if that was meant for me? I’m actually very excited about the design, regardless of the base metal! 😉

        Em was expressing her concerns regarding the stated RV being inflated IF the rings are indeed brass with gold plating, and I get that. It’s a common concern with sub boxes, but I honestly don’t care all that much. If I like an item and it serves a purpose/solves a problem, I’m happy regardless of the RV value. I’m agreeing with her regarding the base metal and that they are not an exclusive collaboration. I also agree with you, amyr, that these really aren’t “fine jewelry”.

        As an FYI for anyone wondering about the metal, the La Soula site contains the following info:

        Rose Gold over Silver Two Diamond Ring – Sterling silver and 14k Rose Overlay

        Silver Two Diamond Ring – Sterling Silver

        Yellow Gold Over Silver Two Diamond Ring – Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold Overlay

        RV – $89 for each ring, which are all sold out.

    • The info I have from Box of Style is that the rings are brass plated. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks, Liz, for confirming.

        I can’t help but wonder though if that is a mistake from RZ’s team? Their listed RV matches the RV on the La Soula site, which indicates these rings are sterling silver with gold overlay. The RV can’t possibly be the same value for a cheaper base metal?

        • Well….this is interesting….

          I just checked the La Soula site and they have changed the ring’s description:

          They are now calling this “2 Diamond Rachel Zoe Ring”.

          The base metal description now states “Brass 2 diamond ring”.

          The price point dropped to $88 for the silver.

          The rose gold and gold versions have been removed from the site but you can still view images of them under the silver option.

          • The price did NOT drop. $88 x 2 = $176.00. Remember you get two rings in the box and the price on the website is for one ring.

          • Jennifer, I do realize the price of $176 is for 2 rings on the RZ site. The individual price per ring was originally $89 on the La Soula site (which I stated in my earlier post and should have clarified in my follow-up post). They just adjusted it down $1 is all.

          • Ok, I could’ve sworn the price on La Soula was always $88 so I misunderstood your post. Sorry!

          • This exact same thing happened with the Kris Nations necklace at FFF! Their website “fixed” their descriptions too!

      • Agree with PP. Either the RZ team got the metal wrong or the RV wrong. I hope it’s the metal! I hate then sub boxes “sub” in cheaper materials and quote the same RV.

  25. honestly am not a fan at ALL of either of these! THANK YOU for the spoiler post! I was able to cancel in time to not lose my $108 (cali tax)

    • Me either, glad I still have time to cancel this season.

  26. Love it! Getting it!!

  27. It won’t let me resubscribe! I keep getting an error message. Anyone else having the same issue?

    • Nevermind! Customer Service got back to me right away (I love this box – and the CS is great too!). The site is just undergoing maintenance for a bit – should be able to resubscribe later today! Yey!! So excited!!

  28. I am so excited, the bag looks great!

  29. The bag is super cute, but unfortunately, I’m not a clutch kind of girl. 🙁 I guess I’ll have to put it up for swap. The rings are gorgeous, I can’t wait to get them. ♥

  30. It looks like BOS beat PSMH . I was trying to decide which one to order for fall. These spoilers are great!

    • How do you know is the fall LE psmh spoilers aren’t out yet?

  31. This is awesome! I love navy blue and this clutch looks so versatile! I love the rings too! I chose silver! Fall and Winter boxes are always the best!!!!!

  32. LOVE it! I feel like we’re watching Game of Subs.

    While PSMH may have opened the floodgates for ordering their Fall box, BOS countered by getting their spoilers out before PSMH…AND dropped a coupon! 😉

    • Game of subs! That is so funny and so true! PopSugar waits too long to release spoilers. I want more than a theme — I want to see a spoiler or two. My money went to Rachel Zoe.

      • LOve Game of Subs!!!! ….. it happened at my workplace today too…… 3 women waiting to see spoilers – 3 women LOVED the bag and rings – Money goes to BOS!!!

      • Since then I cancelled my sub. None of these two spoilers interested me. So maybe I will buy the PopSugar! Oh decisions!

  33. this is my favorite sub. hands down.

  34. Ooh this bag is gorgeous! And a size I would totally use. Anyone else thinking the wallet from the winter 16 will go perfectly with this?

    I selected the rose gold rings. Not my usual style but thought I’d mix them up. May possibly try to swap them if I don’t end up liking them.

    • how were you able to choose? I am an annual and it won’t let me choose unless I want to do a brand new subscription….

      • I an annual and I was able to select which ring color I wanted. I just logged into my account and it took me right the choice page. I did not have to open a new account. I could contact CS about the choice!

    • I chose the rose gold as well. I already have a few rose and white gold stacking diamond rings, so this set will be fun to mix in. So excited!

    • Yes!!! I totally agree and thought that immediately!! I use that wallet daily and its held up great. Somehow goes eith everything…

  35. Beautiful! I’m officially excited for fall (which doesn’t come ’til late November where I live, but still). Liz, do you know if the clutch is real leather?

    • It is!! I’ll update the post with a few more material details for each item.

      • Sweet!! Now I’m even more excited! Thanks, Liz!

  36. YES!! I’m a navy girl through and through, so the bag will get lots of use from me. I’ve recently moved away from earrings to rings, so I’m all about that too.

  37. Can we pick ring sizes too? I have fat fingers and dont like using regular rings as midi rings all the time 🙁

    • Sorry. All the rings are the same size.

    • In what I read the rings are adjustable from a size 6 whatever that means….

      • It’s adjustable – but the base size is a six. To me that means if you have larger fingers, you run a good chance they’ll only fit your pinkies 🙁

    • These look like they could be adjustable so maybe they will still work! 😊

  38. Great spoilers, this is going to be a fantastict box. I’m glad I held off on PSMH limited edition fall box. I will no longer be dropping $100 on a box unless they release a spoiler, and I have to love it!

  39. am I the only one that not pumped about the 2 spoilers?

    • I emailed to cancel and hope they honor my request in time. I’m assuming these are the two hero items and not taken with either to justify $108.

  40. Okay, I might have to re-subscribe to this one. Love the spoilers!!

  41. OKAY….. drum roll….. This is how you “pre-sell” your fall box – spoilers and a coupon!!! YES!! …. it’s time to give BOS another chance!! 😀 ….. spoilers are amazing!!!

  42. Do they really sell out “like that”? I’m afraid her team might not be giving her all the facts.

    • HAHA! Thanks for the laugh!

    • hahahahaha I was just thinking that! How they had to mark them down to ~$25 off and still trying to get rid of them LOL (not to put the box down – I LOVE this box, my favorite sub!)

    • The Summer box just sold out, like this week. But, these, to me are the best items from BOS. I’m a little nervous to wait…

  43. Liz, when does this ship? I just got the PSMH Limited Edition and I’m wondering how much time will I have till this sells out…. I LOVE the spoilers!!!!!💕💕💕

    • This box should be shipping by the week of September 7th. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Thank you Liz! 💕

      • Why on earth is there not a better photo posted anywhere on these rings!? I’ve searched high & low on the net… Even on the BOS site on the models etc they just look like little metal balls to me. I know the description says diamond embellished & maybe it’s just MY eyes that can’t see it, but you’d think BOS would have a better closeup of the rings, showing stones. Please let us know if there’s a photo anywhere that actually shows this. Thanks!

        • check out the LaSoula website. they have great photos.

  44. Best spoilers! So far I think this will be my favorite BOS yet!

  45. This is by far my favorite box of all time. I’m dying!!!

  46. oh wow, I might have to drop some stuff to get this

  47. Um…heck yes!

    LOVE that clutch – was on the fence about cancelling – definitely keeping this one even though it’s on the pricier side.

  48. Yesssssss!

  49. Wow, great spoilers! This just might get me to finally sign up for this box!

  50. OMG I am SOOO excited for this! I love love love LOVE those spoilers. Seriously, I can’t wait for this one.

    • SAME! SO pumped!!

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