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PLAY! by SEPHORA The All-Star Edition – FULL Spoilers!

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We now have the FULL spoilers for the limited edition Play! by Sephora box! (Thanks to manali on the forum!)

The box is available for VIB Rouge and VIB members now!

It will be available for everyone tomorrow (8/31)!

The All-Star Edition includes:


The Box: PLAY! by SEPHORA The All-Star Edition

The Cost: $20

The Products:

Discover the best in luxury with this exclusive, limited-edition box—available online only. This collection includes six trial sizes from Sephora’s top luxury brands curated by our experts. Each product boasts a host of five-star reviews and is a bona fide Sephora bestseller. Get to know your luxurious new collection with the help of six limited-edition tarot cards, featuring detailed product information as well as a little cosmic guidance.

This is a one-time purchase and not a monthly subscription.

Are you going to buy one

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  1. I loved the bag itself. Lipstick a touch too pink for my taste, and not worth the price, in my opinion. Mascara – nice, but I have the one I like better. I will probably buy the perfume in the future. Not tried other two products, but still pretty happy with the bag.

  2. If anyone wants the lipstick and doesn’t want their Flowerbomb I’d love to swap… I will not use the lipstick but love this perfume 😊❤️ please feel free to email me clusby75 @ me . com

  3. Unfortunately it’s out of stock 🙁 Really wanted this but didn’t have Rouge or VIB.

  4. This is one is SO much better than the first one!! So glad I bought it. You guys who are so down on it are being so silly to not recognize the value here. I don’t understand, it’s like you’re being negative on purpose. It is 100% worth $20, especially since this one also comes with the 50 point play pass (the first one didn’t). If you’re considering getting it and it’s still available, ignore the people saying not to buy it and order it now!

    • Where did it say it was cing with a 50 point play pass? I got my box and there was not one in it but I don’t remember anything about getting a play pass. Thank you.

      • In the description it said you would be getting the 50 point pass emailed to you. You can also contact customer service about it.

  5. Hey ladies, if you don’t see the value or like it, you don’t have to buy. So no need to stress about it.

    • I concur!

    • The truth is that many people (VIBRs) bought this BEFORE the spoiler.

  6. I JUST WANTED THE HOLO BAG hahahaha did i jump the gun in buying 3???? Maybe! But I’ll put stuff up for swaps 😛

  7. Is that sk2 really worth its hype? I have dry skin. What does it do anyway?

    • Not to me. I have used at least 3 30 ml bottles and it’s ok. I did not notice anything miraculous. At least not for the price…

    • Not to me. It gave my sensitive skin irritation – like hot, red, itchy skin inflammation.
      If you’re curious, just ask for a sample in store.

    • I have had smaller samples of the SKII and always saw a difference by the end of the sample. I have not had an allergy reaction or problems with that product.

      As for the box in general, these are not items I am able to get samples of easily. Macy’s is the closest high end department store to where I live. The $20 feels a bit high but these are expensive items. However this feels like it should be the Macy’s box or what the Macy’s box should look like for the $15 they charge. But I am happy to be able to try these quality items.

      It would have been nice to get an extra play pass but I always use my play pass from my $10 box multiple times in a month if I can. Just wish it would work for online orders as well.

  8. These are exactly what I was thinking/hoping would be in this box (with the exception of the Amore Pacific; didn’t know enough about the brand to predict). I’ve tried and loved the mascara and primer in the past, no qualms about getting to try them again. Everything else is new to me and I’m thrilled to try the Tom Ford lipstick and the Essence.

  9. I really want the Tom Ford lipstick, I wish it is available as 100 point reward in store and available when I go there :), is it too much to ask????

    • I bought this box, and already have this Tom ford mini in the same color. It was a freebie with $35 purchase about a month ago.

    • Are you on the forum or swap part of the site? I will never use the lipstick & am happy to give it a home where it will be used!

      • I will take the lipstick and give it a happy home!

  10. Meh, I already have tried 3 of the items. I wish they didn’t use products that have been 100 point rewards in the past.

    • I agree. Now I just hope I can return the box.

  11. Ordered this morning and it’s alreday shipped. To arrive on Friday. Wow!

  12. I just want the tarot cards!

  13. I wouldn’t have bought this box if I saw the spoiler. Is it returnable?

    • I feel the same, I ordered yesterday and now wish I wouldn’t have 🙁

  14. I love everything in this box, including the fragrance, which is not flowery on me AT ALL. I loathe flowery scents, but this is clean, fresh, and a little spicy. It’s awesome! I think this lipstick color will work well on me, veil primer is a magic potion, Diorshow is great for my puny lashes, and I’ve been dying to try the skin products. So excited!!

  15. Does anyone know, is the “All Star Edition” something that is offered monthly or is this a once in a while thing? I have never heard of it before but was very excited when I got the email about it today and even purchased it already!! Just curious for the future!

    • one time purchase

    • So far this has been a once-in-a-while bag, as this is only their 2nd bag like this where the 1st one was offered to only Rouges back in June. Hopefully, this becomes a more recurring bag for everyone. (even if it is rolled out in stages like this one was) 🙂

      • Thank you!

  16. I like the mascara, but nothing else excites me. Glad I held off!

    • Me too. Yawn.

  17. I loved the original ‘the iconic edition’ box, but this one feels a bit gimmicky and dissapointing- just my opinion, I’m sure lots of others will love it

  18. I’m excited for everything but the mascara since I don’t use it due to allergies.

    • And the Flower Bomb since flowery scents often aggravate my allergies too. I guess I’ll try to put it up for swap.

      • Don’t let the name Flowerbomb fool you. I can’t stand flowery perfumes. I get headaches, and anything rose scented makes me gag, literally. I also have allergies. My hubby bought this for me but it was too late to return, so I tried it. Love! It’s fresh, clean, a little spicy, and easy to wear as an everyday perfume. I didn’t get flowery at all! Maybe it’s my body chemistry, but this perfume is one reason I got two of these boxes.

        Give it a try. It is an allure best of beauty winner (best classic fragrance) for a reason. It surprised the heck out of me!

        • Thanks for the comment Ann. I always stayed away from that scent because of the name and because sooooo many fragrances aggravate my allergies and give me a headache. When it’s bad it aggravates my allergy induced asthma so I’m afraid to try new scents. I might make a trip to a department store to try the scent first before opening the sample so if I gift it or swap it, it will still be new.

          • I pretty much hate all department store or high end frangances. They all give me an instant headache. Flowerbomb is the only thing I can wear. It’s actually a creamy floral with some vanilla. At least that’s what it smells like to me. It’s unique and amazing. I hope you love it!

          • Thanks Amanda. I couldn’t reply to you so I tried to reply here. It’s great that you found a scent that works well for you. I guess that it smells different based on your body chemistry. I hope I like it too.

  19. Totally going to buy it when it goes live for everyone else. I’ve been itching to try the hourglass primer. the TF lipstick and SK-II are items I’m interested in too.

  20. eh, kind of boring. glad i skipped.

    • Plus SKII is Procter & Gamble. One of the largest animal testing companies. I wrote them once. Their response went as such, “Sorry, we are trying not to test on so many animals.” How do they sleep at night? sick. I really try my hardest not to buy P&G. So many products made by them. I don’t mean to preach, but it is good to be aware of it.

      • Thank you, Laura!! I will never understand why people don’t care if their lipstick or mascara was tested on animals. 😔

        • I dont necessarily think people do not care about testing on animals but more a concern about safety and effectiveness. Drug testing starts with animals rather than humans. If we were to judge everyone who does not use cruelty free products yet still consume medicine and other goods that have utilized animal testing, where does the hypocrisy start and end?

  21. Oh man, I want that lipstick just because of the packaging 😉

  22. I feel like I kind of jumped the gun. I missed out last time and was really jealous but this is just not doing a whole lot for me. I REALLY don’t need another moisturizer and I’ve tried the essence before and I think it made me break out. Those definitely seem to be the hero items of the bag too. Oh well. I’m happy for everyone who is excited. And I can always use a good lipstick.

    • Saaaame. Ah well, hopefully this taught me my lesson haha.

  23. Ended up pulling the trigger on this just a few hours ago and now I wish I had waited for spoilers. It’s all just kinda “meh” to me, even though I love trying luxury brands. I have my HG mascara and don’t need any more samples, I have way too much skincare, I still haven’t used the SK II sample I got as a point perk months ago, and perfume samples are usually wasted on me (part of why I cancelled my regular Play subscription recently.) I’m a sucker for lipstick but I just have so many, the only thing I need is the primer and it’s definitely not worth $20.

    I ordered because of FOMO but I might end up returning. I don’t have a Sephora local to me though so I usually end up keeping things I intend to return. Just wish I hadn’t spend the $20 to be underwhelmed 😕 I’m sure it’s great for some people though.

  24. Love this !! The SK-II is great I have a little sample I was saving because I didn’t want to run out of it ..happy to have more !

  25. I’ve tried 2 of the items in the box and don’t mind getting to try them again. I’ve never tried a Tom Ford lipstick, so excited for that and the AmorePacific the most. Not as exciting as the Iconic box, but still worth it to me.

    • for me Iconic was much more better 🙁

    • Yeah, I’m especially excited about the AmorePacific Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Creme. 🙂

  26. The Tom Ford lippie is the same color as the one from the promo, so I’m a little bummed about that since I already have it.

    The Hourglass primer is an excellent product, but I already have several, so I’m a little bummed about that, too.

    The Diorshow is one of the best mascaras I’ve ever tried!

    The SK-II Essence is their most iconic product and I’m both excited about it and wary since it’s super pricey and worried I’ll fall in love with it.

    The Flowerbomb seems like a small size, but it’s way bigger than most vials, so it should be a mini.

    I have mixed feelings about these spoilers. They’re great products but I’m not sure I would have bought this if I had seen them.

    • Ok but silver lining Christmas is coming up and some of thes will make great gift extras👍☺

    • If you haven’t tried Missha First Treatment Essence, give it a try. It’s much more affordable than the SKII and I like it lot. I got a sample in a Target box months back and I’ve bought full sized bottles of both the intense and moist versions. Right now on the website, they’re having a special. If you purchase the full sized 150ml Intense First Treatment Essence, you get a economy sized bottle (125 ml) of toner for free. If you’ve already tried it, then please disregard.

      • I love the Missha Essence

        • Me too. I love Missha because they are usually quality products at reasonable (mid-level) prices.

  27. YES! Excited about this box

  28. I think it’s an amazing bag for $20. I won’t use the Mascara but it can make for a good gift or something.

  29. Yes! I’ve been dying to try HG Mineral Veil. Only thing I won’t use is the mascara.

  30. glad I didnt get 2 of them. was hoping for HOurglass blushes or bronzers

  31. What do you think the value of this bag is? I’m trying to justify my expense. Not that I can take it back now hahah!

    • Well, just the AmorePacific cream is valued at $24 based on full size for $150. That alone covers the cost of the box, so I think your purchase is totally justified! 🙂

      • The mascara is 1.5 ml. Totally overlooked that one.

        • Oh man, that’s really small. The full size is 10 ml. At 28.50, it’s worth $4.27.

    • Yeah, in my quick and dirty calculations, it’s worth at least $72. I couldn’t calculate the mascara as the size wasn’t listed. Great value!

      • I also calculated about $72 as well excluding the mascara 🙂

    • I’m most excited about the Tom Ford lippie.
      Full size is $54 at .1 oz/~ 2.8 g And we get 1 g of lipstick
      So the Lipstick alone is worth about ~ $18

    • $9 for the Hourglass Primer
      $21 for the Amore Pacific
      $18 for the Tom Ford Lipstick
      $20ish for the Essence…

      already worth it. If my math is wrong, I’m sleepy!!

      • The SK2 Essence is $189 for 330ml at Costco, so 10ml is about….$6?

        • not everyone has access to costco. So, the price is based on what is on sephora’s site.

          20ish is about right.

          • actually it would be more around 11 to 12. so it is between the 6 and 20

    • Here are my calculations based on normal size products (neither travel nor jumbo) and excluding the bag. Total value $73.35. And for the items the first price is value and the second is what we paid based on $20 for the box: AP $24/$6.50, HG $7.20/$1.94, TF $18.24/$4.92, SK $11.13/$3, Dior $4.28/$1.16, FB $8.50/$2.30
      I don’t feel too bad about not using black mascara!

      • Who said math class was a waste of time 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Great job. I don’t use mascara and always give them away.

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