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Play! By Sephora August 2017 Box #205 FULL SPOILERS!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

We have full spoilers for the August 2017 Play! By Sephora #250 #205! (Thanks Lily!)

Play! By Sephora Box #205 will include:

What do you think of the spoilers?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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  1. am I the only one with #489? 0.o

  2. Am I only #551??

    • I am 551

  3. am i the only with #489?

  4. This is not my box but I love the bag! I’ve only come across one other person with my box number (#148). I hope it’s a good one!

  5. Uh oh….I haven’t seen anyone mention #221. Not a good sign for me lol. Probably the worst variation.

  6. I’m box 189, I’d love to have a mini sized version of my light blue perfume, the Clinique mascara and the mini beautyblender. I wish there were more spoilers. 🙁

    • Me too #189!!! Hope we get some spoilers soon!!!!!

      • #189 clan also! : D

        I’m hoping for the beauty blender, always wanted to try the small one, and the hourglass stick… I want to see what the hype is about! **come on spoilers**!!

    • I have #205 and I’m getting the perfume you want. I’d be happy to make a trade. Not much in my box I want especially the Lancer polish method, too harsh on my sensitive skin. Would love any of the others except the Glam!!!

    • I’d also be happy to trade the mascara you want as that is in my box too!

  7. This is my box and I got it today! It is indeed 205, not 250.

    The foundation stick is really nice, and a good color for me.

    The Beauty Blender is TINY! I’m not very good at putting eyeshadow in my inner corners, etc., so I’ll try it out for that.

    I’ve never tried Living Proof dry shampoo so I’m excited to try it.

    Clinique has lately stepped up its mascara game — its old mascaras were so useless, but I recently got one of their Chubby Lash mascaras as part of a GWP and it’s actually really good. This one looks good for throwing in my travel makeup bag. Haven’t tried it yet so I can’t comment on the formula.

    • What shade foundation did you get? I am wondering if they would match it to our color iq.

  8. I want this box! It looks great. I’m 122. I hope it’s close to this.

    • I’m getting 122 also!

      • 122 for me also.

        • Did you get your box?

  9. My box isn’t coming this month due to a billing error ☹️ but this looks like a good month

    • Hmm? I missed out on this box too because of billing error. Sephora claimed there was a problem processing my payment (credit card was on file – and had not expired). I was out of town. When I came back, they had cancelled it. They said they couldn’t re-instate but I could sign up again. I did – but now they’ve told me I won’t get the August box because it was billed Aug 1-4 during the period they’d cancelled my subscription. I wonder if our situations were similar?

  10. Am I the only person with box #213?

    • I have 213 as well.

    • I have #213 too.

    • 213 here and I’m really hoping the mini blender is in that one too!

    • #213 here also. Can’t wait for spoilers! I loved my box last month, so I’m hoping for something good again. This box (above) looks awesome so we’ll see. 😉

  11. This was my box and it was meh. Swapping out all but Lancer and Hourglass fountain stick.

    • What shade was the Hourglass?

    • Where do you swap them? I have SO many of these from various beauty boxes…

    • Oh I covet that tiny beauty blender! I’d love to swap!

  12. This is actually a good box. There are two makeup items, one makeup tool, one skincare item, one haircare item and one fragrance.

    I expect the other variations will have a similar breakdown of products.

    • first time I’ve seen a make-up tool in a sephora box.

      • my first or second play box i ever got had the sephora brand beauty blender in it!

  13. I love this bag, but I’m 130. Impatiently waiting to see it!

    • Meee as well!

  14. I saw a different spoiler for this box and it said it was #205. Same contents.

  15. I would be thrilled with the mini blender and swap the rest

  16. I’m box 708. I am pretty impressed with this box

  17. #205 here. So curious!

    • it is supposed to be 205 not 250

    • How do you know what box number you are ?

  18. Darn, this isn’t my box. But I do like the goodies listed! Hopefully this month makes up for the last 2.

  19. How do you know what number you have?

    • After you click on the Order for this box, it’ll be the last 3 digits of the Item number.

  20. This is actually a good box. Too bad I cancelled, so no box for me this month :~

  21. ooo i love the lancer polish! im box 130 though so hopefully there will be some amazing goodies in there!

    • I have the Lancer polish and I have tried it before. It is too harsh for my sensitive skin. Willing to sell or swap. I put some replies in here yesterday but I’m not sure if I’m set up properly to see any replies. Willing to let go of Lancer polish, the Hourglass foundation stick, the perfume and the mascara. I am #205

  22. Dang it! I would LOVE this box! I’m getting 130

  23. #130 here too. Anxious to see the spoilers!

  24. This isn’t my box (I’m 130) but it looks promising! Anything Hourglass is okay by me!

  25. I’m interested in trying the foundation, love mascara so I don’t care if I get one from every sub every month, and always like a new perfume – but the rest is meh. Last month was so great. Glad this isn’t my box.

  26. I am excited for this months boxes! i have high hopes that if their are foundation that they actually match my fair skin.

    • I also have a light complexion. This is my box and if the foundation color is beige like the link and another site said, then sadly I won’t be able to use this sample. I think they should match samples based on saved color iqs if they are on someone’s profile

      • Mine came today and it’s shell (box 130)

  27. Wow that is a REALLY good box! Personally, I already have a full size if the Lancer (it’s great, btw), I’ve already tried the Hourglass (it’s not for me but it’s really popular), and have a mini Beauty Blender that I never use. So this wouldn’t be the best box for ME, but it’s impressive. Props for the Hourglass AND Lancer inclusions!!

  28. This box looks great to me but I’m #130. Send me all of your dry shampoos! 🙂

    • I have 130 too but I don’t need the shampoos (heehee).

  29. Anyone else have #188?

    • I have 189

  30. Hoping I get this his box ! That is my favorite foundation and dry shampoo :), and I would love to a lancer product.

  31. Oooh this box looks great. I’m #197, hoping for the hourglass stick!

    • Same!

    • Me, too! (I could also use another BB mini!)

    • Me too! So excited

  32. I am getting box 122 and 155 😃 Hopefully their good boxes 😊
    Kinda bummed this isn’t my box, I would like to try the hourglass vanish stick foundation:/

  33. Is this 205 or 250? Mine says 205 but I haven’t seen mention of 250. This is my last play box for a while , I cancelled earlier. Ugh this looks like a letdown. Please stop with dry shampoo.

  34. I’m #130 – where did people see what was in that box? I can’t see it on the app

    • I don’t think it’s been revealed yet

  35. O.M.G. this box is amazing. I hope I get the Hourglass in my shade!

  36. Great month for sephora. I’d love to try the foundation stick in a light color if anyone is swapping! 😉

  37. I’m a little confused that they are providing a foundation sample. I mean what are the odds it will actually match.

    • That’s what I’m worried about. The profiles don’t give enough information for them to match our foundation accurately. If it isn’t a match im going to be a little upset and prob try to talk to customer service about it. Not that it will do anything but still

  38. Man this would be perfect for me. 🙁 hopefully #122 is just as good.

    • I’m getting 122 as well. Let’s hope for the best lol.

  39. I have #197. Kind of glad this isn’t my bag because

    1) I literally bought this dry shampoo and a beauty blender from Sephora four days ago.
    2) I don’t really use mascara too much so it would probably be a waste.

    I would’ve liked to try the Hourglass foundation but it’s no big loss. I hope my bag is better!

    • Am box 197 too!! Hopefuly our items are as good as this box 🙂

  40. Thanks Liz! Was waiting with bated breath on some spoilers….I like this one! Now I gotta log in & see what box I’m getting =)

  41. I’m #189. I would love to try the foundation stick, but only in my matching shade, of course. The Living Proof is the only item I’ve tried, and I like it, so not a bad bag imo, if the foundation stick works for your skin tone.

    • I’m 189, too! This box looks great, so hopefully the others will be, too. I don’t care say which products look great for fear of jinxing myself, lol.

      • I’m 189 too!!! Do u knw what we’re getting already!!!???

  42. Last month’s box was so amazing, but nothing in this box interests me at all. I’m getting #189, so hopefully that one will be better.

  43. This is such a good box. I have been eyeing on the Hourglass foundation stick for quite a while, a mini beauty blender is always useful, the dry shampoo and the perfume are from my all time fav brands, and the lancer one is $19 for a small tube. God, can someone swap me for this box? I will gladly take the whole box from those who dont want theirs

  44. Mine is 130, but box does not look exciting. Last month was great box, but I think it is time to cancel.

    • I’m feeling the same way with Sephora lately. Seems like every month half the items are different from my profile, and have been offered as deluxe samples with purchase online, so nothing really new 😕

  45. I like this box because I have been dying to try the coveted hourglass foundation stick but I am getting #189. Hoping for the best. 😀

  46. I have #189, glad this isn’t mine either, since I’ve gotten most of these from other subs.

  47. Omg I really want the bag!!! Why did I unsubscribe, if anyone wants to send me their bag, I would be forever grateful

    • Im not sure which box i am getting but i would be happy to send the bag, I have plenty of them and can’t really carry them around anyway due to very fragile bones. ill put mine up on my swap profile when i get it

      • How do you create a swap profile?

    • I’d be willing to send mine

    • I’m not sure how this works but I’d be willing to part with mine

  48. I’m box #189, but for the most part this gives me hope! That’s a very decent box! (No more dry shampoo, pretty please?)

  49. Ditto. I’m not a fan of dry shampoo or foundation that will inevitable not be a match for me. The bag is kinda cute. I see Sephora is going back to its roots of simple black & white bags.

    • Well an all-white bag. Not black/white.

  50. Phew. Glad this is not my box. I have #122.

    • I’m 122 as well. This looks like a good one to me, I would love to have the Lancer in mine.

    • Same — #122 also!

    • I’m also 122, hoping for some good variations because I’ve tried literally every item in this box

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