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GlossyBox August 2017 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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We have full spoilers for the August 2017 Glossybox thanks to bellium in the forum!

Here is one version of the August box:

What do you think of the full August spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for GlossyBox yet:

Now through August 31st, use coupon code FREEJOSIE get a free FREE Josie Maran Argan Illuminizing Powder with your first month of Glossybox!

Your first box will be the August GlossyBox. Check out our GlossyBox reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Update:
    They just contacted me that they will replace the broken Blush in a few weeks – I’m happy for that.
    However, I signed up for 3 months at 10 each. All I received was one box. Customer service says I only signed up for a “monthly” subscription so August is my last box. This is not right at all. So the saga continues.
    It’s a shame because I like the box – but the stress of trying to get what I paid for is too stressful for me personally.

  2. Wow! Lots of negative comments about this box and GB in general. I’ve had the sub for about 2 years and I agree that all products aren’t great all the time but it’s a discovery box so there will be misses. I’ve never had problems with CS, late boxes, broken or missing products. Sept will be my last box for awhile only because I have too many products.

  3. Not happy at all with mine I received 2 face cleansers and a mask. They had us pick a blush and I did not get the one I picked. pixie thing I will never use and I am not sure about the Mascara.
    Last month my nail polish remover thing was all dried up and they wouldn’t do anything about it.
    next month is my last month and only because I subbed for 3 months . I will stick to my boxycharm and that is about it.

  4. I haven’t got my August box yet but I got an email from the company stating that this month’s box supposed to have a lip product but wasn’t included in the box.

    • *gotten

  5. Is glossy box officially a $10 box now? The curation is definitely not that of a $20 one… It’s like they don’t care. You can’t promise 3 full size products and not even bother delivering on that with the cheap ones! I mean the pixie brow gel was smaller than the advertised full size… and they’re counting a HALF a blush set as a full size product which I guess makes sense since all of us are paying half price for their box. At least the mask was full size but I doubt i’m going to even bother giving them another chance even at $10 a box.

  6. I sent my daughter the July box intact without checking it. Alas, the Blush that many of you had issues with was sadly broken. I emailed them and received an automatic response saying to expect 10 to 14 business days until they reply – yikes!
    Like many, I took advantage of the 3 months sub. Sadly, I will be cancelling as I don’t think it’s worth double. At $10 a box, it’s a great way to try new products, despite the breakage and overwhelmed CS.
    If I read the comments correctly, I can cancel
    Now and still receive my 3rd and last box for September – is this right?

    • No, you need to allow them to charge you for September if you still want to receive it.
      As I recall, they charge on the 15th of the month.

      • They charged me the $30.00 right away so i think you can cancel.

        • Ugh! I just cancelled as they did already charge me. However, they only sent me 2 boxes.
          So I’m wondering if I need to re-activate my subscription to receive September. But the new problem is they have my account listed as having received June July and August. Not so – never received June. I can see this is a nightmare.
          I’ve emailed CS and am afraid if I re-sub I’ll be charged $21 for September. Not happy.

          • I signed up for the promotion for 3 months for $30 for the July August and September boxes. My August box will be delivered tomorrow but July was never sent. At least I am not the only one.

        • Oh, I didn’t know they did that sort of thing for promotions.

          • I signed up for this great promotion for 3 months… despite reading the horror stories. I should have known better.
            Now I have one email pending about a broken Blush and a new email about only receiving 2 boxes after being charged for 3.
            This shall teach me to be more selective 🙀

  7. I got a different variation as well. I got the three items everyone is getting (the Pixi brow, the lancome mascara and the doucce blush in vintage mauve – it is more red than mauve) and for the other three items I got the Sesha hydro mask, a Bliss foaming face wash toner and a Beautiful Nutrition Lemon Rinse for hair).

    I’m actually happy with my box because these are items I will actually use. I am a little disappointed in the sizes of the products but Glossybox is global and their boxes abroad seem similar content-wise.

    • I got the same variation as you with my second account, except I got 2 mascaras, I guess by mistake? I’m so happy it was different from my first box.

    • I received a different variation…
      -Pixi Petra Brow Tamer
      -Lancome Mascara
      -Douce Blush in Vintage Mauve
      -Sesha Skin Therapy Botanical Hydro Mask
      -Bliss Body Butter
      -OGX Beauty Strength + Body Bamboo Fiber-Full Thickening Root Booster

      I already cancelled this subscription. For starters they sent me the July box twice and I had signed up when they were giving the Ohh La la box as an extra for signing up. The roll on stick perfume in that box was completely dried out and crumbling and when I contacted customer service to exchange it for one that was in proper condition they basically told me sucks for you and we’re not replacing it.
      I’d rather give my money to a company that stands by their products and cares about paying customers

      • I actually had a decent exchange with customer service when the product they sent me was old, and dried out but it was still snarky and I was told that this was the one and only time they would switch out the product. (It was that horrendous red eyebrow powder stuff) but she did let me get a $30 Viche face cream instead.

  8. I received this box but with the Rituals shower wash instead of the mask. If I’m being honest, I will get use out of every single product in this box, shower gel, hand cream, under eye pads, brow gel, etc., but I still feel underwhelmed by the curation and size of products. Their website specifically said 3 full size items in the August box, but based on the pamphlet they sent this month, the only full size item in the box was the blush, I think the Pixi was supposed to be full size, but I saw a review video that pointed out that the full size stated in the pamphlet does not mach the one that was sent out, and I think they counted the eye pads as a full size since it is a set… which is lame because their pamphlet also states full size as four sets!
    I received the blush in Pink Beach when I requested Vintage Mauve in the survey (Pink Beach is a beautiful color though). I reached out to customer service about receiving the wrong blush shade out of principle. They might not do anything about it, but at least I made them aware of the issue, and maybe it will help deter them from asking about color choices in the future if they can’t follow through with the requests. Lower cost subscription boxes are stepping up their game in order to compete but Glossybox seems to be struggling. Can I point out that their primary spoiler, the Lancome Monsieur Big was also in August’s Ipsy bag.
    My issue with Glossybox isn’t even so much with the products that they do send, since I know that they may be a really good fit for some people, I’m upset that they hype up their boxes and make promises they can’t fulfill.

  9. Got my box today – I haven’t seen anyone get my variation yet. Also, the Lancôme mascara isn’t even travel size. On Sephora, the travel size is listed at 4 ml and costs $12. The one Glossybox is sending out is 2 ml, so that’s worth $6.

    Here’s what I received, with cost breakdown:

    • Lancome Mascara (deluxe sample 2ml)…$6
    • Doucce Blush (1 pan)…$14
    • Pixi Brow Tamer…$10
    • Dr. Babor Eye Gel Pads (1 set)…$7.25
    • Bliss grapefruit Body Butter (1 oz sample)…$4.15
    • Aromafloria For Feet’s Sake foot butter (1 oz)…$4.00
    GRAND TOTAL: $45.40

    • Gosh, that is such a poor value for a $21 box…
      I am so glad I didn’t jump on any of the numerous Glossybox offers, I had a feeling the boxes would be disappointing even at $10 each.

      • Absolutely. This is my first box and I was thoroughly disappointed. I purchased a 3 month subscription, so hopefully they will do better next time.

  10. Can someone please explain to me how you can sign up for this box on July 28th and your first box arrives on August 10th. And it. Says on glossybox site your subscription ends in September but it also clearly says you signed up for 3 months. Btw I did not get the magnetic compact I only got a blush pan.??? Help ??

    • If you signed up for the 3 month deal at $10 before the end of July, you should be getting the July, August, and September boxes, thus your sub would end in September. However, it sounds like quite few people are getting their august box before the July which is a little odd. You can contact Glossybox, but good luck getting a response from them soon. If you aren’t feeling the boxes you should cancel before the 15th of September or else I believe they will renew you for 3 months at regular price. I canceled mine super early, at the beginning of August, just to be on the safe side. Getting a response from customer service is slow, but canceling is surprisingly easy.

      • Yes have already cancelled, this box seems screwy and the items aren’t all that. But that is my opinion

      • This happened to me too! I got the August box but not the July box. If they no longer have the July box available they should at least offer August, September and perhaps the October box instead of the July box

        • What pray tell do I do with this dinky little 1 blush pan with no compact to put it in. Geez lord all mighty… So sorry but comparing it to boxycharm is like comparing a bar of soap to a watermelon. Boxycharm is the best box on the market for me. I will never look back… I have cancelled. Bye Felicia!!

          • If you subbed the month before, they sent out the compact and other pan of blush. .they made it stretch over two months ,instead of one..look into getting a z pallet and put it in there…a z pallet is quite handy,,Walmart sells them..etsy has a great selection too

  11. Just got mine and it was a different variation than this box (I can email pics if you want!). Aside from the Doucee bush, Pixi Brow tamer, and Lancôme Mascara (which are items it looks like everyone got?), I also received:

    -Sesha Skin Therapy Botanical Hydro Mask (a single mask sheet with a listed value of $9/sheet)

    -Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash (in a travel size of 2 oz, full sized is $24 for 6.6oz)

    And finally, a “Glossy Fave Bonus Product”

    -Lemon Rinse Gentile Clarifying Treatment (full size is listed at $10/ 13.3 oz, the size sent was 2 oz…)

  12. I got this exact same box. Thank god for small mercies!

    But I will be canceling again after my $10/month deal ends. Unless they offer another one….

    • I’m not even in for another $10. Byeeeeee

      Hello Boxycharm

  13. I canceled glossy a year ago and never looked back! Boxycharm gave us a full tarte palette this month!! Plus an entire brush set and 3 more things for
    The same price as glossy! There is NO comparison!!! None! Boxycharm is the best!

  14. I am glad I canceled this one. I loved some of the special edition boxes, but their regular box went way down in value and substance.

  15. Well I guess a lot of us feel unlucky. I still have yet to see the july box .much less this one.

  16. Just got my box. On my picks sheet it says I got a bonus product. The Rituals Cosmetics shower foam(1.6oz). The other five products are the blush, brow tamer, mascara and body butter in blood orange plus white pepper(yuk). I couldn’t even get the lemon one! This is not even close to $100. 6 products and only the blush is full size. Nothing broken this month!

    • I just got this exact box. What a bummer. I was hoping for the clay mask. Glad I cancelled.

    • This is my box too. The white pepper scent seems like an odd addition to the lotion. It reminds me of the scratch-n-sniff stickers from way back when.

      The blush is the color I selected (pink beach) and it is a great color on me. I like Rituals shower gel. Actually everything is this box is great. No complaints other than the lotion scent. It’s greasy too.

      this was my 3rd box of a the $30 special and I had already cancelled.

    • Lol…I love that body butter scent. I didn’t get it tho..did anyone get the lipstick that is mentioned in the pamphlet? I am really trying to love this subscription, but failing miserably..Will see what they offer for black Friday…yes ladies it will be here before we know it.

  17. So canceled. How do you make me feel gypped and I only spent $10?! That’s a spectacular feat.

    I can’t imagine them staying in business with boxes like this, especially at their normal price point.

  18. I didn’t get the clay mask 🙁 which is the only thing I wanted here besides the mascara…. i got some delux sample of a shower gel… like 2 use max… -_- … after a horrible costumer service experience last month + this box 🙁 i wont be keeping this… not even worth the 10 bucks deal

    • Yes.

    • I am so out after next month. I had no full size product in my box. Last month they left out the Aerin product and I emailed CS with no response. How do they stay in business? This is the worst sub box I have ever subbed to! I really really hate Glossybox!

      • I didn’t get that either last month, but I did get some truffle oil cleanser.

        This month I didn’t get the clay mask. I got a whipped shower cleanser or something like that. I am not home to look at it right now.

        I cancelled.

        • I’d actually much prefer the Ritual foam cleanser. Rituals is actually a nice brand in Europe and I like their products. The Freemans mask is a new drugstore product (the full size is only like $8) so I am not as interested in that one.

          • It was a very small sample of the product. I love it, but I had it in a past box and bought the Rituals box recently. I would rather have the mask because it is a better value and in my case, it is a repeat. The whole box was terrible, really.

    • Box Twins! I am so disappointed with Glossybox.

  19. Never pay full price for Doucce Blush..they shouldnt even be on the high-end category..and other brands like Ofra and Kadar Manna dont deserve to be high ends/..they are worthless

    • Agreed, made in China junk.

      • Funny, I really like Doucce. Their consistency is creamy and their pigmentation is great. I’m a fan.

  20. This box has a max of $85 if the eye pads set is worth $29…if not…then it is even lower. TBH this box is pathetic when I thought glossybox was supposed to be over $100 dollars worth, so they need to get it together asap.

    • Amanda, the eyepads are actually only 1 set and the package you quote is for 4…thus the Glossy pads are $7.20 a set. (see below for breakdown)

      • Lancome Mascara (travel size)…$12.
      • Doucce Blush (1 pan)…$14.
      • Pixi Brow Tamer…$10.
      • Dr. Babor Eye Gel Pads (1 set)…$7.20
      • Bliss Body Butter (1 oz sample)…$4.15
      • Freeman Charcoal Mask (FS)…$7.99
      GRAND TOTAL: $55.34

      • Wow! I was planning on cancelling after the first month but forgot to. I’m definitely canceling after I get my box. I love BoxyCharm and just got my Ipsy and love what I got. I don’t need this stuff and I’m paying full price right now.

    • It is 1/4 the full size of the eye pads. So, yeah 🙁

  21. Does anyone else laugh at the phrase “travel size mascara”? As if when you are packing your lugage anyone would ever think or better switch out this tiny tube to a slightly tinier “travel sized” tube of mascara? smh

    • This one is 1/2 the size of the travel version. So I guess that makes it travel size for gnomes? Or overnight size?

      • “Travel size for gnomes” is the best sample size descriptions I have ever read. Birchbox seems to exclusively cater to the gnome population– it makes so much sense now! Hahah

  22. I got my box today.. everything was the same except for the clay mask. I got a 1.6fl.oz Ritual shower gel instead. Also.. I did not get the eye shadow color I picked. This box was just not even worth the $10 for me. Very disappointed..

    • I got the same thing as you 🙁 Which means absolutely nothing I received was full-size. I already knew I was breaking up with Glossybox this month (I cancelled last month but they make you hang on for one more), and this really solidified my decision. The products this month were a lot better quality than last month, but it still wasn’t enough to sway me.

  23. Ah, Glossybox and I may be breaking up this month. Glad this was a glossydots box for me.

    • Haha. Glossy and I just broke up. I’m worth more than the way they treat me, I don’t care how much the value of the box is. Why do we support this kind of mediocrity? I dare say, every one here is worth more than the way they are being treated by glossy. There are so many subs out there that are honest, have integrity and treat you like you matter to them. I won’t accept this in my life anymore.

  24. Just don’t think it is worth full price after my 10$ a month is up. I will be cancelling

    • This, already cancelled

      • Can you please tell me how to cancel? I looked in the FAQ and I do not have a grey cancel button.

        • I myself was having some trouble with this, but it’s pretty easy to cancel. Log into glossybox and on the left you would see “Recurring Profiles and Subscriptions”. Click that button and select “Cancel Subscription”. Make sure to cancel before August 14th else you will be charged for the September box.
          Hope you succeed with cancelling!

          • If we cancel the sub will we still get the Sept box we bought with the 3 month plan?

          • Amyr, yes you should still receive the boxes you have already paid upfront for, even if you cancel. I went ahead and canceled… They had some decent boxes in the spring, but I’m not even excited about receiving this box. I went ahead and got the $10 promo even though I felt the July box wasn’t super exciting just because I thought the mascara would be a cool product. I can’t help but feel I was misled into thinking it would be a full size product since it was the primary spoiler.

  25. Glossybox has been like this for the last couple of years.. I know because I’ve been watching every review in the hopes they will have some great products included that will make me cave and sub. It hasn’t happened. I won’t subscribe because the high price point items are usually unrecognizable, and the full size products are becoming few and far between.

  26. For $10 a month, I’ve been very happy with Glossy for the past three months. Wishing they’d do this deal again. I’d totally bite!

    • Yes, that would be great!

    • Yes, I would stay subscribed at $10. This month is a nice sampling of mostly new or relatively new products on the market. Glossybox likely received all these mostly trial sizes in this box free from the brands with the exception of the Doucce blush collab.

  27. A Freeman mask?? What is this, New Beauty?!??? 😄

    (I still I hope I get it though.)

  28. I ended up with two boxes for July. I contacted Glossybox and they told me to keep the second box as a gift. My first box was fabulous. I love the Arien beach cream. The second box had a lipstick instead of the beach cream. The lipstick was awful and turned my lips white. I am very happy that I got the box with the beach cream. I liked the remaining items. I ended up with 2 blushes same color, 2 face cleansers (one purifying and the other hydrating), 2 pawpaw lip balm (gave on to husband), 2 nail polish remover things. The last item was also different, one box had after sun lotion instead of Luseta shampoo and conditioner. I loved the Luseta shampoo and conditioner. It smelled great and I was able to wash my long hair with it three times.
    Glossybox was quick to respond to my emails.

    • Not to sound sarcastic, but you got an email back, quickly? I am still waiting for emails to be responded to that I sent now a month ago.

      • I emailed and sent a Facebook message on Tuesday of last week. I got a generic message that said that they are behind on responding but would get back to everyone and not to send multiple emails/messages or it takes your name to bottom of list on Wednesday. Monday morning they got back to me with that response. Six days is a little long for a response but at least I was aware that they were behind.

        • It took them five weeks to reply to me in the past, so six days is honestly super-quick by their standards.

    • took them 6 WEEKS to email me back…

      • Do you have Facebook messenger? I would try there. Your email might have been overlooked. It happens when you have tons of emails to go through.

      • I feel your pain …I’m sorry..
        It’s just me,or I think that in every post of Glossybox offer should have a red flag for newbies?
        I feel bad for people new in the game and first get in the site…
        I mean it’s bad publicity for the site , because it cause trust issues for those who don’t understand how things goes and might withheld something awesome like the joy of an awesome box getting in your home instead of fighting for your rights ,it’s an ordeal dealing with that company…

  29. Glossybox costs $21 a month and this month’s so called bounty is worth a tad more than $54. Not only is that a bad payoff, but the items are feeble at best.

    I have been a Glossybox subscriber for a while and am positively fed up with their horrendous Customer Service, careless packing (how many times have I received a broken item?) and an odd mix of items that continue to leave me scratching my head.

    This August box is my very last delivery from Glossybox and I truly suggest that anyone looking towards them as a possible new subscription OR someone who is coming off of their $10. deal: Glossy is a TERRIBLE choice!

    • I agree with everyone here that their service is horrendous. However, I don’t see how getting $54 worth of stuff for $21 is a bad payoff? Now if you got $21 worth for $54…

      • We are spoiled by Boxycharm, where for the same price (and without sales tax, btw) the retail value of each individual box is almost always over $100.
        It’s generally customary for a beauty box to offer a much higher value than what the customers are paying for it, or it won’t be regarded as a worthwhile box.

      • Bonnie, for what they promise and what they have provided in the past, this is a poor choice. Almost every month lately, has an item that has been broken, deleted or distorted in some way, PLUS the items are odd (IMHO). They are not cohesive, they are strange brands and half assed. Now how many subscriptions would give you only a partial palette for a month’s box?

        They have gotten cheap, careless and we all know their Customer Service is next to nonexistent.

        In any event, these are the reasons I made the claim this is a bad payoff for any box, much less one that costs $21.

        PS, my ‘blush’ has come broken now 3x…still waiting for one I can use.

  30. I am happy if this is it, well worth the $10 deal

  31. Sigh. I finished the 3 months/$10 deal this month. This is just alright for $10, and even then I’m not loving this selection. The mascara and body butter will get used eventually (I’m on product overload), but the rest will go in the gift/donate box. I started with Glossybox in 2014, and back then it was luxury skin care, high end nail polish, full size makeup….not cheapo masks and blush palettes sent in installments.

    Ah, Glossybox memberberries.

    • Memberberries! “Don’t you ‘member?” Lol!

  32. So the value of this month’s box is supposed to be $103. Adding up this version comes nowhere near that amount. The mask is $7.99. The Bliss would be roughly $4.50 (full size is 6.7 oz and is $29 on amazon). The Babor is $14.50 (a set of 4 is $29). Mascara is $6 (0.13 oz is $12). The Pixi brow tamer is $10 for .19oz. The blush I’m unsure of but I believe they listed last month’s as $14(?).

    That totals $56.99. That’s $46 under their quoted value. I know the subs often inflate their prices, but c’mon. It’s still a good deal for a box I bought for $10, but I would much rather them be honest about the value so I could respect them.

    • Just wondering where you noticed that Glossy advertised the August box would be valued at $103? I visit that website and this one quite regularly and don’t recall that dollar value. I thought I noted that the value would be closer to either $74 or $76 for the August box.

      • What I would like to know is what Glossy considers to be their 3 full size items? I only see one full size product item with that being the clay mask and Ultra retails that product at $7.99 currently.

        • I think the brow tamer is the other full-sized product with the blush being the other? If not the blush, then they could consider the eye gels a full-sized product even though they typically come in a multi-pack. I’ve seen other boxes consider one sheet mask a full-sized product even though you could purchase them in a box of 5 or 10.

      • I saw it somewhere today but I can’t remember where. I’m looking for it now. I was surprised considering the last two months averaged around $75. I can see how the value has dropped considering they’ve been giving out $10 box promos left and right.

        • I thin value dropped, because so many customers left.

          • OK, Let’s break down the ‘value’ of the August box by Glossybox:

            • Lancome Mascara (travel size)…$12.
            • Doucce Blush (1 pan)…$14.
            • Pixi Brow Tamer…$10.
            • Dr. Babor Eye Gel Pads (1 set)…$7.20
            • Bliss Body Butter (1 oz sample)…$4.15
            • Freeman Charcoal Mask (FS)…$7.99
            GRAND TOTAL: $55.34

            That is a hard sell for a $21 monthly box, especially when they claim a far higher monthly value.

      • Go to the MSA spoiler for the August Box. It states that the box is over $100.

      • It was in an e-mail they sent out to former subscribers yesterday. I remember they did that last July or August — they sent out an e-mail that said something to the effect of “all boxes this month will contain Nuxe Huile Prodigeuese and be worth minimum of $x.” Of course, when asked why my box didn’t contain the promised product and wasn’t worth the minimum value listed, they said that the e-mail was only meant to be sent to certain people and didn’t apply to everyone. I pointed out that, given that the e-mail literally said “all boxes,” it shouldn’t matter who the e-mail was sent to, and, of course, they ignored it and did nothing. So, I imagine that if we e-mail them to complain about our box values not being $103, their answer will be that current subscribers weren’t supposed to get that e-mail. I still have the e-mail, but there’s no way to post photos in the comments.

      • Check the previous Glossybox spoiler…it says $103 on the promo graphic

    • i agree. i saw the box advertised as $103 also but now can’t find it. Also on their website they say at least 3 full size items in the august box but all i see from that variation is the mask (which some variations did not receive) and the blush. Am I missing something?

      • It was in an e-mail they sent to former subscribers. I got it because they sent it to an e-mail address I used for an old Glossybox subscription. I remember last year they did the same thing in July or August with the Nuxe oil. They sent out e-mails to former subscribers advertising that all boxes would contain the Nuxe oil, and, when current subscribers didn’t get the oil and complained, Glossybox said that we weren’t supposed to see that e-mail. The e-mail literally said “all boxes,” so it shouldn’t have mattered whether we saw it or not, it should have just been in the box. So, I’m sure if we complain again this time, they will tell us that e-mail wasn’t meant for us. I guess the people who see the e-mail and resubscribe will get the nice boxes.

    • I found the $103 price quote. It’s listed under the spoiler for yesterday, #3. I think there is some language that you may have missed though, cause that price would include the $30 Josie Maran Argan highlighter. I copied this from that posting:

      Now through August 31st, use coupon code FREEJOSIE get a free FREE Josie Maran Argan Illuminizing Powder with your first month of Glossybox!

      • There it is! I thought I was going crazy when I couldn’t find it. Thank you. I see that value includes the Josie Maran powder. Though there value minus that powder is still off. I only paid $10 for this box so I’m ok with it but if I’d paid full price I’d be upset.

        I do wonder what will be in the other variations though because last month showed a huge value difference between them. That aerin bar was $30 (which seems insane to me. C’mon, it’s a bar of soap) while others had the De Bruyère after sun milk that was less than half that. It does smell nice though lol.

        I’m not trying to be a negative Nancy. I started with the June box and was really happy with it. Last month not so much but im hoping this month turns out better. I guess my point is that a lot of people signed up for their promos, myself included, but for those of you that have been long time subscribers I just don’t think it’s worth full price. And for someone that is about to end their promo I’m not sure I’m seeing enough to warrant doubling what I’ve been paying. Sorry if I rambled there. Ive become quite passionate about my subs lol.

  33. This is a good box, but lower in value. Happy I got the $10 deal.

  34. I was really hoping the mascara would be full size. Why hype it up since the last box and send a tiny sample?

    • I’m surprised too. And disappointed. I’ve heard such good things about this mascara. They started advertising it in the July box then send out a tube that’s 1/2 the size of the travel version.

      • Yes! Why even bother mentioning it if it’s not even a travel size?

        • I actually bought the full size when my Lancome consultant was teaching out to her customers for 25 plus a free gift with it. The full size is a huge tube. 10ml. I’ve read what’s coming is 2 mL so it’s actually 1/5 of the size. I wish I could add of pic of the full size box. :/ That makes it worth $5.

  35. my box was the same except the full sized Freeman mask. Instead I received a travel size Rituals foaming shower gel. Love Rituals so I’m happy.

  36. I’m still waiting for July 🙁

    • So am I. They keep sending me emails telling me my card information isn’t working. It’s the same card I used for June. I had the 10 dollar deal but canceled so I was only going to get 2 boxes. There is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to charge the same card twice. I’m not going to give them another one. I don’t trust them.

  37. I would use everything in this box…I’m happy to have 2 Glossy subs currently.

  38. This looks pretty good. Bravo Glossybox!

  39. I doubt this is the entire box for most of us. We will get the blush and mascara but the rest for each of us unknown.

  40. Will use everything in this box, so August is a winner for me.

    Full size mask? Yes please…

    • This is one variation of the box. They usually do 4 variations so other than the blush and mascara you may or not get all this in your box. I found that out the hard way!

    • Freeman masks cost all of $4.29 for a full size tube on Ulta, and are regularly on buy one get one 50% off sale. 🙂
      I mean, I actually like some of them, but it’s not a great value for a box.

      • I’ve seen the Freeman mud masques priced at $1.75. So even a lower value.

        • The trial size ones are cheaper, yes ($1.99 on the Ulta site, or 2 for $3 during the sales). This particular mask in the box is actually $8, so that sounds slightly better.

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