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FYI – Nerd Block May be Shutting Down

FYI – as of today, Thursday, August 3rd, all Nerd Block sites (including Shirt Punch) have been down for at least 2 days.

I’m not 100% certain this means Nerd Block is shutting down, but they haven’t posted on social media since July, and they aren’t responding to people on their Facebook account. And several Facebook users have posted that their brick and mortar stores in Canada are shutting down, too.

I’ve reached out to Nerd Block to get answers on what is going on, but if you don’t feel comfortable waiting to see if we get a response/if they come back online, I’d recommend reaching out to your credit card company to file a chargeback.

UPDATE: Also, they are still charging subscribers. We just were charged for one of our subscriptions today. (It shows up on our bank statement from FANBLOCKS)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (25)

  1. I paid up front last November for a year and only received my June horror box in July How can I get my money back? They sent out an email saying July would be sent out right after the June and apologized blaming it on the distributers. It is now August 30th and I have neither July or August. Any suggestions? Will my bank divide up the remainder or am I just out of luck?

  2. I’ve heard that their 2 physical locations are closed down.

  3. They charged me after I cancelled a subscription but I was able to get my money back from them. To be on the safe side I’ll be telling my bank to block them in case it happens again. The lack of communication from them has been abysmal. When they started the big diversification I had a bad gut feeling about that.

    • I have been in touch with my bank and have filed a claim. To me this is the same as theft. Will take up to 90 days for the investigation. Its not so much the money, but these people were fraudulent and I always say what goes around comes around. Karma is a b—h!

  4. There’s no maybe about this. Check out Reddit and the vendors saying the company owes 10k etc to some of them since 1Q. Employee was posting info too and deleted their personal account after. Thread of emails that block sent to its vendors apologizing for what they owed and working out plans. Anyone with any subscription left or who has been charged needs to get a chargeback from their bank/card company.

  5. I just got my normal monthly nerd block today. Although I couldn’t remember anything that was supposed to be in it and all the items seemed pretty random, but nothing I had received before. It also didn’t have an info card.

    This is the first I have heard of issues for them… Now I’m wondering if I should cancel before they charge for another month…

  6. I waited 2 months to receive one of the birthday blocks..and tried to email them 10x! And got all automated responses:( I told them I would never order anything from them ever again..this is a very shady company:( i finally received my block a few weeks ago..

  7. I joined this fly by night subscription in May and got what they called the July box! They charged my card for every month and the box I received had nothing they showed in advertising…! Most of all there was a key chain, a plastic bracelet, a power ranger squirt bottle and a lunch box that was not fit for a five year old girl!! And the one thing she was excited about was the T-shirt (and yes you guessed it) wasn’t in the box. I sent an email last night asking for my money to be returned for the boxes I never received and I could have gone to a Dollar Store for much much less than what I got! I’m waiting for my bank statement and if they haven’t returned my money or charged even more boxes! They better get themselves a lawyer because I will sue them not only for the money but the pain and suffering of my granddaughter! She watched day in and day out for her box to come for 3 months! And then she cried her little eyes out because she didn’t get what they advertised. Please if anyone has gotten in touch with these people or have an address I would greatly appreciate it! Sorry this is so long, but others need to know how shady they are!

    • [email protected] is their email, but I’m not sure if you’ll get a response.

      You can also dispute the charge on your credit card, as you haven’t received it. That should be your best option.

      You can also file a complaint with your states attorney general. Usually you can file the complaint easily on the AG website and they will contact them on your behalf. However, nerd block is a Canadian company so I don’t know if there will be road blocks for them to help you.

      • Thanks Ryan! I didn’t think of the attorney general but its a great idea since I’ve already tried their email a d have notified my bank to stop payments in the future.

      • You should disputes the charges with your bank or credit card company. From what I’ve seen via social media and YouTube they’ve closed up shop. They’ll likely file bankruptcy and nobody will be getting anything for a while if ever. Also, you didn’t get anything that was advertised because they can’t pay their vendors. The last boxes were filled with whatever they had leftover in their warehouse. So sorry your granddaughter was disappointed. Good luck!

    • You can’t actually sue for pain and suffering, but I’m sorry she was disappointed. It sucks that we have to be so weary!

      • The technical term would be negligent infliction of emotional distress but it would be a hard (read: essentially impossible) case to make in this type of situation

    • what was the shirt or what was the character/show on it? Also, what size would she need in it? Gonna see if i have it or one similar or can find the one she is wanting =)

  8. I had a sub finish a couple of months ago and was wondering why I hadn’t seen an email regarding new boxes. I’ll be sad to see them go if they can’t turn it around — they had some really good boxes!

  9. Wow. Just caught up on Reddit. This makes me nervous about Loot Crate with their delayed shipping and deep discounts on subscriptions and vault items recently. Hopefully they’ll be getting some new subbers now to strengthen their business. Start the chargeback process folks. It can’t hurt. (Sounds like almost all employees were let go a couple of days ago.)

    Rumors on Reddit=they over-ordered substantially at the end of 2016 and haven’t paid vendors for months.

    • Yeah, it makes me a bit nervous about Loot crate too, but i think their issues may be more from growing quickly and switching warehouses. Hopefully loot crate isn’t an issue, but it does seem like at least some issues are the manufacturers.

      • Loot crate has a healthy sub base, I think they just need to simmer down and focus on improving what they have, versus continuing to intro new boxes.

      • They’re bleeding subscribers. I just cancelled multiple subscriptions (core, dx, shirt, socks as well as gaming and anime which I sometimes skipped months on). Has saved me a ton of cash. I cancelled after waiting for ages for the twin peaks tee I believe took 3 months.

      • Read the reviews by employees (current and ex). Lots of frat boy hiring mentality and overpurchasing and expanding to so many boxes so quick. It’s a mess. I stopped all my subs I’ll buy on a one time basis and cancel immediately if I want any random box until they go belly up.

  10. They expanded so quickly to so many different subscriptions and specialty boxes I’m not surprised. It stinks that another geek box is probably falling under. I don’t even think there’s a comic book sub box left except Bento.

  11. Wow. Thank you so much for this info.
    (I’m also glad my husband didn’t sub again when his year was up…)

  12. That explains all the duplicate items in the last couple of boxes. They’re probably getting rid of all their back stock. Bummer.

  13. Yep, there has been a lot more information about this on reddit. Apparently Nerd Block still owes 1000s of dollars to vendors, who haven’t gotten paid for months. The vendors have released emails of them and Nerd Block communicating, and Nerd Block said something like they will try to pay them once they get out of their financial issue. Some Nerd Block employees also revealed that Nerd Block had been firing a lot of staff members. They said it isn’t looking good…

  14. It seems like this is the case when you look at all the comments and responses on FB. It would be a shame considering they had some really great items. It took me from the date I ordered one of their Birthday Blocks to date I received it, 1 month! No apology email or email stating they were having issues…nothing. Glad to have received it though considering I’ve seen many comments about people not getting anything that they ordered.

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