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FabFitFun Fall 2017 Box Spoiler #3,4,5 + Selection Time + $10 Coupon!

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It’s selection time for the Fall 2017 FabFitFun box!

If you are an annual subscriber, you can pick your color choice for the following items:

Private Party Gym Bag – Retail Value $59

trèStiQue Matte Color & Shiny Balm Lip Crayon – Retail Value $28

And EVERYONE can pick their choice of these items:

Which items are you picking?

If you are a new subscriber, and you sign up now, your first box will be the Fall Box. This box is regularly $49.99, but you can use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box!

Here is a closer look at some of the spoilers:

Private Party Gym Bag – Retail Value $59

You’ll get one of three phrases on the bag. Select members (annual subscribers) will be able to pick the bag of their choice!

It’s denim with cotton straps, an outer zip pocket, and measures about 20 inches long.

Here it is in hand to give you a better sense of scale:

Which bag do you want?

And in case you missed the first spoiler:

Mer Sea Cozy Wrap – Retail Value $98

This cozy wrap is 100% polyester knit (SUPER soft) and measures about 93″ by 21″ (counting fringe).

You’ll receive one of three colors:

Select members (annual subscribers) will be able to pick the color of their choice on the 21st.

Here is a better look at the other color options:

And here is the wrap on:

It is SO cozy and soft! The knit has a good weight to it, too. (One word of caution, it sheds. Make sure to have a lint roller the first time you wear it or pre-wash it!)

And FabFitFun also suggested using it as a bed runner when you aren’t wearing it.

If you are a new subscriber, and you sign up now, your first box will be the Fall Box. This box is regularly $49.99, but you can use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box!

Check out all of my FabFitFun reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I love this box for the full size products and add ons are amazing!!!

  2. I’m excited for this box—I love scarves…no such thing as too many for me. I prefer whimsical jewelry to things like belts which aren’t one size fits all so I usually have to give them away but they make nice gifts. I’ve been very happy with all of the boxes I’ve received and I keep the beach throw from the summer box in my desk at work to remind me to get away from my desk and eat my lunch in the park. I use it several times a week.

  3. Anyone interested in the other item spoilers there will be a Whish Mud Mask and a Le Bloc cuff in the Fall box

    • Ooh, a cuff sounds fun! Wish the other was anything but Wish…not a fan of it from when I got it w BB.
      Where’d you find the spoilers?

      • The Whish mask someone told me about a while ago but I saw an Instagram pic today that confirmed it with the Fall products. I’m not sure yet what the cuff says. I found a pic with two in it. fff messed up with what they had for the caption on their exclusive offers for the Le Bloc offer then they realized and edited it.

        • I heard about the Whish mask, cuticule oil and Cottonelle (I guess that is a sponsored item). It is cool they are going to have a cuff.

    • Liz we are getting a cuff bracelet? Because somebody told me the rest of the spoilers and the cuff was not mentioned. I hope we do get one. That would make the the best FFF box ever!

      • Agreed, here’s hoping theres a cuff bracelet!
        There was a cuff in the add ons I believe so do wonder if its from that….hope not

    • I haven’t subscribed yet – just checking out the reviews. I’m a little confused by some things. What do you mean by “spoilers” and the ad ons?

  4. I just signed up for the Summer Editor’s Box and decided I would try one more before I cancelled or continued, and I am so disappointed in this box. I love the scarf, and the hat is cute but they are so overpriced that it doesn’t even make the box worth it for me. I kept my subscription in the hopes that the other items would make up for it, so we’ll see I guess!

  5. (recommenting because I forgot to check the button to notify me of replies through email)

    Guys, I unsubbed this month because I didn’t think the products were useful for me, but I’m so sad I missed out on the add-on coordinates collection bracelet (the new york one). Would anyone be able to purchase it for me please? I would pay for the bracelet and shipping and can even add a little bit more to make it worth your while. I just really want the bracelet! Please let me know! 🙂 Thanks ~

    • Hey, I might be able to do that. Just email me at wolfcrazed123 at gmail so we can chat more if you haven’t found someone else yet 😉

    • Not sure if my comment showed up or not, but I think I can do that. Just message me at wolfcrazed123 with gmail (no spaces, and turn it into normal email address).

      Just let me know, and I am sure we can figure something out so you can nab that necklace 😉

  6. Hi all,
    I’m new to FabFitFun and don’t want to commit to an annual subscription right off the bat. I’m mainly interested in the gym bag and really don’t want the Gym & Juice one. If I do get it, would someone potentially be willing to switch with me for the Barre or Cupcakes one?

    • I’m sure you’ll be able to swap on the swap site for the bag you want. If you’re not in the swap site you should sign up Asap! 😊

      • Hi,
        What’s the link to the swap site/where is it?

        • click swaps at the top of the website pages

        • Just go onto the main site and look at the different sections, “SWAPS” is next to “FORUM” on the far right near the search 😉
          I recently got accepted(you have to apply and then wait a bit) and I have been loving it! Just be careful w/ sipping, anything over 16 ounces can be spendy.
          Good luck!

  7. If you hate the fall box you could always get it and save tthings as gifts. The scarf would be an awesome Christmas gift. I agree the bag is ridiculous and I’ll probably remove the lettering because it’s an okay bag without the wording.

  8. I cancelled cause this particular box wasn’t a fit for me. I hate sayings on items. I do think fff offers a good value and love the add ons. Would sign up again in the future if the spoilers appeal to me. This is why I am a select member. I hope everyone receiving this box loves it.

    • *not a select member

  9. Nothing about this box makes me regret canceling my FFF sub. The only thing I miss are all the great add-ons… but even those didn’t excite me this time around.

  10. Did anyone else get the FabFitFun survey?

  11. The hair rinse is fabulous! I got a trial size about 6 months ago and repurchased it. It was $5 for just a sample size. It real thin, so I would pour this into a measure before putting it on my hair.

    I want to try the belt, but not sure I’m tall enough or thin enough to make it work?


  12. I’ve never worn a wrap before, but the gray one looks “so me”! I love darker/neutral colors and it looks so soft. (I can’t get over the supposed retail value though.)

    Of the four bottom items, each subscriber gets to choose two of them? Wrap, gym bag, lip crayon, and two of the four pictured items below that? Five items total for this Fall box?

    • There will be more items which will be the same for all boxes, so no choices to be made for those.

      • I have to say that customer service has been very helpful and quickly responsive both by email and chat. not so for popsugar.

  13. I guess I’m not the only one decidedly underwhelmed with the fall box. Fortunately, the gym bag already has a new home. A few things I really like about FFF boxes is the quality, so even if something just isn’t for me, I can re-gift. I’ve also discovered that on quite a few occasions, something I see in a spoiler and think meh, will end up re-gifted, ends up a favorite. Pictures and descriptions don’t always do justice. The scarf/wrap will probably live at my office, because I am always freezing, so looking forward to that. Lint and all. 🙂

  14. Canceled, this box is so underwhelming. Last year box was so bomb and this box is such a fail for me.

    • Me too. My 15 year old daughter and I love FFF but another wrap, a bag, a hat or belt and a hair rinse isn’t worth it to me. Believe it or not I didn’t even see any add-ons I like 🙁

  15. I’m a seasonal subscriber, skipped the summer box (but ended up buying the ruana on ebay lol) but am back for this one. I love wraps, have several but might end up leaving this one at work (my office is in a basement and it’s FREEZING in the winter). The gym bag I might not use…picked the beanie and the ACV rinse. Either lip color will be pretty and I’m excited for the other 5 items we haven’t seen. Fall boxes are my fave so I don’t think I’ll be disappointed!

  16. I was so bummed that I missed out on the summer box that I resubscribed. I think this box looks horrible! I wouldn’t grab a single item spoiled thus far if it was in a clearance bin for $1. I’ve already been charged for this box so cancelling isn’t an option. Here’s to looking forward to my add ons and hoping I can swap this junk for something I can use.

  17. Well now I’m super bummed : I don’t like these spoilers and I’m not getting free bonuses.

  18. Anyone else get the email that said:

    ‘We’re able to do what we do at FabFitFun because of your support. So to thank you for being such a loyal member, we’d like to give you a FREE mystery gift valued at $50+. It’s 100% free and it’ll ship with your Fall Box. To redeem your mystery gift, just click below.’

    I clicked redeem & it processed: ‘Yay! Your free gift has been confirmed and will ship with your Fall 2017 Box. Remember, you must be receiving a Fall 2017 Box to be eligible to receive your gift.’


    Also, I have (3) starter boxes to send! Anyone not currently subscribed interested in trying FabFitFun?! 4 seasonal boxes/year @ $49.99 which comes out to only $16.67/month if you break it down. Looks like I need your name & email to submit. Please reply only if you plan to actually use the promo.

    • Hey, no, I haven’t received that email – bummer! Are you an annual subscriber?

      • Nope, this is actually only my second box!

      • From what I found out from CS, it was completely random email sent to only a certain amount of people 🙁
        Seems like if they are going to send a cool bonus free gift they should be doing it for everyone! Makes people jealous and left out 🙁 (
        (sorry, I have been sick for the last few days and so I quickly checked my email hoping I was a lucky “winner” and am rather bummed)

    • I wonder why only some people?
      I am sorta jealous lol, maybe they’re still sending them out.
      Wonder what it is for and if others can get it on this!

      • No others can’t get in on it. I chatted about the starter box thing, and even though I’m annual, they said it’s for specific members only, as a thank you for their loyalty. IMO, they should be willing to honor offers, esp for annual members, who chat about requesting that opportunity. Just sayin’….

        • Yes, I was rather annoyed by that response by their CS as well 🙁
          Not very “thank you for your loyalty” to me…
          Was happy w FFF until I found out about a free gift to some and not alll… just not cool

          Oh, and that starter box thing…I think that’s a different thing but I’m rather ticked by all these “random” loyalty” offers that I’ve never gotten… not feeling like staying loyal much longer honestly.

    • Do you have any more starter boxes to give out? I would love one!

  19. JUst heads up! Fabfitfun is sending a mystery gift $20+ it ships with your fall bix, and while supplies last. They sent me email just now!

    • I got the email too, but mine said valued at $50+! I redeemed it in time.

  20. I actually really like the scarf. I love the ombré because it adds to the soft cozy look. Wraps/scarves are always going to be a go to for sub boxes because they’re universal. I would love to get a top that you could choose your size, but I’m sure that would be too hard logistically to get and ship within 2 wks. It’s not like they have their own brand like Avenue A.

    I don’t use gym bags, but I like things that are tongue in cheek. Based on the $283 minimum average value of the last 4 boxes, this bag would be roughly $10.39. They’ve already spoiled $269-$284 in products so it will actually be even less. I can easily sell it for that on eBay.

    I’m not excited about Trestique as a brand, but I’m thrilled they didn’t go with nude, brown, or straight red. I’m a little overloaded with those and the fig and wine both look flattering.

    I chose the beanie and charcoal whitening for my choice options. I’ve used the ACV before and while I’m sure it works great, I can’t get past smelling like a salad.

    I don’t always love everything I get, but FFF will continue to be a win for me based off sheer value. Add ons are becoming a nightmare. Not because I don’t like them, but because they are adding more and more I must have. What I used to budget $50 a quarter for is now turning into $250+. My heart is happy; my wallet is not. 😳

  21. I picked the cupcake bag, but it is going up for swap. I chose the blush wrap, charcoal tooth polish and fig lip and the beanie.

  22. I had a weak moment and bought that ACV rinse for full price at Ulta and it didn’t do a thing for my hair but give it a vinegar smell. If you use a clarifying shampoo once in a while, I think that’s the idea of that rinse.

  23. So i accidentally paid for select access lol i just wanted to know how much and hit the button and WALLA! i’m a Select oh well… At least now i get to pick and not be disappointed when i open the box. Extra Credit card payment this month :/

    • I did that accidentally two boxes ago and I sent them a quick message and they refunded me but let me keep the select status!!! Bonus!

  24. I received two of those boxes. I cancelled one just now. These are the least thrilling spoilers of any box yet.

  25. I’m happy with this box. I like the wrap, though I wish it were a little wider to make it a decent throw. I finally caved and became an annual member just bc I was so sick of getting the worst lip color every time it was randomly assigned. So I picked the rose color, the blush wrap, the cider vinegar (excited to try this!), the beanie, and the Snoop gym bag (so glad I could choose and wouldn’t get stuck with the incorrect “workout” spacing), which will make a cute weekend bag. When you think about this bag vs PSMH, which is $10 cheaper but nowhere near the value, it’s a good buy as long as you’ll use what’s in there. I love the months when all the quarterly subs show up–it’s so much fun. 🙂

  26. I am not a select member at this time, if I could choose a color for my wrap it would be teal. I hope I get the cupcakes gym bag. I don’t go to the gym. I picked the beanie instead of belt. I like elastic belts the best for my short torso…but I did consider both. I picked the tooth powder because it looked like fun. Has anyone with colored hair used the rinse? I kind of want to try it, but I have so many hair treatments…and colored hair. I am excited for this box. I wonder if there is anything unspoiled?

    • I read in the comments that there are supposedly 10 total items in the box. So still plenty of room for surprises! 😀

  27. Picked the blush wrap, gym and juice, the beanie, the hair rinse, and the pink/nude color. Really excited for the rinse bc it has such amazing reviews, also pretty excited for the beanie (either color is fine, I need a new beanie) and wrap (looks so soft and cozy and I love the blush color).

    The only thing I really don’t want is that gym bag. I don’t go to a gym I just workout at home, hopefully I can use it as kinda a duffel… but who knows maybe I’ll join a gym eventually or sell it. I picked gym and juice because I thought the cupcake one sounded cheesy (I also usually don’t eat cupcakes lol, I can’t do frosting) and I’d feel dumb getting the barre one since I don’t go to a gym and have never in my life done a barre workout. Gym and juice made me chuckle a little too, and is the shortest saying which I like.

    I wish we actually got workout items but oh well, the box is always worth way over the price even if I don’t love one or two items!!

  28. I’m pleasantly surprised. Even though I’m not a huge fan of the gym bag on its own, I actually think the box as a whole is well put together and definitely worth the money. I’m getting three pretty accessories and some nice makeup for about $55, plus a lot of extra stuff on top of that. I’ll probably even use the gym bag (when you think about it, who really cares what a gym bag looks like, anyway?). Wish I could get a hair rinse, but I can’t stand the way apple cider vinegar smells.

    I’m also totally on board with the synthetic fiber. I loathe dry-cleaning clothing and think many natural fibers are itchy and uncomfortable, and when I see outfits I like on other people, I have never once thought about whether they were wearing a natural fiber or not.

    • Quite a few people are allergic to wool. I personally never wear it against my skin, even though I am not allergic. The only time I wonder if someone is wearing a natural fiber is when I think I see silk. 🙂

      • Yes, that is true. I am so allergic to wool that I can no longer even wear cashmere. 🙁

    • right there with you on the synthetic fibers–as long as there’s no dry cleaning I’m fine with it. I have two small kids and most of my clothes need to be able to go in the wash. I love natural fibers, but mostly ones that can go into the wash. 🙂

  29. Finally my procrastination pays off. I have a 25% off code at dermstore and was just about to use it to purchase the ACV hair rinse, so I just saved $26.25 (+tax). I like the rose lip color well enough, and the rest is frosting. Although the other spoilers aren’t thrilling, the value is there, and I’m still hoping to find a hidden gem in the remaining items.

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