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BoxyCharm September 2017 SPOILER #5!

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We have another spoiler for the September 2017 BoxyCharm! (Thanks to the BoxyCharm Beauties!)

The September 2017 Boxycharm box will include:

Bodyography Duo Brush Set ($20) – includes Angled Liner Brush + Eyeshadow Brush



bareMinerals Perfecting Face Brush ($28)

In case you missed the previous spoilers:





Spoiler #1: PUR Cosmetics Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette – Value $34

Spoiler #2: 6 full-size items

Spoiler #3: MAC Cosmetics Eyebrow Pencil (in the shades spiked or lingering)

Spoiler #4: A ColourPOP item! 

What do you think of the September 2017 Boxycharm spoilers? (And have you seen the Boxycharm product spoilers for the rest of the year?)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

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  1. I’m always happy to get palettes… I find them easier to create a look with than singles, and many full face palettes are also easy to travel with. 😊

    As for the brushes, I don’t care which ones I get, as they will be gifted….. or traded. I have so many, and I prefer a beauty blender or fingers for foundation application. 😊

    I have two BC subs, now, so I’m building up quite a giveaway pile! How do I find my way to the trade boards/sites/pages?

  2. I’m super excited for the eyeshadows! I’m not too sure on the eyebrow pencil as I have really dark and think eyebrows. I would be perfectly fine with either of the brushes! Curious about what colourpop products we will get.

  3. I just got moved off the waiting list today. I was actually going to remove myself from the waiting list since I have been on it for a while. Then I saw what we are getting this month and decided to go ahead and get this month’s box. It looks wonderful! This month is my birthday, so this will be a little birthday treat to me. 🙂

  4. I’d rather get the bare minerals brush!!

    • Me too I can use a Foundation brush. 😍😍😍

  5. I need the bareminerals brush in my life!

  6. I would be happy with either brushes. I can’t wait for the September box.

    • I would be happy with either brush this month is going to be another wonderful box. Who could ask for more?

  7. This box is looking great so far, my birthday is September 9th and I’m super excited about the eyeshadow palette. I watched a few reviews on it and alot of them enjoyed it. For me Boxycharm is always worth the money!

  8. I love getting the brushes so I can try different brands. It saves me money not paying full price for them. The palettes do make great gifts! This is one of my favorite subscriptions!

  9. I don’t really care which brush(set) I get as if I’m unhappy, I will just swap, sell or buy. Easy peasy.

  10. I am still in the waitlist. Anyone have an update on if they will be opening more spots for September? I am tired of waiting!!! After the disaster that was Glossybox last month, I want a good box and Boxycharm’s September box is looking amazing!

    • Me too, and I signed up in early August.

    • Me too 🙁
      Subscribed in early August and there is no info about opening more spots.

    • I think as long as I’ve been a member (since about June), they have opened it at least once a month, so they should be doing the same in September.

      My recommendation would be that if you don’t see your account removed from the waitlist once they announce it’s been lifted, EMAIL THEM! I was on the waitlist back then and when they lifted it temporarily, I thought my account would automatically be charged, but no go, so I emailed them and they took me off that same day.

      At the time I thought I was being a pain because maybe they would eventually take me off during the time it was lifted, but I’ve read several stories where people have been on the list for 1-2+ months, so I’m glad I emailed them when I did!

    • right now there is no waitlist. i just subscribed and i was not placed on the waitlist.

      • Wait, you were able to sign up and have already been billed??? I’ve been on the waitlist for about a week now, and I really want September’s box, but I’m afraid to try to re-subscribe in case it pushes me farther down the list.

        • Yes. I was billed right away and I checked on my account page and it has the subscription. My friend signed up on August and was placed in the wait list and still is. So I think they are skipping over the wait listed people. I suggest you email them.

          • I emailed them but haven’t heard back yet. I saw people on Facebook posting about re-subscribing, so I tried it and it worked! I got my email confirmation and my account now says it’s active and will renew in October. So excited!

            And they are moving people off the waitlist now, so that’s good. But I was afraid I wouldn’t get moved off in time for September or at all, since I’ve heard that they don’t always clear the waitlist before allowing new subscribers.

          • Yeah that’s what I heard to. My friend just to me that she emailed them and they moved her from the wait list.

    • I was put on the waitlist on 8/19–notified this morning that I was off! Finally!!

  11. Kind of hoping for the foundation brush, just because I don’t have anything like it, but I would be just as happy with the other brushes. And I know a lot of people are mad about “yoo many pallettes”, but I love it. I just can’t have enough make uo! I love the bariety, I never get tires of it, and I’ve been with boxy for a while. Though it would be nice to throw some skin care ever now and again like before

    • I don’t mind the palettes I usually pass them on if I don’t love them. How ever I’m picky about my brushes the only ines I love r the Luxor.. and when they have the set of 3 I didn’t get them cause of a credit card mix up😧 So if anyone want to trade any of those I’d be willing

    • Agree! Some skin care products would be amazing.

    • I want the bareMinerals brush as well. However, Maybelline has just put out a brush that looks just like it. I saw it at Walmart a few weeks back.

  12. Oh wow! Fingers crossed for the Bare Minerals face perfecting brush. I’ve had that one on my radar for a while now. BC is killing it!

    • You will be disappointed with the Bare Minerals brush. It starts to shed it’s bristles HEAVILY after about 9 months of use.

      • I’ve found that ALL of my Bare Minerals brushes shed. bad. So disappointing because they aren’t cheap…

    • Me too!

  13. I could either of the brush options. I just wanted to say I saw and swatched that eyeshadow palette at kohls today. It is much better quality than the tarte one we got this month. I’m really looking forward to it now.

    • That’s great to hear! I’m getting this for the transition colors. I hope they blend well.

    • I cannot get the Tarte shadows to show up on my (oily) eyelids. I’ve tried primer, cream eyeshadow base, wetting them, using my finger, and still there’s such a barely there pigment that it’s not worth the effort. Any advice?

      • Use a very heavy primer like a MAC paint pot or a Mica Beauty. I have the Mica Beauty primer and it adheres to it when I apply with my finger or (gasp!) an old fashioned eyeshadow sponge.

      • try switching the type of brush, I use synthetic and am having great success. My girlfriend likes the shadows with natural (animal) hair. Try both if you desire

      • Whenever that happens with any palette its the brushes. Some formulas work better with different textured brushes.

  14. ughhhhhhhhhh a freeking brush! I feel like that’s such a waste of space!!

  15. i want that foundation brush please yaaayy

    • I have it and won’t purchase again…it’s impossible to get clean and the bristles start falling out soon after using. I’ve pulled many off my face getting ready in the morning. Feel like a lot of product goes to waste as well. I switched to a silicone blender and it’s much better for my breakout prone skin.

      • Omg I thought it was me!! I can’t get that brush clean to save my life!! It drives me nuts cuz I really loved it when I first got it!!!

      • I use coconut oil and Dawn dish soap to clean mine. The oil break down the foundation a lot better than using soap alone.

      • Good to know:)

      • I agree; the product goes SO incredibly deep into the brush it’s impossible to get out. And I used the brush for years a while back and it always made my makeup look streaky and just moved the product around on my face. I didn’t really know much about makeup back then but now that I look back and know more, I would never reach for the brush again. I prefer using a beauty blender to actually push the product into my skin and make it look seamless.

  16. Such a great value but I personally would not know what to do with 12 palettes by the end of the year. I guess gift them or sell

  17. I’m on the fence about the bare minerals brush despite its great reviews, as I always need another angled eyeliner brush. I use them for many things, so if I get the big brush, I’ll be glad swap for the others if anyone is interested.

    I’ll post my info on the review if that happens. 😊

    • (I’ll also swap for the lighter eyebrow pencil, which I have a feeling will still be too dark for blonde me.)

  18. That BM brush is only useful if you use liquid foundation. I got a useless set of liquid foundation brushes from Boxy last month, I don’t want another one! Change it up! Not all of us use liquid foundation!

    • Oh man, I didn’t even see that variation. I got the one with the powder brush, crease brush and concealer brush. I need some liquid foundation brushes!

    • I was thinking the same thing. I don’t use liquid foundation and wouldn’t use a brush if I did. I also don’t get the beauty blender craze. I couldn’t stand it. Oh well…to each his own. Not really excited by this month anyway. I always hold out thinking what I don’t use I can swap but I still have items from previous boxes that haven’t swapped yet.

    • I didn’t think the August brush set was for liquid foundation? one was a blush brush, one was an eye brush and the third was for contouring (i think it would be best with cream contour but would probably work with powder too)…but no foundation brushes, wet or dry…

  19. Fingers crossed for the face brush for me 🤞🏻 I always need a good foundation brush and I have way too many eye brushes. I’d love to swap with someone if I end up getting the eye brushes!

    • Also – this is going to be my first month of Boxycharm ever and I’m blown away by the value. Here’s 4 awesome full size spoilers and there are still 2 full size items we don’t know about yet 😁

    • I’ll swap. I rather have eye brushes

    • Girl!!! That thang is A-mazing!!! I bought two of them and gave one to my sister.

  20. WOO HOO!! I do not care which variation I get. I use the Kat Von D Lock It foundation which, though they recommend a brush, I have never had better results than with a beauty blender so I would love to see if I can find a brush that works and I can always use eyeshadow brushes so again, either way I am excited! I cancelled Sephora a few months ago because of the absolutely pitiful sized samples and I let ipsy go last month even though I had no problems with them because I was starting to get tiny samples there, too. I was going to add another sub boxy other than BC, but why? I only want makeup since my skin care and hair care are taken care of and no other box seems to fit the bill and give such great value. You seem to be able to put a look together with each box they send and I just love them!

  21. Would like the eyeshadow brushes – can never have enough of those!

  22. At this point my only lingering question is whether I cancel ipsy or not.

    • I’m in the same boat on the Ipsy question! However, I’m still on the Boxycharm waitlist:( I really do enjoy Ipsy, but full size stuff for $11 more seems more appealing!

      • How did you get Boxy for half price? I’ll get a second if it’s available to give to my daughter’s!

        • I think they are saying for $11 MORE dollars (on top of the $10 Ipsy charges).

        • Yes! Ipsy subscription is $10 monthly. Boxycharm is $21 monthly. Just seems like Boxycharm is the better value in my opinion…. Although I enjoy Ipsy!

    • I’ve been sitting g here thinking the same thing. Do I cancel I pay? 😕

  23. If I get the foundation brush, I’d be more than willing to swap with anyone who got the eye shadow ones and would like to swap.

    • I am totally down for trading if I get the eyeshadow brushes!

  24. Wow. Sounds like everyone wants the Bare Minerals brush. If I get it and anyone wants to trade for the eyes brushes I’m totally game!

    • If I get the eye brushes I’d be totally down for trading

    • Same here, I don’t want it either. I will gladly swap!

    • In the boxy charm beauties group on FB, most people want the eye brushes! It doesn’t show it here but the screen shot Yosef posted of the BM brush only has a 2.5/5 star rating so people don’t seem happy.

      For the record, if I get the eye brushes, I’d be game to trade too! I’ve wanted to try that BM brush for a long time, glad I didn’t go out and buy it!

  25. I want the eye brushes so badly! It’ll be cheap to ship the eye brushes as they will probably fit in an envelope and I always put my swaps through the shipping in my company (less than half price) so I hope somebody will trade with me!

    • Ill trade if I get the eye brushes!

  26. I have the bare minerals brush already and it doesn’t work for me at all. Will definitely be swapping if I get that one

    • Oh, that’s disappointing to hear. I was hoping to get that one, but after reading everyone’s comments, I don’t really care which one I get. I have their Supreme Finishing Brush and love it, so I was hoping to like the foundation brush.

      • I got the BareMinerals brush when I bought one of their liquid foundations. I think it works great. You can’t put a lot of product in the little well. They told me just 3 small drops at a time. I use it for all my foundations or BB creams

    • Me too. I just got rid of mine!!

  27. Again awesome no matter which choice you get . I’m on my way to pretty much canceling all my boxes except boxy. I still have a few I’m not willing to part ways with just yet lol because I’m greedy like that . But another two didn’t make the cut last month

    • Same here! I’ve got one last Allure box coming in September, already cancelled Sephora Play and BeautyBox 5, and got rid of Glossybox, Ipsy and Birchbox last year. I would have kept Beautycon, but they just announced they are stopping their sub boxes. So Boxy is the last man standing. 🙂

      • How did you find out beautycon is stopping their sub boxes? I love them! My annual just got over and was waiting for spoilers to see if I’ll sub again.

  28. Once again, not excited nor disappointed. Just meh.

  29. well, although we did just get brushes, at least they are trying to make the price sorta equal i guess… i would love the bare minerals because i don’t have that kind not necessarily for the brand or price

  30. Oh I hope I get the bare mineral foundation brush

    • I have that foundation brush, it sucks 😒

  31. I have more than enough shadow brushes – so I’m praying for the BM brush!!

  32. I need that Bare Minerals brush in my life. I love their brushes!

  33. I hope I get lingering pencil and the foundation brush!!

  34. the brush from Bare Minerals does nothing for me. have it and dont care for it. I rather get the duo brush set. And I love when subscription boxes include brushes. You can never have too many brushes right?

    • It’s awesome when they include brushes that can be used with other items in the box, ie; palettes or blushes, highlighters.

  35. Niiice, I’ll be happy with either. September needs to hurry up already so I can get my box!!

  36. 💕💕💕💕Can’t wait!!

  37. Where did the Boxy Facebook group go?

  38. I own and love the Bareminerals brush, and would be happy with a backup!

  39. I hope I get the bareminerals brush. I’ve almost bought it numerous times.

  40. Hoping for the foundation brush!

  41. I’m hoping for bare minerals but the other brushes will be used if that’s what I get. Plus the bodyduo brushes can be used with the palettes we’re getting through December.

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