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BoxyCharm August 2017 SPOILER #4!

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We have another spoiler for the August 2017 BoxyCharm! (Thanks, Cassie and Michelle H. for the heads up!)

The August 2017 Boxycharm box may include:

Source: Leah Schweppe

Aloette Face Paint Lip & Cheek Tint – Value $35

(Colors may vary. Not all subscribers will receive this item.)

In case you missed the previous spoilers, all boxes will include:

What do you think of the spoilers? 

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m one who hopes to get the lip and cheek paint. This will be my first boxy box, so excited by the great choices this month. I need more brushes and that tarte palette is a must have!

  2. I couldn’t pass up the tarte palette! I will have to cancel after this month though, have way too much makeup and it doesn’t always swap well.

  3. Wait was that Farmacy plug on snapchat a spoiler?

    • I had to go look at my snapchat when I read your post there were more than one product on there ,but yeah I’d be good with those products

      • Yeah I’d be good if it were a smaller sized set or if we got one. Would fit though, it says you’ll be selfie ready. I don’t know though I’m definitely not the authority on spoilers lol. Figured I’d drop it on someone who was.

  4. I’m so happy with the guaranteed items for August, that anything else in this box really is gravy, at this point. I’ll try it if I get it, but if it don’t, that’ll be okay too. 🙂

  5. I couldn’t resist. The eyeshadow pallette looks great and Iove the brushes. I haven’t worn lashes in a while, but those look pretty good. I always cut them in half. It is easier to put them on and then you have 2 sets.

  6. I could pass on the lashes, but I guess it’s good to have a pair if I ever want them. Very excited to try the liquid blush, I hope I get it!

  7. Just read there is no waitlist right now Wednesday evening. So I would sign up now if you want this box!!!

  8. I am at work today and when I got the email that I was off the waitlist I got a little excited and loudly shouted “YES!” lol I am really into lip stains and I’ve never tried a cream blush so I’m hoping I get it. The brushes and eyeshadow are perfect! I will likely swap the lashes.

  9. This is the fun of Boxycharm and sub boxes in general. I didn’t know I needed this product until I saw this spoiler. It isn’t something I have already and it looks like something I would like to try without spending $35 for it! Thanks, Boxycharm!

  10. FYI, waitlist is off at the moment

  11. Just got an email that I am off the wait list and receiving this box. Since this box is the reason I joined, I am happy.

    I do wish the boxes did not vary, though.

  12. Wait list is open! I’m not really into makeup too much, but I really want the brushes and Tarte, so I had to sign up!

  13. Hope I don’t get this last spoiler but will swap if I do. I just can’t get on board with cream blush at all.

    • I agree. I saw it and was like eh but then I read that not everyone will receive it and was like ooh I hope I don’t get it. I like everything else so far.

  14. And just like that, dropped beautyfix and picked this up! Hopefully wait list opens soon. That palette is gorgeousss

    • I got off the waitlist today but will receive the September box, booo!!!

      • If you got off the waitlist today, your getting the August box.

      • How do you know you’ll receive the September box? The FAQ on their website says the following re: the waitlist:

        “We can assure you, however, that your first box will correspond to the month in which you were billed.

        For example, if you are waitlisted in March but make your first payment in April, your first box will be the April box.”

        It sounds like we should get the August box if we are charged in August (which I was). I’m really hoping this is the case as that Tarte palette is basically the reason I subbed lol

        • If you got charged and under “my account” it says your status is active and it renews on Sept 2nd, you are getting the August box.

          • Okay, cool. That’s what I assumed but I was confused as to why the poster thought she was getting Sept’s box instead. 🙂

      • I think you’re getting the August box, I just got off the wait list too and I’m getting the August box.

      • Heidi why the September box?? I just got off of the waitlist so I’m not exactly sure how everything works yet.

    • the waitlist is off

  15. Best box ever!

  16. For everyone who is worried about getting off the waitlist…

    I subbed on the 31st and got a notification that I was off the wait list last night. Yes, the waitlist is in place again; however, it seems pretty short. I have no doubt you’ll all get off the waitlist in time for the August box! 😀

    • Same here but I think I will be getting the September box

      • Why do you think that?

  17. Quality and unique products again! THIS is why I subscribed to Boxycharm!

  18. Boxycharm you never disappoint me…❤️

  19. I’m surprised nobody in any of the threads has mentioned yet that the tarte palette changed from Vol. II to Vol. I
    I subscribed based on that information and am a little disappointed. I did like the colors in Vol. II better, however it’s still a great deal and I’m excited.

    PS: don’t want the lip and cheek stain, kthxbye.

    • What makes you think it changed to volumes I? That’s a picture of volume Ii.

    • I actually like Vol. I slightly better, but yeah, I am also wondering where you are seeing that.

    • Their twitter still says Vol 2 also, where did you see Vol 1?

  20. Does anyone know how long it takes to get off the swap waitlist for this website??

    • It took me less than a week to get off the swap wait list last month.

    • What’s a swap wait list?

  21. I love liquid blush! If I get it, I hope it is a wearable shade. This one seems a little intense.
    It looks like the Josie Marin cheek/lip stain.

  22. I’m taking a guess here and thinking bronzer is gonna be the last item.

    • It is about time for a MakeupGeek product. They usually put one in every six months give or take . . . and the last time we saw MakeupGreek in a box it was February 2017. So MakeupGeek is due to be in a box again soon. Maybe next month.

  23. Meh. Liquid blushes are always such a mess to apply and never quite work for me as well as powder.

  24. Just FYI, there’s a waitlist. I signed up & I emailed to ask if I would be off in time to get the August box. They were not able to guarantee that for me. So, if you sign up now expecting the August box, you might not be able to get that one. Good news is, they don’t bill til your off the waitlist!

    • Lol! Guess everyone knows & is just as bummed about the waitlist as I am!

      • I signed up on the 31st and was on the waitlist. Got off the waitlist this morning. 🙂

  25. I knew I should’ve re-joined last week when the waitlist was temporarily open (I had to unsub due to financial concerns, not that I didn’t like them). That tarte palette!! I kept thinking “I can swap for it, I can swap for it, I can SWAP for it, I CAN swap for it!!” MSA is so dangerous, but in a good way obv.

    • Hi!
      i am willing to swap the tart palette…..i already have this palette…let me know!!

  26. Fingers crossed that I get this!🤞

  27. I Love BoxyCharm! ❤️❤️❤️ Favorite Sub Ever! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  28. I just got notice I’m off the waitlist!!!!! So excited for this.

    • Me too!!!! I was like, yay! Perfect month to start off with! I don’t understand what it says about the #4 spoiler.. lip and cheek tint. Why do only some get it?

      • There are variations in the box. If you don’t get this item, you will get something else instead.
        If you look at last month, some people got setting spray while others got an Ofra lotion…

    • Me too. I literally jumped up and down shouting. My 11 year old thinks I am insane. Oh well, I am off the list!

  29. Yay!! Plus I just got off the waitlist! I reactivated right after the second spoiler was announced so hopefully others will be off the waitlist soon too!!

  30. I hope I don’t get this….

  31. Ugh stuck on wait list.

  32. These spoilers are killing me while I hold my breath hoping to get off the waitlist. Ugh!!!!

  33. I really hope I get this liquid blush. I love this whole box!

    • I got the worst variations last month, I really want all of these spoilers!

  34. Really hope I get this. I’ve been wanting a liquid blush for awhile

  35. I’m so excited to get the August box. ^5 BoxyCharm for being awesome.

  36. Everyone is getting a set of lashes.

    Not everyone is getting the lip/cheek paint. Shades vary. 😮 Boy, if I get one I pray for the burgundy.

    Thanks for the updates, Liz!😙

  37. I hope I don’t receive that face paint thing 🙅🏻🙅🏻🙅🏻

  38. Ditto. Meh. Liquid blushes are messy, so I hope it works on the lips.

    It doesn’t even matter what follows after that palette. The brushes are already gravy.

  39. I am excited about the tarte pallett, but I hope I don’t get the eyelashes. I tried to wear them once and it felt like a caterpillar was on my eyelid. No thanks. I am not sure about the cheek and lip paint. I usually only wear powder blush. Depending on the color lips are always good.
    I am way excited about the brushes. One of my favorite brushes just died. It was like the short angle brush. Yay!

    • You had them on wrong, that’s how I felt too until I realized they go as close to on the eyelashes as possible, then they feel like nothing. Besides everyone is supposed to get them.

    • I’ll swap for the lashes! I live for lashes, and if you get a variation of them to me I’ll totally swap.

  40. I just haven’t had any luck with this type of products,but I love the rest of the box so far

  41. sure hope i dont get the face paint… unsure about lashes.. ive tried a few different brands and the ends always come off.. even if i put extra glue! maybe its my eye shape lol … the rest looks great! cant wait!

    • Have you tried trimming the lashes to get them to fit better? I had the same problem with lashes lifting toward the end and my friend told me to trim them and I didn’t have that problem anymore. I’m so excited for this box!!

    • I always cut mine in half after trimming them, less pressure.

  42. This box is already complete to me…. next item can be a bag of air and I’ll still be happy. 🙈

    • Haha then can I swap your 5th item for a box of air 😜😜😜😜

      • 😂😂 Deal… whatever the 5th item is I’ll send it to you for your bag of air!! 😉 I’ll see ya on the next spoiler comments. 😊

  43. I’m indifferent to this…will try it out if I get it but won’t be sad if I don’t. I’m excited for the other spoilers

  44. Same Korey but it’s worth a lip try or gift it out, either way I am super excited to get this box!

  45. I don’t mind getting the lip & cheek color. I’ll definitely use it. But, it also says not all boxes will receive it. So, now I wonder.

  46. I am so excited for this box! Unlike the July Box, it looks like everyone gets the good stuff lol.

    • Me too 😣

  47. I don’t really like liquid or creme for my blush, but it may be nice for the lips.

    • I agree. I have terribly oily skin.

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