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Play! By Sephora July 2017 Box #023 FULL SPOILERS!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

We have full spoilers for the July 2017 Play! By Sephora #023 box! (Thanks Shannon!!)

Play! By Sephora Box #023 will include:

Play! By Sephora Box #049:

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What do you think of the spoilers?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

And in case you missed it, here is our original spoiler for July:

For July, every box is getting a must-have mask sample. You’ll receive ONE of the following:


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  1. I have 064 if anyone would like to swap full boxes.

  2. I always like the share my thoughts about my box and this month I got #023 and I’d say I’m pretty satisfied, not over the moon but think it was definitely worth the $10. The theme was very cute with the picnic themed bag for July and the little illustrations were cute as always. Now onto the products, I think I may have preferred box #049 but this one was pretty good. I’m most excited for the tarte splash lipsticks, as I have a few of these and love the formula and this color is a nice neutral color (finally not a red, bright pink, or purple). I know I will use this and this sample is hard to come by without spending points or having it in a set. Then I would say the Caudalie is the next best thing, as most of their products are pretty good even though they can be kind of stingy on their products some times. I will use the serum and glad I got it in the bag even though the milk stick looked cool I think I need the serum more than the milk product. Although some people are not that excited or wanted the fresh rose mask, I will always use it and love rose scented stuff and like a more lightweight mask. I do have a bunch of fresh samples through promo codes, play, and point perks but the stuff is pretty good I just wouldn’t buy the full size because I’m overloaded with fresh samples! The Bobbi Brown mascara is sort of a miss with me. Even though it is a rather generous sample, it is a very dry mascara and I just don’t see using it over my other mascaras. I think the it cosmetics one might have not been so dry. The Briogeo is ok, I will use it because it is a spray and not a heavy mask to put on my hair. Again, I am overloaded with Briogeo samples and don’t really see myself buying it unless it is amazing. Lastly, the perfume sample is nice because it is something new to me and not just another repeat so I’ll have fun trying it out! Overall, not a bad box with nothing that is terrible or unusable.

  3. Yep and because this box is no longer worth it for me, i have cancelled

    • Same here. Its impossible to try to stay Cruelty Free with Sephora boxes, and even not considering that I feel like nothing I noted as a preference was considered here.

  4. I got box #23 and it’s my first box with Play after changing from Ipsy. Just a FYI for you guys the Bobbi Brown mascara is dryyyy. The masacra only covers the top of the brush

  5. Does anyone know what the last day to pay to get the July box is? I cancelled and now they have a box I’m interested in and received an email that a spot is available again. I just would like to get July’s box if I resubscribe

    • It’s my understanding that anytime you subscribe, you will never get a box that spoilers are already out on. So u would get August. I don’t think there’s anything u can do to get July (except maybe swap or maybe someone would sell one)

    • From the FAQ’s today!

      When will I receive my first box?
      A: Your first box will arrive the month after you sign up (i.e., if you sign up between November 1 and November 30, your first box will be December, but if you sign up after November 30, your first box will be January). For a limited time only, sign up between 7/15/17 and 7/17/17 to receive the July box. You will be charged on 7/18/17 and your box will ship immediately.

      • I subscribed 7/14 hoping to get July. So unfair!

        • The worst customer service ever! I was trying to get July box but instead they just canceled my subscription and “can’t do anything about it”. Several months of waiting in line!!! Outrageous.

      • Thank you I was looking for this info

  6. Ugh I have box envy..haha I’m 049 and want 023..I want the lipstick and anti age serum and Bobbi brown mascera, and have not figured out the swap thing…I need to post items or play around with it later

    • Ugh I have box #23 and I want the Boscia Pore Pudding! I keep getting the SAME SAMPLES AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN and none of them seem to fit my needs! This has to be the 5th Fresh Rose Mask I’ve gotten … and the 2nd Blonde Oud … and I have at least 3 of this kind of mascara!

    • I have two subscriptions (in hopes of getting variations each month) and both of mine are #023 this month so if you want it, I’d be glad to swap my extra one for your #049.

  7. Finally! .. and so happy…excited for this box..
    ..not really a big anti-aging serum type of person, but could give it a try..
    ..sooooo happy and excited for the tarte lipstick.. was getting a bit tired of matte & liquid lippies… plus the color is amazing!
    .. definitely a win! 🙂

  8. I’m getting box 023 and would gladly trade for 049. Any takers?

    • I sm, but I have not revieved my 049 yet..just got an email it’s shipped..

  9. Both of these boxes look great!! Patiently waiting for #72 spoilers… Mine has shipped with expected delivery day of Monday.. Hope someone gets theirs tomorrow though bc im dyinggg 🤣🤣

  10. If anyone wants to trade for the tarts lipstick I’m getting let me know! I’d take a mask or milk product? Pretty much anything since I don’t wear lipstick. My email jennifersparber33 at gmail

    • Hi Jennifer! I would love the Tarte lipstick and would trade you the Milk product from my 049 bag! I’ve never done a trade before so I’m not sure how it works but let me know if you are still interested!

      • Yes just email me and we can work out the details! I’ve never traded either but if you email me your info I’ll mail it to you and then you do the same! My email is jennifersparber33 at gmail

  11. I got 049 in the mail today, just in time for #FaceMaskFriday! That boscia mask is a huge sample size & is amazing! My skin looks tighter & younger immediately after using it. I only received 1 MILK cooling water so don’t get your hopes up for 2! 🙂 Also it isn’t that great anyway. It’s really sticky. The lip stuff is a beautiful color but doesn’t last more than an hour or so. Also, the Orange Sangrine perfume sample is the exact same one I got in my first box, May 2016, so that stinks. Just the fact I got a duplicate, not the perfume, it actually smells great. But seriously they have a million perfumes and I got the same one twice in just over a year??? That Oud would have been nice.

  12. Finally! Looks like the best box for me in a while. Was on the verge of cancelling.

  13. This is my box! I’m pretty happy with it. I was bummed the boscia mask was in a different box because I’ve been wanting to try it for my big ugly pores on my nose but the rose one sounds nice and seems like it will be good for my combination skin. That lipstick looks gorgeous and Clean sounds like a scent made for me! I don’t need mascara but I didn’t need an eyebrow pencil either, I love the 1 I currently use. I’ll use the mascara eventually so no loss there though I wish I would’ve gotten the Superhero mascara because I’m obsessed with it but it never hurts to try a new 1. I haven’t really started using anti-aging products but my Sephora is trying to tell me that at 31 it’s time for me to start lol As long as the products don’t suck when it gets here and I try them out, this box might be a winner for me.

    • If you already have noticeable enlarged pores at just 31 I would see a dermatologist to ask if they can help. Pores will only to continue to look larger as you age so maybe getting started on a prescription retinol product would be a good start.

    • At 31 you should already be using products to keep your skin nice. My grandmother started me when I was a teenager. I’m almost 67 and look 20 years younger. In fact, my daughter and granddaughter have more wrinkles than I do. Take care of your skin, especially use sunscreen. I’m an avid pool lover so I make sure to always have sunscreen on. The only thing I wish I’d known was to not drink through straws. I traveled for work and always had cold water in the car. Drinking through the straw caused me to get one wrinkle above my upper lip. Good luck!

  14. I was thinking everyone would be getting the Milk Cooling stick because I thought it was this year’s Blotterazzi. Guess I was wrong. Too bad, I was looking forward to that one. Who knows what box 72 will be getting though?

  15. glad I CHECKED back getting 023 I just got an e-mail half hr ago that finally stated my box was shipped box was shipped !! I checked this morning and it was not but with that said I the anticipation ws worth the wait can’t wait until I get it I love the rose mask it smells good and it feel great my daughter got it for her birthday gift in December and I took it from her . the mascara I could go with out I have so many but I have never got one from play I just got the new estee lauter from ultra as my june b-day gift nd then 2 more free ones from shopping at may’s on Monday they will probably go to waste. I got the milk blurring stick in my may bag and it is so small I though my daughter messed with it nd broke it until I realized no it is actually that small I used it once I seen no difference. the caudalie I am happy for I was just about to order this with my points from ipsy I am so glad I did not !! and the tarte lip I good for so long I swear its been mattes and liquids so I like the solid and that its rainforest of the sea but we just got the kat von d last month but It is better then getting the smash box or professional primer the perfume is nice I love nice clean crisp scents so it sounds good I have liked al the samples I have gotten so far only problem is I have so many from getting bags with samples from shopping and most places are so nice that they give my daughter samples a well when she’s with me. but I usually smell it and then put it in with the rest and never touch because I have full size one of what I use to wearing lol but nice to have around. I am pretty pleased can’t wait to get it. ;0

  16. I am mixed on this box. I really want this lipstick but I’m in Vegas. Its 110 here. I’m scared what its gonna look like once it gets here.

  17. Almost cancelled last month I’ve been getting nothing worth using. I’m supposed to get 753 my fingers are crossed. If it’s junk I’m canceling I just joined Macy’s

  18. That Tarte lip color in box #023 is to die for!!!!!!! This is my color & I’m SO SICK OF GETTING MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK-I WANT A REGULAR LIPSTICK LIKE THAT TARTE!!!!! So jealous you guys!!!!! I really wanted that instead of the bareMinerals liquid lip color in “Swag”…😥😥😥😥😥😥

    • I’ll trade my lipstick for cool stick or mask?

  19. This is mine and I am squealing with delight at every product especially the Tarte lipstick .

  20. Ugh, this box is terrible for me 🙁 49 had almost everything I possibly could want, and 23 has nothing that’s useful for me/that I’d want.

    • Want to trade lipsticks maybe!!!???? Or the IT Mascara!!!???? Let me know!!!! I’m dying for that Tarte lipstick!!!!! I received box #049 & got the bareMinerals liquid matte lip color in “Swag”! Pretty!!! But I need/want a regular lipstick instead of all the liquid mattes I always seem to get!!!

  21. Curious of 064! Spoilers Please!!!

    • Me too! I wanted 49

    • Same here! Hoping for the best!

  22. This is my box and I LOVE the spoilers! I have tried the rose mask before and loved it, so I was hoping to get it again. I already have a Bobbi Brown mascara (not sure if it is this one or not)… I am super happy about Caudalie and tarte! I am not *that* into hair products, but will always take conditioner! I hope the perfume smells good too. Some of the ones they have sent were half-empty and smelled really pungent. I have had some really bad boxes in past months so yay!

  23. Oh this makes me sad. I LOVED the first set of spoilers (box 049), and I HATE this box 🙁 I won’t use a single thing.

    • I’ll trade something, bareMinerals “Swag” liquid matte or my IT Mascara for the Tarte lipstick!!!!!!!???????
      I need/want a regular lipstick instead of all the liquid ones I always seem to get!!!!! Mine is pretty, but that Tarte is def more of my shade!!! Let me know!

  24. I hope I get the Ren ultra comforting rescue mask in box 056 😃😃😃

    I don’t need the PTR cucumber mask, I already have the full size:/

  25. Probably the worst products I have received to date. Definitely bummed out about this box. Sephora it’s a negative on this month 👎🏻

    • Hi! I’d purchase this box plus shipping if you are willing. ~Kat

  26. This is my box and I am having mixed feelings about it. I have mascaras more than I need and I’m not in to hair products! The fresh rose face mask is the only thing that I’m excited about. Thinking of cancelling…🤔

  27. Everything in box 23 is perfect for me! I am particularly thrilled the lipstick is NOT a matte or liquid! I have tried the Fresh Rose Face Mask and enjoy that as well. The perfume sample is intriguing. Thanks Play! And thank you Liz for these spoilers! I have ordered other subscription boxes based on your reviews! Next week I’m trying Blue Apron! And Birchbox. (Every confirmation email is quickly transferred to a hide-it-from-my-husband-folder)

  28. I just received box 049 today, I am happy with every item. I already have a full size of the leave in conditioner but I’m happy to have a travel size. I’m glad there was no self tanner or sunscreen in this box, I am on overload right now.

  29. same sh!t, different box.

  30. #023 is my box!!!! And I absolutely LOVE it!!!! I still have some of the Briogeo leave in conditioner from the Spring FabFitFun box, but I love that stuff so I could always use more. And I’m very excited about everything else — especially the perfume sample…I’m in search of a new scent.

    I can’t wait for my box to arrive!!!!

  31. I like this box more than the previous one, but the lipstick is a pinky nude (on Sephora) as compared to this reveal which looks much darker & berrier.

    That being said, no regrets on canceling.

  32. If I subscribe today will I get July Sephora Play?

    • No, If you subscribe today you will be getting the august box because the july boxes have already been shipped

    • No–sephora play bills in the first 5 days of the month so you would get august as your first month if you subscribe now.

      • Thank you!

  33. The website says that set sail is a dark nude lipstick, the picture makes it look more of a berry/red color. Both of the revealed boxes so far look amazing for once. Super excited to review mine which is box 49.

    • The link goes to island life—since tarte makes a mini of that for one of their sets I bet it is that one!

      • NVM someone in the sephora community confirmed it is set sail! —I have the color in full size and it is really pretty 🙂

      • it does but under the picture it says set sail so I’m assuming that’s the one it is. The link doesn’t always go to the right color so I usually look at the name listed under the picture

  34. UGH… not really happy with this box… I was hoping for the MILK product which 023 didn’t get…and I hate the color of the lip color. Maybe time to cancel….I’m more disappointed then satisfied lately

    • Hey Barbara, I will gladly send you my Milk product for your lippie! 😉

      • I’ll trade you my lipstick?

        • Hey Jennifer, I just saw this! Yes, girl! I will gladly trade. Let me know! 🙂

          • Email me and we can work out the details! There was another girl interested but haven’t heard back. My email is jennifersparber33 at gmail

  35. This is my box and it may be my favorite ever from Sephora. I’ve been dying to try the Fresh Rose Mask. I’ve never met a red lipstick I didn’t like. I need a travel size of the Briogeo Leave In which I absolutely adore. Only thing I don’t need is mascara as I don’t wear it.

  36. It look like each box gets a mascara, face mask, some type of skincare, a lipstick, and leave in conditioner.

    I am not made at all.

    Hopefully box 056 is just as great as the other😊

  37. This is my box! I’m happy with it. I got one of the messed up boxes last month and was thinking of canceling, but glad I stayed now!

  38. I just cancelled yesterday so of course they’re sending me a last box I actually like!! Minus the red lipstick 🙄 So tired of those and black eyeliner…

    • Luckily, it’s not even a red lipstick! I looked up the swatch online and it’s actually more of a nude color that is not coming off right in the picture. Check it out on the Sephora’s page. It looks closer to the Bound shade of the NARS lip gloss that they sent out a few months ago. I’m super excited about this lip color (especially since it’s not the dreadful color from last month). :/

      • Exactly. If this were my box (I’m getting 72 – come on, spoilers!), I’d be pretty happy with this color. 🙂

      • Oh I hope so! Thanks to subs I have enough (unwanted) red lip stick and black eyeliner to last a lifetime!!

  39. Jackpot!! They finally got one right, I will use every single one of these items. Very pleased!

    • I feel the same way!!!! lol so happy. I changed my preferences giving Sephora less information to work off of. What do you know? Less info = better box!!’

      Love all these brands. Milk stick sounded riveting but I’ll live because I’ll use everything in my box for the first time in the longest !!!

  40. So happy this is my box! MUCH better than last month’s debacle!!! I cancelled, buy maybe I have to subscribe now that I completely changed my profile to not sound anything like me. Hmmm…

  41. This is my box and I really like it. I canceled sephora two days ago and then I saw this box and re-sub again, I am such a sucker.

  42. Wow. Both good boxes!!

  43. I’m #023 and I love this box! I have tried the MILK cooling water in store several times and was considering buying the full size so I wish I had gotten that, but overall I love this box!

    • Misha, me too! Every month, my Sephora Play is on point for me! This box is like it was curated for me, sans the MILK cooling water (which I really wanted to try, but no biggie- I can get a sample at my local Sephora!) I have an obsession with Caudelie eye creams, and am stoked to try the Bobbi Brown mascara! Plus, I adore Fresh and Tarte products! The Briogeo leave-in conditioner spray is my jam, so it is nice to have a travel-sized one!

  44. Wow. This is my box and I’m very happy with it.

  45. Wow, I’m getting a good box. Yea!

  46. this is a good one.. not bad! im super curious of what the 072 will bring!

    • Me too! Come ooooooon, 72!!

    • Mine is 072, too. I’ll scream (and not in a good way) if I get that PTR Cucumber mask. I have samples of that I haven’t used yet! It’s the most lame mask, it does absolutely nothing!

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