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Hunt a Killer Episode 1 Review – June 2017

Hunt A Killer Episode 1 June 2017 - 0001

Hunt a Killer
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Hunt a Killer is a monthly mystery box that allows you to enter the mind of a serial killer while he taunts you from afar. Through a series of boxes, you'll receive clues that you will carefully interpret and analyze, embark on a journey of deceit, betrayal, and rampage while putting your crime-solving skills to the test.

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This review is of the Hunt a Killer Episode 1, $30.00 a month, box. All subscribers receive Episode 1 as their first box, so although the mystery will not be spoiled in this review, clues from this box will be revealed.

Hunt A Killer Episode 1 June 2017 - 0001

The Subscription Box: Hunt a Killer

The Cost: $30.00 a month

The Products: The products you receive are a complete mystery month to month. Use each box's clues to solve a series of crimes.

Ships to: Worldwide from the U.S.

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Hunt A Killer Episode 1 June 2017 - 0001

Upon inspecting each item in the box, they are seemingly pretty random. It's up to you to decipher their meaning!

Hunt A Killer Episode 1 June 2017 - 0001

Each box comes with an info card. It explains a bit more about the process, what to expect, and how to go about interpreting your clues.

Hunt A Killer Episode 1 June 2017 - 0001

You are encouraged to pay special attention to particularly revealing pieces of evidence and character context clues to uncover the large mystery at the end of each season.

Hunt A Killer Episode 1 June 2017 - 0001

An additional bookmark-sized card details the number of items you are to expect in each box. List them out to keep track.

Hunt A Killer Episode 1 June 2017 - 0001

Hunt a Killer also invites you to share your experience and tag them on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to win your next month free. They also offer a private Facebook group for subscribers to work together to ask questions and solve the clues.

Since this review is for the first box in the season, Episode 1, a journal is included to take notes on your investigations throughout the experience. You can use it to draw connections and easily move back and forth between episodes.

The journal is about the size of my hand, and I could tell upon opening this box that a notebook would be super handy to jot down ideas.

Hunt A Killer Episode 1 June 2017 - 0001

The first item I noticed in this box is a Hunt a Killer logo pin. I assume that this is separate from the box's crime-related clues, but only time will tell.

Hunt A Killer Episode 1 June 2017 - 0001

I love adding pins to my denim jacket, so I'll definitely make this a new addition if I enjoy Hunt a Killer as much as I think I will. Gotta represent and show that you're a true fan! Or maybe this IS a clue... ?


The first noticeable item demanding attention is a letter addressed to "Listening Friend." It explains that you are about to make a difference in someone's life and "begin a very unique and special relationship." Intriguing!

A large envelope is also included with "...Listening Friends of America" in the left corner. Based on this and the letter's header, it appears to be where this box is coming from (in the fictional world of Hunt a Killer). Inside are several key items.

This square prints depicts a swan, and is actually quite pretty. At this point, I still had no idea what to make of it, though.

There's also a small, flattened paper cup with no markings. Strange. However, an inanimate object as bland as a Dixie cup acting as a potential murder clue really started to make my wheels turn. I love true crime podcasts and shows like Dateline, so feeling like I'm part of that world in a small way is pretty thrilling.

Next up is a letter addressed simply to "Friend."

The enclosed letter is written by a very obviously isolated and lonely individual. The suspense definitely builds upon reading! Who is this person, and why do they call me a friend? Where is this package coming from, and why must it be inspected for hazardous materials? What am I getting myself into here?

The plot thickens with an article regarding a sinkhole collapsing. Upon Googling the headline, you find a real article from July 2016 in the Baltimore Sun. This is when you come to find that the cratering occurred on Mulberry Street - in the letter you receive, all indications of location are blacked out. I really sort of spiraled here attempting to look up various articles about this 'Mulberry street sinkhole.' I guess that's the point - research! - but staying afloat certainly requires a healthy attention span.

The most visually-appealing clue: this beautiful blue constellation card. It's a similar paper weight and illustration style to "The Swan." card which leads me to believe that these two areas may be connected. In my digging, I came to find that there is actually a swan constellation called Cygnus, and, whatdoyaknow, Cygnus is found at the top of the constellation card. Different horizon lines (I think?) are pictured for New Orleans, Louisville, Philadelphia, and Boston. Down the center is "Horizon of London, (Eng.)," but, honestly, it's hard to tell what any of this means, and I'm pretty lost.

On the back of the constellation card is a small plastic strip taped down to the very center. Both the plastic and tape are identical in color to the indigo of the card. What does it all mean? Is the plastic intended to be used as a tool of some sort? How does it relate to the horizons and various constellations depicted?

At this point, I knew that the sinkhole incident had occurred in Boston, more specifically on Mulberry Street, so it seems significant that Boston is represented on the constellation card.

I'm also wracking my brain trying to figure what the 10 items are. The Hunt a Killer info card notes that my package contains exactly 10 items, but does that include the Hunt a Killer literature that details the process? The pin? Does it include the plastic taped to the back of the constellation card? So many questions... but I love it!

Verdict: This box is made for the amateur sleuth. There are so many clues to investigate - it's just all about how far you want to go. I love games that allow for that sense of control and suspense. It's like, 'Ball's in your court, now put the puzzle together! It's all on you!' Granted, there are tons of spoilers out there to help you along if you choose to utilize them. I came across some message boards, YouTube videos, and other forums throughout my quest. For $30.00, this was a fun intro, and I look forward to continuing to piece together each clue on my own as the story builds.

Did Hunt a Killer Episode 1 intrigue you? What clues do you find to be most interesting?

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Jess Cole Payne
Jess Cole Payne
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Consumer Beware. Hunt-a-Killer has a misleading subscription model. You will automatically be re-billed and refused opportunity to return the product each month. This is a business model based on deception. Do not waste your time and money on this product.

Read for yourself. 87 complainants, countless bad reviews:

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This product has been a huge waste of time and money, in part because the investigation was not particularly interesting or challenging, but mostly because the Hunt A Killer Organisation is a shamble!

1. The boxes arrived out of order
2. One box was two months late
3. I was recharged $165 for a new subscription even though I cancelled before the renewal date
4. It is impossible to speak to them by phone, all listed numbers are closed or incorrect
5. It took a week and a half for them to respond to emails, which is the only way to contact them

All in all, it has been a highly negative experience, and I strongly urge anyone considering this subscription to not bother.

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Poor customer service and non delivered boxes.

I’ve subscribed to 2 seasons of Hunt a Killer now. Don’t get me wrong, the content is engaging and it is a fun game to play with my girlfriend; however, the customer service and payment models are atrocious. We had one episode last season that did not get delivered for whatever reason — customer service did not offer any refund or to resend the episode. Chalking this up to a one time error, we subscribed to the new season. We then never got episode 3 (middle of the season) delivered with no explanation. Once again no attempt to rectify this.

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Boston? From what I read in the Baltimore article was this occurred in Baltimore?!

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That was what I was wondering…

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for sure, Baltimore


What an original idea. It’s nice to see a different sort of subscription box. I wish the price point was lower. It would make a great gift for a mystery lover I know but sending just one box seems like a tease. At $30 a box I really can’t afford to send them a longer subscription.

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This is a little confusing for me. How many boxes are you supposed to get to complete the mystery? How do you know if you answer is correct? Is there more that goes along with this, like something tangible or are you paying $30 a month for an “experience”?

I also wish this review was a little bit more clear as to what the mystery is, even some spoiler tags after solving something would make this a little bit more intriguing.

This definitely doesn’t seem worth the price tag for what amounts to some papers and a pin…

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Jess Cole Payne

Hi Jackie! As I understand it, a central mystery will be revealed through the investigative work that comes along with the clues held within a series of monthly boxes. There may be smaller crimes to solve throughout as well. This was my first box, and I’m excited to share more about my experience as I go! You’re definitely paying for an experience here rather than an assortment of practical items or keepsakes.

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Wow–this seems really cool! Wondering if each month is a single mystery? Or if the next month’s box builds on the last month’s box? Thanks for the review!

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It is an on-going investigation. There is a private facebook group where you can exchange clue info with others. I think the objective here is to find out who the ‘killer’ is… So far the boxes have all been just background info. You receive a letter from your ‘friend’ in each box and additional reading materials or some cool objects… *spoiler* pocket magnifying glass, flashlight, fountain pen that’s actually a blood stained dagger on one end…!

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Bobby Lester

Definitely a negative experience. Was billed $165 randomly, even though I cancelled. 6 months was plenty so don’t for get to cancel.


The pen just sold me on this sub! Ha

Jess Cole Payne

Just received Episode 2, and I’m looking forward to seeing where Hunt a Killer goes with the mystery. Thanks for reading!

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