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Allure Beauty Box August 2017 FULL SPOILERS + $5 Coupon!

Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We’ve had a teaser for the upcoming July, August, and September Allure Beauty Boxes, and now we have EXCLUSIVE full spoilers for the August 2017 Allure Beauty Box!  Each box will include:

Allure Beatuy Box

What do you think of the August 2017 Allure Beauty Box spoiler? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) And you’ll also get this palette for free:


If you sign up anytime before the end of July, your first box will be the July box. Check out the full spoilers of the July 2017 Allure Beauty Box to see what you’ll get in your first box!

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (89)

  1. Got my August box today! Everything is there and intact…fantastic products from fabulous companies. Well done Allure editors! 🙂

    • Got my box today and I love it! Did anyone else have a mini beauty blender included in their August box in addition to all the other things we were supposed to get? I’ve been a Allure beauty box subscriber for several years and have always been pleased with the product selection. Last month I received 2 full size Marc Jacobs lip glosses as a thank you gift from them. Allure is my first subscription box and the one that I continue to love!

  2. Ok, I’m going to be negative Nancy re: Allure! I wrote almost 3 weeks ago how awful their customer service is, no response, charging my card, etc. I finally got a cancellation email, (lol literally, they wrote “we are discontinuing your continuous membership. If you receive a box, keep it as a gift…”) and with in 2 hours, got an email saying I was charged for August! So, if I do receive a box, It is not a gift! I paid for it!! Nothing written to me for refund. I did receive a confirmation email for tracking number but box never moved. I assume at their warehouse??!! I started emailing again, daily, CANCEL AND REFUND!! today I received 2 emails saying I was charged, and a cancellation at the same time..argh
    Have now been charged 3 times for August!! Emailed and called again to be told, “it was cancelled..we will refund you..” I am not the first, and I’m sure not the last to write about allure’s customer service!! No box is worth this type of hassle. Hoping I do not receive emails tomorrow stating “welcome to Allure, and we have charged your card” still baffled by the “welcome” seriously??!! Same customer#, so I am obviously not new!!!
    They do ask that you keep using the same email so they have reference, but they started a new email a few times welcoming me. As I stated in last review they are pretty tricky that way. I hope others have better luck. I had read one comment that stated she had to close her credit card due to Allure charging. I guess that will be my next step.

  3. Got my box and I love it!!!!! Always new things to try. I love skinfix but have never tried the wipes. I’m really excited to try the pink clay mask. I was charged on the 8th and received it on the 14th???? That’s a new record.

  4. I got my box today!! I like everything and will use everything in the box too. So.. overall I’m happy with August.

  5. Accidentally just bought this while trying to get the September box lmao. Thankfully only one thing has aloe so it won’t be a waste.

  6. My allure account updated yesterday and I was billed yesterday as well. Based on my limited experience with them as I just started last month, I should be receiving my box in the next few days. I actually love the samples & I have been using them all. I’m really looking forward to this box as well as the September one, although I do wish the beauty blender would be full sized cuz the minis are very hard to work with for me. I have neuropathy in my hands so I don’t feel my fingertips much 😔

    • I’m getting THREE micro Beauty Blenders this month (Sephora messed up and billed and shipped me two boxes, and the Allure one)…I wish I could squish all 3 together to make a full size! HA!

  7. July was my 1st box. This box looks crappy compared to July’s and September’s. The customer service from this company is crap. I’m trying to decide if the September box is worth it or not. I guess Ipsy has me spoiled… I started with beauty subscriptions in March of ’16 with Ipsy & Birchbox. After a few months, I wasn’t happy w/ Birchbox but didn’t cancel yet. Signed up w/ Beauty Box 5. DO NOT DO IT!!! They’re a nightmare! After 3 months of sunscreens from BB, I begged for no more, sure, no problem. The next month, I got the dreaded Coola sample in an orange tube that had 2 drops in it. I emailed & cancel but they billed me anyway, I went into the bank with my emails & the bank called. Beauty Box 5… Just save your sanity, this one is way too long… So, even tho I love Ipsy, I was getting bored & decided to try play by sephora. First box was damaged & had used & empty products! Wth?! They sent a new one with a pretty rude email. Basically, in a round about way, they said they would send a “replacement” for my “damaged” box only once as they don’t like sending customers 2 boxes when they aren’t paying for it and pretty much accused me of damaging or using those items. Canceling with them was not easy either. I canceled online. I sent an email to confirm, confirmed. I also called to confirm, yep but didn’t send that email. They billed me & sent the box the same day! What?! That never happens! Tricky tricky! I don’t think so! Put that money back! And they did. My bank has had to block charges from them. So, if I wanted to order from sephora, which I never will, I would have to call the bank and let them know I’m going to make a one time purchase. Same thing with BB5. I wish Mysuscriptionaddiction would include this type if info in their posts but they’re paid to push these. I was hoping the allure box would be a great find but I’m thinking I’ll be done after September’s box. Happy Birthday month to me! Now cancel my subscription please.

    • I totally agree with you
      I have had a lot of problems with their products that are either empty or very little in there when you call them there response is nothing

    • I accidentally bought this one trying to get September. Unless you don’t want the tarte blush, it’s worth it imo. The box is $15 and the blush is $29, and it’s a full size blush.

    • Sounds to me not much pleases you. And, I think the Beauty Box Subscription Gods are out to get you! Poor thing.

    • MSA should include WHAT kind of information? I haven’t dealt with Allure in the past six months, but the other subscriptions you mention have straightforward cancellation processes – my own cancellations with them were simple and painless, with no subsequent issues. That you feel the need to confirm everything three times and to stop payments through your bank is on you.

  8. It’s now August 8th and my Allure Beauty Box account page is showing I was last charged July 5th and then tracking for my July box. What’s going on with August? Anybody showing any activity with your August box?

    • Nope. Same here. I am new to the allure beauty box. July was my 1st box. My account only shows July. I have emailed & got a generic response about how to find my account info. Duh. I don’t think they read the email at all. I even stated in the last reply that “this” does not help or answer my questions. I’m a new subscriber and I think after one box and your crappy customer service, I may have made a mistake by signing up. That was Friday. Still no response. My first box arrived on the 17th of July. About 3-4 hours later that evening, I got the “your box has shipped” email. Really?! Wth?! I want the September box tho. Probably should have waited…. I am going to try calling them later today.

      • I signed up in July and it was my first box. I just got my August box today; no shipping notice.

    • Has anyone’s accounts updated to show info about the August box shipment?

      • No, not a single thing. I have not gotten a response to my email and I can’t get ahold if anyone by calling either. I’ve tried twice, 15 minutes on hold & another 18 minutes on hold. I’ll try back later. As a new customer, July being my 1st box, I’m not too happy. I do want the September box for my birthday. After that, I think I might be done. Pretty disappointed in their lack of CS.

      • I signed up (and was billed) August 1. This afternoon, I checked my account and the order date had changed from the 1st to the 8th. I called to find out what that meant, and the second time I called CS (because the first person hung up on me immediately) a really nice lady told me it meant that the order had been sent to the warehouse and I’d receive the tracking email once it shipped. This will be my first box, so I’m still not sure how it all works, but I can’t wait to receive it!

      • Not yet 🙁

      • I got my box today… so everyone else should be getting there soon too. Most of the time, with Allure, I don’t even get a shipping notice until I get my It always comes though..

    • Just got the charge yesterday to my bank account. Should be shipping shortly and I finally got my Thrills box shipping email today.

      • Oooh, that sounds promising. I’ve been wondering when the Thrills box will be shipped. I haven’t checked my emails since lunch time today, and didn’t see it then, but hopefully that shipping email is there now!

  9. For a beauty magazine to hv such a crappy subscription box really puzzles me. Same as Sephora. Sephora samples are samples so tiny that you open it and think..really?? Same for allure I tried them 2 or 3 times and finally gave up. Sorry about that rant

    • I thought”is this mess happening to me only??” Glad others know what I am talking about! I have tried to cancel via phone and email. Thank goodness I took screenshots of my info, cuz I can’t log in either! I have not gotten any shipping notifications, CSA says check your junk mail every time I call. Box just shows up. My weather is very hot and I fear items melting or the Bronx being stolen.. I emailed that I wanted to cancel my subscription and received a response 2 weeks later asking “if I change my mind to stay I could have box for $10 each month for 4 months ” And was on email stating cancellation confirmation. I did not reply at all thinking I had cancelled successfully.. Nope! They charged my card for the $16 plus dollars !! when I emailed them they said I did not refuse any offers so my subscription continues. They are quite sneaky and not nice in my opinion and now what I am reading on here. Not sure if this cancellation will go through in their minds. I am trying again. I have subscribed too many boxes and cancel some and never had this much trouble. Really expect better from Allure!

  10. How popular is this box? If I sign up September 1st what are the chances I’ll get the September box?

    • Usually for this box, the month that you sign up in…is the month you get first. If you sign up anytime in August, you will get the August box, and anytime in September you get the September box.

  11. Omg the drama I have had over the last few days to cancel my Allure beauty box account. I can’t even. Can’t do it from my login page, which took them a month of saying my account didn’t exist and me receiving and being charged for two boxes to say it did. Emailed to do it and reason why and got an email back trying to give me a $3 discount per month for 4 months and delay box being canceled I assume in time for next billing cycle possibly, if I didn’t respond fast enough? I sent back another very clear delete my account email and am still waiting. Dear god never again, if a box doesn’t have either well known great CS or a quick easy cancel button I am never signing up again. Liked my July box, not even interested in August. And so angry I wouldn’t go near it anyhow. Has anyone else has as awful an experience as me? I signed up last year for a month or two and it was fine and I cancelled from my page. Their CS is so slow though it’s absurd.

    • I can’t login either. I’m a new subscriber and just received my first box. I signed up, so obviously I have an account. Frustrating, to say the least.

      • When I want to – I clicked on ‘My Account’ and then typed in my email and zip code… that logged me in. Stinks it is not working for you both…

      • Ivouldnt cancel through my account either i had to call up my bb didnt even showbonline do strange

    • Mine experience was so bad tht I cancelled my c.c to make the subscription stop. To this day I continue to receive emails stating tht there unable to charge my card this mth…. unfreaken believable how there still trying to charge an card tht doesn’t wrk anyway.. btw i did get the Marc Jacobs lip glosses, I was all smiles about tht an there gorgeous!!

    • My account was never accesible online either. I thought that was a huge mishap on their part. I had to eventually call to cancel, after trying to log on for months.

      • I couldn’t get logged on. I called Allur by phone and she gave me my account number. If I use the account number and password then I can get logged in.

    • Just call them instead of email.. I never had a problem that way. Allure phone number is 1-800-274-1603

  12. Anyone want more Vichy Mineral 89?! They are giving away free samples of the Vichy Mineral 89 on their website!!! For FREE!!! No shipping! Click in the Vichy Mineral 89 link above, scroll down alittle & you will see Get A Free Sample Of Vichy Mineral 89 in blue lettering. Click on that, fill out the info, name, email, mailing address. That’s it! No payment info!

    • Thank you so much!! I just filled out for mine!!

    • Cool! Thanks!

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Awesome – got mine! Thank you!

    • Apply on damp skin and it works even better. I spray my face with Avene thermal water first and then work in the Vichy until it’s almost dry and next I apply a serum followed by an oil at night or straight to the moisturizer during the day.

      • Thanks for that info. Going to try using it that way. I have a huge bottle from Glossy Box LE that I use daily. Love the stuff!

    • Mine says: Free Mini Thermal Spa Water with $35+ Orders!

    • Sorry but I don’t see that now! 🙁

      • I actually clicked on the product itself as if I were adding it to my basket. Underneath the product description there is a link for a free sample.

    • Thank you! Just ordered!

    • Btw, I signed up for that Vichy sample like two months ago, never received anything. I wonder if anyone actually did?..

      • I didn’t get mine yet either, but it can take a while. I fill out for free samples all the time and sometimes, I forget I even filled out for one, and then they show up in my mailbox like 6 months later..

      • I was just thinking about this yesterday! I ordered my sample nearly 4 weeks ago but haven’t received it yet. I went back to the site to see if they listed a delivery timeline, but they’re no longer offering the sample. I expect samples to take 6-8 weeks to arrive, but sometimes it’s later than that!

      • I got mine yesterday. It was a foil packet.

      • I did receive my sample of Vichy Mineral 89 from the Vichy website yesterday. Its only a foil packet. But yes, I did finally receive it.

      • I was beginning to wonder about that myself. I just got it today. Keep an eye out for it in your junk mail. It is a little foil packet inside a cardboard/postcard type mailer. Just like some coupons like Victoria’s Secret coupons come in.

  13. I love this box, except the Rodial. My niece will not let it go to waste, though! Allure is easily my favorite box after Beauty Fix.

    • Those are my two faves too!

  14. Love, love, loving this box!! 😍

    Allure, we need the next round…

  15. I’m really looking forward to this box! It has new products for me.

  16. no, NO!
    I’m absolutely not excited. I wish I could skip this month.
    Not a single product worth my attention

    • You can! I emailed and asked if I could put my account on hold for August and resume in September and they said yes. I don’t like any of the August spoilers but September looks great.

    • Usually when i think that, i end up liking it in person and vice versa. I’ll think it’s good in pics, but ends up lame in person…

  17. All of these items are new to me, so that’s a definite bonus. August is looking like a great month so far for my beauty subs. Boxy with the Tarte palette, Ipsy sneak peeks look good so far, and now this!

  18. This box is so excellent 🙂

  19. I can’t wait to cancel my subscription when my annual sub is up. They haven’t had a hit box for me since last year. I need more black eye liner like I need a hole in the head.

    • Yeah, I remember the first half of 2016 the Allure box was pretty amazing. I still have fond memories of some of the boxes. But when I resubscribed during the winter holidays, I didn’t even stick around for the full 4-month discount, it was just so disappointing time and again.

  20. The Caudalie mask is a $15 value (I know bc I just reviewed it via the Caudalie favorites set!)

    I did like it; I think it reduced my pores. Who doesn’t want that!?

    • I loved the caudalie mask as well, one of the best I’ve tried for actually reducing the appearance of pores!

  21. Dag, a whopping 5ml of the Vichy… This is a good box though overall. Looking forward to it.

    • If you want another 5 ml Vichy 89 sample, they are giving them away for free on Vichy’s website for those who want to try it. I accidentally stumbled across it while doing research on this month’s BeautyFix box (Vichy is in that one too).

  22. Great box will use everything but the hair product. So.excited for the facial items. I’m a sucker for masks! And peels.

    • I’ll be happy to swap for your hair product. 🙂

  23. July is my last month of a 3 month sub but I am definitely staying for August and September, maybe longer.

  24. I’m super happy with Allure. They were my 1st sub & with the exception of March & a billing issue, I’ve been with them since December 2016. I’ve been 95% pleased with all my boxes.

    I hope they’ll reveal more spoilers for the rest of the year!!

  25. Looks like a really great month, cant wait to try the skinfix wipes, love the brand. LOVE Hey Honey and peels so that’s a huge win for me. The only item I probably wont use is the Vichy, my skin is naturally pretty oily so I only use light moisturizers. The rest looks great, cant wait

    • Vichy is super light. Just like glycerine serum. Give it a try! 😉

      • Thanks for the tip! Might give it a try, cant hurt I guess haha

      • YA I just got the Vichy in my beauty fix box and its great, super light! I have oily skin to and I have no issues with it!

      • 5ml sample??? Basically all of the spoilers are foil packets 😞 and the only large item is the new face mask 😔…

      • It’s actually pretty good size for vichy its the same size that’s in the beauty fix this month.and it’s all the way full too!!

    • I have an oily T zone. The acne I have is mostly around the chin area. I also have what I call a perma-rash. It’s due to chronic Lyme Disease. It’s never going away. I’m almost 42. At 40 is when I finally tried less drying products, some oil cleansers & some facial oils. Only at night tho. I HAVE noticed a difference and quite quickly too! By stripping all the natural oils twice a day, it actually makes you produce more & more. If you have not tried any of the aqua water gel type products yet, get some! Those products are awesome for oily skin. I use those in the am before a light moisturizer. I’ve been amazed at how much less oily my t zone is.

  26. The mysterious Caudalie item has revealed itself. I always like the variety of products in the Allure box.

  27. SO much better than Macy’s (which I decided to cancel after all)… Just wasn’t doing it for me.

  28. I don’t know, kinda looks cheap to me. Three wipes? All of three, really? And the Vichy isn’t that expensive even full size – 5ml is extremely small, some foil packets are larger than that.

    Regardless, I already have the Hey Honey peel, and nothing else in the box excites me, so, glad I am not subscribed. 🙂

    • Hey JuJu, I’ll swap you my wipes! LOL

      I have a COLLECTION of wipes from several recent boxes (full sizes) & I don’t use them maybe except once a year. I just gave away two stacks of Olay ones to my BFFs.

      • I am the same way, actually, I very rarely use wipes.

        I was just surprised to see only three wipes included, especially since Skinfix isn’t even an expensive brand. They could have at least included a pack of ten or something.

      • In that regard, you’re spot on.

  29. Looks awesome! Most excited about skinfx and caudalie. Funny story- my page was having trouble loading, and I misread ouai as olay and I was like seriously? Glad to be wrong!

    • Olay has some of the best state-of-the-art skincare.

      • So true!! If you do your research some are better than ones 3 times the price!

      • I would love some Olay. More than I would love some Ouai. Their sample tubes always have like nothing in them.

  30. Not bad ! But I’m more excited for September box ! It was the only reason why I came back to Allure . Wish they keep releasing spoilers for multiple months in advance like they did so I can have a better idea if I want to keep my sub or not.

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