Allure Beauty Box July, August, & September 2017 Spoilers + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have some spoilers for the July, August, and September 2017 Allure Beauty Boxes! 

The July 2017 box will include:

Allure Beauty Box 2017

The August 2017 box will include:

Allure Beauty Box 2017

The September 2017 box will include:

Allure Beauty Box 2017


What do you think of the Allure Beauty Box spoilers? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) And you’ll also get this palette for free:


Allure Beauty Box has confirmed that they will be sending this $35-Value Doucce Eye Shadow Quad Palette to all new subscribers! (If you’re already a subscriber, you received it in your January box.)

FYI – you will receive this palette in a separate shipment from your Allure Beauty Box.


(Check out my review of the January Allure Beauty Box to see these shades swatched!)

Allure will be sending all subscribers new shadows throughout the year to update their palettes, too!

Use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.)

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

FYI – If you sign up anytime before the end of May, your first box will be the May box. 

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  1. the allure spoilers are definitely looking better than sephora play. Cancelling them for sure. glad i reactivated my allure.

  2. The subscription link does not work. Is it just me?

  3. I will definitely get that September box and then cancel.

    • My thoughts exactly! I just received my first box and I wasn’t impressed. I was going to cancel until I saw what I will be getting in Aug & Sept.

  4. Does this Allure beauty box offer full size items or only sample sizes? Thanks!

    • Usually they’re deluxe sized (so bigger than what you’d get for like free at Sephora). And you also randomly get full sized stuff occasionally too like lipstick or liner and stuff. Theirs sizes have always been very good in my opinion! I used to have birchbox and their sizes were always SO small. Allure’s have been much larger than that. So usually deluxe sized samples and occasionally full sized

  5. I just subscribed May 26th.

    WILL I GET THE MAY BOX?! help 🙂

    • Yes, you’ll get May box if they still have any, then will pretty quickly get the June box.

    • I’ve seen it go both ways

  6. For the July box there are four items pictures but only three listed, do we know the fourth in the picture?

    • It looks like the Beauty for Real Lip Revival Suagr Scrub.

      • Thank you barb! I was trying to figure out what the package was and couldn’t. That’s awesome because I haven’t actually gotten a lip scrub in a while!

  7. I wouldn’t mind the tarte blush but otherwise I’m still happy I cancelled.

    • So sad that they have to put out spoilers for 3 months and still have no takers. I’m glad I cancelled…

      • I think they’ll be ok without you. I love this box and I’m taking multiple subscriptions starting June 1.

        • I am with you barb! Allure was smart to put out the spoilers. They have for sure gained subscribers because of that so I don’t think the one person commenting here that she doesn’t like it will be missed lol.

          • I have been on hold for the last 2-3 months but I think I am back for July – September. I am really trying to stick to one box a month, but hey I got $50 cash as a gift!

          • Sarah and Barb. Your catty comments to Jennie are uncalled for. She can state her opinion here just as you both can. And I’m sure she’s aware that the CEO of Allure isn’t flipping out b/c she canceled her subscription (as did I). Be nice. And be respectful on here.

        • Your comment to Jennie was uncalled for. All she said was she’s glad she canceled. Why you felt the need to be sarcastic I don’t know. Be nice and be respectful when posting here.

          • Agree… I cancelled my subscription too after the spoilers were released. The only item I would be interested in, was the Drunk Elephant, but it’s not worth me paying months for things I won’t use, for one item I would. I don’t think it was necessary to belittle anyone who states that they cancelled. Not nice..

          • Thanks Melissa. I even reread the post to make sure I was getting that vibe. Too much of this goes on behind the screen and I, for one, am sick of it. Like I said, all the girl said was she’s glad she canceled. And I’m with you. The Drunk Elephant is all I’d use too. I subscribe to Sephora Play and I LOVE IT.

      • Me too Jennie. For the record the two chicks that made the sarcastic comments relating to you saying you’re glad you cancelled was uncalled for. I also canceled Allure and am glad. I picked up another box and love it.

      • I agree. I cancelled mine as well and am MUCH happier with the other box I get now. Allure’s boxes just don’t seem to be consistently interesting to me.

  8. This is by far the BEST BEAUTY BOX!!! Their Customer Service is FABULOUS!!! I just joined in May but haven’t received my box yet. I called Customer Service and spoke with Heidi, who is mailing my box out today!!! I appreciate her professionalism & can’t wait to have a long term relationship with Allure!!! Thank you very, very much!!!

  9. Wow! It all looks fabulous…lots to look forward to. Now lets hope there’s no
    bait & switch.

    • I don’t think that will happen. Allure has a reputation to uphold as their primary business is their magazine. There is value to their brand name and everyone has heard of them.

      Whereas those boxes that bait and switch subscribers sometimes even by sadly using MSA to do so like Glossybox are entirely dependent on the subscription box model so more desperate and their name doesn’t have as much value and so their reputation doesn’t really matter as much to them as much as immediately being able to collect on subscription fees by any means possible.

  10. Sold!!!! What a great selection and for the price can’t go wrong!! I’m adding Allure to my collection ASAP.

  11. Maybe this will make you more excited for August. Caudalie is a French skin care company. The Allure email said that Vichy and Caudalie will be featured products in August. Allure didn’t picture which Caudalie product will be included in the box but several are on the Sephora website with good reviews. Caudalie isn’t part of the Rodial smokey eye pen, which btw retails for $21. August looks great to me.

  12. Wow. Septembers box looks like legit THE best one ever.

    • I thought the same, I will love all those products in the Sept. box which is also my Birthday month, so I am STOKED! Thanks ALLURE!

      • Make sure y’all have an account (VIP club or whatever) at Sephora – they are doing a free mini Tarte matte lip and blush for your birthday, and it’s free. I don’t typically shop there, but I do have one of these accounts!

        • Thanks for telling us about that! Can’t wait!

  13. I love the color of the Wander lipstick in July and I haven’t heard of or tried that brand, so I’m happy for that.

    In August, the Allure email said they would feature two Parisienne staples from Vichy and Caudalie. The “Caudalie” doesn’t go with the Smokey Eye Pen. It is a French skin care company with lots of products on Sephora with good reviews. Allure just didn’t picture the product in the email. All of the Caudalie products look like expensive skin care, so I think August looks pretty great too. I want it all.

    • I like the Caudalie products. Their eye cream is one of the best that works on me. The premiere cru at night and the resveratrol for day. One of the Sephora birthday gifts is the Caudalie products as well.

  14. August is kind of meh to me, but we haven’t seen everything, but I am super excited about September and especially July…I can’t wait to have some more BrioGeo Blowdry Creme – I loved it the last time I got it and just haven’t gotten around to getting more (so many products to try). And, I love Cargo. Allure hooked me in with the January box and now I’m glad.

  15. September is a box from my dreams! 🙂
    I may have just been sucked back into an Allure sub…

  16. hate to be a Debbie downer, but, I realized that I spent 160 last year buying samples and cosmetics from allure (only one of many subscriptions)
    that I barely, I had to cancel, because if I spent that money on 3 or 4 things I really loved it would probably be better, altho it is fun getting the boxes 🙂

    • I completely agree with you. I subscribe only to 2 boxes, Ipsy and the Walmart box. I have purchased the occasional Target box but lately they seem to be the same stuff again and again. Like you, I am reviewing total cost (Ipsy is on the chopping block every month – so far it survives but is always up for review) and saying “for this amount of money, I could buy what I really love and still end up with money in my pocket.” My financial situation must be a lot different than most of the members here – I don’t have an extra $100 a month to drop on subscription boxes. My disposable income goes towards frivolities like groceries, clothes for my kids, indoor plumbing and pet food! 🙂

  17. I’ll be back for September 😎 lol.

  18. Looks like I’ll be signing back up!

  19. I’m so excited!! I started my sub this month and loved it all. And these boxes all look great Looks like I got on the bandwagon just in time.

  20. I love the September box. When do I need to subscribe to get just the September box? I’m not really interested in the other boxes.

    • Same! 🤗

    • There’s no way to know honestly, with allure it has been “the next available month” since the fiasco last year. They had an amazing spoiler so everyone and their dog tried to sign up for it and then people were angry when they didn’t get one. My suggestion would be either, sign up months prior if you want it that bad or just know if you wait till September it may not be a guarantee.

      • I agree. I reactivated my account this month. To hopefully “guarantee” I will get September’s box.

        • Good idea !

  21. I’ve cancelled two Play! and Beauty fix. I’m sticking to allure and sisley 🙂

  22. I just called in to cancel because I wasn’t sure about the spoiler and they offered me four more month for $10 if I stay. I was really motivated to cancel but I could not say not to that offer 🙂

    • Someone in one of the recent Allure threads on this website was made the same offer (4 months for $10) when she tried to cancel too. I thought she was a fluke case (she didn’t take the offer), but it seems they may be offering to those who try to cancel. We should all try to cancel. Haha.

      • When I cancelled they didn’t offer me squat! Just my luck I guess.

        • I am on hold for the last several months but i am tempted to cancel and see what they say. I might even ask for it. Worst case, I do cancel and then sign back up for 5.00 off first month…. hmmmm

          • How do you resign up with the discount? Do they let you do that? I am definitely resigning starting with June. I don’t want to miss one goodie..! 🙂

        • For anyone interested I cancelled at the beginning of the month and was not offered any deal to stay. After reading on here that others were offered $10 for 4 months I called and asked if I could be given the same deal. They said yes. It wouldn’t hurt to call and ask if you are wanting to sign back for $10.

          • Once they catch onto the scam, they will probably stop offering it or just raise it to $20/box and give away 4 months at $15/month, lol!

        • me neither…oh wait I think I had said to put me on hold…lol…that deal is still nice.

  23. Wow, Allure, I’m actually impressed!

  24. Wow! The email just saved me $45. I have loved Allure recently, but like almost none of the spoilers.

    • Darn, except the one item I like, the Kiehl’s, is full size. Sigh, I guess I have to retract my snarky comment above and resub. 🙂

  25. A blush almost every month? Who needs that? But whatever. These boxes look like they’ll be a nice mix for me of items to keep and items to swap. I am excited about the lipstick. I’m often disappointed by lipsticks in sub boxes because they tend to go with neutrals, but it looks like these lippies might have 2 colors in one.

    • Ohhh how cool!! Cant wait to have mine 🤗(idk why geting 2 lippies brings me so much joy when i have 100+ but none are double sided!!-well some lipglosses are..and the bite cristmas ones….still…Easily amused!)

      • I don’t think that lipstick is double sided. I think that we’ll just get one side by the look of it. I looked it up on their website and the lipstick container looks totally different for the double sided one.

    • I know I don’t like blush at all but do like bronzer. You would think with the summer months they would include a bronzer and more Sun care related items. Oh well I subbed for a year so I’m stuck with them for a while.

  26. FML

    Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! (Oh well, still more than likely cancelling Play & BB.)

  27. On the Allure website advertising the beauty box they also have a NARS blush/highlighter compact, Benefit’s Rollerlash, mini Missoni perfume and some Estee Lauder product in the picture so I thought those might be the spoilers for future months.

    Because also in that picture is the YSL primer for June, the Doucce quad from this year, the Luxie brush from May and what looks like that beauty for real lip scrub for July.

    • Christine, where did you see this? I can’t find additional products.

      • In the post written above where there is a link to the Allure Beauty Box. If you click on it, you get taken to the Allure Beauty Box home page where there are promo pictures for the Allure box with these products. Just half the products have been or will be in an Allure box and half have not.

        They might just be marketing pics though.

    • saw this on the website, glad i resubbed…i hope they are in a future 2017 box!!

  28. “Siri remind to me subscribe to allure in August”

    • 😂 seriously

      • In ipsy talk, we say “srsly”…😀

  29. Wayy to go Allure. This is what i expected when i signed up for this sub. Glad i subbed a month ago. Hopefully it puts the longer subbers first before the boxes run out of the good stuff.

  30. I’ve never been interested in Allure before but these spoilers look really good!

  31. I’m happy about everything! The old Allure is back! I’m so happy I stuck those last couple months out and didn’t cancel…

  32. I think these all look great! Glad I re-subbed. My only quibble is the Briogio. They’ve flooded the subscription box zone to the point that, even if I might want to buy it, I don’t think I will ever have to.

    • At least it’s not the hair mask. I’m happy to see a different product.

    • Hah, I think the same thing about all the Manna Kadar in every box!

  33. What is the “blu” product in the July box?

    • I don’t see a blue product for July

    • OH sorry,someone said its a lip scrub

  34. September looks too good to be true. My bet is on it running out of stock and most people not getting it

    • I’m wondering why my post isn’t here since I sad nothing bad in it,and I know it went thru because the sign up for future comments went to my email.

      • OH it’s here wonder why the delay

    • I REALLY want September too! Hopefully I can get it! I’ll try to resub just in time!

  35. Ohhhhh i acually love this! I prefer spoilers than buying somehing blindly so will def be switching over from Play! These are all great brands and allure usually has better bang for your buck. (And I signed up black friday then put my account on hold so i think im still at the $10 rate!!! Yippiieee!!!)

  36. Oh Allure you naughty beauty box,I had thought about stopping my box because of product overload but now I’m loving every months box .So good job reeling me in .For all you out there saying you love the September box,let this be a heads up that I’d bet that if you don’t sign up soon there will be a few people disappointed because there won’t be enough boxes to go around.Think last year when everyone wanted the May assuming that I hey calculate how much product they need a couple months in advance for each months box.

  37. September looks awesome! I wonder if this will end up like the box with the Luna where they sell out long before and you end up with the October box being your first.

    • This is exsactly what I said in my post that didn’t post.That all these people loving September won’t all get a box because I assume they figure how much product they need in advance.And there’s a large number of people saying they only want September

      • Fortunately I had been subscribed for a few years prior to the Luna incident and got my box as usual but Allure did mess up by saying on their website that I think would be your first box instead of what PSMH and Ipsy say on their site, which is that you will receive the next box unless there are still boxes available for that month. July looks good too so so may resub then.

    • That’s what I’m thinking. September’s looks outstanding, but if I re-sub I know I won’t get it.

      • I think those people who resub right now will all get in ,but those who wait till September will probably not get in with so many liking that month

    • Yep, and then people will blame Allure, but you can’t always have your cake and eat it to. If you don’t wanna be a loyal subscriber you can’t cry when you don’t get the month you’re hoping for.

      • Amen,couldn’t have said it better myself!

      • wish there was a like button

  38. only interested in September…

  39. Sept looks great. I appreciate knowing ahead of time 🙂

  40. I think they all look wonderful! It’s amazing how much effort and planning go into these boxes. To me, $15 for the Allure box is a great buy.


  41. The most interesting thing about this is that it shows that beauty boxes plan their boxes months in advance. Like Allure has released spoilers for June, July, August and September and it is still May. I wonder if 4 to 5 months in advance is the norm.

    • Me 2

    • Exactly! ALL subs should do this. GREAT way to promote their box & lure in new customers.

    • I’ve read that a lot of boxes plan almost 1 year in advance.

    • They definitely plan in advance. When I complained about something in How to be a Redhead (I have since cancelled), they told me that the box had been planned 8 months earlier.

  42. August & sept look great! I’ll have to remember to sub then.

  43. Hmmm, can’t decide how I feel about these. I definitely prefer to see skin care in my box’s, and so far July has none. August looks ok, not super excited for Vichy but will be happy to try it out and I could use a good eye liner. September looks really great, but just so far away haha. Strange for them to release spoilers like this.

    • I got the Vichy in Glossybox’s Mother’s Day limited edition box and it is great. It is like a hyaluronic acid serum.

      • Oooo, thanks for the info. I guess I shouldn’t judge a product before I try it. Just never been that interested in Vichy, but for all I k ow it could be amazing, fingers crossed.

  44. if I subscribe now, would I get May box or June box? I’m not interested in this month box but June looks good to me and like other people say, I’ll stay until at least Sept to get that amazing box

    • Read the post, it says May

  45. I’ll save my money until September.

    • Same! Love September!

  46. I want to try all of these 🙂

  47. Wow…. I’m definitely waiting to sign up so I can get that September box!

  48. September looks the best to me…I feel like they’re trying to bait us into staying until then! I wasn’t super in love with last month, and was thinking about canceling, but I’ll definitely stay until September now!

    • I suspect they’ve been lurking and/or receiving consumer feedback directly.

      Maybe they’re listening to what we’ve been saying. (Or they loads of cancellations & are trying to stop the bleeding…?)

  49. That’s interesting they are giving so many spoilers so far in advance.

  50. Wow! July looks a bit lackluster to me (just personally not into lipstick or briogeo and cargo brands)…best thing there to me is the beauty for real lip scrub. But August and September look great!

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