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Oui Please Volume 3.1 Box Spoiler + 40% Off Coupon!

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We have a spoiler for the Volume 3.1 Oui Please box!

The theme for Volume 3.1 is “Travel Often”.

Each box will include:

An item from Les Nereides

We are pleased to announce that @lesnereidesusa is our hero item this summer!

Update: we have more info on the Les Nereides hero item! You can choose the charm on you Les Nereides bracelet. Your options are:

Subscribers will receive an email to choose their charm.

For a limited time, use coupon code OUI40 to save 40% off the bimonthly box ($150), or the annual subscription ($650).

What do you think of the theme and spoilers? Check out our Oui Please reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

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  1. Has anyone gotten the email to choose their bracelet, yet???

    • NO!!!! I can’t even get them to reply to my multiple emails asking them!!!! This is my first box too!!! So upset! Liz do you happen to have any info on this??

    • Yes, I got it awhile back, but it wouldn’t let me choose the item.

      • Shanna, do you happen to know when they usually ship their boxes? Beginning of the month or end? This is my first box. I signed up 2 weeks ago and have no idea how/when we are supposed to get the email to choose the bracelets!!! And CS is not responding to any of my emails!! 😩😩😩

    • Me either! I have an Annual sub, and I can’t get an email response and have no option to choose. Grr!!!!

      • They are sending out emails to choose the bracelet and the towel (fouta), and all you do is respond back ([email protected]) with which one you want. They aren’t sending confirmation emails in reply, but based on my experience with their customer service, they are actually on top of it. I know people complain about their lack of response, but I have found their CS to be the best of all the boxes I sub to (which at this point is a lot).

  2. Which bracelet are you all choosing? I went with the White Blossom – it’s classic Les Nereids.

    • It’s a toss-up between the two beetles!

      • But I am leaning HEAVILY towards the scarab.

    • Im torn between the Bee and the Blossom…Kinda wish we knew for sure whether it is a necklace or bracelet.

      • It’s a bracelet. They’ve given them out 2 boxes ago. The quality was amazing and they are so pretty in real life!

    • Looks like I’m the only one choosing the acorn, lol. I Love acorns! At least I know they won’t run out!

      • Yassssssss! It’s so chic!!

    • I think I am choosing the white blossom. I really like the bee. We called my daughter “Miss Bee” when she was little and I did all things bumblebee. There is part of me that is drawn to that, but I think the blossom goes more with my current style. However, I like the blossom as a necklace better, so as a bracelet, I keep going back and forth.

      • I looked back and I responded to their email on June 19. I did choose the blossom. I was leaving for vacation that day, so the whole day is a blur. LOL!

  3. This spoiler is disappointing. I feel like they’re recycling ideas. Same les interchangeables bracelets over and over, same Les Nereides bracelets…

  4. I think it’s a bracelet, not a necklace. If you are a current subscriber, Oui Please will send you an email with a link to select the charm you want.

  5. How do we choose the charm? Email them? I logged in to my account but can’t see where to choose.

    • You should receive an email with a “select here” button imbedded in the email. When you click on it it opens up a pre-populated email saying:

      I would like to request:

      Then you just type the name of the one you want and send it off.

      I’m so glad their doing this…it will sure save a lot of unnecessary swapping postage as people often swap for different versions of the same items. Very smart on their part.

      • I think this is a fantastic idea, too! And I have to agree that Ashley does a very good job in her CS role. I have extensive CS experience, and I know that it is a really challenging, yet relatively thankless, job. My thanks go out to you Ashley!

        • Hi, I actually been trying to get a hold of them now for over a week… I’ve sent 4 emails FB messages… is there something I’m doing wrong? I can’t get a response at all!! Any tips?! This is my first box and normally with other sub boxes they respond back in a few days so I was a little worried…

          • I have tried for months with zero replies. I just hope to get my boxes, run this subscription out and never have to deal with them again. I can’t understand why everyone raves about Ashley. Seriously, some of the worst customer service I have experienced.

          • Hi! I am sorry that you are getting no response. I would try emailing the following: [email protected], [email protected], &/or [email protected].
            Although I’m sure that you contacted them in a timely manner, I will stress that you must contact them immediately if you find a problem with your order.

          • Thank you Rosemary! I don’t get it! It’s been weeks and no reply! From a lot of the comments on here it seems no one else has any issues getting in touch with them!!!! Maybe it’s Bc I have a strange name!!! Anyway thanks for your help hopefully I’ll hear something… anything…😬Thanks!

  6. How does one select which charm they want on the necklace?

  7. I loooove some of their designs….others not so much. Is there a good chance that the jewelry will be from the collection in the spoiler photo?

    • Well the update makes that a moot question! And saves me the price of a subscription this time around….

  8. So if you get the annual membership and use the coupon, your price per box drops to $70.
    Does anyone know if it’s worth it? I’ve read the comments about the disparity in boxes and the unhappiness stemming from the variation.
    Guess I need some moral support prior to pulling the trigger…

    • I was wondering exactly the same thing!

    • Me too please

    • I got my first OP box last shipment, and I didn’t receive any jewelry at all. I was really disappointed. Someone told me that there was a guarantee that the total RV would be somewhere around $320 or so, but I haven’t found that anywhere (but I didn’t look very hard), and my box was well below that RV. Only subscribe if you are prepared for severe disappointment.

      • Thanks for the honest advice. That’s what I’m afraid of, yet I am still idiotically optimistic about these things. I may still bite, since I haven’t seen a deal this good since Black Friday. Perhaps I’ll sleep on it.

        • Karen is right…it’s the box envy that killed it for me. I would have given you a glowing recommendation if I had received one of the high value boxes. But I didn’t; simple as that. If you indeed can get a sub for $65 per shipment, it will definitely be more exciting than getting a PS box, but possibly incredibly disappointing if you get a dud box like I did.

    • This is definitely one of my favorite subs if not my absolute favorite. The value is always there (usually at $300-$350 per box, and sometimes a lot more). You may not love everything but their items are usually very swappable. Also, the packaging is the best I’ve seen. I’ve actually swapped for empty Oui Please boxes, they are that good.

      One tip – I would recommend not getting too swept up in the variations. Even if I don’t get any of the better variations (I usually don’t) I am almost always very very pleased with my box. In isolation, it’s hard to argue that any of the boxes aren’t great (but it is hard to ignore it when someone gets something gorgeous and high valued in lieu of a nail polish set, for example…just try to look at your box alone, not others and my bet is you’ll be thrilled anyway!)

      One more warning: brace yourself for a very inconsistent delivery schedule. They seem to be operating as more of a quarterly sub at this point as they seem to fall further behind schedule with every delivery.

      But all of that said, I would absolutely recommend it. $390 for 6 boxes is a screaming deal (maybe my math is off, but I think it’s only $65 a box). Sooooooo worth it (even with the inevitable box envy and shipping delays). They have a great variety of items and the brands aren’t seen in a million other subs and are almost always new to me, which adds to the fun (except for the Nuxe products, but I like their products so no complaints there). GO FOR IT!!!

      • Agree with Karen 100%. Qui Please has introduced me to so many great products and I am surprised and delighted each box. By far my favorite!

      • Have you experienced any delivery issues (beyond the late shipments)? In other words, have you ever been concerned that a box wouldn’t arrive at all? Or is Oui Please pretty good at keeping customers up to date on shipping issues?

        I just cancelled my PopSugar sub, and I’m so tempted by this deal. Still, even at the discount, it’s a big chunk of change for me to be spending, so I was curious about delivery/customer service.

        • All my boxes have always arrived (eventually!) and I’ve never received anything broken. There have been times when Oui Please has said something that was supposed to be included in all the boxes that wasn’t included in mine and they’ve been great about shipping out the missing item(s). They seem to have great customer service.

          Hope that helps.

          • Thank you!

      • It’s the best sub out there. I love every single box I get (and I have two subs to it) and it has easily the most swappable items on the swap site if you want to trade. I would recommend it with no hesitation.

        • Replying to my own comment – their customer service is the best! Ashley is the glue that holds Oui Please together – she’s amazing!!

    • I felt that I absolutely had to respond to you, because, like you, I got a Oui Please annual subscription as part of a promotion, thinking that justified the purchase. That was one year ago. Since then I received 6 boxes, all of which were highly disappointing. Two were so disappointing that I reached out to CS (which is a rarity for me, as I have to be REALLY pissed to do that (or if a box is missing)). The boxes are constantly late. One of the boxes sat in Texas (where their headquarters are) for weeks. The contents of the boxes kinda-sorta matches what is promised/advertised, and not in the customer’s favor. The Les Nereides item has been The Item of the box for the last three boxes, but not everyone gets it.

      The two boxes that really struck the cord with me were two where the content so mismatched the ad that it almost made me cry. In one, I got like three lotions, none of the nice items, and a couple of other things (don’t even remember what they were). I reached out to let Oui Please’s CS know, and, to their credit, they sent me another box, curated by the manager. The box contained a couple of repeats, but I should not really complain about it, since it was a freebie. The second box that I complained about was the very last one. They forgot to put a nail polish that was supposed to be in each box (and it is my understanding that they forgot to put it in multiple customers’ boxes) and I did not get either of the bigger items they advertised. So, I reached out to CS and they told me that they did include one of the bigger items in my box–well, they did not! I made a point of telling them that. In response, I got a curt email stating that my nail polish has been mailed. Nothing was said about the other item that was not included, even though it was supposed to be included, per their own admission. Moreover, the insinuation that I was lying about that other item really struck the cord with me. I have never lied about a box. One time my Yuzen box did not get delivered even though it said that it was, and I reached out to their CS to let them know that. They immediately sent out a replacement. Well, a couple of days later, my neighbor knocked on my door and said, hey, I got a couple of things that got delivered to my house that belong to you. Of course, the Yuzen box was one of those things. I immediately reached out to Yuzen CS to let them know that the box was delivered. So, an insinuation by some girl from Oui Please was highly inappropriate.

      Oh, this was crazy. In one other Oui Please box, the hero item was a poncho. They posted a photo of this model wearing a sleek poncho, and everyone was so excited about it! Well, instead of a poncho, everyone received a Turkish towel. That was in a midst of every single box sending you Turkish towels. It was like a Turkish towel invasion. How do you mix up a poncho with a Turkish towel??? I mean, it had a label on it from a home goods store. It was funny and sad at the same time.

      Sorry for a lengthy post, but I wanted to alert you to the numerous issues surrounding this box. The bottom line is, it’s not worth it, even with a discount. Honestly, splurge a little and go with a Luxe box, maybe one or two per year, as you do not have to sign up for a recurring box. Just 1-2 of those will kick the snot out of 6 Oui Please boxes. At least until Oui Boxes’ CS get their act together.

      • Thank you YK! I was about to join for a year with that discount but now I definitely won’t. Before staying home with my children I worked in customer service, for over 10 years, so bad CS is a huge turn-off for me. I’ve dealt with it from BirchBox and LookFantasic and immediately canceled them. (On the flip side Art of Organics and Beauty Heroes have been awesome!!) I’ll save that $400 for a much better splurge!!

      • Lots of love and lots of bad experiences, it seems…. This box is very polarizing. I am going to roll the dice and see what my own experience will be like! Karen talked me into it.

        Even if every box isn’t a winner, with the annual sub chances are good to get something I like. Swapping and gifting are always good fall backs.

        It will be refreshing to try a new box and find some new brands!

        • I’m going for it too, fingers crossed!

          • Hope you love it! 🙂 🙂

      • You reminded me of the poncho aka Turkish towel. I never did receive mine…and still waiting on nail polish from the last box.

    • I’ve been a subscriber since last fall, and it’s my favorite sub. I agree with those who said the customer service has been amazing. For me it has been out of this world, just phenomenal. And even if you don’t like some of the items (there are usually a few things that aren’t for me in a given box), Oui Please stuff is highly sought after on swaps. I’ve never had a problem swapping out the things i didn’t want. Because of that, it doesn’t feel like a risk, no matter what I get in a box. And you just can’t beat the value with the coupon!

      • I subscribed since the very first box and adore the subscription. I was in the minority in that I preferred the variations but this subscription has always been worth it to me. By far my favorite subscription – shipping (especially the 1st year) was often late but you absolutely forgot about that once you unboxed it. I’ve gotten a 2nd as a gift and now am contemplating a 3rd as a birthday gift b/c $260 for the year is a great box!

        • How do you get $260?? I got $390 ($650 – 40%) Am I missing something?!

        • Hi! Do you have a special code to get a year for $260? Pray tell!

        • Hi !!!
          Do you have a different code? With the 40% the total is almost $400

    • I received my 2nd box a month ago. It was missing a few things and was a lot less than the promised value. Instead of every other month, I subbed in Dec, and it is mid June and I have only received two boxes so far. Also, no jewelry in my 2nd box….odd as this may sound, it’s still one of my favorite boxes. I Really love everything I’ve received so far! I’m a little annoyed that I prepaid for a full year at 30% off and now they are offering 40% off, which is like a $65 less difference! Oh well. I still love the quality and new items that I’m being introduced to. If you can get over the “box envy” my advise is to sub.

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