Beauteque BB Bag Subscription Review + Coupon – May 2017

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Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

Beauteque BB Bag is a monthly Asian beauty subscription box from Beauteque Monthly that offers full-sized makeup, skincare, and body products along with a makeup bag. Each bag claims to have a value that is triple of what you pay. Beauteque Monthly also offers Beauteque Mask Maven (you can read Ragan’s reviews here!)

Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

My Subscription Addiction paid for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This review is of the Beauteque BB Bag, $24 a month, box.

Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

The Subscription Box: Beauteque BB Bag

The Cost: $24 per month + $3.95 US shipping (discounts on longer commitments)

The Products: at least 6 Asian beauty products plus a makeup bag

Ships to: USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia; shipping rates vary.

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Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

Beauteque BB Bag includes a little card about this month’s theme and product information. The theme for this month is May Flowers, following up on their April Shower theme from last month.

Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

The makeup bag has a light blue background and peach floral pattern. I think it’s very cute and it matches the theme well. Its shape and size are perfect for cosmetics or small toiletries.

Now onto the items!

Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

It’s Skin My Bottle Vita Soothing Gel – P,  245g – Value $20.99

** Subscribers receive either the Vita-K Kale or Vita-P Grape **

Having lived in Asia, I’ve come to know It’s Skin from their cute macaron lip balm. Their products are a combination of natural ingredients, innovative formulation, and fun packaging! The brand itself was developed by dermatologists from Seoul University, so it has been tested for both efficacy and safety.

Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

If you were curious like I was, Vitamin P refers to flavonoids, which help support the skin repairing process. This soothing gel includes Grape Fruit Extract and Capsicum Annuum (Chili) Fruit Extract for firming and moisturizing effects and you can use it anywhere on your face and body. It has a light floral scent, which is nice, but I would like it even more if it had a grape or berry scent. I applied it on my arms and it absorbed instantly without leaving any residue or oiliness. It also provides a cooling, refreshing sensation, so this would make a great summer moisturizer!

Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

I would like to mention the date printed on Korean skincare packaging, for example, this product has the date 20160707 on it, which usually refers to the manufacturing date, not an expiration date. (The Korean word ‘제조’ means ‘manufactured’ or ‘produced’.) If the number refers to anything else, it’s typically noted as ‘EXP’ or ‘Use by’. Most Korean skincare will expire 3 years from the manufacture date before opening.

Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in Grapefruit Jelly, 0.3oz – Value $10

** Subscribers receive one blusher but color may vary **

Again, Etude House is a very well known brand for its cute, princess-like packaging and affordable price. The blush I received is their Grapefruit Jelly shade and it has a bright coral color, perfect for summer! It’s quite pigmented and gives me a matte finish. Staying power? Not so much. The adorable puff is included so you can tuck this blush in your makeup bag easily and use for touch-ups throughout the day!

(Swatch in lower photo)

Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

Lindsey Lavender Modeling Mask 28 g – Value $6? (I couldn’t find the exact item on their website so I’m linking it to a similar item instead)

This is the first time I’ve tried this kind of mask, and Lindsey is a very new brand to me. With this mask, you fill the cup with water up to the line, mix the powder and water together with the spatula provided in the package, and boom!, you get a thick, gooey paste to put on your face. I left it on around 10 minutes as suggested, and after the product had dried down to a rubber texture, it peeled off easily.

I think that this mask does a good job of soothing my skin and I don’t get any irritation afterward. My skin feels smooth and soft, and the moisturizer absorbed really well into my skin, too. While I might not see a huge difference on my skin type (oily-combination), some people seem to get amazing results after one use, so I wish you best of luck!

Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

Tsaio Camellia Wash-Remove Oil Mousse, 150ml. – Value $16.99

** Subscribers receive either this product or Sofnon Willowherb Wash-Remove Mousse **

Again, this brand is totally new to me so I had to look it up. Tsaio is a Taiwanese brand that provides skincare with herbal, natural ingredients at a reasonable price. This cleanser has a lovely refreshing floral scent and a very soft mousse foam. I used it to wash my full-face makeup today and it DOES remove it! (You have to massage the foam a bit on your eyes/lips if you use a waterproof product or liquid lipstick though!)

Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

Peripera Speedy Eyebrow Auto Pencil No. 2, 0.14g – Value $8

Peripera is famous for vivid, pigmented colors and unique application like this weightless lip product. The color of the eyebrow pencil I received is No.2 Gray Brown and it supposed to give a natural-yet-defined look to my eyebrow. I do like that it’s a twist up version which will save me some time from sharpening, however, I think that the shape of this pencil is quite big and not as defined as NYX’s or Anastasia’s brow pencil. I, personally, have no problem using it because I don’t really opt for an Instagram-perfect makeup look, but for some people who prefer a precise brow pencil, this may not be for you.

Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

Here is the swatch of brow pencil, below Etude Blusher.

Beauteque BB Bag K-Beauty Subscription Box - May 2017

Shimeiyi Oval Face Brush – Value $6.99

I received this similar but bigger brush from May’s Boxycharm as well so I guess that it’s quite a trendy item? This small brush has densely packed, soft bristles, however, the material and design remind me of these oval brushes I ordered from Ebay for about a dollar each, so I think the price of this item is quite inflated.

I have to admit though, that I grab my regular brushes more often than these since I find them difficult to work with. This small brush is no exception, but if you use these brushes regularly, you might find that this brush works well with concealer, highlighter, and any smaller area your larger foundation brush can’t get into.

Verdict: This is my first time reviewing Beauteque BB Bag and I like 4 out of the 6 products they sent! It’s Skin My Bottle Vita Soothing Gel will definitely be my go to summer moisturizer. The total value of this box is about $69 (not including the makeup bag), which is more than twice of what you paid for the box. I think that this box is a great combination of Korean makeup and skincare products that will introduce you to the mesmerizing world of K-beauty, and the value is totally there as well!

What do you think of Beauteque BB Bag?

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Written by Jira Sai

Jira Sai

Jira discovered the world of subscription boxes when she first moved to New York in 2017 (subscription box is not a thing in her home country!). Thanks to MSA, she’s now subscribed to almost 10 beauty and lifestyle boxes, with FabFitFun, BeautyFIX, and Clean Beauty Box as her favorites. Ps. Her boyfriend thinks that she’s only subscribed to Ipsy, so please keep this a secret between us 😉

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  1. I have not had a great experience with this company. I’ve been charged the last 3 months and only received the april box mid way through may with several items missing. never received my may box and still have not received my june box. needless to say, I have requested a refund and cancellation of my subscription. very disappointing

    • I’m fed up as well. I just don’t get it. Its like I’ll see two months worth of my other subscription boxes go by and STILL won’t receive one month of Beauteques. Have you received your July box…HAS ANYONE RECEIVED THEIR JULY BOX?

      • they send the box in the last day of the month, sometimes the first days of the next month

  2. I have been subscribed to Beauteque since this January, and I haven’t been completely blown away by any bags.
    Their customer service is pretty good, but their shipping is unbelievably slow and I have been missing at least 1-2 items in each month’s bag since I have subscribed. I even got my sister to subscribe a month after I did and she has never missed a single item in her bags. It’s very annoying, because I would like to review myself doing an unboxing and I can’t do a full review/unboxing if I am always missing items.
    Even though they usually do throw in a freebie or two when they send me my missing items (around a week or 2 after I get my bag), it is so annoying and I am fed up.
    Sadly, after I receive my June bag, I will be unsubscribing and just sticking with BomiBox, which I subscribed to this March. BomiBox’s shipping is so much faster and I feel like I really get my money’s worth.
    I have also noticed that sometimes Beauteque will try to tell you on the card that is included that items are retailed at one price, but then I go to look them up on my favorite and most trusted Korean beauty website (beautynetkorea), and they will literally be half the price of what Beauteque marks it as being, and beautynetkorea offers free shipping.
    So that is also very annoying.

  3. Jira I’m really enjoying your reviews! I like how you labeled the swatches, and your skin tone/color/complexion on your arm is lovely! (I hope that doesn’t sound too weird…)

  4. What is wrong with this subscription? It is the 5th of June and I did not got even the tracking number for May bag and mask maven….anybody else in the same situation?

  5. I’m still waiting on my May Mask Maven from Beauteque. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with their shipping, lately. They’ve gone from being pretty reliable to not shipping until the very last day of that month, meaning you won’t get that month’s bag until the following month.

  6. Great review! I’m going to keep my eyes on this sub – and any upcoming sales.

  7. Nice review, makes me want to try this subscription.

  8. Jira, can you say what skin category you selected for your sub?

    I have studied this box for the past nine months & I have to say although the products may be potentially hit or miss for me, they have the best BAGS hands down! Unlike Ipsy, I haven’t seen one I didn’t want.

    I’m sort of regretting not sub’ing when CrateJoy had that big sale last month. I did get MaskMaven for 3 months. Still waiting for my 1st box….

    • Hi Vanessa, I don’t think I got to pick skin category for this sub. The other sub I reviewed that I got to pick my skin category is Benevolent Beauty Box and I’m oily/combination. I hope that helps 🙂

    • Their shipping is soooo slow, but I do love almost everything they send.

    • I subscribed to this a while ago, and you do not get to choose your skin type. They lean heavily towards oily/acne-prone skin, which is why I eventually cancelled it — in my late 50s acne is not at all a concern, and I have dry skin.

  9. Best review I have seen on this site in a long time. She actually showed up the foamy mousse!

    • Hi Katie, thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed this review. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if I can do anything to make my future reviews better 🙂

  10. The brush cost is definitely not inflated. I have the original Artis set and the average is around $30 per brush for that size. The larger facial brushes are $80. It is well worth it to buy the Artis over some of the cheaper options as they are softer and easier to clean out by in my experience.

    • Lia, I do not think it is original Artis brush. I think Jira is right, this is a type of brush that you can get on e-bay for very cheap. I bought entire set of these kind of brushes (12 of them) for$15. They are nice and soft.

    • Hi Lia, I understand that Artis brushes are off better quality and the bristles tend to be flatter (from youtubers’ comments). But just as Svetlana7e said, this brush is more similar to those dupes you can find on EBay in terms of material, design, and weight. I hope that helps!

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