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Facetory SEVEN LUX Subscription Box Review + Coupon – April 2017

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Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

Facetory is a monthly sheet mask facial subscription. The company aims to provide its members with the latest cult faves from the Korean sheet mask trend.

Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

This is a review of the SEVEN LUX subscription level ($15.95 per month + shipping), which includes 7 curated sheet masks with slightly higher-functioning ingredients (think hydrogels and other more sophisticated ingredients). They also offer a FOUR-ever Fresh subscription level ($5.95 per month + shipping), which includes 4 curated sheet masks made from traditional fabrics like cotton and cellulose.

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Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

The Subscription Box: Facetory

The Cost: $5.95 + $2.95 shipping for the FOUR-ever Fresh subscription (4 masks per month), or $15.95 + $3.95 shipping for the SEVEN LUX subscription (7 higher-functioning masks per month)

COUPON: Use coupon code EMAILSIGNUP10 to save 10%!

The Products: 4 or 7 sheet mask facials representing what’s new and popular in the Korean sheet mask trend.

Ships to: U.S. and Worldwide

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Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

My skin can be kind of all over the place—it’s usually oilier through my T-zone, but every now and then, my skin will surprise me and get really dry around my nose. Using the masks in this subscription has definitely helped during the dry times since the masks are usually really moisturizing. Some of the masks also leave my skin feeling a bit firmer and smoother, at least for an evening.

Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

I’m always glad that Facetory includes so much detail about each mask. The information on the packages themselves isn’t usually in English, so this product card is key in understanding what’s special about each mask.

Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

Here’s the back of the card.

Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

Duft & Doft Pink Milk Mask – Retail Value $4.95

This mask is apparently one of the most popular masks in Korea right now, which made me excited to try it. The gist is that the pink mask includes a bunch of special potions to keep your face looking fab, including milk extract to “brighten dull skin and give it a glowy, healthy look.”

Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

The info card said to open the bottom tip of the mask, squeeze out the excess essence, and put it on my skin before applying the mask. Just to be clear, it’s the mask that’s pink—the essence is supposed to be pink, but it seemed more clear to me. I think the most noticeable part of this mask was how soothed my skin felt while it was on. The essence wasn’t sticky or residue-ish like other products can be. While the effects didn’t last much longer than a few hours, I did feel like the mask left my skin feeling moisturized and a makeup primer smooth, especially around my nose and cheekbones.

Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

Shine K Super Food Berry Honey Mask Pack – Retail Value $2.95

Pretty much every mask I’ve tried from Facetory has smelled the same—the fragrance, if there is one, is usually just a fresh, clean kind of smell, like what you’d expect from a lotion. This mask, on the other hand, smells like sweet raspberries!

Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

The mask itself wasn’t anything too exciting. It was moisturizing, sure, but the results didn’t last too long. Also, I found the eye holes a little on the small side (my eyes are VERY much on the big side), so I had to fight not to get essence in my eyes!

Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

SNP Jelly Vita Firming Toning Mask – Retail Value $2.95

This mask helps with wrinkles, elasticity, skin nutrition, and moisture via a jelly-like essence that’s packed with bergamot extracts, chamomile flower extracts, and more.

Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

The info card mentions that you have to smooth the jelly around in the package before you apply the mask to make sure it’s even. I did smooth things out pretty well, but I still got a big glob of jelly towards my right cheek, and not so much anywhere else. The mask is more meshy than others I’ve tried, so the jelly (which is basically a thinner petroleum jelly) can easily seep through and absorb into the skin. The parts of the mask that had more jelly on them did leave my skin feeling soft, but it was so uneven that it wasn’t my fave.

Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

Leaders Shining Effect Aquatoning Pearl Mask – Retail Value $2.95

I’ve tried pearl masks from other brands before and really liked the impact they had on my skin. This mask is supposed to “brighten and liven up” my skin with pearl powder and hyaluronic acid.

Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

I was really impressed by this mask—it kept my skin feeling soft all day, to the point where I still found myself petting my cheeks at dinner (I did the mask in the morning). I didn’t get a lot of the brightening effects with this one use, but this feels like one of those masks that would do amazing things to my skin with repeat use. I might have to nab some more!

Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

The Art:Cell Aurora Pearl Mask Pack – Retail Value $3.95

Another pearl mask! Awesome! I also have to say, this packaging is so pretty. The subtle mermaid-scale pattern shimmers in the light, too.

Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

I think pearl masks were just made for my skin because this mask was also so amazingly effective. The mask felt soothing while it was on. The essence soaked into my skin really nicely (even on my hands), and left a light, smooth feeling like makeup primer would. Best of all, the effects of the mask lasted a really long time. My favorite part was how firm and bouncy the skin around my nose and cheeks felt. Those areas tend to be duller and less lively than others, but they felt and looked awesome after this mask!

Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Mask – Retail Value $4.95

Dr. Jart masks I’ve used have been really effective and tend to involve more sophisticated materials as well as ingredients. For instance, other Dr. Jart masks I’ve tried featured gel, rather than a liquid essence. This was a pretty straightforward sheet mask, though the info card says it’s crafted for sensitive skin and is void of 10 harmful toxins, which I like.

Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

The mask’s main mission is hydration, and I did feel a bit more moisturized after using it. But I felt like there was a bit more residue than I would’ve liked, and I didn’t get the firmness that I experienced with other masks in the box.

Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

Frienvita Aqua Gold Glow Mask – Retail Value $3.95

The last mask in the box was the most unique mask I’ve tried. Not only does the essence include little flecks of real gold, but the mask itself is an “octopus sucker black sheet,” which hugged my skin in a way that was comfortable and made this mask a much less clumsy experience than other masks that slip around on my face. (Note that this wasn’t one of those charcoal masks that stick so tightly to your skin that they’re painful to pull off—it’s just a fabric mask that slips around less easily than others!)

Check out our review of the April 2017 Facetory SEVEN LUX box!

My skin felt pretty good after using the mask. It was soft and a little firmer than it was before I put the mask on. The gold flakes didn’t have any noticeable impact. A few ended up sticking to my skin, but they’re so big that it would’ve looked weird if I left them—it’s more like having some fine confetti on your face, rather than a dusting of shimmery powder.

Verdict: Facetory gives you about $27.00 of sheet masks for about $20.00 (the price of the box plus shipping). I like being stocked up with sheet masks, though I didn’t get the same value out of each one. Each month’s box is essentially a variety pack that highlights all different kinds of masks, ingredients, and functions. But now that I know which masks worked the best for me (hooray for pearl!), I kind of wish there was an option to get masks that fit my specific preferences or skin needs (a.k.a. just a bunch of pearl masks). Still, it’s kind of fun to explore the wide world of sheet masks each month and discover new brands!

What do you think of Facetory?

Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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  1. I have used sheet masks for about a year now, and I just found out about this “sheet mask scandal.” Apparently, masks are packaged in unsanitary environments, which has really turned me off from using sheet masks. Does anyone else know about this? I’m surprised that more people are not talking about this issue. It makes me so sad too, because I really enjoyed using sheet masks. 🙁

    • It’s not all sheet masks. There are many sheet mask companies that have controls in place to prevent unsanitary conditions. Of course, the articles are going to emphasize the worst case scenarios. There was a whole discussion on this last year on the forum. But, I can totally understand how after reading these articles, one would never want to use them again.

    • You can find out the brands pretty easily. Essentially, the scandal was that the sheet masks were being folded in homes instead of factory, so there were hairs, cigarette ashes, etc, getting on some masks. The bigger issue is the essential slave labor in the industry. If you are concerned, you can Google the brand and type slave labor, unsanitary, or even outsourced to home, and it should link you to any articles that list guilty companies. I don’t think it’s any of the brands above, know for sure leaders brand is safe.
      Any product coming from Korea, there is a risk of the kind of thing. Fancy feast admitted way back that they use Korean slave labor, and not much has changed even there, and that got more attention even than the sheet mask scandals, so wouldn’t hold my breath on much improving there. That said, it is not every sheet mask you need to be wary of. Soo ae is on my no go list, had a sheet mask that looked and smelled like there was blood on it (not a ton, but like a bad papercut) mediheal was one brand it was discovered used illegal and unsanitary at home mask folding, paying tiny amount, like a few us dollars for a couple thousand masks. I don’t think you need to stop using sheet masks, but worth googling when you see a new brand before use. There is a lot of info from investigations within Korea, so definitely easy to find sources if you are ever unsure. I don’t remember any other brands off the top of my head. I think there was an entire subreddit dedicated to this last year, too.

  2. These mask subscription boxes don’t make sense except for maybe a couple months until you find a couple masks and brands you like for those actually unfamiliar with masks. All these masks come in 10 packs at a discount. You are better off buying the 10 packs for the masks you like instead of basically paying the same price for a random handful of individual masks.

  3. Nice review Anna! I ended up cancelling because there wasn’t a way to get masks for a specific skin type or need as you stated. It’s a good service for trying new things, but in the long-term it wasn’t helping my skin.

    • Pink Seoul Mask offers subscriptions based on skin type. 🙂

      • Thanks Luna! I’ll have to check Pink Seoul Mask out. 😊

  4. I love masks, and I just sub to Mask Maven, however, the more I use them the more I convinced that all this snails, pearls, snakes, bird nests, are just a gimmick. I use all kind of mask, and they feel the same to me.

    • Agreed. And in most of them, the first ingredient listed is witch hazel, and that’s what you’re getting, really. I love sheet masks and use them at least twice a week – I just don’t fall for the hype.

      • When my skin is not happy (breakouts etc) I’ve used a few specifically made for acne or calming skin and those seemed to help a lot. I think one was the leaders tea tree relaxing sheet mask. Other than that, I didn’t see much difference.

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