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FabFitFun Summer 2017 Box Spoiler + $10 Coupon!

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FabFitFun Box

We have the first SPOILER for the Summer 2017 FabFitFun box!

Each box will include:

The Michael Stars Ruana!

The Michael Stars Ruana will be a Select option! So Select members (annual subscribers) will get the opportunity to pick the color they prefer. If you aren’t a Select member yet, you can still upgrade to an annual membership and they’ll be able to pick!

We’re kickstarting your summer wardrobe with a lightweight, multi-purpose accessory that can be worn around your neck as a scarf, tied around your waist as a sarong, or draped over your shoulders like a shawl. Pretty much everything you need for a summer vacation.

Plus, we’re so proud to be partnering with another female-founded brand that’s dedicated to advocating for the most pressing challenges facing girls and women today.

Here are the deets: – $54 value – Made of 100% viscose – Available in three colors: Blue, Black, and Orange/Beige

8 Ways To Style the Michael Stars Ruana from FabFitFun on Vimeo.

What do you think of the first Summer 2017 FabFitFun Box spoiler?

If you are a new subscriber, and you sign up now, your first box will be the Summer Box. This box is regularly $49.99, but you can use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box!

Check out all of my FabFitFun reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. It seems crazy to me that select choice opens tomorrow but we still don’t have any more spoilers. I’m so impatient!!!

    • Same! It’s been driving me crazy! I signed up as select too late to customize my box last season–are we going to get to customize everything at once, or is it possible they’re just going to let us pick the ruana tomorrow and hold off on everything else until later?

  2. Do we HAVE to get the Editor’s box as the 1st one? I really don’t want it, but want June. I haven’t gotten a reply yet from them.

    • I signed up yesturday, and I am receiving the Summer Box!

  3. The knotted scarf is a bit of a stretch… but otherwise these look pretty great.

  4. I like it ,I’m gonna pick the blue one the tie dye toundie from last box I use as a tablecloth other than that what can I use it for it certainly isn’t a beach towel that they sold it as.

    • The roundie wasn’t meant to be a beach towel…more a blanket to sit on

    • Donna, I also put my toundie on my table… Looks great for a summer look…. I do think this is a beach towel/blanket. I don’t live by a beach anymore but if I did I would use as a blanket to sit on. Very easy to shake off sand .

    • Donna,
      I used mine over and old tabli was going to throw away. Now, it’s pretty and useful and I have all my aromatherapy products in cute baskets on it. Saved the table and now it’s a bright cheerful area!

  5. Not for me but I don’t mind. The roundie wasn’t for me either but I loved everything else in the spring box so it didn’t matter. The face peel wasn’t for me in the winter box but, again, I loved everything else.

  6. I feel like we get a ton of these every summer. It’s ok, but not very inspired.

  7. Does anyone know when this will ship?? And the last day to order the summer box????
    I just got my editors box in and am beyond happy with it especially at 40% off! Great discovery of the ORG Mineral Peel Face; AMAZING stuff!! Wish I would’ve ordered 2 with such amazing value!
    I’m a long time subscriber I just always create different accounts so I can get whatever special is going on.
    I like the spoiler and I actually have one in the same exact style but never seem to wear stuff like this because I’m in Deep South la and it gets hot & humid here always so this would be an unnecessary extra layer but as a cover up it’d be ok I guess just none of the colors match my swim suits. Boooo! I’m really hoping that there’s gonna be something DIFFERENT, NEW & EXCITING in this summer box, we shall see! FFF never lets me down!

  8. What box? This post is about a spoiler not a review

  9. I’m like some others I like the idea of this and actually have a one exactly this style but never seem to use it. Just got my editors box yesterday and so glad I got it at 40% off!!! I’ve been a member for years I always create new accounts so I can get whatever special is going on, really wish I would’ve gotten 2 of them cause I’m absolutely loving the ORG Mineral Peel Face, that stuff is amazing!!! Great discovery! I hope the other items in this box is something NEW & exciting!

    • How did you get 40% off?

      • I wondered the same thing!

      • there was a sale/promo going on that just ended for 40% off the editors box

  10. Hmmmm at first glance this isn’t an item for me but after watching the video, I like it better and would like to wear it as a shawl or neck scarf. It’s too long for a hair scarf or purse scarf to me…LOL

    • You could use at as a nice head scarf. Like tie it around your head like a headband. That’s probably what I’ll do. Otherwise I won’t use this.

      • So on board with that sentiment!

  11. I just cancelled. I hope they did not charge my card. No order appears on the FabFitFun website and their own policy states that they will email before charging. Some comments here sound like they are going against that and just charging people, which is just awful and will make me never order from them again. On the plus side, I just freed up a whole lot of add-ons for people and saved myself a ton of $!

    I agree with other commenters…I’m kind of over subscription boxes. My interest lasted less than a year. I usually end up liking only half of the stuff. SO MANY BAD LIPSTICK COLORS I WILL NEVER USE AGAIN. I’m going to go back to just crossing my fingers that things I like will go on clearance someday.

  12. Ugh…none of them. Just once I would love to get a summer box that doesn’t have a tote, a wrap, or a towel. There has to be more to summer than these three items…right???

    • I agree, this thing is ugly!

    • I’m with you Sarah. Not interested at all. Saves me $.

      • Hahaha, I don’t like it either but it’s just the first spoiler and they always seem to rope me in with at least one item before the box comes out.

  13. I like it, especially seeing how versatile it is. I have something similar i got at five below lol, but im sure this one will (hopefully!) be better quality. My five below one has lasted me, but it is very thin that im sure one small tear and the whole thing would rip like tissue paper. Its true what they say, you get what you pay for!!

  14. Oh no! I love all 3 colors! I love wearing ruanas during the winter as needed in the cool office, and now I’ll have a light one for the summer to cover up sleeveless dresses until I leave the office!

  15. Should be perfect for burning man.

  16. According to the Michael Stars website, the ruana is 41″ x 72″. The orange beige is called “tile inspired print”, the black and white one is called “alligator tie dye print”, and the blue one is called “batik print”.

  17. Not interested in either . . . but this ruana is younger and seems more versatile than the kimono in the Rachel Zoe box.

    • I like the kimono better but the rz customer service issues make me pass :/ FFF has been great though!

  18. Hate..I believe I’m almost over my addiction to boxes ! Yay me!
    Not interested or impressed with another wrap…why not a pillow, hammock, anything besides scarfs and wraps!!!! I had to purchase a clothes rack from Amazon just for these things. Clutter makes me nervous.

    • I feel the same way!

    • I’m with you. I do love FFF, but this doesn’t do anything for me. I think my friend would love it, she lives in an apartment building with a pool. I am down to 3 subs, I went a bit overboard last year haha. I have FFF, Beauty box 5, and Rag Tag Box (a cross stitch sub). I have all the basis covered lol.

      I would LOVE to get a hammock! I think I would die!

    • I’m right there with you!! everyone is scrambling to get one of those blow up couches in the add-ons section … why not put that in the box instead of this ugly thing :/

      • I agree! Now that would turn the box upside down!

    • Yah, for sure. Why is there always some gigantic piece of fabric in these boxes? If I wanted a gigantic piece of fabric, I’d go to the fabric store and buy a gigantic piece of fabric. That roundie – sheesh. I never unfolded it, it’s taking up space in my closet. I think this thing will be joining it in there. I signed up for a year a couple of boxes ago, but I don’t think that I’ll be renewing my membership. In general nothing wrong with FFF, in fact it’s one of the best ones out there, but I’m tired of stuff I have no interest in (especially gigantic pieces of fabric).

  19. Very pretty! I’ll probably pick the blue.

  20. I’m glad this is a spoiler that doesn’t make me want to upgrade right away. I’m okay with any color, so let’s just keep it box to box 🙂
    After LLB, I’m a little bit scared to prepay for anything.

    • Agreed! Still trying to get my money back. 🙁

      • Same. Really disappointed that we can’t even get a refund.

        • Whats LLB?

          • Its another sub box- little lace box.
            They went out of business after a delay with a box and some other issues BUT it has created some long term subbing trust issues with some as main issues is they NEVER REFUNDED PEOPLE D:
            I was one of them, still going through the hassle of getting me 60 bucks back via a dispute but they have apparently been reversing them(llb personally)
            So not only they can’t refund but they won’t let people dispute PLUS llb actually told people to do that(as they weren’t going to refund it)
            And most of their web site has slowly been taken down…
            So yea…that’s the just if it
            Ill still sub ahead but man llb is ruining it for others big time

  21. I’m going to St. Thomas this summer. It’s like they know me lol. I like them all but I think I’ll pick blue.

  22. I like this spoiler a lot. The fabrics are lovely, and I especially appreciate that it’s a established brand that I’ve heard of outside of the sub box universe 🙂

  23. This is alright! I normally don’t like summer themed boxes but I like it as a kimono cover up thing. Wish it had sleeves but I guess I will also wear it as a scarf. I’m leaning towards the blue!!

  24. Blue, please. Thank you.

  25. I like it! (though the 8 ways to wear video makes me laugh a bit) I think I’ll choose orange/beige.

  26. Liz- do you know the dimensions? Thanks for the spoiler. 🙂

  27. I think they are all lovely! It’ll be hard to choose, if I’m given a choice as an annual subscriber.

  28. Do I understand correctly that ‘seasonal subscribers’ don’t get to pick which one. I only recently signed up to get the editor’s box so I am still trying to figure out how this all works. I am leaning towards cancelling if I can’t pick.

    • If you buy a box at a time you will not have a choice. If you pay for an annual subscription than you get to choose.

    • Only annual subscribers get to make choices (besides for the jewelery in last spring’s box was the first time seasonals got to pick but only for the jewelery). It’s a way they convince you to commit to a year unfortunately!

    • Seasonal subscribers can choose one item, and it looks like this will be the choice these season. Last season was between a bracelet or earring

  29. Oh wow. I actually really like this! I wasn’t expecting to like the spoiler since I don’t usually like summer boxes. I think I like the black and white one best, but I like all of them. 🙂

    BUT I don’t know about the rest of the box. It is still a summer box, after all. I’ll wait for more spoilers before I order.

  30. Ordered the editor’s box, at 40% off, a great deal. Stopped subs for approx 6 mos to use up accumulated product; now ready for something new. Good start to the Summer box. Like all three colors in the ruana, and a long time Michael Stars fan. It looks very lightweight, super cute!

    • How did you get the 40% off the Editor’s Box?

      • there was a limited time promo running about 1-2 weeks ago for 40% off the editors box, Liz posted about it then

  31. These things rarely work for tall women so I’m guarded

    • Jacki, I am a tall woman (5’11) and I am super excited to wear it as a scarf.

      • I’m pretty tall as well(5’11 also) and often have the kimonos work for me, I don’t know about ruanas(? auto correct is no help w/ that…wants it to be iguana!! LOL) though as I have never worn one. Even my shortest kimono ones(the light and breezy versions) work ok for me though, just don’t expect them to cover everything up! (Dresses on me always need something under or to me Maxi…)
        Oh, and I think FFF and BOS are pretty awesome so far – def excited for 2 more great summer accessories soon!! (just wish I could pick a color on BOS’s)

    • I’m very petite. This thing will be huge for me. Totally disappointed 🙁 Would rather have some sort of beach throw… like the roundie in the Fall box.

  32. Love it! I ordered an extra summer box as add on – I wonder if I can also customize the add on so I don’t end up with the same colors.

    • Love this Ruana…Any color would make me happy but the blue would be my preference.

      • Me too! I’m hoping if I get either of the other two colors I can swap for blue!

    • They don’t let you. I did it last season for some of the other products as gifts and got two identical roundies, milky pouches and bracelets!

  33. Think I am gonna go for the black but I dont know yet if Im gonna keep or swap. I like the idea of these things but rarely use them.

  34. Love it I really like the black and white one

  35. It is pretty but nothing I would wear, mine will be up for swaps. I’m a little bit dissapionted but glad that everyone else seems to like it.

    • Totally agree! I’m getting the Rachel Zoe box cause it renewed before I canceled and not excited about that kimono or this spoiler.

    • It could have been worse. Remember the dreaded Lem Lem split cover-up from last year?

      • OH MY. I did not know about that and my eyes are now burning. That thing is tragic.

  36. I like it. I think it would be hard to pick something that fits almost every one season after season. I’m going with the blue (almost everything I own is blue) and I’ll be surprised with the 2nd in the additional summer box I added. It is a useful item that fits everyone but would be easy to gift.

  37. Now that is super cool! I really dig the beige one most.

  38. Yay! always love a drape shawl! But I’d like to choose my color as a select member, I hope that’s possible!

  39. Very Cool, but not my style. Mine will be up for swaps. I’m an annual member, so if I set up the swap early, the lucky swapper may get to pick the color😉

    • COOL! Didn’t know swapping was an option. I’m very petite so this giant scarf is not something I’ll ever use. I just started this subscription. And mine’s also annual. Gonna check out how I go about swapping!!

      • Beware- swapping becomes pretty addicting! The good thing is that I no longer get disappointed when I don’t like something because I’m still happy to have more swapping material!

    • Oh wow! I actually would like the beige and the black and white, so If you think you’ll be swapping, I’d like to swap with you!

  40. Definitely a no for me – whatever color I get is going up for swap.

  41. They should let annual subscribers choose a color. There has to be an incentive…hope they are reading this…

    • They do.

  42. Does anyone know when annual members will be able to select a color?

    • May 25th

    • Site says customization starts 5/25

  43. I like the blue one, not excited about the other two. As a yearly subscriber I hope we get to choose our color choice on this item.

  44. I like the blue one and the black one.

  45. I love that black and white color…just wish it was a kimono style!
    I prefer mine w sleeves that cover my behind as a cover up.
    I wear them year round and especially in the summer!
    Hope we can at least pick out a color for this one!

    • Edit, watched the video and see you can wear as a kimono ish to cover the behind.
      With a belt it can even stay on!
      Maybe a nice belt come too…if not ill have to grab one from Amazon(oh no lol)

  46. I love it!! It’s so versatile. So far so good FabfitFun! This is my last box out of my Annual subscription. I hope there is no tanning products in there, but more workout tools, like zumba stuff or weights

  47. Looks great, but I can’t subscribe until they sell out of the editor’s box. Who knows when that’ll be!

    • It says soldout for editor’s box in the add ons shop….

      • Oh yay! Must have just changed over. I just looked maybe a day or two ago and it still said Editor’s box.

        • HALLELUJAH!!

    • Editor’s boxes are sold out per the FFF web site.

    • I like it. I’m thinking hot nights, right out of the shower. Something light to cover up.

  48. I’m stuck on colors too… really leaning towards blue

  49. I absolutely love it. I want the blue one. I hope we can choose the color

    • Oh yeah! You are spot on. It would make sense for this to be one of the customizable items. I’m getting the blue one and the black one.

  50. I like all 3 colors… waiting to see everyone else’s reactions! 😕

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