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BoxyCharm June 2017 Possible SPOILER!

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We have a sneak peek at an upcoming Boxycharm item thanks to Kendall Alfred! (And thanks to Katherine Tavarez for the screenshots.)

Real Her Play Book Eyeshadow Palette – Value $28

(This palette will likely be in the June 2017 Boxycharm Box.)

What do you think of the first possible June 2017 Boxycharm spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I love Boxycharm, but we tend to get the same colors in palettes. I want colors, such as, the Juvia Egyptian Palettes. Lovely colors!

    • I agree

  2. I LOVE BoxyCharm and this eyeshadow pallet!!!! I really hope it is included next month😁

  3. I will never complain about getting eyeshadow palettes in Boxycharm. If you want mascaras, go to any of the $10 subs. Also go elsewhere for oils, setting sprays (really?), eye creams…and leave us eyeshadow addicts alone to enjoy our makeup. Like many others, I was dubious about the May box but ended up loving every item!

  4. I LOVE this. Can’t wait

  5. I wish we could see more settings sprays and maracas

  6. Boxycharm has always been known as a makeup subscribtion and thats why I signed up for it a year and a half ago.For those of you still complaining now that you see a eyeshadow palette may I recommend Birchbox or beautyfix box . You can go to boxycharms site and see past boxes ,it’s makeup and more makeup.Please stop being Debbie downers to the rest of us that love this subscribtion box!!! Some people have been wanting palettes,now they see one and they want a face mask .cancel and go buy one please.Everyone is allowed an opinion but I come here to see what others are saying and to learn about subscriptions not to listen to the same people hate everything ,goodness enough ok rant over

    • Yeah girl I feel the same exact way! What bothers me is everyone complains before they even try the products. I mean if you get a product and don’t like it, or it doesn’t work for your skin tone, no one is going to bash your negativity. But just like with the May box. Everyone complained about the contour kit saying “oh it’s gonna be too dark” or “we just got a concealer palette last month” etc. And then when people started getting their boxes they were like “omg I didn’t think I was going to like anything and it turns out I love everything!”
      So you’ve been complaining all month about what a terrible box it will be, but once you actually tried the products, you were complaining for nothing!
      Moral of the story: people don’t complain about the products until you actually try them. You very well May be pleasantly surprised and that’s the fun of sub boxes is to get things you wouldn’t normally buy yourself.
      I was really hoping for the powder contour kit because my skin is too oily for creams, but I didn’t care either way because if I ended up with the cream, id find some other use for it. But boxy came through and I got the powder so I was double excited! I’ve been with boxy for almost a year and I think there is only 1 or 2 products I couldn’t use, and my mom loved them.

      • Exsactly,it’s been the same for me I’ve tried products I wouldn’t have bought for myself and ended up loving them.

    • I totally agree! Boxycharm has spoiled us every month for 3 years I have subscribed! Blown away by 100$ and more every month for 21$!! But the complaining has escalated. This is best beautybox for money by far. And it’s a makeup box. People who want skincare and hair care should try beautyfix. Boxy is primarily makeup w/sometime skin care & hair. But overall makeup. I’m elated over that palette. I don’t get it. It’s funny.. people subscribe to 3 or 4 beauty boxes & then complain I have too much bronzer or eyeshadow or lipstick…well duh that’s what you get in beauty boxes!! Of course your stash will begin to pile up!! But that’s not boxycharm fault! They are doing their jobs!! I wish people were more appreciative than complain. It’s sad because these people work hard to bring us amazing boxes. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course but come on… we are truly spoiled by boxycharm. Glossybox same price & you get 1/4 of the product value!!:)

      • And that is why I cancelled my Glossybox.I also canceled beautyfix,only because I have so much face creams ect. I could slather a few whales down and still have leftovers

    • I agree! All you have to do is read the reviews here or look at past boxes to see it’s a makeup subscription. I LOVE Boxycharm-they’ve never disappointed and the value of the boxes is insane. How can you complain about that? I’m glad to see a palette-I think they mix it up and give a great variety. I mean, an $80 Dr Brandt cream for 21$, not including everything else-that’s pretty amazing. Definitely go to Birchbox if makeup offends.

  7. Omg so beautiful! Can never have enough palettes! I’m glad the new subbers finally get an eyeshadow palette. Seems like a lot of people joined to build up their collection and then boxy switched it up and overloaded everyone on highlighters. I won’t ever complain. Boxy is helping me build up my makeup stash so I’ll gladly take whatever they send 🙂

  8. Hi, my name is Jessica, and I’m an eyeshadow palette addict. Do I need it? absolutely not. Do I want it? YAAAASSSS.

    • I too am an eyeshadow addict. I am glad boxy has finally come through with an eyeshadow palette for 2017 subscribers. I would not mind an eyeshadow palette in every other box.

      We could also use a blush palette boxy. And a lip palette would be fun to like mix your own colors too.

  9. I wish boxycharm would send brush cleaners ,beauty tools , primers etc.i love eyeshadows and highlighters but you can only use so much

    • They just sent a primer in March, lol.

    • A nice size setting spray would be a lovely addition.

  10. Yay! Finally an eyeshadow palette!

  11. Jesus enough with these eyeshadow palette in Bronson pallets highlighters can we get new stuff like facemasks face or your body oil clean and oil sorrow stuff for the hair eye cream face cream cleaner

    • Don’t get me wrong I do love boxing but would be nice to get different stuff each month. I’m going to hit them up on Instagram and Snapchat

    • Not to be rude, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but boxycharm is a makeup sub. If it is cleansers and oils that you want, perhaps this box is not for you. There are plenty others out there who have just that.

    • For what reason ?
      They are a makeup subscription.
      I’ve seen in past boxes they have done random products like that.
      But I think most people who have Boxycharm prefer makeup products / brushes / palettes.
      If we wanted skincare and hair care , there’s other beauty boxes who cater to that. I signed up for makeup , I tried glossy box and barely got any makeup so I cancelled.

      • Right? It’s getting old hearing people complain about getting makeup from a makeup subscription .I love makeup and I’ve always been happy with my Boxycharm.Im so tired of the sky being blue!

    • What’s a Bronson palette

  12. Yay! I’m excited about this one. Lately it seems like beauty boxes keep sending out highlighters and bronzers. I have enough for the next ten years for me and both of my sisters

  13. I would love to get this palette! Can’t wait. 🙂

  14. Ok, just re-sub for six month, but was put on wait list. Hopefully they will take me out in June, because I really do not want May box.

    • I really didn’t want the May box either. I canceled at the end of April and re-subbed again last week knowing about the waitlist. I was on the waitlist for maybe 2 days when I got a notice I was removed and would be getting the May box. ::sigh:: I’m trying to look on the bright side, at least I wasn’t waitlisted forever!

      • Oh, no, may be I should let them know that I am glad to be on waitlist till June :). I just don’t want any of the May product that I cannot use due to dark colors. I guess too many people canceled for May box that’s why they kick people from wait list so fast.

  15. Love love love boxycharm!! I got my June box yesterday and I loved it much more than I thought 😍👌🏻👏🏻

    • You already got June??? My May won’t arrive until Friday.

    • What did you receive?

    • I think she meant May. ?

  16. I’m so confused. So it looks like the palette featured in FabFitFun is I – and it’s even labeled “Be Your Own Kind of Beauty” in Liz’s review of the Editor’s Box. And the one in these pictures is II – it doesn’t have any name on the cover but is called “Do Your Squats” everywhere else. BUUUUTTTTT…the shade names in both the FFF one and the BoxyCharm spoiler pics do not actually match the shades listed on the RealHer website or Amazon for these same palettes?!?!?! So are these just “specials” or preliminary ones or something that never actually went to production/for sale on the RealHer website? I don’t really care since the shades still look nice and I’m excited to try both of them (if I get the chance)…but it’s just really confusing to me!

    • Ok…so despite the names being different, the shades in the FFF version I still seem to match the ones shown on the RealHer website. So maybe they just changed shade names? However, in the BoxyCharm pictures the cover of one palette says II but the shades of the open palette actually seem to match closer to the version III (“I Feel Beautiful”) on the RealHer website. Maybe there will be a variation of palettes sent out – either II or III??

    • I think FFF has number 1, this one is number 2.

      • Ya but the names of the shades in the FFF number 1 do not match the number 1 on the RealHer website. Also, the names of the shades in the Boxycharm number 2 do not match those in the number 2 on the RealHer website (for example “Impeccable” does not show up on RealHer website)….AND the colors of the Boxycharm number 2 actually appear to be closer to the number 3 on the RealHer website. Hence my confusion…

  17. I still didn’t recieve my May box, I got an email on 5/8 from them saying that my BoxyCharm is own it’s way. But when I go to track my package, it just tells me that a label has been made. Has anyone else been experiencing this?

    • Yes. My box, too.

    • Same here. Glad I’m not the only one.

      • me too….Label created

    • Yes, the same thing happened to me. I got the email on 5/8 and it just said “Shipping Label Created” all of last week. I just checked this morning and it’s finally shipped and on it’s way. I love Boxycharm but this was super annoying :/

      • I had the same status on my box too. Label created May 8th, and just today, the 16th, it started to move to the Fed Ex location for distribution. REALLY annoying, isn’t it? Like having a carrot dangled over a bunny rabbits’ nose. I’d rather the box just showed up in my mailbox rather than getting a week-plus heads up on it that it’s not going anywhere.

    • I just received my box yesterday and it had that same date of Label created May 8th

    • My Boxy is always soooo late in the month. After we’ve all seen spoilers, gone through the usual cycle of complainers hating the box, then seeing a lot of happy people get their boxes…it always feels like I’m late to the party when my box comes and we already are seeing next month’s spoilers.

  18. I’m so exited!! The colors are right up my ally

    • Yes I agree,I love anything purple ,rose ect.

  19. The fabfitfun editors box had playbook I with some shimmers. These appear to be all matte. It is the playbook II. Can’t find it listed anywhere. Can anyone confirm matte?

    • The description on the link says it has both mattes and sheens. ☺

  20. OH YEAH!!!!! I’m so excited by this!!!!!

  21. Love it! Saw it as a Fabfitfun add on and wanted it but was going overboard – so Im glad to have it in Boxycharm 😘

    • I know, right? Just when I was about to buy it from FFF, it pops up in Boxycharm’s spoilers!

      • Me too, I saw it for 20.00 on FFF site. Normally its over 40.00. I was going to add on but now I don’t need to. Thanks Boxy.

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